Hot horny girl while masturbating on the solarium secretly filmed

Hot horny girl while masturbating on the solarium secretly filmed
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The Cop and the Bartender - Chapter Three Authors note: I'd like to thank my good friend, lover, editor, and inspiration for this story, Mel (melanieatplay), I couldn't have completed this without her support.

Additionally, my thanks to Jim (Mojavejoe420) for his grammar and wordsmithing advice. I recommend you read chapter one and two first, as this chapter continues where they left off. Please note that the dialog quoted from Meeting James - Chapter Five was written by Mel(melanieatplay) and is owned and copyrighted by her and used with her explicit permission.

====================================== The hot water cascading down my body felt invigorating, as did the touch of the thirty-one-year-old blonde that was sharing the shower with me. Unlike most of the waking hours of the last twenty-four, where her touch was quite sexual, this was more sensual, slow and unhurried. But my mind was reliving the conversation that had happened just before we entered that shower… "I need to tell you something about my… Past… A past that still has a hold on me… If you can accept that.

then I'll marry you!" What? She just said yes… Before I even asked her? "I hadn't realized that I had asked you to marry me, Mel?" She laughed nervously. "No not yet, but you wanted to… Just now… I could tell… Although it scares the hell out of me right now… I wanted you to, too!" Hell yes!

I wanted to… But I was going to wait at least a month… Well, at least that's what I told myself. What? Mel wants to marry me too? I was still in shock, as much from the conditional proposal as the ominous potential of the conditional past… What about Mel's past was so important and could still affect her?

Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus… Mel just said she would marry me? That wasn't a dream, right?​ She dropped this bombshell on me after we had the most amazing stand-up sex. Only hours before that we spent the morning sharing Metro Officer Wanda Roberts. And I do mean sharing, as in a very nice ménage à trois, in my hot tub. A very soft hand cupping my nether region brought me back to the now.

I opened my eyes and looked at Mel. "Now that I have your complete and undivided attention." She said giggling. "No, I'm very much still here… I was just thinking about the last nine hours or so…and the last conversation we had about nine minutes ago." "Yes… Let's just finish our shower, and I'll tell you everything over dinner… Will that be Okay?

Baby, you have your hand surrounding my balls, I'm going to do anything you want. She laughed "I do, don't I." Damm! That's the second time in two days I've said something out loud that I hadn't planned on her hearing. I decided to just go with it this time around.

Her grip lightened and as I looked down to see why, she bent down and sucked one of my testicles into her moist mouth. I groaned, loudly. Again, softly and gently, she massaged my balls with her sweet mouth as her hand began to stroke my cock. My hands were playing in her hair as my hips started to sway back and forth slightly. She looked at me with those big green eyes, "Can I suck on your cock, Daddy?" Fuck me… I could almost cum hearing her ask that question.

Let's play with this a little… "Does my Baby Girl want to suck on her Daddy's cock?" "Oh, yes Daddy… Please let me suck on your big fat juicy cock." As I watched and listened to Mel, I could see her get more and more excited.

Originally I thought her calling me Daddy was just a little game she was playing, but now I realized it was much more than that. I wasn't sure what it meant yet, but I intended to find out. Mel just sat on her knees looking up at me expectantly. Then it hit me, the power she had just given me over her.

"Yes, Baby Girl, suck your Daddy's cock, show him how much you love his cock," I said never taking my eyes off of hers. She smiled up at me lovingly and then lowered her mouth and started placing light kisses up and down my throbbing shaft. As her hands fondled my balls, her kisses turned into long slow licks. She looked up at me as she let a long stream of saliva drip down on to the head of my shaft.

I had received a lot of blow jobs in the twenty-one years since losing my virginity. Some rough, some good, some fantastic, but none with as much raw oozing sensuality. She looked into my eyes. "Am I doing a good job, Daddy?" Not waiting for an answer, Mel swallowed my entire shaft all the way to the root, and just stayed there sucking hard.

