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Jessica Lincoln teen model fucked on sofa
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Part 7 Bank and Burrow Harry woke to the aroma of an aroused woman, feeling a warm mouth around his erect member, opened his eyes and saw his wife's beautiful vulva in front of his face, he gently attacked it. Savoring it's taste. Ginny was stilling talking with her mother.

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Hermione said she was going to check on Harry. Finding him asleep dropped her robe, pull his pants down and slipped him into her mouth as she lower her wet vagina to his face.

He barely licked her and she came, covering him with her juices. Harry moaned and began lapping her nectar like a man drying of thirst who found a oasis. She came twice more before he did. She swallow greedily the first few spurts but held the last couple in her mouth, savoring his taste. Ginny walked in "Hermione, mums about to le… you hussy" giggling. Hermione raised off Harry grabbed Ginny and kissed her sharing Harry as she did her earlier.

She rose as they kissed, they broke, she grabbed her robe swallowed "you were saying" she put on her robe. Ginny swallowed "huh, oh mums leaving wants to say good night, Goddess he tastes good" they walked out, Harry grinned ear to ear. After Molly left he was attacked. Two Weeks had pasted since that evening Molly found Ginny was going to marry Harry and Hermione. Two wonderful weeks, they made love in the morning, the day was mixed in quickies, munching and shags, with snogging thrown in.

Of course they didn't make love all the time. They did make trips to The Burrow, visiting with Molly and Arthur, which however did seem to involve a few quickies upstairs and there was that once down by the stream.

Harry swears Molly heard Ginny scream as he filled her, then later Hermione screams, she sure gave them a funny look, then shook her head, when they returned from their three hour walk, famished. Early bed time was a love battle about half the time, they were all winners.

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Ginny and Hermione still woke sore, from time to time. Harry did his thing and the loving commenced once again, sometimes, more than not.

They made trips to London, Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade for shopping, visiting, site seeing. And of course there was the visit to Gringotts. The Prophet managed to take a few pictures, of their outings, which made the Ministry happy, The heroes were in the public eye. The Trip to Gringotts was magnificent, they made plans to spend the day in the main vault. Dobby would bring in refreshments from time to time, including lunch, After all he had access to the vault, as he was bond to the Potter house.

Upon arriving to the vault, Ginny went to the gem chests and was having way too much fun, Harry though laughingly, Hermione to the Books, she was beaming, He was going check the old Parchments and just generally look around. Hermione was soaking wet after a short time going from one unknown tome to another, they were so old, she squealed and cried. Harry walking by her, was grabbed thrown down on a loveseat, clothes vanished, her mouth harden him and inside Hermione, she riding him hard, before he realized what hit him.

She came three times, Harry hadn't. A temporary satiated nude Hermione was back up in book heaven, leaving Harry with a still almost painful stiff cock, as she was back pulling one book after another off the shelves giggling and moaning. He shook his head smiling at her, 'more trips to the vault needed' he thought, as he started to stand up, a completely nude Ginny, save a ring or two on each finger, several necklaces around the neck, twenty or so bracelets, three or four jeweled belts draping off her hips, two tiaras and ten or twelve hat pins and a huge smile approached, she would have looked like a little girl playing dress-up in her mother room, if it weren't for she was most assuredly a woman, a beautiful sexy woman.

She pushed him back and wrapped her hand around him and guided him slowly into her, she had four orgasms, she cooed and told him of her love, all the while he licked, nibble, sucked and even lightly bit her nipples back and forth between them mixed in with kissed both nipples and mouth, his hands running amuck over her before he exploded deep inside her.

She laid on him and as Harry nibbled on her ear, he felt what had to be a tongue lapping their mixed juices from his testicles. Instead of going soft, he got harder, Ginny moaned, as Hermione licked their joining, Harry slowly raised Ginny off him and Hermione cleaned him.

When he popped out, Ginny moved to the side, Hermione took Harry in hand and sat down guiding him once more inside her, they kissed, she began rocking slowly on her husband's cock, Ginny kissed them. Hermione broke their kiss, raised up turned away from Harry, guided him back in, pulled Ginny up and to her, bent slightly to get to her core and began making love to the both of them. Ginny's knee finally gave way after four orgasms and multiple screams she collapsed, barely landing on the loveseat next Harry, Hermione after her four she had while eating Ginny, then three more 'God I love him', she sighed to herself, before Harry erupted inside her, He filled her with that wonderful nearly burning seed he did that first night with Ginny, her pussy spasmed, milking and sucking Harry into her, she screamed in pleasure so loud.

