Two brunettes with natural boobs and hairy snatche

Two brunettes with natural boobs and hairy snatche
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Its been a couple of weeks since the last party i went to. I got a call last night from Decker, "Hi Tash, Its Decker, how are you?" He said in that low husky voice of his. "Hey Decker, im good thanks how are you? Haven't heard from you in a while," i replied putting on my sexiest voice.

I want him again, and i want Trey and i want all of the boys from the last party to fuck me, just like before. I haven't stopped thinking about how i felt at that party.

I was a whore for the fun of a group of guys, begging for their dicks and i want to do it again and again. "Yeah i know, thats why i want to invite you over this weekend… it'll just be us ," he said. I thought about it for a moment before replying.

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He's so sexy I can deal with fucking just him. The weekend arrived and I was getting ready to be at Deckers at 8. I pulled on a skin tight tribal body con dress, which sat beautifully between my knees and my crotch - easy access.

I finished the outfit with a pair of killer strappy heels, grabbed my bag, tousled my hair and left. I looked sexy arriving at Deckers a little later than 8. He opened the door and ushered me in handing me a flute of champagne, drinking a cold beer himself. "You look fucking sexy Tash," he said huskily into my neck as he came at me from behind. I sipped my champagne as he kissed my neck without any other word, no hello or how are you.

I looked around his living room and noticed someone moving in the kitchen. "I've got a few other people coming round," he said smiling. "Oh, i thought it was just… us tonight?" I said.

"Yeah baby its kind of a small get together, don't worry about it…" He said spinning me around and kissing me deeply, moving his hands all over my ass and hips, groping every inch he could get. I pulled his shirt a little to kiss him back when he pulled away. He shook his head and ushered me down a hall into his bedroom.

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There was a large king size bed in the middle and a table and chair setting over by a large bay window on the right. "What about everyone else?" I asked as he pulled me in and softly pushed the door. It didn't shut properly. "They're right, they'll find things to do." He said grabbing my head and kissing me deeply again.


He pushed me down onto the bed and started lifting my dress. I knew i shouldn't just let him have me, but fuck it i was so wet and ready. My dress was now at my waist, Decker slowly moved his hands up my thighs and pulled down my panties. He undid his pants and pulled his big hard dick out, aiming it right for my now exposed pussy. "You want this?" he huskily breathed. "Yes, fuck me" i whispered back. "How bad?" he asked, my breathing now deep and short, "So badly… please," i begged.

My pussy was throbbing and needy; i was craving his dick fucking me. He slowly entered his knob into my hole, then withdrew, leaving me craving it even more.

I tried pulling him toward me but he resisted. "No, i want you to do something for me before i fuck you," He said wickedly smiling. "What?" i breathed, trying to pull him closer to me. He slowly moved down and entered his knob into my dripping wet pussy once more and quickly pulled it back out. "You want the dick?" he asked me again.


"Yes, yes please," i begged. "Will you do anything for it slut?" he asked me. I was shocked and so aroused by what he called me that i just answered, Yes and nodded furiously.

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By now i was so needy, so horny and so wet. "Good," he said, getting up, leaving me with my legs spread wide in the middle of the bed. He went over to a small set of drawers by the bed and pulled out a large pink dildo, with a small vibrating dolphin on it. I just stared as he brought it over to me. No biggie, ive fucked myself with one of these before, many times. Decker climbed on the bed, moving me so he could get behind me. He then pulled me closer to him and reached around my front, spreading my legs as far as they'll go.

"Ready?" he asked, kissing my neck. "Yes," i breathed as he ran the dildo up my thigh and smacked it down on my pussy.

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It made a slap noise from all my pussy juices. He pushed a button on it and it started vibrating. He pushed it again and it increased to maximum speed. Slowly he brought the vibrator down to my clit, lingering it there, sending the sensations through me.

I moaned loudly, closing my eyes and throwing my head back. I heard Decker whistle or something in the background but i could hardly make it out. I kept moaning, feeling the familiar waves of an orgasm building. Suddenly the vibrations stopped and my pending orgasm disappeared. Panting and moaning i looked up and saw the rest of the party had joined us, all gorgeous, ripped guys i have never met before.

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"You want that back Tash?" Decker prompted, moving the vibrator on my clit. I was shocked and excited that he'd planned to gang fuck me again and didn't respond. He started the vibrator up again, pressing it up against my throbbing clit. I moaned loudly and he said "You want this Tash?" turning the vibrator off again.

"Yes," i said, "I want it." He turned the vibrator back on and pressed it up against me again, making me moan again. "Just getting her ready for you boys," Decker announced to his friends all watching intently, some already wanking, watching the show.

"She'll fuck us all?" I heard one of the guys say. I went to react and say im not a slut, how dare you presume that, but Decker moved the vibrator around a little on my clit and i moaned even louder. "She'll do what i tell her," Decker said picking up speed, moving the vibrator all over my pussy. I felt an orgasm coming and started panting and my throbbing pussy muscles started clenching as it the orgasm came and rippled through me.

Decker laughed and announced "She's ready boys!" He scooted out from behind me, grabbing me and flipping me over as he did. He propped me up so that my ass was in the air, facing the entire crowd in the room.


"Stay like that," he commanded, and complied, feeling so sexual and dirty and wet, extremely wet. Soon i felt hands feeling and groping my holes, fingers inside my cunt and my ass.

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I didn't move, i just enjoyed the feeling of being used. Someone grabbed the dildo and shoved it all the way in my pussy making me scream out in pleasure. "Fuck it," one of the guys said, so i started moving my body back and forth onto the dildo, moaning as i did. A few of the guys laughed. The guy with the dildo pulled it out of me and replaced it with his dick, ramming himself deep inside me, over and over again.

I could feel as he did this, another big dick circling around my asshole. Someone spat on my hole and stuck their finger in to lube it up, then repeated the action again.

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I moaned loudly, and then two guys lifted me up as one lay down on the bed. The two guys lifting me lowered me onto the dick below me, then moved behind me. Spitting in my asshole one more time, the guy behind me lifted me slightly and buried himself deep in my ass. I was being fucked in front of all of these people, by two guys in both of my holes.

The guy below me came quickly inside me, dripping his cum out of my pussy as he lifted me slightly to get out from underneath me.

The guy in my ass finished up and came inside me as well, slapping me hard on my cunt as he hopped off me. He was quickly replaced with another guy behind me, this time entering my dripping wet pussy, full of another guys cum. He started pumping me harder and harder and i felt an orgasm building.

"You like this ya slut?" He said as he continued to fuck me. "Yes," I screamed, moving back and forth with his thrusts. Guy after i guy, i counted about 8 in total fucked my pussy and 3 fucked my ass. I loved every second of it, feeling the totality of how much of a slut ive become. After everybody had finished with me Decker came up to me and fucked me one more time.

When he finished he said, "You wanna do that more often?" I gathered myself together and looked at him, "yes," i breathed and looked down.

He laughed, "Good, your a slut and this is what you were made for… i knew you wanted it tonight." I half smiled, feeling so full of shame, nodding my head. "Good, glad you understand. Im gonna fuck you whenever i want alright? However i want," he said. I didn't respond, instead just nodded. "Answer me slut." He demanded. "Yes," i said.

"Yes what?" "Yes you can fuck me whenever you want&hellip. sir."