Slave Auf Der Platte

Slave Auf Der Platte
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This is my second story. Im David im 28 years old and I live in London, England. I have a pretty mundane office job that I work 9 to 5, but there is a pretty decent social group around the office.

After a pretty boring day at work, 5 or 6 of us decided to go for a few beers after work. I would say the moral was higher because the sexy new receptionist decided to track along.

Her name was Amy, she was a 22 year old blond goddess. Legs that went all the way up, and the rather short skirt left little to the imagination. Add that to the beautiful blue eyes, she could have any guy she chose.

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She was also a tease. She knew what she was doing, working up all the guys and then casting them aside for the next guy to have a pop. Was I any different? Well no, this isn't the story, sorry guys and girls who want a story of me shagging a 22 year old stunner, but lets just say she did leave me in a rather horny state.

I left the bar about midnight. I was quite drunk and horny. BUT I knew I was working and thought it was probably the best thing to get the train home as the journey was 45 mins. I got the last train and it was rammed. But it didn't particularly bother me as I knew 10 mins into the journey the train would ¾ empty as it stops at a main station. 15 mins into the journey I finally got a seat.

I sat there listening to my ipod casually looking abound to train seeing if anyone takes my fancy. There ware plenty of dunk girls, all dressed up, but looking dishevelled, but nothing especially fantastic, but then a guy on the train was sick so I decided to swap carriage.

The next carriage was empty other than a 40ish year old office worker working on her lap top. I sat opposite her and made eye contact, she smiled.

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I took my chance to have a good look, she was hot. She had shapely legs with black stockings on, (well I hoped they were stockings anyway) high heels. She had light brown hair tied back, a white blouse showing a little bit of cleavage.

But I also noticed a wedding ring on her finger. "Oh well" I thought, she still was a hot cougar and I must admit the instance she smiled at me I was hard, but I thought "fuck that I can't be bothered with that shit".

Anyway my stop came, and surprisingly it was also the hot cougars. I opened the door for her and walked up the stairs behind her. She had a magnificent ass. She clearly works out and looks after herself. And through her skirt, there was a clear outline of French knickers.

I had to place my briefcase in front of me to hide my clear erection. God I couldn't wait to get home to knock one out. I also had to admit the beer was batting by bladder I needed a piss.

So I decided to cut through the car park as I knew I could have a piss up against a tree there and cut through the hole in the fence rather than go around the station.

I went to the other side of the car park and started to piss, half way through I herd footsteps and saw the woman on the train looking straight at me. "Shit" I thought caught red handed. I finished up and went through the hole in the fence.


Now I was walking right behind her again. I thought about walking the other way round to save my embarrassment. But thought "Fuck it, what she going to do stop and give me a lecture". She turned left down the road I needed to turn down, "Shit" I thought "shes gonna think im following her", "but you're not" I keep telling myself, "its not like im gonna rape her is it".

We kept walking and walking and you could tell she was nervous, as every few mins or so she would look around. It didn't help the fact I was a faster walker than her either. I remember giggling to myself "I bet you wished you hadn't worn them heels now" Now I was only about 2 meters away from her.

She stopped and turned around and said "You're not going to follow me all the way home are you?". "Sorry" I said pulling my earphones out of my ears.

"You're not planning on following me all the way home are you?" she repeated "Eeeeer sorry no, I live down here in Green Garden Avenue" I said. "Really" she said, "I live in Cottage Road around the corner, I thought you were some pervert following me home because I smiled at you on the train". "Oh no" I said "I did think of going another way around because I didn't want to make you nervous, as after you caught me in the car park".

"Hmmmm" she said "that was naughty, but at least you did it against a tree rather one of the cars" she smiled. "Yeah and as I said I hope you didn't see anything you shouldn't have" I smiled back. I couldn't believe it we were flirting. After all the awkwardness we were flirting.

"Anyway" I said. "Oh yes" she said "I suppose we better get home its late". We started walking together then she asked, "So do you live alone?". "yes", I said.

