Naughty lesbians fill up their huge butts with whipped cream and ejaculate it ou

Naughty lesbians fill up their huge butts with whipped cream and ejaculate it ou
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I got from my motorbike and removed my helmet. I ran my gloved hand through my hair just to settle them and looked at the little storefront.

Our own type of Mall, but it turned out to be more little shopfronts where you just walked by. I removed the keys from my bike and made sure that it was secured on its stand before walking up the steps and there she was, Christine *.

She looked up and immediately smiled at me, "Hey Justin*." I returned the smile and removed my sunglasses, "Well, well if it isn't my favourite sales lady, hey Christine, how is things?" She chuckled at my half-compliment, "Not too bad, business is slow though." I nodded my head, placed my helmet on the counter and leaned on my arms next to it, "Yeah I hear you, having a slow time myself." Christine is almost ten years my senior, after her divorce I've been flirting regularly with her, but never actually tried to do anything.

You could see that her two children would always get in the way, I have met them and since they regularly see their dad I'm more just a friendly guy in their eyes.

Not that I would like to replace their dad of course. Christine has mid-shoulder straight, brown hair, grey eyes and a body that always draws attention.

We met and worked together about a year before her divorce and ever since then she's been a rather big part of my fantasies. Yes I do have a weakness for MILFs and she is a classic example. Big, but not huge, breasts, thing middle with a slight tummy, long, firm legs and a tight ass, overall a great catch as she is very friendly, neat and very hard working.

"So what can I do for you? Or are you here to keep me out of work?" I chuckled, "Aw you caught me out just once and now you think I come here to waste your time." She smiled again at me, "Well not like I have much to do anyway." I shook my head, smiling, "Well actually I am here to give you some work; I'm looking for a belt pouch for my cellular phone." I took the phone from my pocket and handed it over; she turned around to look at the pouches behind her while I took the opportunity to ogle her denim hugging her ass.

She finally turned back with a pouch, I smiled at her and took out my wallet, and after paying for it I slipped the phone into the pouch and attached the pouch to my belt. "So about that pizza and wine I've been promising you for the past year, when are you free?" She laughed softly, "Well tonight would be fine with me, kids are at their dad's and I have nothing else to do tonight but watch television and eat toast." "Well then around seven?" "Sure, any place in particular in mind?" I shook my head, "Nah we can just go to the Den, its nice and not too far from your place." "Great!

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So I finally get that promised pizza," I chuckled and picked up my helmet, "Of course, a gentleman always keeps his word to a lady." "Ooooh now you are a gentleman?" I laughed, "Well I do try my best, but I'll see you at seven then?" She nodded, "See you at seven, have a nice day." "Same to you," I smiled, slipped on my sunglasses and walked out to my bike.

Well that was strange, usually she said she'd let me know and usually something happened. I almost shrugged and slipped on my helmet and gloves before getting on my bike and slipping the key into the ignition.

I stopped at her place, five minutes to seven, I didn't have time to switch off the motorbike as she came walking out of front door. She lives in an apartment complex, three storeys, with six very large and comfortable apartments opposite each other with a staircase separating them from each other.

I slipped my helmet off and smiled at her, she had slipped on a top that showed off her marvellous breasts and she still had on the tight jeans she wore at work, "You're early." "Why of course, been looking forward to this for a long time," I handed her the helmet and she chuckled, before slipping it on, her hair sticking out underneath the helmet, she got up behind me and hanged on tightly.


A few short minutes later we stopped outside the Den, which in fact is just a Pizza Parlour with a liqueur license, plus I have heard that they have a great selection of wine.

We went inside and ordered a bottle of wine for her and cool drink for me since I was the only one driving home. We started chatting and quickly found that we actually had a lot in common, we liked the same things, had a few of the same views in life and so on.

