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Sexy brunette babe with nice boobs teasing and masturbating her pussy on webcam
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Highacre Dragon Breeders part 3 Impregnation A month had passed since Mimi had first joined the Highacre dragon stables and she had completed her basic lessons and training. She was now a junior stable hand under the direction of Arryn, one of the senior stable hands. Mimi spent her evenings with Viktoria discussing the need for the breeding program they ran and began her more advanced lessons in dragonology and stable management.

Viktoria had told her she wanted to train her to be her replacement when she retired. Mimi was both honoured and shocked at the proposal as she was still only a teenager but Viktoria explained it was because of how the dragons responded to her.

With most of the stable hands the dragons ignored them and only responded to very few, these were the only ones allowed to ride them and perform medical exams.

Dragons chose who they want to ride them not the other way around. Arryn was a typical girl in her early twenties, full of life and always looking for fun.

She was an average girl, her curly brunette hair came to her shoulders and she always wore it loose. She had the firm curves of a young adult but her eyes spoke of great sorrow. Arryn had come to Highacre after being fired from the last stable she worked at due to the fact the dragons were always trying to mate with her and the owner did not approve of this.

It was then she learnt that she was one of the few women who could be impregnated by a dragon if that dragon breed birthed live young. When Arryn arrived at the Highacre stable she had explained the whole situation to Vikoria who took her in without a second thought. Viktoria had put her on the pills to prevent her being impregnated if she was mounted by one of the dragons again. At the mention of these pills there was a twinkle of mischief in Arryn's eye. As Mimi dressed in her riding leathers she caught her reflection in the mirror, her raven black hair pulled into tight pigtails.

She saw the curve of her hip and breast, though small they were firm and round. She turned on the spot to see her self more clearly. The leather clung tightly to her ass and emphasized the mound of her crotch. She was only eighteen years old but had the full figure of a woman. Mimi smiled and saw the glint of mischief in her bright blue eyes. Her slim angular face seemed so serious in contrast to the supple leathers she wore.

She gently applied a little make up; blusher and lip gloss to highlight her high cheek bones and full lips. She looked down and admired how the leather shaped her legs, her slim calves moved up to slim yet strong thighs, slender yet not childlike.

Mimi ran her hand over the leathers enjoying the feel, even though they chafed; she was getting used to them, she turned round and looked over her shoulder, admiring the shape of her ass in the leathers, round and firm like a fresh peach, she ran her hand over one cheek then the other before giving herself a little spank. Later that day Mimi and Arryn were walking through the stables just chatting about the different breeds; Mimi was hungry for knowledge.

Arryn explained that out of the twenty breeds of dragon they cared for only two were capable of giving birth to live young; the Fleshdrake and Enirvic. They had a breeding pair of each dragon and a couple of juveniles from each pair in the nursery. It was Mimi and Arryn's turn to clean the nursery the following day and she could barely control her excitement about being in with the juvenile dragons.

Mimi had always wanted one as a pet but knew it wasn't possible, which is why she had come to the stable. They weren't pets but she got to work with them everyday and was paid to do something she loved. That evening Mimi and Viktoria were in Mimi's quarters discussing what she had learned and Viktoria filled in any gaps that Arryn had missed.

They sat and went through Mimi's notes on the breeds that could birth live young and Viktoria explained that some humans could be impregnated by these breeds. She pulled out a bottle of pills and told Mimi that she would have to start taking them so that if she was mounted by one of these dragons it couldn't impregnate her.

Mimi nodded and put the pills by her bed so she wouldn't forget to take them. She leaned over and kissed Viktoria to say thank you for the warning. Viktoria's responding kiss was hot and passionate and showed what her true intentions had been for their meeting. Mimi giggled, knowing that Viktoria loved these kind of private sexual moments and that they should both make the most of them as they didn't happen often due to the business of the Ranch.

