Futher in low and son in low

Futher in low and son in low
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I'll show you mine… My brother and I were very close growing up. We would spend a lot of time together. And when we grew curious about sex we learned from each other. Both of our parents worked and our older sister was always off doing something. We were home alone every afternoon from the time we got home from school until our mom got home around 6:00. It started when my breasts began to develop. I wore a bra to school but took it off when I got home.

One day I had changed into a tight tee shirt and some short, tight jogging shorts. We were down in the basement in the T.V.


room. My brother Tom kept checking me out. Finally he said "Cindy, you're really starting to get big. Can I see them?" I said "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Of course he readily agreed. I pulled off my tee shirt. It was quite a turn on to show off my tits. I said "Your turn. Take off those shorts." He pulled off his shorts and I saw the big bulge in his underpants caused by his cock.

He has always been well hung for his age, and still is. He pulled down his underwear and his cock sprang out. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I had caught glimpses of it before, but never erect. It seemed huge. I couldn't help thinking about how it would be to have it inside me.

We knew a lot about sex at an early age. Our older sister had magazines and movies. We had peeked at them. Until then we were probably too young and afraid to get caught to do much with them. Tom said "That's really not fair Cindy; I should get to see your pussy too. I think you should take off your shorts and show me." I was so turned on, and my pussy was tingling and starting to get wet. And the thought that the sight of my body was making Tom horny and his cock big and hard was the reason.

So I bent over and slowly pulled down my shorts. Then I sat on the couch and spread my legs wide.

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Tom stood in front of me and started to stroke his cock. I said"Tom! What are you doing? Jacking off?" He said "Yeah, you are so hot! If you weren't my sister I don't know what I would do. Don't you ever play with your pussy?" Actually that was all I wanted to do.

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As my hand slid down over my mound I said "Well sometimes, I guess." Watching him stroke his cock was such a turn on I soon had two fingers buried in my wet hole.

Well as we grew my tits kept getting bigger and bigger, and Tom's cock did to. The amount of cum he would shoot when he had an orgasm went none to huge loads. By the time I was fourteen and he was fifteen he could shoot five or six long streams. We had been masturbating together for a couple of years by then.

He loved to watch me shove different objects up my pussy. Sometimes he would give me a hair brush or a broom handle or a screw driver. He always came up with new things. By then we were watching our sister's videos together. One day he asked me if he could come on my big tits. It made me feel so sluty. He was soon shooting his big load in my face and hair. One day I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. His hot cum hit the back of my throat and coated my tongue. I swallowed some and let the rest dribble out onto my tits.

To this day I love to have guys cover me with cum. One summer day I came downstairs in a thong bikini hoping Tom would be there. He was there, but so was his friend Randy. Randy was a year older and really cute. They had one of my sister's videos in. Tom was in the chair and Randy was on the couch. So I sat down next to him. The movie was one of our favorites. The scene that was playing showed a threesome with a girl getting fucked from behind while she sucked on this other guy's huge cock.

I could tell both boys were excited by the big bulges in their shorts. I had always made it clear to Tom that I didn't want him telling anyone about our activities.

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Having a reputation as a slut was one thing. Getting off with your brother was another. So I asked "Tom, did you tell Randy about our game?" I was half hoping he had. "No, I haven't. Do you want me to?" "No.

I will. You see Randy, Tom and I have this game called 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'. Would you like to play?" He said "Sure!" So I took off my top and my big boob flopped out. I had nice tan lines and nipples were poking straight out. I pinched and pulled them and rubbed and squeezed my tits. I told him "It's your turn. Show me that big cock, then I'll show you my pussy." Randy stood up and pulled down his shorts and his cock sprang out. I said "Oh Randy! It's so big.

I love it." It wasn't quite as big as Tom's, but I know guys like to hear how big they are. He sat down next to me and leaned over and kissed me. His tongue was exploring my mouth and his hands were exploring my boobs. Then his hand slid down between my legs and I spread them open invitingly.

He rubbed my twat through my bikini bottoms which were soaked with my juices. I asked "Do you want to see?" I stood up and turned my back to him. I bent over and ran my hands up the back of my thighs and over my ass.

I hooked my finger under the thin strip of the thong and pulled up forcing the material up into my wet slit. Then I pulled the whole thing over my ass cheek exposing my pink pussy to Randy. I pulled open the fleshy folds and opened up my hole for him. I reached between my legs and slid my finger up and down my slit and then plunged my middle finger in.

I pumped it in and out a few times and then added another finger. Both Randy and Tom were stroking their cocks watching the show. I pulled off my thong and sat down on the couch. I leaned back against the arm and threw my leg up over the back of the couch with my foot behind Randy's head.

I started fingering my pussy again and pulling on my nipples. Tom said "Here, why don't you try this?" He handed Randy a candle that had been sitting on the table. It was about ten inches long and little bit fatter than Tom's cock. Randy gave it to me. I put it in my mouth like I was sucking on a cock. Then put it down in between my legs. I pulled open my cunt with one hand and pushed the tip of the candle in with the other.

