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Chapter 9 Epilogue Rani lay on the bed thinking, Karan spooning behind her, his cock still in her leaking pussy. They had just finished another session of vigorous fucking.

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It was three weeks since the abduction of her family. It was now time to return to the world. Initially Rani had thought that she would try and balance the two parts of her life that of a cop and that of the depraved slut.

But then, these past few months made her re-think. She no longer wanted to be bound by the shackles of the society. She had discovered her true self and wanted to savor every moment of it. Also the other factor was that her work was in Mumbai while Karan's base of operation was Delhi. She didn't want to stay away from Karan for long periods of time.

Rani knew that this was her real test. She had to be very careful for the next and final phase of her plan. The abduction of Rani and her family hadn't made news. The police had kept the media out of it. Also Rani wasn't a celebrity that the media would be interested about her. Mumbai Police was investigating but hadn't found any new leads.

One morning, the police received a phone tip informing them about a suspicious looking abandoned car in the outskirts of the city.


Two junior cops were sent to look into it. They were stunned to find this beautiful woman in the car, unconscious and naked.

Although Rani was not a celebrity for the public, she was quite a well-known personality amongst the Mumbai police. As a result, the cops recognized Rani immediately. Rani was taken to the hospital and the top brass were informed. It was a day later. Rani's superior, Mathur, went to the hospital to check on her. Mathur liked Rani but sometimes was also unhappy with her unwillingness to follow orders.

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He had told Rani explicitly to stay away from the sex-trafficker case but Rani considered it personal after Anjali's abduction. Mathur knew that this was a racket with the contacts at the highest political levels. He turned a blind eye to these cases knowingly. Mathur found Rani asleep, looking serene and vulnerable.

He found the doctor who had treated Rani. "How is she, doc?" He asked. "Well Mr Mathur, physically she is fine. She was no wounds or internal injuries. However traces of drugs have been found in her system; these are banned drugs used to bring down the moral defense of a person. There were signs of sexual-intercourse but they were not forced. Most probably she was drugged first, lowering her inhibitions and then sexually assaulted.

We can find out more once she properly regains her consciousness." The doctor said.

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Mathur's cock had become hard in his uniform. Like many of Rani's colleagues, he too had lusted after the voluptuous cop. Rani was the sexiest police officer he had met, yet she was unattainable.

Many a times in his private office, he had fantasized having rough fucking sessions with the Rani. He imagined Rani being fucked like a cheap slut by the criminals, and that too willingly because of the drugs and he couldn't control his erection. He went to Rani's room. Rani was kept in a private room with an attached bathroom.

Mathur needed release. He closed the door to Rani's room, went to the bathroom, took out his cock and started masturbating to images of the haughty Rani being ravaged. Rani gained consciousness a day later. She knew that she had to be very careful now and play the grieving aunt/wife role to perfection. She was questioned by the cops including Mathur.

She gave the same story to everyone how she was made to beg for the lives of Bikram and Meera, how she had to indulge in willing sexual acts to save them, how in spite of her degrading herself, ultimately both were killed in front of her eyes.

The perpetrators were always wearing masks and as a result she had not seen anyone's face. She was kept alive and released as a lesson and a reminder to the other cops as to the results that might befall them if they continued with this investigation. While describing what transpired, Rani's voice was flat and without any emotions. Gone was the tough cop. The woman in front of the questioners was weak, vulnerable and broken. She knew that she had lost and had paid the ultimate price for her stubborn ness.

Mumbai Police didn't want to drag this case. They couldn't afford it to be leaked onto the media as then their image would take a serious beating. They closed the case. There were numerous other open cases to investigate.

Rani and the traffickers became an unsolved file in their cupboard. Rani resigned from the force. The next couple of months were hardest for Rani as she had to convincingly portray the grieving aunt/widow persona.

Also she had to willingly stay away from Karan, while she was longing to be with him. She knew that the police were no longer interested in the case but still she had to be careful. She slowly made arrangements of selling off her assets in Mumbai and let out the word that she was going back to her home town in Calcutta.

In the mean-time, Karan provided her with alternate identity documents. It was three months after being discovered in the abandoned car, Rani Mukherjee left Mumbai forever. Six months later Karan and Rani were in Karan's office. Rani was naked while Karan was in the process of being so.