" GOD YESsss HHARRRYYEEEEEE!!! Harry was expecting the bank guards any second, surely they hear her in the main lobby. A few minutes later Harry panting said "What we need, is more trips to the bank" both women moaned or was it purred. Needless to say, Hermione didn't get thru all the books that day and if wasn't for Harry's magical healing hands, two women may have crawled out the bank.

Harry praised Hermione for having several soothing potions, in her bottomless hand bag, which was now carrying more books than before. Ginny decided she needed to get one of those. There were times Harry was by himself talking to old friends or buying something special for his ladies or sitting in The Leaky Cauldron, sometimes Tom would join him. Of course Hermione and Ginny were almost inseparable and made the rounds of shops and such.

One such times Harry sat by himself in the Leaky Caldron watching the fire flicker, drinking his butterbeer, Ginny and Hermione were off visiting their old girl friends. Ginny was going to ask Susan and Luna to be her bridesmaids, of course they said yes. Harry was just finishing his drink when in walked Neville, Harry invited him to join him, ordering a round, Lee joined them shortly, they sat for hours talking, catching up on this and that.

Neville and Lee hadn't seen Hermione or Ginny for some time. And when the two visionary sparkling lovelies' walked in, both just stared. "Hi boys" Ginny purred. The guys fell over themselves making room for her, but she walked around to sit on the other side placing Harry between Her and Hermione, they both kissed him first one then the other.

Neville and Lee looked at Hermione, who they knew was married to Harry, and of her possessiveness, she wasn't at all upset. Harry chuckled, "sorry guys I didn't tell you, Hermione and I are marring Ginny next week.

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"Bloody hell, two wives" Lee said "way to go Harry" Neville added "and what a pair too… huh congratulations" "Even though it's a small family wedding, you're invited, we'll owl you" Harry motion and more butterbeers arrived, finally it was time to leave At home they ate, sat on the couch cuddling together in front the fire, reading, sipping wine, not saying a word.

Around nine, Ginny said she wanted a soak and went upstairs. Harry moved over to the end and Hermione laid her head on his lap, they read. Ginny quietly came back into the room and sat in the large overstuffed chair opposite them, sipping her wine and watched, her two loves reading.

A family, her family. Harry, her first love and Hermione her next love, although she remembered the times as a kid and in school with Susan and Luna, she still loved them, just not as much as those two, watching them read.

She was so happy, she thanked the stars for giving her, her dearest loves, and after next week, perhaps she'll do as her mum wants and stop taking the potion, she wanted him, Harry was always in her dreams, first as a little girl, and even still now those dreams, visited her. Having Harry baby, feeling him or she growing inside her, give birth and raising Harry's children. Of course practicing making one was very nice too.

She watched in silence as Hermione's hand move to Harry's lap, then shortly as she slowly rolled over undoing his slacks, moving up, freeing his erection and lowering her mouth around him, taking him in deeper than she ever had, Hermione's hand around what she couldn't, stroking.

Harry's hand moved over her arse and pulled her dress aside and slid into her knickers, Ginny could tell his finger just entered Hermione. Her own fingers were now deep inside her as she watched her two lovers, she could hear them moan. Sitting his book down, he saw Ginny sitting there, he smiled and motioned her to join them, she shook her head and mouthed "not yet", he understood and moved down twisting, sliding under Hermione, her soaking wet panties, vanished as Hermione gasped and lowered her wet core to his waiting mouth.

He feasted upon his wife flower licking, kissing, munching, devouring her. She screamed around his cock as she flooded his mouth, he drank as a camel fresh out of the desert. When he bit her clit, she came and bit him and'the pain' he screamed into her setting her off in one continuous orgasm as he erupted in her mouth nearly choking her, she jerked up screaming, coughing, Harry kept spurting as she stoked him, her hips jerking on his mouth, trying to drown him. He drank as fast as he could, loving every drop he could get.

Ginny jumped up and moved to them, with some difficultly she capture Harry's spurting cock in her mouth as Hermione stroke.

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She taste Harry's seed, loving it, filling her as she swallowed then she taste blood 'BLOOD". She jerked off Harry and looked "Oh shit Harry you're bleeding" Hermione froze "WHAT?", they both began checking Harry's cock, there were small teeth marks, blood on the side of his cock and pelvic area and a few fresh drops of blood from the marks. Hermione started crying "I'm sorry, sorry oh Harry I'm sorry I hurt you my love" Harry grabbed before she could move away, he forced her to sit in his lap, she tried to rise "Harry you're hurt" "It's ok my love it's ok I love you and a little bite won't ever stop that, not even a big bite.

I love you Hermione Jean Granger Potter with all my heart" and kissed her. Harry reach to Ginny and pulled her to them, they hugged and kissed, again and again. After Hermione calmed down, they checked the damage.