I slid it in slowly until only a couple inches where showing. Then I started to pump it in and out. With my other hand I was alternating between playing with my tits and rubbing my clit.

The boys were jacking their cocks like crazy. It made me so hot. It wasn't long before my whole body tensed up and I had an incredible orgasm. I pulled out the candle and my pussy juice squirted out on to Tom's thigh.

That was all he could handle and he said he was going to cum. I said "Oh yeah baby, shoot your big load! Shoot it all over my tits. Please. Please cum all over my big tits." He got up and stood with his cock right over my chest. His hand was jacking his cock like crazy. I squeezed my boobs together and stuck out my tongue. Big gobs of cum shot out of his cock and splattered all over my neck, tits and tummy. It was fucking awesome.

I looked over and Tom was cuming too. I wished he would have cum on me also. Randy came over a few more times and we had fun each time. Tom soon got a girl friend and they let me watch, and masturbate, while they fucked.

Well that was a few years ago. Now Tom is 19 and has his own place by the community college where he goes to school. I stopped by there today. I had broken up with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago and was feeling really horny. I was going to break out my vibrator and get off when I thought about Tom. I thought about how hot it would be to do it in front of him. When I called him he told me he had to work tonight, but I could come over for a while.

I arrived about the same time we used to get home from school. I had on a short skirt and see-through thong panties, a button up blouse that was also see-though and, of course, no bra.

When he opened the door he got a big grin on his face. It was obvious to him what I wanted. He offered me a beer and a joint, both of which I accepted. Soon I had a good buzz going; he had to work so he didn't do either. We started talking about old times and getting each other off. I said "Hey Tom, I'll show you mine if you show me yours." I thought by the way he had been staring at my tits that he would readily agree.

But he kind of himmed and hawed. I said "Oh come on, you know you want to. Check out these panties." I pulled up my skirt.

My panties were even more see-through because they were soaked with pussy juice. I started to unbutton my blouse expose my big boobs. I said "Oh come on. I can see by that bulge in your pants that you are into it. Show me your big cock.

Please?" As he pulled down his pants I threw my leg over the back of the couch just like I had for Randy. I even noticed the same white candle on the shelf. I asked him to get it for me. I started to fuck my pussy with it just like before. *** revised from here on *** But what I really wanted, what I had wanted for a very long time was his big cock inside me.

I wondered what he would think. We never really ever talked about it. It was always understood that that was a line that we wouldn't cross. But the more I looked at his beautiful cock the more I had to have it. I pulled the candle out and put it on the table. I sat up and slid up next to him. He looked at me funny and asked "What are you doing?" As I reached for his cock I said "I want to do that for you.

I want to feel your cock. I want to stroke it." He let me grab it and start to pump it with my hand. He was unsure what to do. He didn't know whether to touch me or not. I looked into his eyes and said "Oh Tom, what I really want is for you to fuck me. I know it is weird, but haven't you ever wanted to do more then just watch each other?" I leaned in and kissed him, a nice tender kiss.

Then I looked into his eyes again. There was a change. A love and a lust I had never scene before. Then he kissed me. But it wasn't a nice soft kiss; it was a kiss full of passion. The wall had been broken and the flood gates opened. His tongue slipped into my mouth and slid and twisted against mine.

His hands found my breasts and squeezed and rubbed them. The pre-cum oozed out of his cock as I stroked it. His hand moved down over my flat stomach, over my mound to my dripping wet pussy. I spread my legs to grant him access. His fingers played over my pink lips and open hole.

He slid two fingers in and explored inside me. God, I wanted his cock so bad, I wanted him to fuck me. But I wanted to let him enjoy playing with my twat.

I'm sure he had been wanting to for years. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I begged him "Please Tom! Please.

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I have to have your cock inside me. I want to suck on it, and I want you to eat me out, but later. Right now I want you to take me, to put this hard cock into me and fuck me.

Please fuck me! FUCK ME NOW!!" Tom spun around and got on his knees between my spread legs. I lifted my knees up and slid my hands around under my ass to my cunt. I pulled my pussy open wide for him, my vaginal fluids dribbled out over my ass hole to puddle and seep into the couch cushion. He rubbed his knob up and down my pink flesh causing me to jerk every time he bumped my clit. If his cock wouldn't have been so big in would have practically fell into my gapping fuck hole.

He slid the under side of his thick shaft up along across my clit a few times. Then slap, slap, slap, he thumped his cock against my clit over and over. My God, I thought I would cum right there. The anticipation was agonizing. Then he lined his cock head up with my open hole and pushed it in to the hilt in one swift motion.

I screamed in pain and pleasure, I threw my head back as a powerful orgasm ripped through my body. He stayed very still.

I'm sure he was savoring the feeling of my cunt muscles spasmimg and contracting around his dick. He waited until I was finished and stared to hump against him. He pulled almost all the way out and then quickly slammed his cock into me again. I let out another scream. He started to slowly slide in and out while squeezing my big boobs. His pace started to pick up and I knew I would soon cum again. He asked "Do you want to move into the bedroom?