I groaned. "Ah, Fuck… Baby Girl… Just like that. Suck Daddy's cock just like that." Slowly she loosened her grip around my member and started pushing my thighs away from her… Then pulling them back.

Damm! She was causing me to fuck her luscious mouth. It dawned on me. I had never fucked a woman's mouth before. I mean I had a lot of women fuck me with their mouths… But this… This was totally different. As I started moving back and forth on my own, Mel moved her hands from my thighs and placed them behind her back. Almost in a submissive pose, I thought. I was fucking her mouth in earnest now, but still being gentle. Mel backed away and off my cock. "It's okay Daddy, fuck my face, Fuck it harder and faster.

I want you to drive that fat cock down my throat!" To make her point, she opened her mouth, leaned back in and drove it full force to my balls and back out and in and out again, then with her arms still behind her back looked me in the eyes.

Something came over me… something almost primal. And while I had no desire whatsoever to hurt her, I felt a compelling need to fuck her magnificent mouth, hard, fast and deep. I could quickly tell this was not the first time she had a hard face fucking, but right now I didn't care, this was just about her and me.

I was very close to cumming, and Mel could sense it, she tightened her lips around my cock. I lost all control and, still fucking her mouth, I came very hard and deep down her throat. As I started to slow down and then stop my thrusts into her mouth, she took over and sucked me dry. "Thank you for fucking my face, and using me for your pleasure, Daddy." i]Using you for my pleasure?[/i] Where did that come from?

Mel was a very strong, independent woman, and yet now had become very submissive to me. "Mel?" "Yes, Bob?" "What's going on?" "Let's fix dinner, and we can talk, Is that Okay?" - - - - - We finished the shower, dried off, and dressed, and were sitting at the kitchen table.

Mel passed me her laptop. Then, she sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around me. "Change in plans, you read this, and I'll cook dinner. It will explain. A lot… I'll answer any questions after that." Okay… I guess I'm going to read… I opened her laptop; there was a Word document open. The title read Meeting James - Chapter One. I asked Mel, "How many chapters?" "There is a total of ten chapters." I discovered ten Microsoft Word documents.

As I started to read, a thought occurred to me. "Mel? This is a true story?" I asked still not sure what to think about all of this." "Yes, it's all true," she said quietly. She hugged me tightly, kissed me softly, then got up and started to fix dinner. So Mel and a girlfriend went to a fancy party at a casino, and she met an older rich guy. She wound up sleeping with him that night. The next morning, he made her a proposition: When he was in Vegas, which was about once a month, she would be with him.

In exchange for fucking him, he would pay her past and future college tuition, buy her a car, and get her an apartment. Okay, so no big deal, he wants a mistress, once a month, and has the money to take care of her. I was just finishing the third chapter when I noticed James was getting aggressive with her and somewhat demanding, but I didn't think a lot about it. I noticed one other thing that caught me by surprise.

"Mel… you have only been with six guys? I said incredulously. "Well, eight now, including you," she said shyly. "I've been with more women than you have been with men." I laughed. "But I bet you I've been with more women that you have," she said almost proudly.

She laughed. You think so huh? Including all the one night and one-week stands I had been with in Hawaii, I have been with a lot of women. But I thought back to how she was with Wanda and then remembered what she had told James about her number with girls. I had to admit her kissing Gianna, in the restroom, was a turn on.


"So you are in chapter three?" "Just finished it actually," I said. "Good. I would like you to get to the end of chapter five before dinner." I smiled. "Yes, Ma'am." Chapter four was a quick read and was mostly Mel telling her friends about James and then her hooking up with Gianna.

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Chapter five started out with Mel seeing James after their first month being apart. They had sex and were talking. I will admit that Mel is an incredible erotic writer.

She described everything so well that you could actually picture what was happening, almost feel it. All of a sudden everything changed. I went from reading about an older rich guy fucking a young beautiful college girl and spending a great deal of money on her, and thinking hey… I wouldn't mind being that guy.too… Damm… I couldn't tell you what I was thinking… But I went from very calm to an almost animalistic rage in a matter of seconds.