Hermione reached her wand and a simple wave Harry was good as new and clean. " See no worries, it was my fault" "Your fault, how's me trying to bite you dick off, your fault" He simple said loudly said "Note to self, do not bite Hermione's clit while sixty-nineing" Hermione stared at him for an instant, then smiled, then began laughing "Oh Harry my love, God I love you" Ginny looked puzzled "Sixty-nine" Harry began laughing.

Hermione finally calmed down enough to explain what sixty-nine meant. "It's what muggles call it" Ginny looked moved her hands, twisting them"Oh" and turned red. Hermione almost fell off the sofa, all three had a big laugh. After they stopped laughing, Harry took Hermione in his arms and said "Now where were we.

Oh I remember and laid her back and rubbed his cock down her slit, till she wetted and he slid in "Oh Harry" "Yes my love" "oh, nothing, fuck me, my love" "Yes my love " He then looked at Ginny "You're next, my love" Ginny wetted. And Harry did, after he came in each, he said "little tired, Quick shower, then bed… ladies" Held out his hand. Both together purred "Yes Harry". On the Burrow visits Molly was harping about more Grandkids.

Harry, smiled big time, loved the idea, he wanted a big family. Ginny wanted five and Hermione says three, well maybe five.

And finally on the morrow was Harry, Hermione and Ginny wedding. Even though Hermione was his first love, Harry did love Ginny, and when Ron lied to Hermione and took her, he may have eventually married Ginny, but Ron lied to her also, to cover his lie to Hermione and she of sorts turned away also, not because she didn't love him anymore, but for the same reason Hermione turned away.

They both thought he was seeking for the other team and be happier with someone… else. Ginny and Hermione were to spend the night at The Burrow. 'Night before the wedding stuff' Susan and Luna were there also. Harry of course had to leave after dropping them off. He kissed each and then gave Molly a peck on the cheek, then disapparate.


So here he sat in this muggle restaurant eating, realizing this will be the first night he'd been without Hermione since their wedding, He missed her, her touch, her smell, her feel, her presence, her love, and Ginny's also, since she moved in with them, love sprang forth or was it back, anyway, she has became just as much part of him as Hermione.

He loved them both and couldn't imagine a future without them, but tonight he was. He had been alone most of his life, there were a few times at Hogwarts he hadn't felt so, those only moments that didn't last long. However over the last nearly two years, he hadn't been alone, save tonight.

He finished his meal, He didn't know what to do, had no where to be. He paid his bill and left, step out of sight and apparate home. The only friend, besides Hermione and Ginny he had, wasn't. Remus, Tonks and Percy were working late, the twins with Alicia and Angelina, were at the Burrow, Molly didn't want them near Harry tonight, afraid Ginny might have to marry a something or the other that was really Harry.

Moody was in Spain, Charlie had been called back to work, but would return in time for the wedding, the Grangers were at burrow also, visiting with Hermione.

Bill, Fleur and the kids arrived late. Maybe he'd floo-call Neville, no he had a date. He had no one to go visit or somewhere to go.

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He should have went to The Leaky Cauldron, may have seen some old schoolmates, could have talked to Tom for awhile. Old habits of staying out of the public eye, from the glamour, are hard to break&hellip. Too late now. He had cut himself off from the wizarding world after Voldemort's defeat, to avoid the 'the-boy-who-won' praise. He seen too many deaths, too much pain, and really wanted to be left alone and being he didn't have his love, he'd retreated away from the world.

Well hung on the fringe, so he could be there for Hermione, if she needed him in any capacity. If it hadn't been for his need to be there for her, he would have left, long ago.


Things now are different, definitely better, Hermione and Ginny was his life, his family and he was loved, for the first time since his parents were murdered by Riddle. They loved him, not that other stuff, just him, 'just Harry' and he loved them. He hadn't socialized much, damn near nonexistent actually. You could count the people he interacted with on your two hands., most of the time one. And those he did were busy. So he now sat in his lounge, in front of the fire and stared at the flames, he called Dobby and Winky and ask how their day was.

They wasn't much help, oh they talk some but it was over too soon, So he decided to check that novel Hermione said "was good" and began reading, Doddy brought him a glass of wine and there he sat, reading. Hermione would be proud. At the Burrow, Hermione realized the same, this was the first time they've been apart at night since their wedding, she spent the night before hers with her parents and Ginny, of course.

Remus, Arthur, Bill and the twins got Harry drunk. But a sobering potion fixed that, even the headache. Hermione knew Harry wasn't having a bachelor party, this time, after all he wasn't. Knowing Harry, he's probably alone, feeling down, thinking. She loved Harry, but knew that, even though he gotten better over the last year, he still had issues.

