Katrina is a true slut

Katrina is a true slut
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The Story of Ann Chapter 5 They Call me Jack I followed Jack outside not knowing why he wanted to talk to me. I hoped it was not to ask me out as if he did I was going to refuse. I had learned my lesson after going through three husbands since I was seventeen.

There was something about him and it troubled me in a way. I felt I knew him from somewhere I just could not remember. Jack took me over to his truck where Frank was standing and Jack said, "Ann, I want you to have this truck." "I couldn't Jack," I replied.

"I only want you to use my truck until I get your car fixed," Jack said. "I am to blame just as much as your ex-husband is," he added. "NO Jack it was not your fault and I ca…," I started to say but he stopped me. "Ann, I want nothing from you, I only want to fix your car back up," "I will even let you help as Frank is, he tells me you are pretty good at cars," Jack said. "What else did Frank tell you," I asked him as I looked to Frank.

"That if I ever bring or let harm fall upon you or that little girl of yours I will pay dearly for it," Jack replied. Frank smiled at me as he said, "I was just saying." I turned to Jack as he asked, "Please Ann, let me right the wrong of last night." "OK Jack but I am going to help," I said to him.

"Let me change into my work clothes and I will be right back," I added. "We will be in the barn Ann," Frank said as they walked away. I returned inside to find Janet, grandma and Michelle sitting at the table yet. All of them were looking through that photo album. Grandma turned the page and as Michelle looked at the photo she said, "DADA," as she giggled and laughed.

I looked at the photo and it was one of Jack in his football uniform from our school. I looked at the photo and for some reason that face, that hair cut and those blue greens eyes looked familiar to me. Grandma picked Michelle up and whispered something in her ear. Michelle looked outside and pointed with her little hand and finger. "What did you just say to her?" I asked. "I asked her where daddy was," grandma replied smiling. "So this is what all of this is about," "Your trying to fix me up with Jack," I said to her.

"Some things were just meant to be together like peanut butter and jelly," grandma replied smiling and giving a little laugh. "Thanks grandma but I have had my fill of men thank you," I replied. "Come on Janet I have to change my clothes again," I added as I walked out of the kitchen. "Ann, we have to talk," Janet said as we walked up stairs.

We went inside and I told her I was going to help Jack and Frank work on my car. She told me she wanted to help also. I told her to find something else to wear other than that mini skirt she had on from last night. I went over to my closet and I removed a short sleeve coverall I use around the ranch. I slipped a bra on and some panties then pulled the coverall over me and zipped it up as I grabbed some socks and tennis shoes as well.

I was sitting on the bed when I noticed Janet had grabbed a pair of my short shorts along with a low cut tank top. At least she left the shelf bra on that she wore. Janet slipped into the shorts without any panties then slipped the tank top over her head. She came over to me and she leaned down in front of me. I could see all of her tits when she bent over like that. I shook my head as she asked me if I had another pair of sneakers. I gave her the sneakers as I asked, "Now what did you want to talk about?" "Ann, you remember that party we went to after the 9th grade was over," Janet said to me.

"JANET, I told you a hundred times we would never talk about that night," I replied to her in a loud angry tone of voice. Sorry, Ann but we really should," Janet said. "JANET, KNOCK it off, I have enough on my mind," I replied still angry. Janet looked like she was going to cry so I added, "Please Janet some other time just not right now." I walked over to her and wrapped her in my arms.

I whispered that I was sorry for yelling but I just soon forget that night. Janet whispered she understood but when I wanted to talk about that night, she had something to tell me. We walked from the bedroom outside to the barn. We made quite a pair. I was looking like a grease monkey in a pair of coveralls and her looking like a slut. I remember when I too once enjoyed looking and feeling like a slut. However, I felt as if I would never dress and enjoy being the slut ever again.

We walked into the barn to find Frank and Jack already hard at work. Frank was removing the headlights while Jack was breaking out the rest of the glass from all the windows. Jack was dress in jeans and a tee shirt. The tee shirt had "Make My Day," written on it. I thought you could make my day by just leaving. Janet and I walked over to Frank asking him what we could do to help. Janet placed her hands onto the fender on the car. She bent over giving Frank a long peek down the front of her tank top.

Frank smiled as he replied, "Ask Jack this is his project not mine." Frank looked to Janet as he added, "Nice work clothes Janet," giving her a smile. We walked over to Jack and I asked with a tone to my voice, "Why is my car your project?" Jack looked to me and hung his head then raised it as he replied, "Ann, I know you blame me and I blame myself as well." "I knew better than to not just end it for good last night." "End it for Good how Jack?" I asked angrily.

I did not give him time to answer as I added, "By taking Rick's life." "Does that make you a better man that him?" I asked. "YES ANN, if that is what it fucking takes to make him leave you alone," Jack replied angrily. "It is wrong of any man to take advantage of a woman in any shape or form." Jack hung his head then lifted it as he added; "Trust me Ann, I know," then he hung his head once more. "HEY, you two we fixing this car or are we fighting amongst ourselves," Frank said giving us both the eye.

"Fighting like they are in love already," Janet said with a little laugh. "What can we do Jack?" I asked this time calmly. "You can help me with the windows and Janet can remove the tail lights," Jack replied. "Janet you help Jack and I will remove the taillights," I said to Janet as I grabbed a screwdriver. I saw Jack shaking his head as I walked to the back of the car. Janet smiled as she told Jack I am yours to command. Jack just shook his head from side to side at her as I went to work removing the taillights.

Jack had Janet go get the sweeper and pick up the glass he was knocking into the car as he removed all the glass. I thought about what he had said about if that was what it took to make Rick leave me alone.

I did hate Rick but not enough to have him killed. Grandma had raised me to believe that all things have a purpose in life and one should not kill anything without good reason too. Something my Grandfather had told me a long time ago came to thought.