Viktoria lunged at the young girl and pinned her to the simple single bed. Mimi squealed in delight and threw her arms around her lovers shoulders to hold her tight. They writhed together almost silently for a while. The only sounds were the giggles and naughty whispers accompanied by the rustle of the thin bedsheets beneath them.

Viktoria's elegant fingers glided through Mimi's hair, making the helpless girl whimper in sensual bliss and grind against her welcome assailant. The grinding forced a moan from the woman's lips which was soon echoed by her young lover as their writhing dance heated up; both pairs of hands caressing the others body as their lips locked to stifle the noises.

Viktoria ended up underneath the girl, giggling. This was totally new to her but Mimi knew what she was doing. Slowly she slide down the length of her Mentor's body until she was kneeling between her legs and grinning. She knew what Viktoria liked and how she liked it. She knew how to make her scream. Viktoria echoed the girls grin before skilfully grabbing her hair and pulling Mimi's grinning face into her shaven mound.

Mimi began greedily sucking and licking at Viktoria's swollen clit and labia. Working her tongue deep into Viktoria's soaking wet pussy Mimi drew first a moan then a scream of ecstasy from her lover. Viktoria worked her hands through Mimi's hair, pulling her harder into her dripping pussy.

After several minutes of enthusiastic oral Mimi pulled her head from Viktoria's welcoming crotch and panted for breath. In this moment of peace Viktoria whispered in a husky pleasure-laden voice, "fuck me please baby-girl, there is a strap-on in my saddle bag" Mimi grinned in youthful excitement and scrambled form her bed to the bag; retrieving the strap-on Mimi gently slid it up her legs and into place.

The strap-on had an additional smaller dong that fitted into Mimi's tight teen pussy to give her pleasure as she fucked her Mentor. She pulled a tube of lube from her underwear drawer and gently applied a generous amount of it to the phallus then stroked it gently as she approached the bed once more. The strap-on was the same one Viktoria had used on Mimi the first time they had fucked.

It was eight inches long and four inches in circumference, made of a soft rubber that moved easily but was still firm enough to bring the receiver to orgasm. Viktoria watched her approach; her legs slightly spread as she rubbed her swollen clit. Mimi gingerly climbed onto the bed holding the strap-on in front of her. Viktoria spread her legs a little wider as she gripped the phallus and guided Mimi into her welcoming pussy.

As Mimi gently rocked her hips pushing the strap-on deeper and deeper into Viktoria she ran her hands all over her lovers body. Viktoria gently wrapped her legs around Mimi and used them to pull her deeper into her pussy. She groaned in pleasure as the phallus slid fully into her, filling her entirely.

Mimi shuddered in sensory pleasure at seeing how she pleased Viktoria; her body shook with small orgasms as the dong in her pussy worked on her g-spot. Their breathing became heavy as Viktoria used her legs to control the speed and depth of Mimi's thrusts.

As Mimi got used to using the strap-on she began to thrust a little faster making Viktoria moan and gasp in pleasure. As she thrust the full length of the strap-on into Viktoria Mimi leant back, dragging her nails down the woman's flanks and making Viktoria gasp and buck in ecstasy. In return, Viktoria dug her fingers into Mimi's ass cheeks and screamed, "Fuck me harder, harder, HARDER!" Mimi grinned at Viktoria's demands. She took a firm hold of her Mentors hips and pulled the strap-on out until only the tip remained inside Viktoria.

The woman groaned at the sudden feeling of emptiness, but it was short lived as Mimi thrust the strap-on in hard and deep. Viktoria screamed in pleasure as Mimi continued her relentless pounding, a sheen of sweat breaking over her forehead at the effort of fucking Viktoria senseless.

Viktoria dug her nails into the girls ass and screamed in utter delight as her pussy was pounded harder than ever before and more thoroughly than any man ever had; second only to when she had been fucked by one of her dragons.

Mimi panted in exertion as she fucked Viktoria. Both of them moaned and screamed in mutual pleasure as they climaxed simultaneously. Their fluids soaking the sheets beneath them. Mimi collapsed onto Viktoria as her own orgasm slowly diminished. Her Mentor and lover held her close as she got her breathing under control. With deliberate care Mimi gently pulled the strap-on from Viktoria's dripping pussy.