Those people and Dumbledore really messed with Harry's head. She was slightly worried. She knew He wouldn't do anything, but still, she knew he was alone. He's been alone so much during his life. Hermione had try to image, Harry's loneness, several times. She didn't know what she would have been like growing up without loving parents.

She didn't have many friends growing up herself, due to her, as one of her classmates said, 'parent perfectives'. She was the perfect well-mannered bookworm, who did very well in school, every parent criticized their children for not being like her. Most of her classmates hated her, but she had her books and parents and there were a few girls who would play with her occasionally, and she had the family love, they showed their love, they went shopping together, movies, outings, vacations and trips to visit relatives.

Harry didn't, well there were a couple of outings which turned into more trouble for him, more beatings. After those, on future trips they left him locked up, with a glass of water, sometimes. He was the forgotten human house-elf, who they beat on when they felt like it. Living in a house with three people alone, no hugs no kisses, no presents, just a fist, a belt, used as a punching bag or worst. He wasn't even allow to excel in school, if his grades were better than his cousins he got a beating, he found out.

All he got to do was to wait on them, cook, clean, gardening, do chores, when he wasn't locked in the cupboard under the stairs, later his cousins second bedroom, after they installed locks on the outside. He played with a few of his cousins broken discarded toys, that he managed to hide. That was Harry's life for ten years, before he went to Hogwarts, but back every summer.

He seemed happy at school for the first five years, then sixth year, then Ron lies and Harry changed for sometimes happy to just being there, she never noticed. Her eyes began tearing up again. Ginny noticing her future wife somber almost painful look. Sat down beside her, took her hand, asking "What wrong Mione?", she turn to Ginny and hugged her "nothing just thinking" then kissed her.

Ginny looked at her friend/lover "You sure?" "Yes, I'm fine, just thinking of Harry" Hermione dried her eyes. "I'm sure he fine, out drinking having fun most likely at the Cauldron" Hermione looked at her, shook her head. " No Harry wouldn't be there, no one expecting him there" "Wellwhat does Harry do when he's not with us?" "The same before I moved in with him, nothing" "You really think he's home all alone" "Yes" Hermione whispered.

"Harry will be alone tonight" Then Molly hollered "Girls lets eat" Molly was a gracious host, everyone had enough eat and drink, although she did limit Hermione and Ginny drinking. They needed to be sober tomorrow. What floored Hermione was Molly on-going argument with Her daughter about her contraceptive potion, Ginny said she was going to still take hers for awhile and Molly was trying to get her to stop.

Ginny said "Mom I can't play Quidditch if I'm pregnant " Molly's answer was simple, "Quit, You don't need the money. Harry ne&hellip." "I enjoy playing and we practice hard" Ginny rolled eyes "making babies is more fun" "but Quidditch" "you needed to start a family" " I do practice a lot" Then Molly said "well, it was time for bed, young lady there's a big one tomorrow" "Yeah it's a big one alright" Hermione squeaked out.

"Yes it is." having seeing Harry starkers, Molly added before she thought, blushing. That did it, the look. even those who wasn't laughing before were holding their side or rolling on the floor.

And after a moment a sputtering Molly join in. When they finally retired to bed Luna grabbed Ginny and pulled her into her bed, Susan not to be out done pulled Hermione to the other. At first Hermione was standoffish, we had only been with Ginny.

However when she heard Ginny moan in pleasure and Susan kissed her, her lips opened to Susan"s tongue and soon joined Ginny in a happy moan. After some hot and passionate love making.

Hermione asked Susan to switch, Ginny crawled into bed with Hermione and they cuddled. Susan and Luna were soon moaning and groaning. About half past one in the morning, Hermione and Ginny both still restless. Hermione sliding out of bed, "Ginny" she whispered "downstairs" and pulled her quietly to the hallway, Hermione was thinking about floo'ing home to check on Harry. Slipping down the stairs, she accidentally knocking over a jar on the stairs.

Molly was up in a flash. "Just what do you think you're doing?" "Can't sleep" Ginny said "Hot chocolate" Molly said. Fleur, SusanLuna, Alicia and Angelina overheard and join them in the kitchen, soon a hen gathering was brewing. As they sipped their coco, Hermione softly ask no one, " wonder what Harry doing?" Angelina popped off "no one tonight" and the laughter roared.

Around three, a drunk Ron staggered in the back door, first thing he saw was Hermione in a nightgown. "What are you doing here whore, waiting for me to fuc…" Ginny got to him first, and knock him against the wall, he fell to the floor unconscious.

