Gay sex movies doctors Shane amp_ Tristan Smokesex

Gay sex movies doctors Shane amp_ Tristan Smokesex
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This is a completely Ficticious story and is not real. I would never harm any child and would advised no one else to harm any child EVER!!!! Thanks for allowing this to be posted! Imagination is the key to all! This Story does contain very graphic sexual acts with a young child! Missy and the day her world stopped- Part 1 How a young child's life changed in 1 day thanks to her father.


Missy is a young girl who gets raped by her father The time is 7 am and it is time for John (a 31 year old computer software programmer) to get his 9 year old daughter up and ready for school. his wife Lynda had already left for work at about 5 am. John walked in to his daughter's room while she slept and proceeded to get her up "wake up honey, come on time for school soon" he told her. she proceeded to wake up and wipe the sleep out of her eyes.her father left to go downstairs and make breakfast, as he left the room he had a thought, "damn I would love to tap her" thinking of Missy naked made him hard.


he told himself 'no it is disqusting, I love my wife!, still what would it be like'. As he started downstairs he kept thinking of what it would be like to have sex with his young daughter. he made his way into the kitchen and started making eggs, while he was cracking the eggs to make scrambled eggs he stopped and went over to the phone. John picked up the phone and called missy's school and told them she was feeling ill today and would not be in school.

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He then got off the phone and proceeded to find the roll of ducktape and some rope in a drawer and then he grabbed an egg and walked upstairs towards his daughter's room. He opened the door and saw her half naked, instantly he was hard. he said to her " honey come here for a minute daddy wants to talk with you" as she walked over he tore off a piece of ducktape which made missy stop, "daddy what are you doing?" the young child inquired.

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"Daddy is going to show you something interesting" with that he grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth. "If you scream you will be hurt badly!" he shouted at her, he grabbed the egg and said to her "I am going to put this egg in your mouth and then ducktape it in there, if you break the egg you will swallow it shell included." with that he placed the egg in her mouth and slapped the piece of ducktape over it.

he then made her get on her bed and he tied her left and right hands to the bedposts at the top so they were spread apart, he then tied 1 piece of rope to her left foot and threw it over the top of her cannopy pice above her bed, then he tied it in place and he repeated this on the right side.

she was now tied to the bed in such a way that John had very easy access to Missy's tight young virgin pussy. with his 9 year old daughter tied up to the bed and the thought that nobody would be home for at least 7 hours made his cock so hard.

John unzipped his pants to release a giant snake between his legs, almost 10 inches long and just over 2 inches wide he was a beast with his wife and now his young daughter would feel it's presence. "ok missy prepare to be shocked" missy started to squirm when she realized what her father was going to do to her.

"mummueehguiuyuthghtrrtertmunooohnohnohnoplseplese" was all she could muffle from her mouth.

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john walked over and got on the bed, it was then he realized he would never get his huge manhood inside of her. "I can stretch her out with that old dildo Lynda has. He got up and wen to get the dildo, it was only 7 inches by 1.5 inches and would be perfect to help john ease into his daughter.

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He finally arrived back in the room and got ontop of the bed and started to lube up the dildo with some lubricating gel he found next to the dildo. John sloly inserted the dildo into his young daughter's pussy slow at first then gradually faster, he did this for a few minutes while starring at her flat chest she had not yet developed any breasts, which is just how john liked it. "That's it baby girl.take it all." John then took out the dildo and proceeded to move his enourmous cock up to her pussy.

Missy was about to feel the most painful thing she could imagine with that thought in her mind her father shoved once and thrusted his cock into her mercilessley. Missy let out a loud scream and in that instance she felt the egg inside her mouth break, 'oh no' she thought.

John heard the egg break and as blood began leaking out of her pussy he stopped and said to her "swallow you slut, you swallow that egg and the shell or you will be hurt much worse!" Missy complied and swallowed everything in her mouth. by this time John had shoved all 10 inches of his cock inside of her at once, she felt the burning pain as he tore her hymen like a piece of paper.

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John then slid his dick in and out of her for about 20 minutes. He pulled out and got off the bed and brought his big blood soaked cock up to Missy's face he tore off the ducktape on her mouth and said "suck my cock you bitchy whore!" "yes daddy" Missy said as she began sucking her fathers cock, she could taste the blood and hated it and then she got a suprise she never imagined.

John had grabbed the back of missy's head and shoved his gigantic cock all the way down his daughter's throat.

she gaged and choked as this happened she could not breathe she tried to get air but nothing could get inside her mouth.

"your nose slut, breathe through your nose!!!" John yelled at his daughter, she finally was able to do so after about a minute or so. John started to face fuck his daughter resulting in her vomiting inside her mouth. finally several minutes later John pulled out several inches of his dick and Missy felt warm liquidy fluid fill her mouth, lots of it, so much that she could not keep it all in her mouth.

'Swallow it whore" John commanded his daughter and she did, several seconds after swallong it she vomited all over her face and her daddy's cock. John got mad and said to her "wrong move little gir" He took his belt from his pants and folded it in half and started to beat Missy with it calling her a whore and a slut, he hit her so hard that she bled from some of the places where he had hit her. he walked up to her face again and shoved his dick in her mouth and down her throat and started to face fuck her again.

then after several minutes he pulled out and went over and proceeded to fuck her pussy some more, she started making too much noise and was whining too much.

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John got up and went downstairs and found an apple he came back upstairs and told Missy to open her mouth she started to say "daddy please stop you are hurting me please I won't tell anyommhytmmghmghmghghgm" was what was heard as John shoved the apple into her mouth making it break a bit as it hit her teeth, then he grabbed the ducktape and taped it around her head.

he then went over to her pussy and shoved his massive cock into it and he started fucking her like a machine gun just in and out while watching her bleed worse and worse with every thrust inside of her. he was getting ready to cum again this time he just decided to cum inside of her pussy and so he did. he then got hard again and decide to rape her ass. John said to his daughter "Honey what I am going to do next is going to really hurt so please enjoy it as much as I will".

with that he took the dildo and shoved it into her ass, this made the little child squirm in pain. He stretched out her hole and then got his dick lubbed up and placed it at the end ofe her anal opening. "ready honey it will burn for a minute and it will sting real bad but only for a minute" Muplstpplmuh,muhgmughmuhgmhhugmhuf" was all John could hear. With that he shoved all 10 inches into her ass at once Missy let out a loud blood curling scream and squirmed violently John looked down and noticed blood comming out of her ass.

"alright your body wants this, it is providing lube for me" He smiled as he began retreating the cock out of her ass. With only 2 inches left inside of her he thrusted back into her ass, he repeated this for about 15 minutes. John then pulled out of the little girl's ass and said to her "ready for more cum baby? she shook her head no and with that john said good and slid his cock back into her ass and releases a huge load inside of her ass.

He finally pulled out and he looked at the clock it was only 8:30 am. John untied his young daughter and took the apple out of her mouth, she managed to spit out the words "daddy why did you do that to me?" Her father smiled and said "oh baby that is nothing compared to what is next." The End of Part 1 Please let me know what you think.


This is only my second story. I hope I am getting better.