The phallus was drenched in her juices, Viktoria shuddered in pleasure before collapsing back onto the pillows. Mimi pulled the strap-on down before wiping it clean on her spare towel. Returning the toy to Viktoria's bag she smiled in contentment before returning to the bed and cuddling into her lover. They both drifted into a peaceful sleep, smiles from ear to ear at the mutual pleasure.

The following morning after a very restful sleep. Mimi and Arryn went to the nursery for their daily duties. As instructed Mimi had taken the pill first thing in the morning. She wasn't worried about being impregnated as she was currently on her period. She didn't mention the pills to Arryn as she wasn't sure if she ever fucked the dragons. She had soon learned that the dragons were very picky with who they mounted; and she didn't want to make Arryn uncomfortable if she wasn't one of the girls chosen.

As they entered the nursery Arryn warned Mimi to look out for Ebondrak and Pestral; both were males that had just reached sexual maturity and would mount anything they could to show which of them was more dominant.

Mimi nodded, she understood, and followed Arryn into the main pen. Mimi's heart almost skipped a beat when she saw the number of dragons and eggs in the pen. There were twenty hatchlings rolling around in the warm ash in the centre of the pen; their squeaks and squeals of delight filled her heart with joy. There were at least a hundred eggs spread around the pen, some in clutches others on their own. She heard the beat of wings above her head and looked up to see juveniles the size of dogs flying around just below the ceiling.


They set to work cleaning out the pens and separating out the broken egg shells to be sold on to the Alchemists guild at a later date. After a couple of hours they stopped for a rest and sat by the ash pit. One of the hatchlings came out of the ash and climbed onto Mimi's lap, settled into a ball and fell asleep.

She gently stroked the scales of its head and it purred quietly. Arryn got up and excused herself as she had to go to the toilet, Mimi was quite happy sat with the dragon on her lap. After nearly ten minutes Mimi began to wonder where Arryn had gone so she removed the dragon from her lap and stood.

She dusted herself down and was about to head off to the toilets as well when she heard Arryn scream. Mimi ran to where the scream had come from and found Arryn huddled in the corner.

Two large juveniles stood a couple of feet away watching her intently, they were the size of large dogs. They prowled around while sniffing the air and Mimi knew straight away these were Ebondrak and Pestral. She whistled and called their names. They turned their heads to look and her, their tongues flicking as they tasted the air. At that moment she knew they could smell her blood and she cursed herself for not masking the scent.

Both dragons purred at her while they prowled around behind her. Mimi moved closer to Arryn to check if she was OK but in the process she made the mistake of turning her back on the two juveniles.

Before Mimi had a chance to realize her mistake the two dragons leapt forward forcing her to the ground. With a gentle bite Pestral tore her riding leathers open exposing her moist, blood covered pussy. Mimi gasped in surprise but she didn't resist. Gently Pestral began licking the blood from her crotch; Arryn was dismayed at seeing the sudden look of pleasure on Mimi's face. Ebondrak got up and slowly crept toward Arryn, tasting the air with flicks of his tongue.

The dragon purred as it scented her arousal at seeing what was happening to Mimi. With gentle nudges of his snout Ebondrak pushed Arryn's legs wider apart, sniffing her intently. As he sniffed her moist pussy his penis slowly slid from its sheath and flopped down; its was nine inches in length with a flared head like that of a horse. Arryn watched his penis grow, her breathing coming faster as she knew what was to follow. It had been weeks since she had last played with one of the dragons and now her need to be fucked took over.

Her fear was replaced with raw lust. Arryn moved slowly around the young dragon. She ran a hand over his soft new scales, they were like supple leather. He watched her as she moved and knelt beside him.

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With a gentle touch she began stroking his penis; drawing a purr of pleasure from deep within him. As her lust took over Arryn bent forward and began greedily sucking his solid penis.

