Double date followed by a sex party cunnilingus and doggystyle

Double date followed by a sex party cunnilingus and doggystyle
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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 8 February had arrived and with it finally came some brighter weather as the first green buds began to appear on the trees again.

A month had passed since Draco had completed the first part of his plan and all seemed to be going well. Draco however, had noticed that Luna had been acting very strangely for some time now, and sensed she may have been on the receiving end of a poorly cast obliviate spell. Curiosity got the better of Draco and with the aid of Crabbe and Goyle, they managed to bring Luna back to their dormitory for an interrogation.

After a lengthy talk, Draco finally broke through to the true memories as she revealed she was raped, and that all she remembered of her attacker before he stunned her, was seeing a mass of bright red hair. Draco's heart skipped a beat when she revealed this. 'Are you sure Luna?' Draco asked urgently. 'O yes.very sure,' Luna replied in her dreamy voice.

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'Ok, thank you Luna,' Draco said, his mind working on overload. So Ron Weasley had raped Luna thought Draco.


Ideas flooded through Draco's head of how he could drive a wedge between Harry and Ron. If he could get Ron hating Harry before the final part of his plan then anything would proceed easier. After some thought, Draco reached for some quill and parchment and began to write.

* It was breakfast and Harry and Ron were sat together on the Gryffindor table; Harry tucking into some bacon and eggs whilst Ron was buttering some toast.

The morning owls suddenly came streaming in through the open windows and began to fly to their owners with their mail.

'Ouch,' said Ron as the corner of a letter dropped from the air onto his head. Ron rubbed his head and quickly opened the letter: ''Ronald Weasley, I know what you did to Luna and I have evidence to prove it.

Either you tell Harry Potter of your crime or I'll let the Ministry know of what you did.'' Harry looked up at Ron whose face had drained of all colour; his knuckles white as he clenched the letter in a vice like grip.

Draco looked on from the Slytherin table intensely. 'Errr.Harry,' said Ron weakly, beads of sweat forming on his forehead, 'Can we go somewhere private, there's something I need to tell you.' 'Sure mate,' said Harry in a concerned voice, as Ron lead him out of the Great Hall and into the grounds.

A few students sat on the grass, deciding to eat breakfast outside in the grounds as Ron and Harry began to talk. 'Harry.there's something I need to tell you, something I'm ashamed of,' Ron stammered, as Harry placed a comforting arm around Ron's back, 'remember when we fell out in the library last October,' Ron continued, 'and I ran off.' 'Yeah,' said Harry slowly. 'Well, I ran off to the grounds.and then Luna turned up.and, I'm sorry Harry I was just so angry.I raped her.,' Ron blubbered, his face going red and tears plopping from out of his eyes.

'Ron,' said Harry as he took his arm off Ron's shoulders, 'how could you,' Harry said weakly as a look of disgust formed on his face. 'I'm sorry Harry,' said Ron through tears. 'I comforted you afterwards you pig!' Harry shouted, attracting the attention of the student's sitting in the grounds, 'you stay away from me Ron, and you can consider yourself sacked from the Quidditch team.' ' can't,' Ron shouted back with a look of shock on his face.

'Yes I can,' Harry responded, 'I'm going to Luna,' said Harry as he stormed off back towards the Castle. 'Wait.please.don't tell anybody,' Ron cried desperately after Harry. Ron looked back at the querying eyes of the people who had started to mingle around Ron before he quickly stalked off to the solitude of the Forbidden Forest.

* Harry spotted Luna ambling down the 2nd floor corridor as she hummed a cheery song to herself. 'Luna!' Harry called, 'have you got time for a chat?' 'Sure,' said Luna in a dreamy voice, 'the Ravenclaw common room should be pretty empty now, we can go there' said Luna as she and Harry began to make their way towards the common room.

Finally, they made arrived at the common room as Luna took Harry up to the quiet of her dormitory. Luna gestured for Harry to sit down on her bed as Harry looked on in sadness into her eyes. 'Luna, I've heard what happened to you, I know that you were raped,' Harry said gently. Luna stared at Harry in wide-eyed silence as a tear started to form in her eye.

