Amateur gal gets pleasure of weenie

Amateur gal gets pleasure of weenie
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"The luckiest bastard alive" NOTE: This is my first story so I'm bound to make some mistakes.


But in the meantime sit, read, and enjoy! CH. 1 John wasn't the most popular guy at school. He didn't go out with girls, not cause he didn't want too but because he just wasn't that good looking. He was about 5'11, 165lbs, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, light tan, and a fair sized 8 inch cock.

But people who did get to know him saw that looks weren't his strong point, it was his personality. Anyone who would hang out with him saw that he was funny and even a little charming.

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But his luck with women were about to change and quick. John lived next to, who he thought was, the most beautiful and sexiest woman alive. He must have jacked off every night to her. Lucky for him he didn't have to fantasize about how she looked naked because their windows faced each other and she didn't have any curtains in her room and every night after her shower she would walk in her room with her fine legs and undress and get into her pajamas to go to bed.

"Oh, how bad I want to screw that sexy body of hers" he thought as he stroked his cock back and forth fast. Soon he thoughts would become a reality.

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It was Saturday afternoon when John woke up to find his parents had left to go visit some relatives up state for the day. They left him some money to order pizza and emergency phone numbers.

He walked around the house with his morning wood making a tent of his pajamas. He needed to piss bad so he jogged up to the bathroom and closed the door. Sliding his pajama pants down along with his boxers he grabbed his cock and started to piss in the toilet. He glanced out the window and was excited by what he saw below. Next door Melissa (the neighbor) was outside by the swimming pool tanning in a black bikini that looked like it strangled to wrap around her breasts. He flushed the toilet and turned towards the window.

He decided "what the hell" and started to jerk off to her as she sat there rubbing lotion over her body. After awhile Melissa took off her top exposing all of her 38D breasts for John to see. He picked up the pace and he felt his cum start to rise and not too long afterwards his cock twitched in his hand and he shot a wad of cum all over the bathroom window.

He rested his head against the wall as he regained composure. "Shit that felt good" he thought as glanced over at his cum running down the pane of glass.

As he bent over to grab some toilet paper to wipe up his mess he glance downed and saw Melissa staring right at him in disgust. "Shit I've been caught" he said aloud as he was frozen in place,his cock hanging limp. Melissa quickly put her top back on and walked into the house.

John felt so bad about what he did but didn't know what he should do. Stay home or go over and apologize.

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He grabbed the phone and dialed Melissa's number to apologize without having to look at her. Melissa picked up the phone, "Hello?" she asked.

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"Hello, Melissa, this is John from next door" he stammered out. "You sick pervert, what the fuck were you thinking" she yelled at him. " I wasn't thinking, it's just your so damn hot I couldn't resist" he said shyly and for once John heard a answer he would have never have guessed.

"Well John if I'm so hot why don't you come over to my house so you can make a real apology" she said devilishly.

John dropped the phone and ran out the door to Melissa's house and banged on the door feeling his cock get hard again. Melissa came to the door and smiled and pulled him in and shut and locked the door. She started to walk to him swaying her hips in her bikini and she turned her back to him and bent down and said "Like what you see?" and raised back up.

"Oh God yes, I love what i see" John said as he started to adjust his cock in his pants. "OH silly, why don't you just step out of those clothes" Melissa said as she smiled.

John wasted no time stripping and was soon standing in front of Melissa naked. Melissa reached behind her back and untied her top and let it drop to the floor, "Remember these you naughty boy?" she coyly asked as she stepped towards him.

John grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it smiling from ear to ear.

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Melissa got up to John and removed his hand and kissed him deeply on the lips sending a shiver down John's back. She then kissed his neck, then his chest, and finally she dropped to her knees, "Looks like little Johnny needs a kiss too." she said and looked up at him.


She then opened her mouth and slowly engulfed John's cock while keeping eye contact with him. John stared in disbelief as the woman he fantasized about every night was giving him his first blowjob ever. Melissa worked her mouth like a pro around John's cock making sure it was wet and moist.

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She grabbed his ball sac and massaged it gently as she started to suck harder. John moaned for more and more as he started to moan. Melissa sucked harder at John's request and then felt John's cock pulsing and getting harder, she knew he was going to cum. "Oh shit, I'm going to cum so hard in your mouth" John said as he started to shake through his orgasm.

Melissa kept sucking until John sent a load deep into her throat and kept going and going as Melissa swallowed and lapped it all up. After John was done cumming she sucked out the rest and the excess on his cock then backed up and looked up and smiled at him "Did you enjoy that?" she asked.

"Very much so, and I hope we're not finished".John said. Melissa smiled and said "No, theres plenty more where that came from". Then as she was about to get up they heard a door opening and were frozen as Melissa's mom walked in. TO BE CONTINUED.