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I read it again. "Go Fuck Yourself!" I screamed. "I don't have to stay here and listen to your shit!" I spat, as I defiantly looked at him with daggers in my eyes. I started to try to pull away from him as he very calmly overpowered me and pulled me towards him and then powerfully swung me over his knee. I started kicking and screaming as he held me down, pressing my stomach onto his muscled thighs. "Let me go now, James," I demanded. "You don't have the right to." My words were interrupted as I felt a stinging pain on my ass as he brought his open hand down on my cheek.

A loud smacking sound echoed throughout the suite. I cried out and tensed up just as another blow landed on my other cheek. I kicked and screamed and howled in pain as he brought his hand down on my ass over and over. "You're going to learn which one of us is in charge in this relationship Melanie," he said calmly, as his hand continued to rain down on my ass.

The slapping sounds echoed throughout the suite, and I knew from experience that my ass was turning a dark shade of crimson red.

By the tenth whack, I had stopped kicking and screaming, and I felt his hard cock press against my stomach. I laid on his lap motionless as his open hand rained down mercilessly on my ass over and over. I felt the tears pouring out of my eyes as he continued to relentlessly punish me. All of my senses were heightened, and it was as if I could feel every nerve ending in my body. My desperate cries turned into soft moans until the only thing left for me to do was concentrate on his hand fiercely meeting my ass.

I quickly lost count of the whacks as my body went limp over his and I stopped fighting him and accepted his control over me. As quickly as the spanking began, it abruptly stopped.

He must have given me between forty to fifty whacks with his hand, and my ass had long gone numb. I lay motionless on his lap, softly crying and whimpering as he began to speak. "Who do you belong to Melanie?" Only a few seconds passed between his words and mine. "I belong to you James," I said, between soft muffled whimpers, my voice barely above a whisper.

I grunted as he roughly shoved two fingers inside my soaked pussy. "Who does this belong to?" He said, slowly, methodically. "It's yours," I said, whispering.

He roughly shoved his fingers in me deeper and harder, making me cry out. "What's mine Melanie?" he said, in a slow, menacing tone. "My pussy, it's. it's. yours James." I said, whimpering. He extracted his wet fingers from inside my vagina and rubbed them over my anus, causing me to shiver and tense up. "Who owns this Melanie?" He said in a low, husky tone. "You do," I said, in a low voice that I'm sure he had to strain to hear. "WHO'S IS THIS?" he said, in an angry voice, as I felt his finger slipped partially into my rectum, causing me to tense up.

"My ass is yours, James," I said, in a mortifying, embarrassed tone. James then slapped my face, causing me to let out a humiliating moan as I felt him push his finger a bit deeper into my rectum causing me to cry out in intense pain.

"Who owns that slutty mouth of yours, Melanie?" "You do James," I said softly, in a mortified tone. I felt completely humiliated and broken.

I felt the power and complete control he had over me. "Let's get one thing clear right now Melanie so you have no allusions and there are no misunderstandings. I buy you things and do nice things for you for one reason and one reason only: Because I want to, and because I can. Do you understand that?" "Yes, I understand James," I said softly. "I am in control here, and I run things, do you understand that Melanie?" "Yes, I understand James," I said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"When I tell you to do something, no matter what it is, you will do it, without hesitation, and without question, and do you understand that?" "Yes, I understand James," I said softly.​ I actually finished the chapter, the second time through. After he spanked her and humiliated her, he… he fucked her in the ass! At that moment in time, I became livid. I hated James… For what he did to her.

All I wanted to do was hunt him down, cut out his heart and eat it while I watched him die. Believe me when I tell you I have the skill set to do just that, and the rage to carry it out. I'll kill the Fucking Bastard… I will rip his fucking head off and shit down his throat.