It was a verse from the bible, "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' However, I say to you, do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." I also thought how could a man speak such sweet words to grandma and to me yet have the heart of a born killer. I also wondered why Jack felt it was his duty to protect me. I mean I was glad he was there last night but then again he was just doing his job.

I looked to him and saw that he was looking through the empty windshield of my car. I saw Janet in the front seat sweeping the glass out of it. Her big tits had to be in plain sight of Jack. Jack rather looked at me as he rolled his eyes and shook his head from side to side. I think he was actually disgusted about seeing Janet's tits. That was a first for me from a man. I also knew he was not gay from the story grandma had told us.

Jack looked to me and I looked away as if I was working on the other taillight. Jack came to the back of the car and he said, "I am sorry for my outburst Ann." ""It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets." Jack hung his head then added, "In Vietnam I heard no trumpets neither," as he walked away. I was looking into his eyes when he told me that. I saw the despair, the guilt and sadness that filled his eyes.

I knew nothing of Vietnam other than some men came back different. I almost felt sorry for him. Ann, stop it I told myself. Do not fall for him. Jack had his problems and I had mine. His I did not know however, mine was men. I must not have heard myself or something in me took over me. Because as Jack walked away, I called to him. I said, "Jack, I am sorry too," "It has been rough on me the last few years and I…" However, he cut me off before I could finish.

"I know Ann trust no one until you can trust yourself," Jack replied walking away. He had once again read my mind. I just shook my head and I went back to work. I got the taillights removed and went over to Janet who was finishing sweeping out the glass. I looked down at her as I watched her big tits swinging freely as they must have came out of her bra.

I stood there thinking Jack must have gotten a good show. I also wondered if he had enjoyed it as I was as I smiled to myself. "Kind of hard not to stare at those," Jack said smiling at me. "ANN, you're blushing again," Janet said looking up to me. "No I am not," "After all it is not like I have not seen them before," I replied. Jack gave me a funny look as I added, "What I am just saying." Frank started to laugh, then Jack, then Janet and I.

The four of us worked non-stop after that. I even left Jack tell me what to do next. Jack was working up a sweat as he was doing all the heavy work such as removing the doors. After he had one door removed, he stepped back and lifted his tee shirt off over his head. Janet and I both stood there with drool running from our mouths. He looked like a Greek god as he turned toward us.

Janet grabbed my arm as she whispered; "Now that is a man." I would have to agree with her on that. Jack stood about 6'2" with not an ounce of body fat upon his body.

His chest was massive with firm huge pectoral muscles like those on Hercules. His muscular arms matched his chest as well. The man had a true six-pack abdomen. They rather rippled as he turned to the side.

I tried not to stare as the longer I looked at him my pussy started to tingle. Janet leaned against me. "My pussy is dripping," Janet whispered into my ear. I did not tell her mine was as well. His body was well defined and toned. One could tell he had worked for a living and not just sat around all day. Jack tossed his shirt to the ground turning his back to us, which was as defined as his front.

Janet asked, "What are those three holes in his back?" whispering to me. I looked to Jack's back as I had not noticed them until she pointed them out to me. They were indents like three of them in a closely spaced diagonal line. They were about the size of a nickel in diameter. Jack turned back to us as I saw the same type scarring at the front of his chest, which lined up with the ones on his chest.

I leaned into Janet and whispered back into her ear, "Those are bullet holes I think." Grandma came walking into the barn holding Michelle as she said, "You know it is past lunchtime," as she stood beside Jack. Frank looked at his watch as he replied, "So it is," looking to Jack.

"You three go get some lunch," "I am not really hungry," Jack, replied looking to us. Michelle stretched out her little arms from grandma toward Jack. She wanted Jack to take her. Jack took Michelle and he held her high above his head.

He gently rocked her from side to side, as he raised and lowered her above his head. Michelle giggled and cooed as he played with her. Grandma looked to Jack's chest then touched the three holes as she said, "Jack, your wounds from Vietnam healed nicely." Jack handed Michelle back to grandma as he replied, "Wounds heal but men do not," Jack went back to work as he added, "For we all must pay for our sins.'' Grandma touched his arm as she said, "I am here Jack if you need to talk about it.

"Thanks grandma but some memories are better left alone," Jack replied to her then looked at me before he turned away. Once again, I saw his eyes fill with despair and sadness.

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I also saw the sadness in Grandma's eyes as well. I believed something had happened to him in Vietnam that brought pain and despair into his eyes. I think grandma knew this as well. She turned and looked to Frank. "Let's go get some lunch," Frank said wrapping his arm around her shoulder. We all walked to the house except for Jack he stayed behind working on my car. We went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Grandma made us some sandwiches and she handed me a couple on a plate.

"Be a dear Ann and take these out to Jack," grandma said. Janet spoke up as she said, "I will take them out to him." "No Janet I will," I replied standing up taking his and my plate with me as I went out the back door. I was not sure why I had not let her take them to Jack. I walked slowly to the barn thinking about that. I think it was because of the pain I saw in his eyes.

At the barn, I noticed Jack was hard at work taking the other door from my car. As I walked in I heard him humming a little tune as he worked it was "Hush little Baby." "Jack, grandma sent these out for you," I said as I walked up to him. "Thank you, Ann," Jack replied. Jack saw I had my plate in my hand as well.

Jack smiled at me as he walked over and picked up a bake of hay. He placed it down near the car and then placed a near by piece of wood onto it making a table out of it. Jack went back, got two more bales, and tossed them onto each side of the bale with the wood on it. He even placed an old lantern onto the wood. "It will serve its purpose," Jack said as he stood there looking at me.