My roommate will be home soon." I thought that would be good. But then I thought of the alternative. I thought of his roommate catching us fucking.

I said "Would he join us? And would you care?" Tom got a big grin on his face and said"You are such a fucking slut. No, I don't mind. You want us both to fuck you? That's okay with me. Turn around and get on your knees." I spun around on the couch and arched my back with my ass in the air.

I reached around and pulled my pussy open for him. In stead of his cock, I felt his tongue on my twat. He licked all around and then licked my ass hole. He shoved two fingers in my pussy and pumped them in and out a few times while licking my butt hole.

Then he stood up and shoved his cock into my pussy. He pushed his thumb against my ass hole while he fucked me. I said "Ooooh, yeaaah, baby, put it in my ass! I love it!" I pushed back against him as he shoved it deep inside my anus. He pumped his big cock and wiggled his thumb in me. I reached back and rubbed my stiff clit and came again. After a few minutes he pulled out.

He helped me up and sat down on the couch. He slouched down and held his cock straight up. I started to straddle him and he spun me around.

I squatted down facing away from him and slid my twat down on his big pole. I bounced up and down as he pushed his thumb into my ass again. Just then there was someone at the door. His roommate Ralph was home. I stopped and watched him come in.

His eyes got big as saucers when he saw me. He said "Oh shit! Sorry!" and backed out through the door way. Tom shouted after him "Hey Ralph!


It's okay man! Come on in, its okay." Ralph froze in his tracks. I'm sure he was trying to make sure he heard right. And comprehend all of the meaning of the words. Then he poked his head around the door. I arched my back and stuck out my chest and said "Hi Ralph.

It's okay, come on in if you want. I'm Cindy, Tom's sister. He told me you would be coming home and we thought you might join us." Ralph just starred for a minute. I'm sure it was hard to process all this. I'm sure '…Tom's sister…'and '.join us…' where causing him to ponder. Then I said "Well Ralph, what do you think? You have seen all of mine" as I lifted and squeezed by boobs together "now show us yours. Pull out your cock and let's have a look." That seemed to bring him around.

He pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants. He was naked in no time and walked over. His cock was bigger than Tom's, nice and thick. It was semi hard when I grabbed it and started stroking it. I wanted to suck on it but it was hard to do while I was bouncing around on Tom. I got up and crawled onto the coffee table. Tom entered me from behind and Ralph stood in front. I felt so slutty. I had never had two cocks at once. I sucked Ralph until he was good and hard.

Then I spun around so I could suck on Tom and Ralph could fuck me. This was like a dream. I was so turned on. I could taste and smell my juices on Tom's cock. His pubic hair was soaked with it. And Ralph's big tool felt incredible stretching out my cunt. Tom told him "Hey Ralph, Cindy Likes her ass played with. Shove your thumb in, she loves that." So now Ralph started thumb fucking my ass.

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His fat thumb felt so good up my ass. That gave me a really slutty thought. I wanted to try a double penetration. Oh my God. I almost came just thinking about it. I told Ralph "Hey baby, if you can find some lube I'll let you put more then just your finger up my ass!" He pulled his cock out of my pussy and went into the bedroom. He returned with a tube of something. He smeared some on his cock and then worked some into my ass hole with two fingers.

Then he positioned his knob against my hole. I tried to relax as he started to push. Poor Tom, I wasn't able to concentrate on his blow job while my ass was being violated. After Ralph worked most of his length into my back door I started to go back to work on Tom. This was awesome! But now my pussy needed attention. I said "I'd like to try something if you guys are game.

I'd like one of you in my ass and the other in my pussy. Ralph, why don't you lay down on your back so I can ride you? And Tom, you get behind me." Ralph squeezed my boobs and pinched and pulled on my nipples while I rode his big rod. Tom lubed up his cock and eased it in to my pooper. I felt like they were going to split me in two.

I was so full of cock, it was great. It was a little hard to get a rhythm going. I had to stay still and let Ralph hump up into me while Tom pumped away from behind. Well as you can imagine, it didn't take long to get the boys overheated. Tom said he was about to cum, and Ralph was about ready too.

They both stood over me on my knees. I squeezed my boobs together and stuck out my tongue. Tom came first and splattered my face, tongue and neck with hot spunk.

Ralph took a little longer, but soon unloaded on my boobs. I had cream dripping off my chin onto my tits, and some dripping off my nipples onto my stomach. I smeared it all around my face and chest like the little cum slut I am.

I scooped some up with my fingers and liked it off. I liked off Ralph's cock and then Tom's. I could smell and taste the mix of pussy and ass on both of them. After that cum drenching I really needed a shower. The guys joined me. They were eager to lather me up and wash my whole body. I washed their semi hard cocks while I enjoyed their four hands all over me. Wish I could shower like that every day. We all dressed and went out for a bite. Then we went back to their place.

We all got naked again and had more fun together. I guess I'll have to hang out at my brothers more often.