I slammed the flat of my hand down on the table so hard the plates and silverware shook. It startled Mel. "Bob?" she said as she hurried over to me. I stood up and took her in my arms; I was visibly shaking. I just held her body tightly against mine. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you." "No… It's okay… I guess I didn't realize it would affect you so much… If you no longer want to be with me… Because of what I did… with James.

I understand… I'll leave." she said barely above a whisper, as she started to cry. "Oh My God. Melanie… No, I don't want you to go! I love you! You are Not going anywhere! None of this was your fault! Don't you dare blame yourself." Did I just say that out loud? I Love you? Mel was crying softly and clung tightly to me laying her head on my chest. My mind was reeling. I didn't know what to think or say, or how to act.

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Between her light sobs, she managed to say, "You can't say that yet… You need to read chapter eight… Then I need to tell you something… After that, if you still want me… I will be yours… for the rest of my life." What more could that miserable fuck have done to her?

What? The rest of her life. Wow. "Okay… Mel, I'll read chapter eight, but it won't change how I feel about you… About us." "You can't say that yet. Don't say that until you read it." She was crying almost hysterically now. I just continued to hold her. After a few minutes, she seemed to collect herself. "I'll finish dinner now, you read chapter eight, okay?" I didn't want to let go of her; I just wanted to hold her and comfort her.

I reluctantly let her go and started to read chapter eight. Chapter eight began with James taking her out to dinner, the night after the events described in chapter five. When they got back to the Bellagio, she saw that the bed in the master bedroom had been 'rigged' with straps and restraints. Long story short, he restrained and blindfolded her. He attached nipple clamps to her breasts, and whipped her all over her body with a 'flogger' and forced her to cum with a 'Hitachi' wand pressed against her clit.

Basically, he beat her, over and over, trying to break her. He fucked her very savagely and again fucked her in the ass. This was BDSM, Master/slave behavior. It sickened me. I actually felt nauseous. My loathing of James turned into full-blown hatred. He liked to beat defenseless young women.

Maybe I'd return the favor… I could see myself using a T-29 baton on him… I could picture myself breaking both his legs and arms and then shoving that nightstick up his ass.

I pushed the laptop away and tried to regain some rational thought. I sat there with my fingers steepled in front of me. My mind racing through the last seventy-two hours. I met Mel; while she was bartending at a casino club I was staking out. All hell broke loose, I saved her life, and my partner was shot. We spent the night with her in my arms and made mad passionate love the next morning.

There was an attempt on both my partner's life and Mel's.

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Mel was now staying at my house. Alright, now that I know what happened, let's find out how it still has control over her. Damm, is she still seeing that prick? "Melanie… are you still seeing James?" I asked, praying that the answer was no.

"No, I saw him about once a month for fifteen months and then went back to him for an almost year in my second year of law school. My boyfriend at the time cheated on me. I had nowhere to go and no one to turn, so I reached out to James, and he took me back. "After a year with James, I went back to my boyfriend. We were together another three years, then I found out he had been cheating on me off and on the whole time, and I left him.

Bob, I haven't been with a man in almost two years." We were both silent for a few minutes, each lost in our own thoughts. "Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes, could you please select a bottle of wine," Mel announced. I hadn't been paying attention to what Mel was making in the kitchen, but it smelled really good.

She had taken a filet of salmon, brushed a lemon herb sauce on it, added fresh parmesan cheese and baked it to perfection. It was accompanied by a brown rice pilaf and Asparagus spears. I decided on a 2014 Reserve Pinot Noir from McEvoy Ranch Vineyards. Two bottles actually, I figured we could use them. I opened both bottles and let them breathe. We sat across from each other, but I held her hand almost the entire dinner.

We really didn't say much over dinner; mostly we talked about food. As we finished dinner, before we started discussing the elephant in the room, I needed to reassure her that I wasn't going anywhere. I just wasn't sure how to do that. "Melanie Ann," I started, as I took both her hands in mine. She looked up at me. "Have you ever lied to me?, Misled me? or withheld anything from me?" I asked.