I stood there looking at the bales of hay. To be truthful I thought it looked a little romantic in a way. Jack took the plates from me placing them onto the make shift table. He turned and stared at me looking into my eyes.

I stared back into his as he did. Jack came toward me catching me by surprise as he wrapped his arms around me bending down to me. He pressed his lips into mine. His lips felt like gentle splashes of rain upon my lips as he kissed me pecking at my lips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as that warm feeling entered my body. My lips rolled with his as our kiss continued. Jack pulled his lips away from mine as he kissed at my neck. My body tingled as his tongue licked sensually at my neck. Jack moved his lips back to mine. He kissed me with more feeling and passion than I had ever felt from any man before him.

However, it was as if I had tasted those lips before. Jack started to break our kiss pulling his face from mine. However, I pulled him back against my face as my lips went back onto his.

I had enjoyed his kiss and I did not want it to end as I kissed him deeply as he had me. I had never heard bells and whistles before kissing a man. However, this man had set them off as we kissed. "Sorry to interrupt," "But you forgot something to drink," grandma said.

Jack and I both suddenly broke our kiss. We stood there looking innocently like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

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Jack looked to me as I looked to him. We both said in unison, "We were not doing anything grandma." Grandma smiled as she replied, "I remember my first true kiss with your grandfather right here in this barn." "It was not my first kiss grandma," I replied. "Are you sure Ann?" grandma asked smiling at Jack. "I will leave you two alone," she added walking from the barn.

I stood there thinking about what she had said. She had said her first true kiss. I realized what she had meant. She was talking of that feeling I had just gotten as we kissed.

How his lips and kisses felt like gentle rain upon my lips as I heard bells and whistles in my head. I looked to Jack who was staring at me. "Forgive me Ann, I have wanted to taste those lovely lips again," Jack said smiling at me. I was still in shock or in disbelieve of how well I had enjoyed his kiss that I was not paying any attention to what he had said.

My body still had that warmth running through it. I did not want it to end as it gave me great joy feeling it. "I meant I had wanted to taste those lovely lips," Jack said this time around which I heard.

Jack took my hand as he sat me down onto the hay bale. Jack then went to the other bale and sat down himself. He bowed his head and said a silent prayer before he picked up a sandwich. I had not figured him to be a religious man. "Jack, I am sorry we got off on the wrong foot," I said to him. "It's OK Ann, when one has endured what you have in such a short time it is a wonder you would even talk to me or any man," Jack replied. I was about to ask him just what he knew of men and me.

However, I held my tongue for now. As we ate, my eyes kept going to those three holes in his chest. I did not mean to be staring at them. I was just wondering how he got them and if it had hurt when he did. Jack saw me staring at his chest and he looked down to the scars. "I got those on a mission in Vietnam," Jack said to me as he hung his head. "Care to talk about it?" I asked, as it seemed he wanted too and I was here to listen.

Jack raised his head as he told me the story of getting his wounds. Our Heuy had a mission to retrieve a team from the deep jungle. I was the crew chief on that Huey. My job was maintenance and on missions, I was the door gunner as well as the person to see that men got safely aboard the Heuy.

We had gotten to the LZ where our mission was to pick up a Lego unit. I must have had a look on my face as I wondered just what some of the terms he used were. "Sorry Ann, Heuy is a helicopter, the LZ is landing zone and Lego is an infantry unit," Jack said looking at me. "I will use terms you will know," he added as he went on with his story. They had radioed us that LZ was not hot, which meant safe to land. We landed and I got the men loaded into the helicopter.

I was seeing to loading the last man when gunfire erupted from the jungle. The soldier I was loading took a hit and fell back to the ground rolling away from the helicopter.

He laid there motionless on the ground some ways from us. The others held out their hands screaming for me to get on board as that soldier was dead when more gunfire started to hit the helicopter. I shook my head no and went to the man. I placed him over my shoulder, and went back to the helicopter. I handed him over to the others and as I stepped up into the helicopter, I felt three hot burning sensations hitting me in my back.

I remember blood exploding outward from my chest right after the burning feeling. I saw no lights; no angels as I felt only pain and was unable to breathe .I fell forward into the helicopter as hands went onto me.

"Thank god I fell into the helicopter instead of outside of it for if I had they would have left me there," Jack said to me. I awoke sometime later back on a table within our fire base with, medics all around me.

My chest hurt like hell and I could barely breathe. I heard one telling the other as they looked at my chest, "He is a dead man," as one pressed bandages harder against my chest. I closed my eyes as I thought he was right, as it was time for me to pay for my sins. I awoke many days later in a hospital in Japan. I was alive but just barely. When I awoke, my mother was in my room. I heard her begging god not to take her son for I was all she had. I felt her hand upon mine and I opened my eyes.

"I am OK mom it is not my time yet as I still have one more thing to do before I can die," I said to her. She asked me if I remembered what had happened to me. I told her I did and then asked about the soldier I had placed into the helicopter. She told me he was alive and well thanks to me. I asked her how bad it is. Mom explained that three rounds had entered my back and passed straight through my chest. There had been a great deal of blood lose and they barely were able to keep you alive.

It was touch and go for a while she told me. "The doctors told me that somehow all three rounds missed your heart," my mother said to me. I turned from her as I silently replied, "Only because I have no heart." I spent some months there and I asked her not to tell grandma, as I did not want her to worry about me as she was.

They flew me back to the states. By the time I had healed, the Vietnam War was ending. I recovered and served the rest of my time. "During that time I found that boy who had ran away and I decided to return to face what I had ran from finally as a man," Jack said taking my hand.

He looked into my eyes as I stared back into his. Those lovely blue green eyes sparkled and shined just as I have seen Michelle's do. They suddenly seemed to turn dull as he hung his head then picked it back up looking at me again. "Ann, I have some…" Jack started to say. "You two should get a room," Janet said as she and Frank walked into the barn. Jack let go of my hands as he stood up and walked back to the car. He lifted the hood and Frank went over to him. Janet came over to me and looked at me sitting on the hay bale.