She was working on her second bottle when we ordered pizza and by then she started to openly flirt back with me and I was in my element, flirting with a beautiful woman while having a good time chatting and laughing. After eating she asked if I was in a hurry, there was a slight slur to her speech, but she was not drunk by a long shot and I said no, I wasn't in a hurry.

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She ordered another bottle of wine, I was kind of shocked, because I never thought that she would or even could drink this much. By the time we left she was rather smashed and I had to support her as we made our way to my bike, she assured me that she could hold on to me, but nevertheless I drove carefully back, this meant that I had to drive slower and that meant more vibrations.

When we got to her place she opened the motor gate with her remote and told me to pull inside, I did as she asked and stopped. She got off quite precariously and I had to reach out to steady her. I pulled the bike onto its stand and asked if she was OK, she nodded, "But you can help me up to my place? I'm not sure I would be able to make the stairs." I went with her and true to her word, she could not navigate the stairs, I picked her up and carried her up the stairs while she giggled almost all of the way.

"So this is how it feels to get swept off your feet," I chuckled at her words, "For a pretty lady like you, I would do it every day." More giggles followed, I settled her down at her door and she leaned against me for a few moments to compose herself, her breasts pushing up against me. She looked up at me and smiled, "Want to come in?" I thought for a moment, I could make sure that she's fine and then I could head home… "Sure why not?" She smiled brightly and turned to unlock first the security gate and then the door, this would probably be a good time to mention that one of my best friends stayed in the apartment just opposite to her.

She walked in, leaving the keys in the door, I took the keys and locked the security gate behind me and just pushed the door close. There was a key rack just behind the door and I hanged the keys on it, I found her leaning against the wall and walked up to her. "You OK?" She nodded, then pointed to a door, "Take me there please." I took her elbow and led the way, supporting her as she walked rather unsteadily next to me. When I opened the door I found that it was her bedroom, it was turquoise and white, a strange combination, but somehow her room looked great.

I helped her to the bed and she fell down on it, lifting her feet for me. For the first time that evening I noticed that she wore flat heeled ankle boots, I unzipped it and pulled it off of her feet, she waited for me to finish and without hesitation whipped off her top. Now I had always thought that her breasts looked so great due to her bras, just guessed how shocked I was when there was no bra in sight.

She stretched out and sighed happily as my eyes couldn't move from her naked breasts, they of course sagged a bit to the sides as she lay on her back, but they were firm with dark brown nipples that were already puckered up. My cock started to swell as she moved her hands to her belt and pulled her belt loose and undid the jeans, she looked up at me, "A little help, please?" I reached down and tugged on her jeans, they were a really tight fit, but a few sharp tugs and they slipped down her legs.

As her jeans slid down, they revealed a dark red piece of lace barely covering her pussy, it was then that the smell of her arousal actually became apparent and it had an immediate effect on my cock. She smiled up at me, "Like what you see Justin?" I nodded silently, "Good, I know you've been looking at me for a long time now.

Now is your chance, do with me anything that you want." I mean have sweeter words ever been said to any guy? I slipped out of my clothing as fast as I could, noticing that she watched me as I removed my clothing.


It was when I slipped off my boxers revealing my hard, throbbing 9 inch cock that she widened her eyes, I didn't give her much time to say anything, and I pulled off her panties, revealing it to be a g-string. She had either waxed or shaved her pussy completely bald and I pushed open her legs, leaning in to sniff her sweet aroma and then licked over the soft skin. I was rewarded with a soft moan of pleasure.

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I ran my tongue from her wet entrance to her clit, feeling her fingers reaching into my hair, pushing down on the back of my head. I delved my tongue in between the folds of her pussy, wiggling it around, moving it up to wiggle my tongue over and around her clit. She pushed harder, but her moans remained soft, some groans escaped her lips as I used my lips to nibble on her clit, but nothing louder and I felt a bit disappointed as I like them loud.

But the way she gripped my head told me that she was enjoying what I was doing, so I kept on doing it, eating out her tasty, soft pussy and lavishing attention on her hard clit. My tongue darted and dug into her entrance as I slowly massaged her inner thighs, the more she moaned, the more it sounded like she was clenching her teeth.