"No, Bob I haven't except for this… and only because I needed to wait until I was sure." "Sure about what, Baby?" "That I… I loved you… and was sure you were 'the one.'" I looked her in the eyes and squeezing both of her hands.

"Mel, I accept you for who you are. All of you, all of your past life experiences. I love you… I want to spend the rest of my life loving you." She took a deep breath, and I could tell she was trying to say something important. "I haven't been with a guy in over two years, and it was only once… I was in LA on a business trip, and I went to a club.

I drank too much. I wasn't drunk, but I was less inhibited. I was checking out this one girl. But the guy she was with was flirting with me with his eyes." Mel squeezed my hand softly, smiled at me with those gorgeous green eyes, and continued, "He came over to me, and we started talking.

It turns out his 'girlfriend' was really his sister. I was turned on by his sister and was very horny. When he asked me to come to his room, I said yes." "While I do that with girls… I never do that with guys, it was a one-time thing," she said rather emphatically.

She went on. "Bob… With you it was different… I was attracted to you from the moment I saw you, and you held my hand on the pretense of shaking hands." She paused smiling. It really was a handshake… It was… Okay, yes I wanted to touch her, and I did hold on to her hand longer than customary… But she is special. I smiled.

Not being able to stand it any longer, I stood up, pulling her up with me. I brought her body tightly to mine and kissed her fiercely, but at the same time with love as well as passion. She responded to me, melting into my body, as her arms encircled my neck.

We kissed for several minutes. She slowly broke the kiss but stayed in my arms. Looking directly into my eyes she spoke again. "As I said earlier, I was with James for fifteen months. When he left me, I was devastated. I couldn't eat, sleep, or go to school. My girlfriend Rachael helped me through it. About three weeks later she talked me into going on a blind date with her and her boyfriend.

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Mike seemed like the whole package, and we moved very quickly. I mean I moved in with him after only knowing him for a month. I was in my junior year. Things were great; at least they appeared that way. I was always very attentive of him and his needs, but the second year of law school is the hardest and required a lot of my time.

I guess I wasn't paying him enough attention." She started to cry. I just held her and kissed her hair as she cried into my chest. After a few minutes, I sat down in the chair and put her on my lap, still holding her very tightly to me.

She continued, "I… I… Didn't realize it… He didn't say anything… He… He cheated on me…" she said between sobs. I just stroked her hair and rubbed her back. Telling her, I was here and wasn't going anywhere. Who was stupid enough to cheat on this Goddess I was holding in my arms? "I felt lost… I had nowhere to go, Rachel had moved away.

So I called James…" She paused, held me tighter and started to cry again. "Baby, it's okay, we don't have to do this now…" She interrupted me, "No… Bob… I want to finish… It's okay… I'm okay." I smiled at her, trying to be reassuring.

She went on. "James let me stay at his house… here in Summerlin, He paid all of law school loans and my current tuition. I stayed with him just about a year while I finished my second year in law school. I had wanted to go back to Mike much sooner… But I was still hurt and very pissed off, so I made him wait.

When I did go back to Mike, everything seemed wonderful, like it used to be. We were together for almost three years when I found a stash of letters. Letters from his other lovers during the three years we were living together. A lot of other lovers," she said and started crying softly. So after I hunt down James… Mike is next on the list. I lifted her face to look at mine, noticing the tears running down her face. I bent down and kissed the tears away.

"Baby… My precious Melanie Ann… I'm not going anywhere! Your past is just that, your past… In the past. Right here, right now… You are with me, and I don't intend to ever let you go!" I said rather emphatically and continued, "Melanie Ann Johnson, You are stuck with me!" She looked at me, her eyes actually sparkling and she kissed me.

Her kisses were fierce and frantic, needy and in control at the same time. Gentle and hard. She bit my lip, hard enough to draw blood. Breaking the kiss, she said, "I want to be stuck with you!