Karan sucked and nursed on her big tits. He nuzzled his face between them and squeezed them around his face, sucking and licking everything in sight. Karan let go of her tits for a moment to undo his pants. He slid his pants down, letting his stiff cock spring up, fully hard. Rani reached down and touched the stiff cock gently, feeling it throb in her hand. "Get down on your knees. I want to fuck your big tits." Karan told her.

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"Ok." Rani agreed and she quickly dropped to her knees in front of Karan. Rani cupped her hands underneath her tits and lifted them up a bit for Karan as he came forward a little more, nuzzling his cock in between her two big jugs. Karan moaned deeply as he felt the soft skin of Rani's huge, and firm tits wrapped around his stiff cock. He immediately started thrusting in and out between them as she held them up for him to have his way with. Her tits jiggled as his body slapped up against them while he thrust in and out.

The voluptuous ex-cop rubbed her breasts up and down a little, helping to titty-fuck Karan while he thrust his cock in and out between them faster and faster. Karan then removed his cock and placing it up against her lips. Rani opened her mouth and gently licked along Karan's shaft.

Opening her mouth wider, taking his cock inside her mouth. Once she had his dick inside her mouth she began sucking immediately. His cock will still rock-hard, and she sucked with all her might, causing her cheeks to cave in. "Oh yeah, Rani, my love, suck that cock! I want to cum in your mouth!" Karan groaned as she sucked like a vacuum.

Rani's lips were sealed around Karan's cock tightly as she bobbed her head back and forth, fucking his cock with her mouth while she sucked and licked him.

Karan grabbed a hold of her head and let her hair down from the tight bun it was done up in. He held her long silky dark hair as Rani bobbed and sucked his cock like a starving whore. Karan's cock erupted, shooting a load of cum into Rani's sucking mouth. Rani began swallowing the squirts of cum as he spurted into her mouth. Before he was done squirting his load, Karan pulled his cock out of Rani's mouth and fired the last few blasts of cum across her face.

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Her face got completely splattered with cum. Panting, Karan held onto one of the desks in the room as Rani stood up. Her upper body was covered in sperm now. Karan pointed to the desk.


"Bend over that. I want to fuck you." Rani bent over the desk, pressing her huge breasts against the wooden top of the desk and she held onto the sides.

Karan guided his still rock-hard cock up to Rani's moist pussy lips. He nuzzled his cockhead against her slit and slowly pushed inside. "Ahhhh damn. I love you so much Karan." Rani groaned as Karan buried his cock her.

Karan pushed his cock inside Rani's cunt all the way until his body was pressed right up against her ass, burying his cock all the way into her. Rani moaned against the desk as Karan began pulling his cock out and thrusting it back in. He slapped his hand down against her tight ass as he started really thrusting in and out of her, fucking his cock in and out of her tight cunt as she bent over the desk.

"Oh, Karan, don't ever stop!" She moaned. Karan continued pistoning his cock in and out of the ex-cop, his balls slapping up against her each time he buried inside her. He reached down, squeezing her ass as he thrust his hips against her, fucking her over and over again.

Sweat dripped down both their bodies and Karan continued to hammer Rani's dripping, sloppy pussy. His stiff rod was burning with lust again as he continued to screw her.

"Oh shit, here I come again!" Karan groaned. He squeezed her hips tightly, holding her on his dick as his cock twitched and spurted again, emptying a load directly inside her pussy.

Karan kept holding her hips as his cock squirted over and over, draining him completely. Karan pulled out of Rani, his cock now limp. Rani stood up and turned to sit on the desk.

She was panting deeply, as was Karan. They kissed each other lustily, exchanging saliva.


Rani had permanently moved to Delhi, residing under a new identity. She was no longer in touch with her old friends and colleagues. She was now the queen to Karan's empire. With her ruthlessness and depravity, she was an asset to Karan's business.

She helped Karan in scoping out girls and abducting them.

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In most of the lots that the gang abducted, a few unfortunate girls were reserved by Rani for her own pleasure. These select few then suffered the same fate as Anjali and Meera. They were raped brutally by Rani, Karan and Mattoo. Some lived, some were killed. Life was good for Rani Mukherjee the ex-cop turned sadistic slut.