Free teen gay porns Each of the folks take turns smooching and

Free teen gay porns Each of the folks take turns smooching and
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Gambling My Wife and Black Business Partner part 6 CJ has another plan up his sleeve as my young wife is out of it and now helpless to resist anything that can be done to her. The trip back to the Edgewater hotel is short as the Porsche comes to a halt in the parking garage level that is next to the the hotels topless bar.

Several men are standing by their cars as they come to a stop. CJ has gotten out opened her door and motioned for the men to come over, he has undone her seat belt. She is definitely out of it and has no idea where she is, as he lifts her up and into his strong arms. She is in imposed slumber along with the alcohol and drug.

She has the most blissful satisfied look on her face and is still wearing only the white garter belt stockings and red open toed hi heels. CJ is holding her naked helpless inert form under the lights in the parking garage as these men now look her over even closer, this is what many men would love to come across.

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When they see that she is almost naked there eyes really light up! Cell phone cameras come out and numerous pictures are taken. He has told them that they can play with her all they want and she will not feel a thing! He then takes her from the parking garage into the side door of the hotels topless dance club, with these two men following along groping her. It is after midnight and things are rocking as all three of the dance floor stages are busy with girls dancing and numerous patrons crowded around whistling and tossing money as they watch the naked girls dance.

This is the place where amateur night will occur tomorrow, and CJ has planned on entering Diane in this contest and making her hesitant fantasy about being a topless dancer and exhibitionist come true.

Tonight though he has only brought her here so that she can be fondled and played with. He has earlier talked with, and agreed to let the judges for tomorrow nights contest play with her and see her up close in order to get a more, shall we say favorable shot at amateur night.

The judges are a cross section of mostly older black east bay business men. They regularly attend amateur night and most will never get to touch or fondle a helpless beautiful and very naked young white girl like my wife Diane.

The judges have their own private table as CJ carries her past the bar, the attention of those who have been watching the dancers are now focused on her naked helplessness. Several others have gotten up to take a closer look as they too have discovered she is almost naked.

CJ stops turns towards them and allows full access, to the ones that have taken an interest in her. It is obvious that she has been well used as her breasts bottom and especially her inner thighs and pussy mound are flush from the attention they have received earlier in the evening. Several of the patrons again with cell phones along with one of the bartenders that has a digital camera have been taking pictures of her.

Especially her pussy that is still wet and glistening in the soft flashing colored lights, her cunt lips are red and really stretched, But what is most appealing is her clitoris it is so swollen, pronounced quite ripe and very appealing! Hands, many of them are all over her squeezing her breasts and bottom. Black fingers several at first followed by more are inserted into her pussy until a black man has most of his hand is in her!

Diane has never been fisted before, but it matters little in her condition, as she gives a pleasurable gasp followed by a sensuous moan as the mans tight fist slips past the pelvic opening and into her love canal.

The bartender gets several really close up shots of this, first of this guy pinching her clit and then with his fingers entering her swollen cunt followed by his whole hand! The wet sloppy noise it makes followed by his fist and knuckles as they disappear into the soft wet female flesh. He then starts pumping her juicy snatch, the wet noise it is making between her legs is so.erotic and perverse! CJ has allowed them to enjoy themselves as she is totally helpless and with this one black hand still inside pumping her, slowly walks over to the Judges table and carefully lays Diane down on top of it.

She is still out of it her eyes flutter slightly her head is barely on the upper edge of the table, her breathing stops for a moment as the black hand slowly pulls out with a wet sucking noise. Leaving her pussy wide open slimy wet, and gaping. The judges are loving the perverted picture my naked young wife presents. CJ Spreads her legs wide apart hanging her knees over each edge of the table top that now easily hold her, even more helplessly wide open.

Her gaping pussy is slowly starting to return to a more normal size, The stains of cum are all over the inside of her white stockings and are more yellowish than white. The judges are now free to explore her naked prostate form. Of the five judges all have interest in her. There is just something about a naked young woman that is almost unconscious and totally out of it that is so appealing to kinky perverted men!

Especially these older horny lechers and the fact that she is a young white girl and they are older black men makes her even more perversely desirable. With two men setting on each side of the table and another at her headgreedy hands reach out. The one at her head an elderly black gentlemen affectionately kisses her on her forehead. Her breasts and inner thighs along with her pussy lips are the first to receive attention.