I want to be stuck with you for the rest of my life!" "But there is one more thing. I need to tell you…" There is more…? I don't care. I can handle anything she can tell me… But I swear if James did anything else to her… He is a dead man. "James was right… I am a natural submissive… I need a dominant man… As you have seen I also like having a Daddy…" she said as her cheeks turned a bright shade of red and she giggled nervously.

Oh… I've seen your need for a daddy Mel… I smiled.

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"You are Dominant; I saw that immediately. You see something you want, and you go after it. There was no hesitation at all in your voice when you asked me out." She smiled as if remembering what I had said when I asked her out. "You also seemed to like me calling you Daddy and you just naturally became 'My Daddy,' You also fucked my face like it came very naturally to you, even though that was the first time you did it." She laughed as she said, "In that, we are very compatible… Also, you don't seem to mind my liking to have sex with girls." No… No issues with that at all.

I laughed nervously waiting for the rest of it. "There is more…" she said softly as she buried her face in my chest. "It's okay, Mel… Tell me everything." I said and wondered what the more was.


"What James did to me… The Bondage. Hard sex… Anal sex… The spankings and being flogged… I still need it sometimes, I… I… miss it sometimes too." She barely got it out before completely breaking down, sobbing uncontrollably in my arms. I just held her in my arms, telling her it was okay, I was here, I wasn't going anywhere, and I loved her.

It was a good fifteen minutes before she calmed down enough to speak. "You must hate me and think I am awful, sick person… I will understand if…" I cut her off as I lifted her off the chair, pulled her body into mine and kissed her.

Gentle, soft kisses on her lips and face, my tongue tasting the saltiness of her tears. My mouth sought hers, and my tongue parted her moist lips and teased her tongue.

We must have just held each other and lightly kissed for several minutes. Our kissing was very unhurried and relaxed, and I felt her soften, and her body relaxed, and she melted into me. I broke the kiss and looking into her eyes said, "Melanie, my precious Melanie, I love you, I think I have from the moment my hand touched yours in the bar that night.

I don't think you are awful or sick; I know that you are a wonderful woman with a huge heart." "Is that everything? Everything you needed to tell me?" "Yes… That's everything." "Okay, I have heard everything you have told me… I can and do accept everything." "But…" "No buts! Melanie look at me." I said with a little more force than I would have liked.

"Yes, Sir?" Damm… I may be a Dominant, but I would never want to be a Master. Daddy… yes, Bob… yes, Sir… No. "Bob… Yes, Bob." I said softly. "Yes, Bob," she said, smiling. "Do you give yourself to me? Completely to me? To be Mine?" She looked up at me with those crystal green eyes. I saw so many emotions in them. "Yes, Bob. I do… Completely," she said with total conviction. "Then, Melanie Ann Johnson… You are Mine now!

My responsibility. I accept you… All of you… Absolutely everything about you!" "Do you understand?" It was like a switch was turned on. Her face brightened, all of the worry was gone, she looked genuinely happy, radiant even. "Yes, Daddy… I understand completely!" We laughed I stood up, scooped her up in my arms and headed to the bedroom.

I gently laid her down and got on the bed next to her. Still clothed in shorts and tee shirts, I spooned her, my hands roaming her tight body as I kissed the back of her neck. Mel moaned softly as I caressed her breast and ran a finger over her hardening nipple. Even though the fabric of the tee shirt, Mel was very responsive. She moaned louder and rolled over, facing me. I stroked her face as she smiled up at me, then Mel moved to rest her head on my chest. She started kissing it, making wet spots on my shirt.

I thought about just lying there just enjoying the moment, but I wanted, no, needed to feel her warm body next to mine.

I gently dislodged her from my chest and lifting her up, pulled off her tee shirt and light sports bra. As I pulled my own shirt off, Mel quickly shed herself of her shorts and thong. Then with a mischievous look, she grabbed my shorts by the waistband and started to yank them down. I lifted up my ass to facilitate the task. Both of us fully naked, Mel pushed me on to my back and straddled me.