She looked at the table and the lantern then back to me. "Sorry, I interrupted something didn't I," Janet said with a smile on her face. "Never mind," I replied to her. The four of us worked stripping the rest of the car.

We took the hood off the trunk off and all the flat tires. Frank, Janet and I stood looking at the stripped car. The car did not even look like my car anymore. Jack loaded the tires up into the tow truck he had driven to the house.

He returned to the barn and stood beside us. "That's enough for today," Frank said looking to his watch. He rubbed at his stomach as he added, "It's dinner time anyways," as he started for the house. Jack escorted Janet and me from the barn closing the door behind him. He started toward that tow truck when Janet stopped him. They both turned and looked to me. "Yes Jack, where are you going?" "Aren't you staying for dinner?" I asked. "Was just waiting to be invited," Jack replied with a smile.

Janet grabbed his hand as she walked him over to me. Jack held out his hand as I stared at it. I looked up into his face as a smile grew across it. I took his hand into mine as I smiled back at him.

The three of us walked into the kitchen. As we did, I noticed there was a plate on the table already for Jack. I turned to him as I said, "Looks like someone else expected you for dinner as well." Jack left go of our hands as he took a deep breathe smelling the food in the air. He walked up behind grandma. Spun her around at the oven where she stood and took her into his arms.

"Sure have missed your cooking grandma," Jack said giving her a hug with a kiss upon her cheek. "Jack, you go wash your hands like a good little boy," grandma replied with a little laugh. Jack started for the kitchen sink as she added, "Not there Jack have Ann show you into the new bathroom." I took Jack into the bathroom to wash his hands. I stood there watching him wash his hands. I took my hand to his back and ran it over the three holes in his back.

I asked him if that had hurt. Jack looked over his shoulder, as he replied, "Not as bad as something's in my life, as he washed his hands. After Jack had finished I handed him a towel. I washed mine as he was drying his. Jack handed me the towel and as I took it, he bent over taking me into his arms. His lips moved lightly and gently on mine as we kissed.

I dropped the towel and wrapped my wet hands around his neck. I kissed him back as my tongue ran across his lips. His mouth opened to accept my tongue as his entered into mine.

I noticed Jack had his eyes shut as we kissed. I closed mine joining him. As my eyes closed for some reason eyes started to race toward me. I opened my eyes to see Jack's eyes staring into mine. A light went off in my mind as he stared into my eyes. I broke our kiss and pushed him away from me. "Stop Jack," I yelled staring into his eyes. My mind filled with scenes from an event I just soon have forgotten.

I stood there looking at Jack as the terror and horror of that night played out in my mind. Jack lowered his head taking his eyes from mine. As he did the vision, I was having faded away. "Maybe I have better leave," Jack said to me hanging his head. "MAYBE YOU SHOULD," I replied as the events of that night played out in my mind.

Jack walked out of the bathroom and out the front door. I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. We heard the tow truck start up outside. "Where is Jack at?" Grandma asked going to the back door as Jack drove away.

I looked to Michelle as she said, "Daddy," plain as could be as she pointed toward the back door. Grandma turned to me asking, "Why did Jack leave suddenly?" I started to cry as I ran from the table. I ran up the stairs into my bedroom locking the door behind me as I entered. I threw myself down onto the bed as I cried even more. I heard Janet knocking on my door. "Ann, may I come in?" Janet asked through the closed door. I got off my bed and left her into the room locking my door behind her.

I went back to my bed and sat down at the edge with my head hanging down. I brought my hands to my face as I cried into my hands. "WHY JACK, why," I sobbed into my hands.

"What is wrong Ann?" Janet asked as she sat beside me taking me into her arms. I buried my face into her tits as I sobbed, "It's Jack." "He was there that night of the party when ninth grade was over he was one of those whom had his way with me." I wrapped my arms around her waist as she held me.

I cried my eyes out into her chest. Janet rubbed at my back as she held me until my crying was but sniffles. Janet pulled me from her chest as she said, "I told you I needed to talk to you about that night, Ann." "But you won't listen," She added. I hung my head down onto my chest as I managed to ask, "What did you want to talk about?" Janet lifted my head as she replied, "When I was looking into that photo album your grandma showed us I remembered him from that party when I saw his picture." I looked to Janet as I said, "I can't remember him from that party only of seeing his eyes staring at me." "I can only remember seeing Jack with you," Janet replied.

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Janet explained she remember seeing Jack as he was the one who had removed her hand from his cock telling her she did not know him well enough for that. I remember us laughing at this person when she pointed him out but that was all I remembered. Janet went on with she remembered waking up to find us both alone in the room.

She told me she saw me lying in the bed next to her but could not speak or move for some reason. She saw Jack walk into the room and sit down on the bed next to you.

"He just sat there stroking your hair looking at you," Janet said to me. "Jack told you how lovely you were and that he was sorry for what he was about to do as he did not even know you," she added. Jack stood back up dropping his pants. He then placed a rubber over his cock. He stood over you looking down at you as he said; "Forgive me," as he got on top of you. I lie there watching as he slowly started to make love to you.

"NO, Janet he was raping me like the rest had," I cried out at her. "No Ann, he was not," Janet replied. He caressed you gently, talking softly to you as he lies upon you. I thought you were awake as your arms went around him. I think he did as well, because he jumped off you standing at the foot of the bed.

However you called him back as you told him his touch felt nice and to please continue. Jack rejoined you on the bed as you two started to kiss. You pulled your lips from his as you said, "No one has ever kissed me as lovely as you do," "Please tell me your name so I might remember it when I awake from this dream," you asked him.

