Redhead ava parker gets paid to suck big cock

Redhead ava parker gets paid to suck big cock
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it was the summer of my 12th year and I was just getting a little hair down there and knew nothing of sex or masturbation. In my house it was never discussed, I just knew I woke up with it stiff and it got stiff all the time. We lived in an apartment and one afternoon my dad's friend Ron called and said he wanted me to stop by to help him move around some furniture. Ron lived in another apartment building down the street near the pool so it was no big deal to stop by I was going to the pool anyway.

I finished lunch put on my swim trucks grabbed a towel and headed to Ron's apartment. When I arrived Ron was there in a pair of shorts and no shirt, windows closed and no AC running. We spent about a 90 minutes moving things around the living room sometimes moving items a few time he said he wanted to try different ideas. About 20 minutes he told me I was sweating and to take off my shirt and I did. After moving items Ron said to sit on the couch and he got me a drink to cool down with. We watched TV for a little bit and then he slid the coffee table aside and started a wrestling match with me during the match he managed to pin my face down on the floor and held me there.

As he held me down with one hand he rubbed my back and neck with the other. I could also feel him rubbing his hard penis on my ass through my shorts in a grinding fashion. I tried to get a way but he held me in place for a few minutes.

I also got hard but did not know what it meant. When he let me up I could see a small wet spot on his shorts, he looked at my shorts and could see me trying to hide my small erection. I was just getting to puberty and my dick was still on about 4 inches.

He smiled and asked if I enjoyed the wrestling and I was scared but said yes. He said thanks for the help and I finished my drink and left. The next day during lunch the call came again asking if I could stop by and help move bedroom furniture today because I was a big help yesterday. My mother said yes, I told her I didn't want to she said he was a family friend who lived alone to go help.

I could not tell her why I didn't want to go.

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So again I got ready for the pool and stopped at his apartment on the way there. This time when I arrived Ron was in just a small pair of shorts they where tight and I could see the outline of his soft cock. He said to take off my shirt and join him in the bedroom, I told him I would leave my shirt on today and he said ok.

We went in the bedroom moved a dresser and then the bed as we finished moving the bed he came over and through me down on it and we started to wrestle during the wrestling he got my shirt off over my head and as we continued he of course pinned my face down on the bed. At this point I could feel him grinding some, but I could not see what he was doing as he held my head down.

At some point I realized he had gotten his shorts down around his knee's and was rubbing dick on the crack of my ass through my shorts. I was getting hard now Ron released my head but continued to hold me down.


As he grind into me with his dick he put his hand on the front of my shorts and started rubbing my little stiffy. With in minutes I could feel my self cumming, not really knowing what that meant at the time. Then I felt my back and swim suit get covered in something wet. As we got up he as if I had fun but I was afraid to look at him.

I could see his semi hard dick just sticking out and all hairy I have never seen another dick in my life that I could remember. He smile and said he enjoyed the wrestling.


He pulled up his shorts and gave me a towel he said to go in the bathroom and take off my shorts and take a shower and he would wash my swim suit so I could go to the pool. I entered the bathroom and handed my shorts through a crack in the door and got in the shower. There was no lock on the door and after a few minutes he came in with no cloths on and sat on the toilet.

He said he was dirty to and needed to get clean. As I was in the shower with the water running on my body and head sticking out from the sode of the curtain only holding the curtain to hide my nakedness.

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He asked me what I knew about sex and masturbation and I did not even know what masturbation meant, so he explained it to me. He asked if he was the first guy I ever saw naked and I told him yes.

As we continued to talk about being naked he started to get hard and was rubbing his cock describing what he was doing as masturbation. At this point I was also getting hard and at one point I looked down at my throbbing cock and he asked me if I was hard behind the curtain. I said yes and he said not to be afraid and he came over and got in the shower. This was the first time anyone ever saw me naked since diaper changing times. I froze as he got in but could not stop looking at him and could not cover my self up.

After he got in he started to rub my shoulder and then worked his way down to my throbbing cock. He was able to rub my cock with two fingerers and ran my hand gingerly around my ass until I was cumming.

Then he took my hands and used them to rub his cock telling me the whole time it was ok. As it being to throb he said to get ready and he blew his load all over my chest and hands.

I stood there for a few minutes and he took a rag and washed us both off while I just stood there. He turned off the water and as we got out of the shower Ron grabbed a towel and dried my off. He placed the towel around my waist and the dried himself off placed a towel around his waist and we went to the living room and sat down to watch TV. He finally placed my swim suite in a washing machine and we waited for the to wash. We heard the washer stop and he told me since we where dry and had already been naked in the shower it was ok for us to sit naked on the couch while my shorts dried cause he wanted to wash the towels.

He took my towel placed it in the wash and placed my shorts in the dryer.

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I sat naked on the couch with my hands on my lap as he talked about it being alright to be scared about being naked and with another guy. Since at that age you get hard when the wind blows I got hard again just sitting there.

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This time he slowly laid me down and he kneeled net to the couch. he slowly began to rub my cock and he controlled me by moving slowly and stopping at just the right moment, my erection lasted for what seemed like hours to me at one point I heard the dryer buzz and did not care for him to stop.

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My ass was off the couch and jumping around my nipples where hard and I was breathing real heard he did not say a word but kept working me so much that all I could do was moon and grown I finally jumped around so much I went right off the couch, but he never stopped.

I finally blew a load like I never had or new how to. As I just lay there trying to catch my breath he got on his knees and masturbated on my stomach. I never moved because I was so tired.

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Ron then went and got my swim suit and a wash rag and cleaned me off. I got dressed and was ready to leave for the pool when I looked at he time it was 5pm and time to go home I never made it to the pool that day. I was told not to talk to anyone about this and we could wrestle a lot more during the summer. We had more fun that summer and it has been 20 year since that date and I am finally putting it in writing.