Nipples are pulled twisted, and her bare breasts are squeezed and as they let go of her nipples her boobs instantly spring back jiggling around. Her body responds and she moans a little from this abuse as her cunt lips are also pulled wide apart as fingers poke and prod her cunt slowing down the closing process of her gaping open cunt hole. But her real treasure has always been her clitoris, and is completely exposed and out from under the protection of its hood!

More fingers greedily take turns pinching and squeezing this most sensitive bare swollen and unprotected place! Her breathing stops with a slight gasp each time it is tweaked! This is one of her most wonderful qualities and is so erotic to see. In that once her clitoris has been stimulated it becomes quite sensitive and with little more attention she can easily have multiple shuddering orgasms!

The fact that she is out of it and normally would be begging me to stop, has in the past easily led to her have even more forceful and uncontrolled orgasms. For her now it will only be a pleasurable dream.

The judges continue to have fun as they masturbate her clit and enjoy her nakedness!

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One of the judges at her head is standing, has lifted her up and turned her head towards his unzipped suit pants and taken his cock out!

It is getting harder by the minute and he has opened her mouth and pushed the head in between her red lips! The others at her sides are also standing up and have a hold of her tits and cunt lips pulling them vulgarly and forcefully off to either side!


One of the judges is really twisting and pulling on her swollen clit! Diane only continues making small halting gasps as it is aggressively twisted! She resists little in her partially drugged slumber, if she was awake, she would be begging for them to stop the abuse of this so sensitive place! The bartender has taken a number of pictures as each of the judges have taken turns placing their black cocks between her red lips!

These pictures will also be available in the hotel gift shop and hotel news paper of events that have taken place the previous day and that take place during each day. These pictures will forever make my beautiful young wife a living legend of this colorful old hotel!

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The judges thank CJ for sharing his helpless young naked girlfriend telling him that she will get extra consideration during tomorrows amateur night! He has finally scooped her up and has left the dance club. This is followed by carrying her naked though the hotel lobby and down the long hall up the stairs, and back to the bridal suite, he fumbles for his key card as a young couple passing by offers to help, the young man is quite taken with Diane's naked dripping pussy and can only stare, much to his girl friends chagrin!.

CJ has more plans as he lays Diane down on the bed removing her heels stockings and garter belt the fact that both of the big picture window curtains on either side of the bridal suit are wide open means little!.


After she is totally naked he starts a bath and runs some nice hot water adding some wonderful smelling bath oil and then carefully picks her up and places her in the big floor level tub and starts washing her.

She is still out of it but he is able to touch and caress her in all the intimate places while lovingly washing her, he cannot help but kiss her she is so helpless and innocent looking she would probably be protesting, but now is in no condition to lift a finger!

Washing a helpless naked young woman from head to toe is an incredible erotic experience for CJ especially since she is white and he is normally a bachelor and by himself.

After which he picks her up and places her on a big towel next to the tub drying her and then carefully laying her on the bridal suite bed. The one thing he loves and wants to do to her again, and that is, to slowly suck nibble and pleasure her as he makes love to the soft moist tender flesh of this incredible woman's pussy.

His devious goal is to see if he can get her off while she is asleep and totally out of it so that just her body and subconscious sexual thoughts will respond to his delicate act of pleasuring her! She is so soft clean and sweet, she is still somewhat stimulated from being well used earlier and later forcefully fondled. CJ takes his time as she is in peaceful slumber from the abuse the drug and the warm bath.

My wife has the most incredible pussy to go down on.


I have really enjoyed doing this to her and have bragged to anyone about how good she is to pleasure. Many times I have wondered just who was getting the most out of this so wonderful battle of the sexes and CJ has been able to carefully get her off several times while she is out of it!

The next morning CJ was up again long before her and had called his girl friends from the boutique so that they would be there later that evening to assist in making Diane up for the topless dance contest. His idea was to make her into a very young and innocent looking girl. This will be her theme and dress. CJ thought this might really appeal to the guests and patrons during amateur night.