"They call me Jack," he replied to you before he went back to kissing and caressing you. I watched as the two of you made love, as I had never seen it done before. His touch on your breasts made your nipples grow harder than I had ever made them. He used his hands then his tongue on them as you ran your hands through his hair calling his name. Jack slowly worked his way down your body licking and kissing you everywhere. He would stop to tell you how lovely you were and how he had never felt skin as soft as yours.

You cooed and moaned on the bed as he placed his face between your legs. Your hands went to his head, as he started to lick at your pussy. I could see his head moving as your moans filled the bedroom. You told him not to stop, as you had never felt so much pleasure as you were feeling then.

Jack did not stop he just kept his face buried between your legs. Your moans turned into whimpering as you told him you were going to have an orgasm.

Jack just kept licking away at your pussy. You moaned out as you orgasm then asked, "What ever you are doing to me down there?" "Do more of it," you added. Jack removed his face as he said, "I am doing my ABC'S with my tongue," then buried his face back between your legs.

"So that is where you learned to do that," I said smiling to Janet. Jack was driving you wild with pleasure and you finally pulled his face from between your legs. You told him to fuck you as you did. Jack crawled up on top of you and you moaned loudly as he entered you. "Did I hurt you?" Jack asked you rising from atop of you. "No just fuck me Jack," you replied to him.

Jack did just that to you except it was not fucking. He was making love to you and you were making love to him. Jack stayed on top for a long time then you sort of just rolled you both until you were on top of him as you rode his cock.

You rode him screaming out in pleasure as you did. Your wet pussy filled the room as fucking sounds came from it. You rode him deep and hard then Jack flipped the two of you over so he was once again on top. He placed your legs up onto his shoulders as he buried his cock into your wet pussy. You moaned softly as he went to giving you his cock. "Cum with me Jack," You screamed from under him. He must have as he slammed his cock down into you as moans came from his mouth as well.

The two of you lie locked for a while then Jack slipped your legs from his shoulders as your arms went around him. You kissed him deeply as you told him that was the best that you ever had.

Jack told you the same as your arms fell from around him to your sides. You just lie there totally spent from the sex you just had or passed back out as I know we had been drugged now. Jack got off you and stood up looking down at you as he said, "What have I done?" I saw him looking to his cock, which was still hard. The rubber he had worn broken, hanging half on, and half off his cock. He looked down at you then between your legs.

I think he saw his cum dripping from your open pussy. Jack pulled his pants up as he said, "I wish I had never been born." He started to run from the room but then he stopped and looked back at you. He came back over and folded your clothes then mine and placed them onto our beds. He looked down upon you as you lie there with your eyes closed. Jack bent down and kissed your forehead lightly as he said, "Forgive me." He looked to me and saw my eyes were open staring at him as he added; "Tell her…" was all I heard before I passed back out not hearing the rest.

I looked to Janet as I asked, "Why didn't you ever say anything?" "I was not for sure if it really happened or if I just thought it had happened," Janet replied. "I have been trying to tell you about it especially after seeing his pictures as it brought the memories of seeing you two back to me," Janet added.

I had sat there listening to the story she told of that night. As she explained, my mind returned to that night. My mind filled with visions from that night. Everything Janet had said was true as my mind played that night over in my mind.

I remembered Jack and I making love not just him fucking me as the others had. Janet took my hand as she asked, "You don't suppose that Michelle's blonde hair and blue green eyes could have come from Jack," "Do you Ann?" I sat there on my bed and did some quick math.

I got up and went to my closet pulling a metal box from it. Inside I keep all of my important papers such as my annulments and divorce papers as well as Michelle's birth certificate. I grabbed it and sat back onto the bed next to Janet.

I looked at the date on it. Michelle was born in June and the party had been in September as hard as tried to tell myself that she could not possibly be his. The numbers in my head told me there was a chance I might have already been pregnant when I met Sonny.

That would explain her blonde hair and those lovely blue green eyes they shared. I looked to Janet as I replied, "I don't know what to believe anymore." "Love works in mysterious ways, Ann," Janet said to me. "Why did he run Janet?" I asked her. Janet wrapped her arm around me as she replied, "That is something you will have to ask him." I remembered then he was going to tell me something in the barn. I wondered if that was it.


I sat there thinking on one hand maybe Janet was right about love working in mysterious ways. However, at the same time I was pissed at him as well. I wondered how long he has known or thought Michelle was his and why did he just have his way with me that night then run. I remembered running into him with grandma at that sporting store.

The day she found out his adoptive father had died. I remembered that grandma told us she went to see him that night. I turned to Janet and asked her if she remembered what grandma had said Jack told her that night at his house. "You mean about I am not for sure it was my heart that was broken or if I caused more hurt to someone by my foolish actions back then," Janet replied.

Janet's voice rang in my head, as I said, "NO not that." Then suddenly it came to me as I added, "That child does not need a coward for her father." I was not for sure but I think he might have meant he was a coward because he had runaway thinking about what he had done to me that night. There was a knock at my door and this time it was grandma, she asked to come in and I left her inside my bedroom. "ANN is something wrong?" Grandma asked coming over to me. "Was Jack a coward in Vietnam?" I asked her.

Grandma asked in return, "Why do you ask Ann?" "Just tell me grandma," I replied. Grandma looked to Janet then to me as she said, "You two come with me," as she walked from my bedroom. Grandma walked us down into a room I always thought was her sewing room. She stopped and reached into her pocket and pulled out a key.

She used it to unlock the door to that room. As the door swung open, I saw it was a boy's bedroom. Grandma walked in with us behind her. "This was Jack's room as he stayed with us on weekends as a boy," Grandma said to Janet and me. Grandma walked over to a dresser and on top of it sat a display glass. I saw it had medals and ribbons in it. Grandma turned from the dresser to Janet and me. "These are Jack's medals from Vietnam they were sent to his mom and dad but he told them to give them to me for a coward like him deserved no medals," grandma said wiping her eyes.

