Beautiful Teen Pussy Spied in Solarium

Beautiful Teen Pussy Spied in Solarium
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Looking at her watch she immediatly picked up her things and packaged her books. she walked briskly towards her car . not again she ram back to pick up her badge . "have a nice day mrs french " it was the sherrif!!

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Yes he was looking at her bt dis time it was doffrent she already knew that it was the short gown she wore that was causing the whole problems at work . two of the suspects brought in had stared at her with sexy smirks.

Now the sherrif was acting his own part!! "Nice gown you sure want to get more criminals from that hope u dn mind if i walk you down to the park " thier shoes kept smashing the tarred road she was bored really bored by his lng talks of cases he handled and how he victoriosly came out!! Then she felt her phone vibrate!! It was her freinds son micheal. She already knew wat d call wld b all about and she was right he called to come over to her place to take som money. Ever since his mom died she and micheal became real close to the extent dat she occasionally famtasizes about him wen masturbating .

"Have a nice day mrs french " the sherrif had gone and for an hour she had to deal with the heavy traffic on v.i . She was home. All she could see was her messy chairs spoilt with her juices when she worked out after acting a couple of scenes for her pornograhic collection not that she uploaded them but she prefferd saving her mastubation videos . taking her spoon she fetched som e food to eat.

Humph she slumped onto the chiar she looked at the dvds triying to resist the urge to pit them on but nah it was way out of her power!! . ************** This time the movie was so brutal the guys were muscular and the ladies smashing .she could still remember how big his dick was!!

He was not stoping bt was eagerly goin for her as much as she wanted him .her pussy was damn wet as she screamed while he pounded her . okay time to go for a bath she picked up her towel and her soap dish then she plunged her self into the tub after wawhing her boobs and legs she den gradually went lower to her pussy okay she had promised not to do it today by the way her friends son was coming over bt hell no he sponge went mistakenly to her pleasure gate and that tingling sensation was overcoming her will and immediatly she plunged her two middle fingers deep into herself dat shocked her to the extreme she split it open and and the second hande drove in exploring her clits she kept vinrating her hips to each scrub she made on her clits she closed her eyes and saw micheal licking her hard eaying her pussy his mouth kept smashing at her clita and she wasnt hesitating she held his head to the gate she wasnt goin to let go and he wasnt backing down hungrily he worked her out exploring her she vibrated her hips rythimically and he grabbed her boobs and then the feeling came she drove her hand deeper this time fisting her self she was screaming it was her house with no one inside .she kept moaning and crying as oragsm overwhelmed her.she was shaking uncontrollably.her juices jumped out pouring out fron her hand she heaved a sigh) looking at her hand she could see the juicez dripping she had a very strong urge to lick the hand and she gave in instantly devouring her fingers after 3-2 minutes of licking she stood up rinsed her self and the feeling of guilf came upoun her .

after toweling herself she came out and dressed in her mini gown and came out .she then was shocked beyound expression micheal was there in the sitting room.

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************************************ Micheal had braced himself for a harsh day thank God he didnt have to go through the daily chores at work his boss traveled sp he only was left now he rushef home to wash up thinking about how much he could get this time he had been extravagant these days and had to manage things but the thought of aunt french was goin beyound earth she had large boobs that stood firmly he could bet she had sticks soppourting them her waist was like that of a twenty year old girl that had a passion for exercise .

he somtimes drew picures of her but always started by drawing a coke bottle lollz figure 8 he secretly called her!! Now getting on his scooter he hurriedly rushed to the house but was suprised wiyh the cpndition of the house tje first smell that stung him was pussy juice he focused well and discovered it was on the chair.hmm wat has aunt french been upto lately? Okay mike stop snooping and just get to watch som movies she probably should be bathing the dvd was on but the teli was shut .subconciosly he turned on the tv .wow!

The first image gave him an instant erection.damn aunt french had really been lonely he was just about to turn wen he started hearing cries of ecstasy.hell it was real loud and aunt french sure had the game on. Okay mike stop doing this she is an adult she knows wat she is doing . 5 minutes but his mind was turning him around and his bulge wld not go down then aunt french opened the door.with both of the striken with surprise 30 seconds happily giggled away while they stared at each other .


mike so you are here?? Yess aunt french! " for how long?

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" "i just arrived " okay let me go and get somtin bedroom i will be back!! Okay no p!!