I felt her wetness on my growing manhood. She leaned over me, and all that glorious blonde hair fell in my face. It was an incredible sight and feeling. I reached up with both hands and massaged her breasts. As I pinched both nipples, she squeaked, pulled herself upright and ground her sex into my erection. I groaned out loud. "That feels incredible… You are so wet." I managed to get out as she slid back and forth on my cock, stroking me with the lips of her pussy. I started to feel the telltale build up in my balls; I was getting close.

Mel already reading my body slowed to a stop. In a very fluid motion, she lifted off my body, extended her legs out straight and laid on top of me. She pressed her amazingly soft breasts against my chest, and she kissed me. My hands roamed down her tight body and started groping her sweet round ass.

While Mel really likes her breasts and nipples played with, she absolutely loves her ass being groped. I was more than happy to provide that service. She alternated between pushing her tight ass into my hands and pressing her wet sex into my erection. We kissed for what seemed like hours, lost in the emotions being played out. We went from very hard desperate kissing to soft, gentle sharing of our lips, mouth, and tongue, back and forth.

Each time the passion rising. As our passion increased, the need for each other to become one, became overwhelming. I reluctantly pulled my lips from Mel's and started to move down her body. She grabbed me firmly, holding me in place. "No more foreplay baby, I need you inside of me right now!


I need you to love me, to make love to me." I rolled us over and straddled Mel's long legs. I sat there for a moment just drinking her in. "You are so beautiful, I could just sit here are look at you." I said with true admiration in eyes. She pulled me down to her and whispered in my ear, "Bob… admire me later… right now please just fuck me… okay?" She said as she gently bit my ear. "Oh, I was thinking we could just talk for awhile." I said, laughing.

She reached down between us and grabbed my cock and tried to guide it into her very wet and waiting pussy. I moved back and her hand slid off my manhood.

I smiled at her, and before she could complain, I covered her body with mine and kissed her with raw sexual passion. My hands were massaging her soft but very firm breasts as I moved my mouth to her neck.

I started to slowly rub my swollen cock against her hard red little bud. Mel let out a guttural moan and arched her hips up to meet me. Mel has an "innie" pussy with just a hint of her outer labia showing and her clit almost entirely covered. Unless she is excited, then she opens up like an oyster and her pearl is visible as it swells and comes out from under its little hood. It was at that hood I was rubbing my cock, down in between her open lips and back up her to her clit, over and over.

About every third stroke I'd rub across her tight little rosebud. My Melanie Ann is very expressive just before she has an orgasam, that point where the build up is almost overpowering, just before her release. I slowed down almost to a stop barely making contact now, watching her facial expression. "Noooo… Bob… Please let me cummm… Please… Oh My God… Right there!" She could barely get the words out coherently.

She was panting and her breathing was fast and shallow, little beads of moisture were visible on her angelic face. I started rubbing my erection against her clit again, this time harder and much faster.

She screamed as she tossed her head back, arched her entire body and spasmed uncontrollably. I didn't hesitate a second, as she was at the height of her first orgasm, I drove the entire length of my penis into her in one stroke. I immediately started to thrust in and out of her very wet but incredibly tight pussy.

Her eyes caught mine and her mouth made soundless "O" shape as she tried to form words but, in the height of her release could not. But I saw everything in her eyes that I needed to see. Mel was absolutely gorgeous, her body glistening, her breasts rising and falling in time with her breathing.

As I continued my assault on her body, before she could come down from her first orgasm she started to rise into a second one. I slowed down my thrusting but made them very hard, pounding our pubic bones together with each stroke.

As I squeezed her nipples between my thumb and forefingers she exploded. Mel screamed out, threw her head back and side to side a little. Her eyes glazed over and rolled back into her head. I eased up pounding her out and began a slower even pace. I started twisting my lower body on the up stroke, widening my penetration and arching up to rub her clit with the end of each upstroke.