Grandma told us that her and Frank did some checking as he knew someone in the state department at the time. Jack had earned all of these medals. Grandma pointed to a silver star and a bronze star hanging in the display case.

"Jack received one for acts of heroism and the other for gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States," Grandma said to us. She pointed to a purple heart as she added, "After seeing those holes in his chest you know why he received that." Grandma walked over to me taking my hand as she said, "Jack was no coward during the Vietnam War." Grandma placed her other hand onto mine as she added, "Jack was only a coward when he ran back to that war after his night with you." I pulled my hand from hers as I replied, "So you knew what he did to me." "Jack only recently explained everything about that night to Frank and me," grandma said.

"Jack was a scared boy who had done a bad deed to some girl so he ran back to the war hoping to put it behind him," grandma added hanging her head down. "I don't understand grandma," I replied.

"Ann, let Jack explain it to you then you might understand it," grandma said to me. "Janet, do you know where Jack lives?" I asked her. Janet told me yes and I grabbed her hand as I told her she was going to show me.

Frank was walking into that bedroom holding Michelle. I heard him say, "I take it she knows," as Janet and I stormed by him. Janet and I went straight down the steps and outside to Jack's truck. As we got in, she wanted to know if we should change our clothes first. I looked down to see I was still in those dirty coveralls and she was in shorts and tank top. I told her there was no need for us to change as I drove away. "You show me where he lives then I will take you home, and then go deal with him," I said to her.

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"Ann, I saw how you look at him." "You look at me the same way sometimes so I know what you are feeling," Janet said as I drove.

"That was before I knew what he did to me," I replied to her. "What Jack did to you was only what you wanted Ann," Janet said. "I know because I wanted the same as you did, we loved being the slut," she added. I did not say anymore to Janet as I drove. I only asked her where he lived as his mother had sold their farm shortly after her husband had died.

Janet showed me and I saw the tow truck sitting in the driveway. I turned around and took Janet home dropping her at her house. "Ann, don't do anything foolish," Janet said to me as she got out of Jack's truck. I just looked at her as she added, "Call me later." I did not reply I just drove away. I drove back to Jack's house, pulled behind the tow truck in his driveway, and parked.

His house was a very nice little bungalow with a well-maintained yard. It was white with nicely designed shutters. It looked like it might be a two or maybe three-bedroom place. I got out and walked up to the front door. I rang the doorbell and Jack opened the door. "Ann," Jack said. My hand went across his face slapping him as hard as I could as I asked, "How could you, Jack?" I shoved my way into his house.

Jack closed the door behind me as he turned looking at me. "Ann, I am sorry I tried telling you earlier but we were interrupted," Jack replied. "WHY JACK, Why," I asked him almost in tears. "I have asked myself that for almost the last five years Ann," Jack replied."Please sit down Ann and let me explain myself if I even can," he added. I walked over and sat down on the sofa. I looked around the room and noticed how well kept it was. There were photos of his adoptive parents hanging on the wall as well of grandma, grandfather and Frank.

I looked to the top of his TV and I saw a picture of me holding Michelle. It was right after I had her and I remember grandma liked it when I had returned home but I thought she had kept it.

Jack saw me looking at it and he picked it up as he came over next to me on the sofa. Jack sat down next to me but not real close to me as he looked at the photo.

"Grandma sent me this photo when I returned to Vietnam after my short leave back home." "In her letter she explained the girl in the photo was her granddaughter Ann who had came to live with her," Jack said. "The girl in that photo has haunted my days and nights all these years," Jack said to me. "That girl turned out to be you Ann," he added. Grandma explained in her letter to me about you. How your own mother was going to throw you out into the street.

She told me how you were helping her with the farm just as I once had. I was to have met you when I was home on leave from Vietnam but I had suddenly returned to Vietnam.

"When I looked at your photo I realized I had already met you," Jack said as he went on with his story. Jack told me at first he thought his actions of that night had finally caught up with him. However as he read the letter from her he saw that she or I knew nothing of that night. She had written him that the baby was with a man named Sonny. However, seeing Michelle in your arms made me think about that broken rubber that night. I saw her blonde hair, those blue green eyes as well as the beauty of her mother he said to me.

That night has haunted me since it happened he explained. "I feared I had ruined your life by my careless and dumb actions that night," Jack explained. "I thought it was judgment day when I opened her letter and that photo of you and Michelle fell from it," he added.

After I had read the full letter in which grandma explained about you running away with a man then returning home with a baby. I did some simple math and I concluded that the baby you held in your arms could very well be mine and as I looked at the photo again I was sure that Michelle was mine. "Or at least I wanted her to be mine," Jack said to me on the sofa.

"Jack, I don't understand any of this," I replied. "Let me tell you another little story and then maybe you can understand it better," Jack said to me. My story starts out with just having finished High School. I had earned a scholarship to the University of Michigan to play football. At the time, I had a steady girlfriend named Elaine.

We had been sweethearts since around when I was 14. She was going to be attending Michigan as well, which was one of the reason I had accepted it. She and I went to a party a few days after school was finished just as you and Janet had. While at this party, we became separated from each other. I went to go look for her. I wish I had not found her.

I found her in the arms as well as in bed with another from our school. Others had told me and warned me of her fooling around behind my back when I was not around her. However, I did not believe them until I saw it with my own eyes. "I was enraged about it but not at her or him but at myself for not seeing it before," Jack said. "I just wanted to get away from her and everyone who I thought were laughing at me now, so I went and joined the army," Jack added. I finished basic training then helicopter repair school and shipped off to Vietnam.