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Mimi gasped and moaned in delight as Pestral licked hungrily at her pussy. His forked tongue moved over her swollen labia and engorged clit better than any man ever had. When he stopped and moved away she let out a moan of hunger.

Mimi looked back over her shoulder and watched as his penis slid from its sheath, smaller than Ebondrak's, it was only just seven inches. She knelt up on her knees and took hold of the leather at her crotch and pulled, tearing it further and exposing her full pussy and twitching anus.

She had never had a cock in her ass before but she knew she wanted it. Mimi spat onto her fingers and rubbed them against her ass-hole before whistling and patting her toned ass cheek. Pestral prowled forward, his penis hardening at the scent of her lust. He gently mounted her, his penis pressing against her pussy.

Before he could push in Mimi reached round and pulled it up so it pressed hard against her anus. Arryn stopped sucking Ebondrak's penis; the head dripped with spit and pre-cum. She quickly glanced around to see what was happening to Mimi and saw her rub spit onto her ass.

Arryn didn't enjoy anal but loved having her pussy fucked hard and deep. She knelt down in front of Ebondrak and wiggled her bum at him. She shuddered in barely controlled lust as she felt him sniff her dripping wet pussy. With gentle care he hadn't shown earlier Ebondrak mounted her, wrapping his forelegs around her waist. The feel of his soft scales drove her arousal even higher; she loved the feel of a dragon against her skin. With a single thrust he drove all nine inches of his penis deep into her.

His knot, the size of a grapefruit, pressed against her swollen pussy but was too big to fit inside her tight passage. Mimi watched with lust filled eyes as Ebondrak mounted Arryn. She could feel Pestral prodding against her anus.

Every prod drove her lust higher and higher. With a grunt of desire Mimi pushed herself back and felt the head of his penis slide into her ass. She gasped in pleasure and rolled her hips. Apart from her fingers and her dildo's Mimi hadn't had a cock in her ass before and she wanted the feeling to last.

Pestral began thrusting gently into her, pushing his penis an inch deeper with every thrust. When his knot pressed against her ass she moaned and rolled her hips pulling forward slightly.

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If he got his knot in she wouldn't have the pleasure of being fucked so hard and fast. Ebondrak had pinned Arryn to the ground. His forelegs holding her tight while he rested his head on the centre of her back.

She moaned and screamed in pleasure as his cock was driven deep into her. He began panting with his thrusts and licking Arryn's back.

Arryn tried looking back to see what was happening to Mimi but the weight on her kept her head pinned against her arms. Ebondrak began to thrust faster and harder, every thrust making her scream in uncapped pleasure. Pestral increased the speed of his thrusts, driving his penis fully into Mimi's ass.

The teen girl screamed like never before as she was filled with warm solid meat. She began thrusting her hips back into the dragon, feeling his knot press against her ass-hole with every push. The force of his fucking slowly edged her closer to Arryn and Ebondrak. The dragon panted with every thrust. Its claws digging into the flesh of Mimi's thighs as it held her tight. Mimi was moaning in utter ecstasy from having her ass fucked; she pushed back in time with Pestral's thrusts.

The dragon panted louder as it began fucking her as hard as he was able.

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With a roar of pleasure Pestral thrust with all his strength, the force of the thrust pushing his knot into Mimi's ass. She gasped in surprise and pleasure as she felt the knot stretch her more than she had ever experienced. The dragon stopped thrusting as it came in her ass.

The force of his orgasm felt like an explosion inside her; Filling her completely with dragon cum. Ebondrak heard the other dragons pants of pleasure and increased his pace to match. He gripped Arryn firmly, his claws leaving welts along her stomach.

The force and speed of his thrusts almost lifting Arryn off the ground. As the dragon kept up its relentless pace it slow shuffled Arryn round so she was facing Mimi.