Good thing to, cause Fleur's claws were coming out and had blood in her eyes. Hermione grabbed a hand full of floo power, threw it in the floo said "Godric Hollow upstairs" and floo'ed home. She walked into the master bedroom, Harry wasn't there, "where's Harry?" she said sadly. Still slightly furious and then didn't found Harry in bed, She called "Dobby" and he appeared. Before he could say a word "Where's Harry!!" Dobby flinched, "the master iss downairs front of fire, mistress Hermione Potter " "oh.

thank you Dobby, I'm sorry I was rude I need Harry and didn't find him here, Sorry Dobby" "Iss undstood" grinned and vanished.

She changed into her sexiest nightie, Green, Harry loves her in Green, it so sheer you see thru it, just a little harder in places and slipped downstairs. There he was, her love, sitting in front of a beautiful fire, sipping something, reading a book. Almost wished she had a camera, She smiled and walked quietly to him. The next thing Harry knew his beautiful sexy wife was sitting in his lap, taking away his book and softly placed her lips on his.

After Hermione had her, she'd lost count of orgasm for the night, huh morning, they noticed the sun was up, kissed and wondered where the night went. "I didn't expect to see till later, isn't it bad luck for the Groom to see the Bride on their wedding day, before the wedding." "yesmy love but I'm not marring you, We're marring Ginny" "Oh yeah, come here you" he rose from the floor, pulled her up from the floor, sat down on the loveseat and pulled her to his lap, placed his arms around her.

As she got comfortable, he harden again. She felt him growing, rose up, took him in hand and guided him, as she lower herself tenderly, filling herself with him once more, she moaned and leaned back to him, he wrapped his arms around her and they just sat. Back at the Burrow, after Hermione left, the ruckus woke the remaining household, Arthur stepped into the kitchen, Molly was fanatic, Bill rushed to Fleur to calm her down.

The twins were silent for a change. Ron laid on the floor, Ginny was shaking, you could almost see the steam coming out her ears. Arthur ask "what happened?" Six women spoke at once. Arthur raised his hand "lets try this again, Ginny what happen?" he asked being she was the one closes to the unconscious Ron.

"I hit him" "Why" "He staggered in, called Hermione a whore and I hit him" " oh… where's Hermione" looking around, not seeing her. Mr. and Mrs. Granger walked into the dining room "What about Hermione, she ok, where is she?" Alicia said " Ron walked in and called her huh, yeah she jumped up, good thing Ginny hit him, she had blood in her eyes, Fleur started changing, he hit the wall, she stopped, turned, flooed the Hollow and left, without a word." Ginny called, "Dobby" a moment the little elf appeared " Ye" " Dobby is Hermione ok?" before he could say anything else.

"Yess misses Whezzy, shess and the master iss" "Thank you Doddy, tell them I'll see them at the chapel" "Yos weecom and yess misses Whezzy" and vanished "She's ok she's with Harry" The floo flared and Tonks stuck her head in ask to come thru, she just got off work and figured there be a female get together.

Fred open it and in she stepped, just in time to see Arthur picked up a bucket of mop water and throw it into Ron face, he woke sputtering. "what happe…" looked around Not seeing Hermione "What's was she doing here, why'd you hit me for?" Molly unloaded on him, "Hermione was here cause she is always welcome in the house and for Ginny's wedding, you rotted dodger… you foul mouth git…" and more. "Ginny getting married… who to??" Ron looked at his sister. Ginny growled at him "to Harry and Hermione, you, you rotten back stabbing, no good, devious, selfish, worthless asshole and your not invited" "You marring him, him and her you, you're nothing but a wh…" he said without thinking.

Arthur reached Ron first this time and jerked him up off the floor, one hand around his neck and carried him towards the door. Not saying a word. Molly said "it's time for you to leave, you're no son of mine." Tonks follow them to the door, As Ron picked himself up off the ground, "Well fuck you all too" Ron shouted, Arthur just pointed towards the path leading away from the Burrow.

Ron stumble and staggered away, his mouth bleeding. "damn whore and that faggit twit even got my family against me, I'll get them… I'll get that whore I'll fuck her up good.

slave her out… I'll kill him… then I'll fuck that whore sister of mine, knock her up. slave her out too… I'll show them. They're gonna pay" He stumbled again, then turned pulled out his wand and pointed it sort of towards The Burrow.

"Inci…" Tonks had him in a full body bind, took his wand. "Arthur would please call the Auror desk for a pick-up". Ron, smelled of firewhiskey. She said "Ronald Weasley, you're under arrest for public intoxication, attempted arson in which to cause bodily harm and attempting to do harm to a public servant, to start" To be Continued