I kept to myself there and made few friends as the war saw to that. After a year, I was able to return home on leave and I would not have to go back to Vietnam to serve as I had done my time in the war and could serve state side. I came home and visited with my folks for a few days then come Friday I went to grandma's house.

She had already written me about you coming to live with her. She had not told me why in that letter nor had she sent me your photo. She explained she had not told you about me as she did not want you to think I had replaced you with her and grandfather.

I wrote her back telling her I agreed about keeping me a secret however, I was actually looking forward to meeting you as we shared the fact that it seemed like no one wanted us. When I came to see grandma on that Friday, she told me I had just missed you. She told me you had went somewhere for the weekend with your girlfriend Janet. "We all can get together on Monday and straighten this entirely out then grandma told me and I told her that would be fine with me," Jack said to me.

"I had already made plans for Friday night with a friend I went to school with," Jack added. That friends name was Phil he and I were to have gone to Michigan together. He is also the oldest brother of Stan and Larry. He had told me it was a going away party just as the one I had went to before. At first, I was not going to go but Phil talked me into it as I could give some advice to those boys who might end up in Vietnam. I went to that party where I met two wild 18-year-old cousins of his.

I was attracted to you the moment I saw you Ann. I joined the others in drinking and having a little fun something I had not had for a long time. After all this party was far cry from the death and horrors of Vietnam. I never asked him their names but the blonde one got a little fresh with me while dancing. Her hands were all over me down at the privates of my pants Jack explained. I was not interested in her at all. However his other cousin I was. "That cousin turned out to be you Ann," Jack said to me.

Jack looked into my eyes as I looked into his on his sofa. Those blue green eyes started to sparkle then shine as he told me. He found himself attracted to me right after seeing me. However, he also saw I was interested in the others there and not him. Sometime during that night, Phil told me that his cousin was waiting for me in the bedroom. I asked him which one and he told me both. Phil told me to make sure I used a rubber as he pointed to the bedroom.

"As I entered the room I saw Janet and you lying on separate beds with only your socks and shoes on," "I should have walked out of that room, however I saw you lying there and I went to you," Jack said. I lay beside you stroking you hair telling you how lovely you were to me. You were either passed out or drugged I thought as you did not move. I had a little too much to drink myself and I could not stop myself.

I knew it was wrong to take advantage of you in this state however; a year in Vietnam had been a long time without any female companionship. I slipped a rubber on and climbed on top of you kissing you gently as I did. You awoke suddenly as your arms went around me. I jumped from the bed standing there looking down upon you. You called me back as you told me you had enjoyed my touch. I joined you on the bed and we began to kiss.

"I was taken from the horrors of Vietnam by the angel I was holding in my arms." "The year of fighting and death washed from my mind as I lie with you in that bed," Jack said to me. The touch of your lips upon mine was unlike any kiss I had tasted. Once I had tasted your lips, I wanted to taste your other set of lips as well. You even asked me my name, which I told to you before going back to making love to you.

"NO, Jack you were raping me as the other had," I said angrily to him. "I know Ann I committed an unforgivable act that night with you," "One that would lay heavy on my mind," Jack replied hanging his head.

"You were but an innocent angel being ravished at the hands of the devil himself," Jack added as he stood up from the sofa. Jack paced the room as he went on with his story. By the time we had finished I was glad I had came home from Vietnam. However, when I noticed that the rubber had busted and I saw cum running from your hairy pussy the true horror of what I had just done sunk into me.

"I was no longer that lost little boy that your grandfather had changed," "I was no longer that man I became when he died or that man grandma would smile at," Jack said to me. "I was just another devil who had returned from Vietnam to commit the horrors he had witnessed over there," he added. I ran back to Vietnam, as that was where I belonged with the rest of the devils. However, your face was still in my eyes, your lips still upon my lips as I thought of you every second of the day.

I could not get you or the deed I had done out of my head. I had written many times to grandma about what I had done however the letters were never sent as I was to ashamed of what I had done that night. Then I received the letter with this photo. "It only made the horror of it come back to me," "For now my victim had a name as well as a baby too," Jack said to me. "It only made it harder knowing you were part of grandma's family as well," Jack added. In a month or so, my adoptive father died and I once again returned home.


I did not run into you by accident at that store. I had been following grandma and you all day long. I wanted to be sure before I confessed to everyone my sins I had done to you. That was why I never told grandma I was coming home. "Seeing you and Michelle gave me great warmth and I felt love returning to my soul which had been sold to the devil in Vietnam." Jack said.

"However I was but a coward when it came to confessing my wrong doing to you," he added. Grandma even had plans of her own for our future however; our pasts would not allow us to have a future. I had kept the truth buried to long to release it now. I only knew I was right when I saw you that night at the bar with Janet, Hank and Rick. I watched you get into a car with Rick and drive away. "So you knew Rick?" I asked Jack.

"Yes, Ann we were in the same class during High School," Jack replied. "My future left me as you drove away because of a past I could not change," Jack said to me.

I returned to Vietnam and a few months later, I received my wounds. Maybe I was thinking too much of you and Michelle because I never should have turned my back to the enemy.

While in the hospital, I wrote to grandma asking about you. Her return letter sealed my future when she told me you had married Rick. The past would not stay buried as I still only thought of you and Michelle.

I tried everything to rid my mind of the past during my rehab even never writing to grandma. However, you never left my eyes nor did the taste of your lips. It took me the rest of my enlistment to realize I must confess my past and try to right it in order that I might have a future and so that Michelle has one as well. "I returned home in hopes of changing the past so the three of us might have a future together," Jack said as he looked down at me.

"I know I am but a fool to think that but I had to at least try," he added. I stared at him wiping my tears from my eyes. His story was just about the most romantic thing I had ever heard even with me being the victim in it.