The two girls could see the utter pleasure of the experience written on each others faces. Ebondrak continued to fuck Arryn hard and fast. It was a rare treat he got to fuck one of the handlers and he was enjoying every second of it. With a gentle shift of his hips he began long fast strokes.

Every thrust stretched Arryn's pussy more and more.

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Arryn looked up as Mimi screamed in surprise and saw that Pestral had stopped thrusting but still held her close. She could feel her own orgasm building to an extreme she had never experienced before. With a roar of pure animal lust Ebondrak thrust his entire length into Arryn's stretched pussy, he kept the pressure on until his swollen and engorged knot burst into her. Arryn screamed in pleasure and almost blackout at the sudden pain; the dragon was totally inside her, all nine inches and grapefruit knot.

Ebondrak came and filled her pussy and womb with cum. He growled at Pestral and spread his wings in a dominant display; Arryn hanging off his penis. The two dragons watched each other for a minute before Pestral lowered his head and folded his wings.

For now Ebondrak was the dominant male. Both girls panted as their own orgasms began to subside. Their bodies drenched in sweat and covered in multiple scratches. Slowly the dragons knots shrunk to a point that they could pull them from the girls. The girls both came simultaneously as the knots were pulled free; they collapsed onto the ground and panted.

Cum leaked from both of them, but Mimi also bled. Her ass had been stretched and now bled from the fucking she had taken. Neither of the girls could move for a moment as their bodies slowly adjusted to the orgasms that had just swamped them. Once Ebondrak and Pestral had satisfied themselves they left the two girls in the corner.

Mimi dragged herself over to Arryn and held her tight as they both cried. They had both enjoyed it but the dragons had lost control and had really pounded both of them.

The dragons had been so strong they were powerless to stop them, they would both be bruised and scratched for a few days. Mimi pulled out her phone, called Viktoria, explained what had happened and told her where they were. Viktoria told them to stay put because she was coming to them. A couple of minutes passed and both girls were still weeping from the pain. Viktoria and four of the male stable hands entered the nursery and found the girls curled up in the corner.

The stable hands carried them out and took them to the medical wing to have them checked over by the nurses. Viktoria was sure they weren't hurt but it was more of a precaution. She decided to give both girls the rest of the week off to recover because both were going to be sore. The stable nurses checked over both girls and declared them physically fine but recommended that they rest for a couple of days and focus on their studies. They took a blood sample from each girl and told them to return in five days for another blood test; purely to make sure they hadn't contracted any possible diseases from the dragons.

Five days passed and both girls reported to the nurses office for their blood test. The nurse took a small measure of blood from each girl and sent them back to their quarters.


The first tests had come back clean but they didn't want to take any chances, the last thing the stable wanted as a new disease to start spreading. The nurse read the results from the second test; Mimi's results showed normal, her hormone levels were a little high but she attributed that to Mimi being on her period. But she was concerned about Arryn's results; she knew the girl was on the stables birth control pill but the levels didn't seem right.

She looked over the results again and immediately called Viktoria to tell her the results and then called Mimi and Arryn to her office. She wasn't going to enjoy this but it had to be done. A few minutes later all three arrived, Mimi and Arryn looked worried while Viktoria had an odd expression; one of joy and jealousy at the same time.

The nurse gave Mimi her results and told her to be careful with the pills as she had taken too many and she could accidentally overdose which would lead to her hormones spiking again and a repeat of the other day. Mimi looked both worried and aroused at once, she glanced at Viktoria who smiled and winked before mouthing "later". The nurse then turned to Arryn and said, "You are going to want to sit down sweetie.

you are pregnant." Arryn burst into tears and looked at Viktoria crying, "I'm so sorry, I forgot my pill a couple of times. I'm sorry, I'll pack my things and leave." Viktoria shook her head and cuddled Arryn and told her to stop being silly and that she wasn't going anywhere, the stable would look after her and watch over her as she grew and carried the baby to term if that is what she wanted.

Arryn wept in joy and nodded, she would keep the baby and be the stables first dragon mother.