My wife Diane had once actually applied for, and was offered a job as a dancer but chickened out at the last minute, but she still had fantasy's about dancing naked in front of men! I had told CJ about this and the Edgewater hotel along with its topless dance club and amateur night would be the perfect place to make another of her most sinful fantasy's come true.

Diane finally woke up around noon, having a late catered breakfast that CJ had ordered for her, when done eating she was still tired and had fallen back to sleep. The girls from the boutique had shown up while she was still sleeping, they had brought all of the things that CJ had suggested.

She, underneath would be wearing nothing! Except a white corset that had red bows and laces in the back it was a shorty that stopped just below her waist and under her breasts leaving them and her pubic area bare and well exposed! Diane had remembered the girls from the help she had received on her first night with CJ. Still half asleep the girls had helped her into the bath room setting her on the big sink and had expertly shaved her pussy bare leaving nothing!

One of the girls was holding her as the other inspected her cunt an clit very closely and could not resist taking a nice mouthful of her female charms! My wife up until Sadie had never had any interest in other women, but Sadie had changed all that and she easily let this young black girl have her way with this tender place!

After which she was placed in the .large bridal suite tube and given another very hot bath. She was then allowed to soak in some of the most incredible smelling bath and body wash it had some of the most exotic fairmond herbs that gave off a very mild appealing odor of vanilla and orange blossoms.

The smell alone would make most men or women attracted to anyone who had been soaked in the stuff, as Diane had been. The girls fixed her hair into some long Shirley Temple ringlet type curls. After having her cunt shaved these two things alone had made her look and feel like a very young school girl. She came out of the bathroom nude, clean, and with a very bare pussy.

After looking at herself in the full length mirror, could not believe what she saw. She looked almost child like but her body gave it away as it was far more mature than to be that of a young girl, this along with several lingering indications of being sexually well used left little to ones imagination about her age!. The first thing CJ asked, was for her to put on a pair of very high 5"spiked heels, they were blood red and were the special ones he had requested the girls bring for this occasion.

She had put them on and was barely able to walk, let alone the thought of dancing in them? She was higher and more precarious than ever protesting to CJ as she had always been somewhat of a klutz. But the longer she wore them the easier and more comfortable they became. She was however starting to have some reservations? He had asked the girls to do one more thing, and that was, to add some very bright red lip stick. This would leave her bold, gaudy looking, and make her look even more like a sweet young tramp!

This was exactly the look that he wanted, and it gave Diane the look of a cheap over made up, and under dressed slutty little whore. With Diane still having reservations, CJ then told her, you are going to do this and you have no choice, reminding her, you are mine to do with as I please? Once I take you in there I will not be able to stop what ever happens until it is all over do you understand?. With some hesitation and still trembling with the naive innocence and excitement of a giddy young school girl Diane said.yes.I.!

Then before she could say anything else he slipped a short thin coat over her shoulders and the skimpy corset she was wearing that barely covered her midriff! Purposely leaving the front open unbuttoned and exposing as much of her shapely bare body as possible! The fact that my wife was now becoming very wet with anticipation and the uncertainty at the thought of what she was about to do, this was helping to set the mood.

CJ took her by the hands and carefully lead her out of the bridal suite and down the stairs as she was quite precarious, almost helpless in these hi heels,and with her still wondering exactly what was going to happen?

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This question would soon be answered in "spades" pardon the pun. She was starting to feel much more adventurous. until he brought her around, and into the main part of the hotel lobby, and lead her through it and up to the front of the hotels topless dance club!

As CJ helped Diane into the entry way of the club the lights were quite bright, making her look more helpless young and seductively attractive. Past the bouncers and into the main part of the topless club. She had already attracted quite a number of male admirers from the hotel lobby this was do to her coat being wide open! The person who managed the bar and the owners of the hotel had designed it in such a way that there were three separate dance floors, and each had a theme.

The first was for the hotel guests and the girls that normally danced on this stage were a little older and most were very classy professionals.

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The second was for the young crowd and featured dancing girls that were just barely 18, and the third catered to the all black east bay Oakland and Richmond crowd and were a cross section. Many were a lot like the judges mostly black men from all walks of life that wanted for the most part to enjoy watching naked women dance!. There were a lot of people already in the topless bar as amateur night always draws a big crowd and tonight's was going to be every bit as big and busy as ever.