'Why did he hurt me Harry,' Luna suddenly wept, 'I was only looking for gnarlbats,' she cried as she lowered her head into Harry's shoulder. 'Shhhh,' Harry whispered as he lowered his head on top of Luna's and began to stroke her long blonde hair softly, 'I'm here for you.' Harry despaired at the sadness of his friend.

Since last year, though at first he thought she was strange, Harry had developed a strong friendship with Luna, who was one of the few people who stood by him during his troubled year. 'I feel so dirty Harry, whoever it was took my virginity, I hate him. I just want somebody to love me,' Luna said through tears.

'I love you Luna as a friend,' Harry said as he continued to caress her hair. 'No Harry,' said Luna in her far-away voice as she lifted her head off Harry's shoulder, 'I want somebody to show me what love is really like. This person raped me, I need somebody to show me some real love,' Luna said, her eyes locked onto Harry as she reached out a hand to stroke his cheek. Harry stared back in disbelief.

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Now he thought about it, Luna was quite attractive. Her usual dirty blonde hair was shiny and had been combed straight.


She had large, round green eyes that still looked pretty even though she had been crying. She had a long straight nose and beautiful, pure pale skin. Harry let his head lean into Luna's hand as he placed his hand on top of hers. 'Ok Luna,' Harry said softly, as Luna gave a watery smile. Slowly, Harry and Luna inclined their heads towards each other until they were barely a centimetre apart; Harry inhaling the sweet perfume smell that lingered on Luna. The two of them parted their lips together as Harry gave Luna a lingering kiss on her soft lips.

Luna closed her eyes in happiness as Harry momentarily broke away. They then kissed again, this time a much longer and passionate kiss. Luna tentatively poked her tongue into Harry's mouth, which he accepted.

Harry and Luna fell back onto the bed, lying next to each other as they continued to kiss. Harry began to softly stroke her body as he lifted Luna onto his lap, so that she straddled his hips. Harry gave Luna a warm smile as she removed her top over her head, revealing her small, but round B sized breasts. Luna took Harry's right hand in hers as she lifted it and placed it on her breast.

Luna moaned softly as Harry began to squeeze and play with her breast softly. Harry they took both breasts in his hands as he continued to play with them; circling them in his hands and rubbing her nipples between his finger-tips.

Luna naturally began to grind her hips on top of Harry's, her pussy rubbing up against Harry's cock and soon Harry was nursing a massive hard-on.

Luna leant down and placed her hands on Harry's stomach as she pushed up his t-shirt up to his chest. Luna began to squeeze and feel Harry's strong muscles as she started to kiss and lick around Harry's belly button. Harry moaned at the tickling sensation this caused as he removed his shirt. Luna then began to kiss and feel Harry's nipples whilst Harry placed one hand on top of Luna's blonde hair and with the other, he began to feel Luna's peachy bum through her skirt.

Suddenly, Harry rolled over, so that Luna lay underneath him. Luna giggled up at him as Harry smiled back. 'This is so much better then hunting hatchquins,' Luna said in a floaty voice.

Harry laughed as he went to kiss Luna once more, feeling her small breasts crush against his chest. Slowly, Harry began to lower his kisses, first to her neck and then down her slim throat towards her chest.

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He paused at her breasts, as he sucked in a huge mouthful of her right breast and began to suck on it, hearing Luna moan in delight. Harry then snaked his tongue down her toned, white tummy till he finally came to her pussy. Harry carefully removed her skirt and panties, till Luna lay fully naked on the bed, her tight pussy directly in Harry's eye line.

Harry could feel Luna's legs quiver as he stroked and lightly kissed the inside of her thighs. 'It's ok Luna, I'm not going to hurt you,' Harry said gently. 'I know,' Luna said softly, 'I trust you with my life Harry.' Harry placed his hands either side of Luna's pussy lips as he gently eased her lips aside with his fingers. Harry lowered his head and poked his tongue out and began to tenderly circle her clit with his tongue.

'Ahhh yes Harry.that's the spot,' moaned Luna in naive delight as she ran her fingers through Harry's thick, dark hair. Harry, encouraged by Luna's moans began to lap more quickly around her clit as with his fingers, he began to rub up and down her smooth, young pussy. Luna wrapped her slender legs around Harry; her hips began to buck more and more as Harry tried to keep licking her pussy.