"Well eerr" she said "fancy making me a drink?" "Sure" I said. We walked up to my house by this time I had a massive erection. And I knew what was coming to I didn't bother trying to hide it. "Oh it looks like someone excited at the thought of a drink" she said. "Its been one of them days when I just need to get cut loose if you know what I mean" I said. She nodded her head and stopped and grabbed me and stuck her tongue inside my mouth. Her hand started exploring my crotch and my hands dropped my suitcase and started to slide my hand around her ass.

It felt as good as it looked, firm and peachy. By this time I was proper horny, she started rubbing my cock faster, she went down to her knees in the middle of the street and unzipped my flys and started to stuck my cock. I was so worked up it didn't take long before my load exploded into her mouth. "Well you were pretty worked up" she said, "I hope the main coarse lasts longer than the entree" she said winking at me, while I place my cock back into my trousers.

I few more mins and we were at my front door. By this time my heart was beating. "So what do you want to drink" I asked ""Do you have any white wine" she asked.

"Some cheep stuff somewhere" and I looked in the fridge "oh here we go some pinot grigio, I suppose that will have to do" "That will do fine" she said.

I poured the wine into two glasses on the table. "So" I asked, "do you go down on strangers in the middle of the street very often then"?


She let out a little chuckle. "Not for a long, long time", "But it looked like you needed it". I sat down next to her and placed my hand on her leg. I started rubbing her leg up and down. Our eyes made contact and our breathing started to get heavier, no more words were needed.

Our mouths moved together, and started kissing. It was soft at first before our tongues explored each others mouth. By hands moved up inside her skirt to the thighs. She was wearing hold-ups just as I hopped. With the other hand I started undoing her white blouse. I could see her white bra underneath. She ripped my tie off and threw it across the room.

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Her blouse came off followed by my shirt, she then stood up and unzipped her skirt from the side. It dropped to the floor showing her red see through French knickers. And then she took off her bra. She wasn't big up top maybe a A or B cup, her areola's were small, but she had long and hard nipples. And her body was perfect. You could tell she looked after herself her belly was flat and quite toned.

"I doubt she's had any kids" I thought to myself. She falls onto the sofa spreading her legs and she say, "I think its time you repaid my service". Ive now got completely naked. I knelt between the her legs and slide her panties off.

She was completely shaven and I could tell she was horny, she was soaking wet already. I started licking her clit immediately, sticking 2 fingers inside her. She gasped with pleasure as my tongue slid slowly around her clit sending shivers of electricity up and down her body.

My tongue was now moving faster and faster, and her breathing heavier and heavier, there was more groans and moans until I hit that spot that made her scream with pleasure. "Yes that's it" she shouted, she wasn't a quiet one that's for sure. "Yes stay there" There were all sorts of noises coming now, or should I say cumming, and I have no idea how to write them, but I guess you should know.

Her body now went tight and she gripped my head with her legs. And she came. I started moving up her body now. Kissing and licking her tummy.

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My tongue starts playing with her belly button and she lets out a noise that can only be described as a meow. I now reach the nipples, I love nipples I could play with them for hours. I love biting and licking nipples, and its clear she loved me licking them. I suck them and my teeth plays with them as her body wriggles I could take no more. She grabs my cock and slides it inside her and she lets out a gasp.

I start of with a slow pace sliding inside and outside her, she feels nice and tight, which makes me think even more that shes never had kids. I start gathering pace and our breathing increases. She stops and turns around and I see that magnificent ass again. She bends down and is a vision of lust. I slide myself her, she closes her legs and feels even tighter, im now banging away at some speed and its clear shes cumming again as the same noises she was making before and her body tightens again.

She now pushes me to the floor, and straddles me, the cowgirl starts to ride. She starts slowly at first, moving side to side she had magnificent hip movement. I feel im now deeper inside her than ever before.

You could now hear her body hitting mine like a big slap, and it didn't take long before I knew that was it, and I spurted my load deep inside, we both collapsed to the floor.

We got dressed and finished the wine. It wasn't awkward or anything, but I did have one awkward question to as.

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"So" I said, "What's your name then" "Sarah" she said with a smile.