French smiled and he also responded . mrs french was not an idiot she alreary saw his bulge and instantly she knew wat her frend had been upto . Well she had been lonely for 3 years after her husbands death she could use help today . Damn you french wat are u thinking dis is ur late friends son!! So wat its about two adults that want to do it or rather one in need of the other .


in the end she chose the 2nd mind .okay lets brace up she was goin to seduce her frends son! Then she scanned through her clothes yess the right thing to wear her towel,she took up the towel puld down her gown massaged her boobs until dey were firm and hard .her panties were getting soaked with her juices so she simply pulled then down. Her bra also was trown to the ground she took some water and splashed it on her neck and her legs .she slowly came down to the sitting room were mike had turned on the local tv network and the programme was quit intresting she came to the tv pretending to b changing the cables to the dvd thereby raising the towel high enough for mike to see her pussy.mike had seen more than enough to make him stoned the towel had been too damn short and her breast were firm real firm and the water on her legs had him wondering if her panties were on now she was on his front with her pussy calling up to him.

she turned round and asked mike to help.her out in the kitchen okay she wasnt hungry but lust had control of her.

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when she asked mike to help her lift a box of cousre it was light enough for a person to lift mike had no choice he tried to help her in the course of raising the box her towel gave way .damn he saw his aunt all nude her pussy was damn hot her boobs were firm and he was right she had no panties on. "oops am sorry " she said then picked the towel.

Okay jst drop it let me get my clothes.

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She hurried into the room mike heaved a great sigh but instantenously aunt french bolted his name.she had bavk faced the door pretending to the looking for her make up kit ." mike i cant find my makeup kit " please look through the wardrope let me check my cupboard the two things were directly opposite and again she raised her towel this time high enough to reach her stomach. mike managed to get his eyes off then he found the box."aunt.


" he was shickdd his aunt had done iy ahin she raised her towel and her pussy was open this time her leg was on her stool and her pussy was not alone her fingers were joking with it. he didnt need any other pasuasion he slowly moved close to her and grabbed her waist then he knelt down .french felt his hand against her and she smiled before a split second his mouth devoured her pussy. she almost fainted with the shockwave of pleasure that washed her up and down.

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mike was as aggresive as a were wolf . he dug his toungue hungrily into her pussy .she stoped him turned him round and grabbed his lips ahe was ready for any thing that would occur now.

They kissed hard and finnaly they landed on the bed. He was ontop of her and then he kissed her hard next was the boobs he had dreamt of many times he squeesd them hard licking her nipples and sucking them while she shouted without hesitation the cries controlled him he moved lower to her stomach then back to the pussy.this time harder licking it hard eatong he cluts and the juices came as jam sweeter than anything and he didnt care this wasnt his aunt it was an horny bitch that needed pleasure and he was badly charged to light a town with sex.

his tounge did all the talking he found her clits again and woyldnt let it rest . he had one thing in mind to make her never forget this sex.

ahe grabbed his head and shouted with pleasure mike fuck me.hard eat me harder . o yess .

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finally .!the feeling was near. She felt her hips gyrating to his toungue and gradually my muscles tightned she was mad, mad than a dog . she screamed loud and moved her hips to her bosy cordination her hand held his head tight to her pussy .mike wasnt stopping he knew she was cumming but he was real hungry for her he squeesd her ass as she shouted without care.

the decibels should louder than a plane by now she was not shy she just kept crying saying things like mike i love you .fuck me. harder. ahhhh . aahh .mike. she kept shouting his name until her jiuces shot out and mike held every drop in his mouth though it was dripping like ice cream with the juices in his mouth he emptied it in her mouth she lived the taste and another provokative kissing began she held his dick rubbing it vehemently while he grabbed her boobs and then she knelt down o yess it was a blow job and it was goin to be heavy she hungrilly sank his stick into her mouth her tounge was tapping his head and she was ready to deep throat him .she took the whole 7 inc stick into her mouth gaggling as he squeezd her nipples he was smiling and for every jab she took him she moaned heavily .licking every single centimetre till it shone dark.she concentrated on the head she licked it like a baby holding her lollipop she sucked him hard and ahe felt him grab her head she knew he was about to cum she braced up and went for his balls taking each ball one by one and toying them wiyh her tounge den she went back to the shafy shs rammed it hard against the roof of her mouth and he moaned heavily she sucked him faster as he moaned out crazily.

h held her hair and rammed her crazily in the mouth over and over and finally.his muscles tighten and his limbs were supercharged finally he pumped out heavy shots and dat poured out his whole energy that set of men waited 2 years to come out .

french had sucked his dick dry taking every gulp with pleasure and she looked at him." so this is way a secetary would leave early to come and do? " french was shocked beyond expression .she shamefully looked beyond mikes dick and standing at the door was naughty rita. her naughty that she and french had sex once ." i wouldnt share this story if i get to partake in it " she standing at the door .french simply smiled and smacked her wet pussy and beckoned on rita to come over for a round.!!

Mike smiled .they both knew that this afternoon wld be one not to forget.rita pulled of her clothes and walked towards french and mike "so lets get started and french dont die today i need you madly " the room shook with thier laughs as rita dug her face into frenchs pussy ************************************ To be continued.