Harry's placed his hands under Luna's tiny bum cheeks to try and keep her still as he flitted his tongue in and out of his mouth quickly around her clit, before moving his tongue to her entrance.

After a few minutes, Harry felt Luna's body tense up as she let out a cry of delight. 'Ooooh.ahhhhh Harry,' she cried as she went through a glorious orgasm, juices flowing out onto Harry's tongue.

After a few moments, her body relaxed as Harry went and lay beside her. 'Ooh Harry that was incredible.I want you inside me,' panted Luna as she went and pulled down Harry's trousers and tight fitting white boxers. Harry's 7 inch cock suddenly burst free as Luna placed her dainty hands around it and slowly began to rub it. Luna quickly straddled Harry's hips as she placed the tip of his cock at her entrance. Luna lowered herself down on to Harry's cock, until she lay completely on Harry's lap.

Harry could feel Luna's pussy resting on his balls as she tentatively began to thrust her hips up and down along his cock. Luna and Harry smiled at each other as Harry placed his hands on Luna's bum, admiring it's smoothness as he occasionally squeezed it.

Luna placed her hands on Harry's chest as she began to thrust more quickly; her body and head arching backwards in ecstasy. Harry began to breathe more sharply as he heard Luna's thighs slap onto his legs quicker and quicker.

He reached up and grabbed Luna's tits in his hands, as they began to jiggle and bounce up and down with the motion of her thrusting. After ten minutes, Harry sat up, so that his back lay against the bed rest. He began kissing Luna passionately on the lips as she lowered the tempo of her thrusting so that she was thrusting a lot slower and more fluidly.

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Harry held Luna in a tight embrace as she pressed Harry's face into her tits. Luna moaned as she enjoyed the sensation of a cock in her pussy which this time, was not hurting and violating her. She used her muscles to wrap her pussy walls firmly around Harry's cock, causing Harry to sigh out in pleasure. Luna's pussy felt great around Harry's cock. Even though Ron had raped her, she was still really tight Harry thought; and warm.

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Harry's cock slid in and out of Luna's pussy easily as she was still sopping wet from the oral Harry gave her. Harry gently eased Luna backwards onto the bed as the warm blankets enveloped her body as Harry lay on top of her. He placed his hand on the underside of her thigh as she wrapped it around Harry's waist as Harry began to thrust quickly into Luna's tight cunt.

'Ahhhhh.ahhhh,' they both panted as Luna placed her hands on Harry's bum, squeezing it and giving it a gentle slap every few thrusts. Harry then grabbed Luna around her middle, gently feeling her toned tummy as he began to thrust hard and deep into Luna's pussy.

Eventually, Harry began to sense the familiar electric feeling surge through his body as he felt his balls tighten. His hip thrusts became more wild and untimed until he felt his body tense as his head shot back in delight.

'I'm gonna cum.ahhhhhhhh.hmmmmm,' Harry cried out as he felt Luna pull his bum in, so that his cock lay 7 inches deep in Luna's pussy. Harry felt his cum splash against Luna's warm pussy walls as once his orgasm subsided; he collapsed on top of Luna, his head resting on Luna's breasts.

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'Thank-you Harry,' said Luna softly as she kissed the top of Harry's head and began to play with his hair, 'now I know what sex should really be like.' Harry leant up and gave Luna a brief kiss on the lips in response, his softening cock still inside Luna's pussy.

After a few moments, he removed his wet, sticky cock as he lay next to Luna and began to cuddle her. 'You are one of my true friends Luna,' said Harry as he kissed her hair lightly, 'I'll never let anybody hurt you again,' Harry said defiantly as he and Luna lay together in warm embrace, till they both fell asleep in each other's arms. * Ron finally stopped, deep in the Forbidden Forest and sat on a tree-stump and wept.

He heard strange animal noises howl and squawk around him as he thought about what had happened. He had lost his place on the Quidditch team, he had lost his friend and his dark secret was in danger of being found out. Anger spread through his body as a strange red-glint flashed across his eyes as he let out a strangled cry of despair.

In this moment, Ron had nothing.