Then her nails suddenly dug into my skin and she gasped out that she was going to cum, I didn't get time to reply as he pussy convulsed under my tongue and her sweet juices squirted out of her bald lips, I was caught by surprise, but instinctively locked my lips over her pussy, catching up her cum as she muffled a scream and followed with muffled moans as her orgasm wrecked her body.

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With a final lick I crawled up her body, cupping her breasts in my hands and started to suckle on her nipples, moving from one to the other. Gently nibbling and pulling on them with my teeth, she moved her hands from my head to my back, trailing her nails over my skin; again soft moans fell from her lips as I gave her nipples my undivided attention.

Then it occurred to me why she was so quiet, it must have been something she taught herself not to wake the children, well tonight there wasn't any children and I was going to try my best to get her to at least give me a proper moan. I massaged her full breasts as I feasted on her nipples, she ground her groin into me, her wet lips leaving wet marks on my skin as she grinded her clit into me.

A small convulsion rushed through her body, followed by a long, low groan, I kept massaging her breasts, sucking and nibbling on her rock hard nipples, she finally fell back onto the mattress, panting softly for breath. I slowly moved upwards and for the first time we kissed, she tasted sweet, with just a hint of wine on her breath. Our tongues twisted and turned against each other, her hands slowly stroking over my back as my hands slid under her ass, slowly squeezing the firm muscles under her soft skin.

For a moment I wondered what she'd do if I pulled away then and said that was all I wanted to do, of course it would be a lie and my throbbing cock made sure of that. I felt her soft hand on my shaft, slowly stroking it and leading it towards her wet pussy lips, I broke from the kiss and leaned back, looking down to watch my cock head piercing her wet folds, spreading her open.

I slid my hands to her legs, pulling them wider and then up to rest on my shoulders.

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She groaned softly as I pushed deeper, she wasn't the tightest, but she fitted snug around my cock and her copious amount of juices made the way even more slippery. Our groins met, my cock pushing past her cervix, I grounded my groin against her, then pulled back and slammed my cock hard back into her, receiving a grunt for my action. I pushed down on her legs, forcing them closer against her, took hold of her breasts and pinched her nipples as I used this new leverage to thrust hard and deep into her.

The faster and harder I moved, the louder her moans became and I felt her muscles gripping the sides of my shaft.


The pace of my thrusts increased as I fulfilled one of my fantasies, I felt her hands on my shoulder as she started to moan louder. I squeezed her breasts as I pulled and pinched on her nipples, my cock driving hard and fast into her pussy, our groins slapping wetly together as my balls slapped against her ass.

I could feel the tingling feeling build up in the base of my cock as I kept pounding her pussy, I knew my orgasm was close and by the way her moans were increasing, I guessed that her orgasm wasn't very far off either. By now her thighs were almost pressed up against my hands massaging her breasts, our breathing coming in rhythmic gasps as I thrust my cock in and out of her, her rock hard nipples felt great between my fingers as I pinched, rolled and pulled on them.

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"Oh God," She gasped and shortly after that she screamed out in orgasm, her pussy drenching my already wet cock, her juices squirting past the side of my cock. Two hard thrusts later I buried my cock inside of her and groaned out as my cock convulsed inside her, weeks worth of pent up cum flooded into her womb, each convulsion of my cock pumping more into her. I grinned happily and leaned back to allow her legs to drop from my shoulders, I stayed inside her though, only after she stopped shuddering and opened her eyes did I pull from her and flopped down next to her.

I achieved my goal, I got her to scream loudly, for a moment I wondered if the other tenants have heard, but that was not my problem. She snuggled up to me and I placed an arm around her, this was really worth the wait, I thought as I looked down at her head resting on my chest.

*Names changed to protect the innocent…yeah right LOL, but seriously this is not their real names.