I know you love it when I tease you in my panties JOI

I know you love it when I tease you in my panties JOI
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Just be my little whore tonight, Don't worry baby, I won't bite, We'll do it till you get it right. Come on you little tease, I'm the one you need to please, Get down baby, on your knees. I got lots of things in store, We'll do it baby on the floor, Make you scream and cry for more. Didn't you hear what I said?

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Get your butt up on the bed, On your knees and give me head. Don't resist or start to sob, Just place your lips upon my knob, I want that head to start to bob.

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That tongue of yours feels awfully good, You're getting me as hard as wood, You have talent, I knew you could. A couple fingers and a lick, Make that pussy nice and slick Get it ready for my big dick.

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Don't try to run, don't try to hide, Just spread those legs open wide, Just call me daddy as I cum inside. I hear your moans, I hear your cries, Just wrap me in those perfect thighs, Ask me no questions, I'll tell no lies.

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Just want to say your pussy's tight, No use trying to put up a fight, I'll pound your mound with all my might. It's time for a change my little slut, I'll flip you over and slap your butt, Pound that ass till I bust my nut.

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Never forget I'm the man in charge, What's the matter, my cock's too large? I'll do you again, no extra charge.


My little slave is quite the sight, Hands and feet tied nice and tight, As I pound your butt all through the night. I'll do it to you nice and slow, In the morning I'll let you go, But I'll never forget my little ho. 01-28-10.

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