He lead her passed the bar, one of the regular dancers who had been admiring Diane, along with the others hollered out good luck you slutty little bitch!. There were about 25 girls entered some were pretty plain and had been encouraged by there boyfriends, and others were young attractive and just wanted the thrill of showing off their tits.

But most were there only looking for the $2000.00 dollar top prize award. The hotel news paper hundreds of them with the pictures that were taken last night in the topless bar with the older black men have been passed around in the topless dance club to give those in attendance a preview of what my formerly straight laced young wife had become! Each dancer would get a chance to dance on each of the three different dance floors, and after three rounds the judges would chose three finalists, from there it would be a dance off and that the girls could do anything short of fucking the judges on stage to win.

Diane always loved to dance and had been a pretty good at it, but sometimes was a klutz and as she went from dance floor to dance floor stumbled and almost tripped several times in the darker areas where the steps were hard to see. Even she was surprised by how quickly her dancing skills returned, she started each of her dances as CJ had suggested trying to looking like a demure and very innocent young hi school girl.

But the sluttyness of her dancing and the way she ending each dance made anyone that watched her think, that she was dancing only for him, as at the end she wore nothing but stockings and her spiked red heels! Conveying this sexual aura really seemed to help. Plus the fact that she felt so hot and horny herself that her genuine feminine lust for sex easily had shown through and was quite apparent that she was not faking any of her open desire for sex! The men were so captivated that they were literally throwing money at her from each of the dance floors!

She looked so beautiful, and so young and sexy in the soft colored lights coupled with the way she danced, this vision as her eyes locked onto each man made him think she only wanted to have sex with him!

Even she was surprised at the money she had made in tips alone. Lots of money, over $ 500.00 dollars, and at every table the men who watched her dance were quite taken and very attracted to her sensual slutty style of dancing, this seemed to present the allure that she was enjoying some sort of sex as she danced.

The truth was that she actually had become so stimulated and aroused from the men she was dancing for that she had easily orgasmed several times during her dances! The contest was coming to a close and she could not believe, that she, was one of the three finalists.

For her last dance she ended up on the stage floor where most of the patrons were black. the amount of people now crowding around this dance floor had swelled to twice its number. Her dance again was very erotic steamy and perverse!

She had finished this last dance by kneeling on the bar and crawling forward shoving her bare almost dripping cunt into the face of the biggest meanest looking bald headed black man that she had ever seen, he did not protest. She was still so hot and horny that as his mouth closed over her clit she had another uncontrollable orgasm holding onto his big black head with booth hands and collapsing onto the stage floor with his face still buried deep in between her thighs!

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The crowd went wild as she tried and tried with what little strength left from her trebling orgasm as she tried to helplessly push him off her clit! She had easily won with her last dance, and although the other two dancers were younger and prettier neither could top what she had done with the bald headed black dude. Even he, did not seem, or want to stop, and continued sucking on her as the crowd continued with wild cheering screaming and clapping until some of his buddies were finally able to pull them apart, and even then this was with a sucking pop as his lips finally let go!

This was only done so that the awards could be made. With the crowd still whistling clapping and cheering and Diane on her feet the the dance club manager awarded her the trophy and the $2000.00 dollar check. The big black bald headed guy had also come up onto the stage had bowed and gave her a forceful passionate kiss!

He was trying to get her phone number as he wanted desperately to spend some more time with her!. CJ through the crowd had finally got up on the stage, and he pushed the bald headed guy out of the way and he was hugging kissing and congratulating her!.

The fact that she was still nude and only wearing her high heels left her no place to put her tip money.

She had been stuffing handfuls of bills into his pockets, and with money in his pockets, the trophy under his arm CJ took a firm hold of one of Diane's nipples and pulled her off the stage by it.

Followed by leading her out through the hotel lobby totally naked in front of several patrons and back to the bridal suite. She was feeling very attractive and sexually fulfilled and did not seem to mind at all by her blatant exhibitionism or by what had happened to her as a topless dancer!.

Once in the bridal suite he kissed her passionately and pushed her down onto the bed and with the passion of a long lost lover easily entered her very wet stimulated young body!.

This evening ended with some of the most pleasurable and enjoyable love and loving making that they so far had enjoyed together and she was totally awake and very conscious this time!

Continued in chapter 7