Between the wider stroke and rubbing her clit with my cock, she was in a heightened state, not fully coming down from her last orgasm, but very close to peaking again. "Oh My God… Bob… That… That was amazing… I'm so close again…" She said between an almost continuous soft moaning. I smiled. Then I detached myself from Mel's arms, pulled completely out of her sopping wet sex and very quickly moved between her legs.

I started to lick up the juices on her inner thighs then moved to her fully exposed, blood engorged labia. I licked and sucked and nibbled both her outer lips and then moving deeper, played with her inner lips.

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Mel's body was shaking, and she kept pushing my head deeper into the vee between her legs. I took my tongue and went from her little brown asshole up to her clit and back several times and she started climbing back up to the summit again. When I started licking her asshole in earnest, she came again.

I sucked on her clit very hard for another five minutes and she came at least two more times. That first morning we were together I realized that Mel was multi-orgasmic, but this was an entirely new level.

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As she came that last time I entered her again and pounded her very hard, fast, and deep. Her body tensed, she arched very high off the bed, screamed and came again. As she came, I lost control and exploded inside of her. I shot spurt after spurt of hot sticky semen deep inside of her. I shuddered as the last of my cum left my cock, sweat pouring off my body. I didn't pass out, but I was momentarily dizzy as I collapsed on top of Mel.

We just laid there, both breathing very heavily, unable to move. Slowly I moved off of her and pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her. I planted little kisses all over her face and then just smiled at her. "That… That was…" I said still trying to catch my breath, "That was." "Yes… It was." she interrupted me laughing.

We just held each other, kissing and touching, loving each other. Eventually, Mel found her "happy spot" on my chest and was purring quietly, as I stroked her silky long blonde hair. She looked up at me. "That was wonderful, you made love to me, fucked me, and took me very hard, I couldn't be happier.

You know everything about me and you still want me." She said and started to cry softly as she buried her face deeper into my chest. "I love you; all of you, of course, I still want you." I passed for a moment.

"No, that's not true." "What!" She exclaimed, blinking, and lifted her head off my chest to look at me. "No I don't just love you and want you, Melanie Ann, I need you!" But I have something very important to tell you about my life as well. "Okay…" She said with more than a little anxiety in her voice. "You remember the beachfront condo I told you about in California, that I owned it outright, and it was the only reason I could buy this house?" "Yes, I remember." "I was able to buy it because I received five hundred thousand dollars when I turned thirty.

It was from a trust fund my grandfather had setup." "Go on." Mel said giving me her undivided attention. "September second is special for two reasons. One, it's my birthday, and two, and more importantly it my fortieth birthday." "Wow… You are really old." She exclaimed laughing very loudly.

I reached down and tickled her, as she squealed, squirmed, and laughed. So Mel is ticklish… Good to know. I stopped and she leaned up and kissed me very passionately, as if to say 'you didn't act old a few minutes ago when you fucked my brains out.' She broke the kiss and looked at me expectantly.

"Anyway&hellip. I will receive the remainder of the trust in one lump sum when I turn forty. It's a little bit more that the first payment was when I was thirty." "Okay?" "Twenty times as much as a matter of fact." I quietly said. Mel blinked and her eyes got very big. "That's one hundred million dollars!" She exclaimed.

I laughed. "Yes, I believe you are correct. I smiled. She pounded on my chest playfully. "You're frigging rich, Bob!" "No, Melanie Ann, we are frigging rich." I said, laughing.

"But not for two months and six days." I said matter of factly. I looked down at her laying on my chest, as what I had just told her started to sink in. I smiled. Then her mind moved on to something else and she smiled with a mischievous grin.

"Daddy?" "Yes, Baby Girl?" I smiled again. "Tomorrow can we go back to my condo? "Of course, what did you need?" "I want to show you my dungeon." "Your What?" "Gotcha… Just kidding." We both laughed. Life with The Cop and the Bartender will continue.