To know that just one night had made such a lasting impression on him over whelmed me. I looked deep into those lovely eyes and I saw no devil or demon. I saw but a gentle, loving, caring man. I got off the sofa and went to him.

I wrapped my arms around his waist. I hugged him tightly pressing the side of my face into his chest. His arms wrapped around me as he laid his head to my shoulder. "Forgive me Ann for all I have caused or brought upon you and Michelle," Jack whispered into my ear. "I would like to make it up to you both if you will only give me the chance to right a wrong of a long ago past night," he added.

I broke our hug looking up to him as I replied, "We all make mistakes." I stood on my tiptoes raising my face to his as I puckered up my lips. Jack lowered his face to mine as our lips touched.

I waited for a second until those bells and whistles went off and that warm feeling coursed through my body. I ran my tongue over his lips getting them to open. I slipped my tongue into his mouth as his entered mine. His hand went to my ass as my arms wrapped around his neck. Jack scooped his hands under my ass picking me up from the floor. I wrapped my legs around his midsection as we kissed and he held onto me. I started to get that other warm feeling as we kissed.

You know the one where you get that itch between your legs and the only thing to sooth it is a nice big cock sliding in and out of my wet hairy pussy. I broke our kiss as I looked into his face. "Does this place have a bedroom?" I asked.

"Yes there are three," Jack replied. I smiled at him as I said, "Then show me to ours." Jack carried me through the house into a huge bedroom.

It had a king size bed in there and eased us both into it with me still in his arms. We kissed passionately as we rolled around in the bed. We ended up in a sitting position with me sitting in his lap.

I broke our kiss as my hands went to the tee shirt he wore. I lifted it over his head pulling it from his body. I kissed at his chest then licked at his nipples. I pushed him back down in the bed as my lips trailed kisses to his pants.

I unsnapped his pants and pulled his zipper down. I hooked my thumbs into his pants as well as his under wear. I pulled them from his body as his cock sprang upward. I returned to his cock, which I just stared upon as it jerked a little. It was a lovely cock almost nine inches in fact it would be nine inches if not for the lovely curve at the end of it.

I took his cock into my hand feeling the thickness as well as the hardness of his cock. I wrapped my other hand around it as I started to pump on it with my hands. I leaned down as I ran my tongue over the head of his dick. I gave it a quick lick of my tongue then pulled my tongue away from his cock. "AHhhhh Ann, tease me," Jack moaned softly.

I smiled at him as I said, "Reach up there and turn some music on," seeing a radio by his bed. Jack reached over and turned it on as I got off the bed. Music was playing as I started to sway and dance to it. I kicked off my sneakers and pulled my socks from my feet. I slowly unzipped the dirty coveralls I had worn. I bent down at the foot of the bed exposing my big tits within my bra. I slowly peel my coveralls off my body dancing to the beat of the music.

I danced before him in just my bra and panties. I reached behind myself unhooking my bra. I lowered it slowly exposing my big breasts to him. Jack's cock started to dance on it own as he watched me. "Those tits are lovely Ann," Jack said to me staring at my tits. I scooped one up lifting it to my mouth. I stuck my tongue out flicking at the nipple making it grow hard. I dropped my tit and lifted the other one licking at it's nipple until it was hard as well. I squeezed my tits together pinching and pulling on my nipples as I swayed to the music.

Jack's hand went to his cock and his started to milk it with his hand. I dropped my tit from my hand and turned my back to him. I slowly wiggled my ass from my panties shaking my ass at him as I did. I turned back around to show him my hairy pussy as I slipped my panties from my body.

I slowly crawled up onto the bed between his legs making my way to his lovely big cock. I slapped at his hand as I replied, "Let me do that Jack," smiling at him. I wrapped my tits around his cock and squeezed them together as I started to move them up and down on his cock. It only took a few pumps between my tits to get pre-cum flowing from the head of his cock.

I licked at the pre-cum each time the head popped from between my tits. His pre-cum tasted so good I left go of my tits which were wrapped around his cock. As his cock popped free, my mouth went over the head of his cock as my hand went to his cock. I pumped my hand on his cock as I sucked at the head of his cock.

Jack's pre-cum flowed into my mouth as I did. I pulled my mouth from his cock as I said, "You have a big cock Jack," as I ran my hand from the base all the way up to the head of his dick. I got onto my knees as I placed my mouth back over his cock and started to lower it onto his cock. I started to suck and bob my head up and down as I pumped at his cock with my hand. I slowly worked more of it into my mouth taking an inch at a time.

I finally removed my hand from his cock when my mouth was near the base of it. I worked my mouth down the last bit of his cock. I slowly moved my mouth up then back down the whole length of his cock.

My head was soon bobbing on his cock.

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"AHHhhhh ANN," Jack moaned as I sucked at his cock. I sucked and licked at the head of his cock driving him close to blowing his nut. However, each time I thought he was close, I would let go of his cock.

I finally had enough of sucking on his cock and I crawled up on top of him. My lips went to his and we kissed deeply and passionately.

My pussy began to throb and twitch as we kissed. I broke our kiss as I said, "I have to have your cock Jack," I moved my pussy down to his cock and reached between my legs. I rubbed it once between my lips then slipped it up into my pussy.

My pussy lips wrapped around his cock as I slipped down further onto his cock until I sat upright on him with all of his cock in me. "AHhhh Jack it is touching the back wall of my pussy," I moaned as I started to rock on him. I had only been rocking on his cock for about two minutes when my first orgasm came over me. I moaned his name out many times, as the orgasm hit me. A multi-orgasm raced through my body.

It brought me great pleasure as I rocked upon his big cock. I fell forward pressing my face into his. Jack's hands went to my butt as our lips met and we kissed. He parted my butt cheeks as he started to move his cock in and out of my pussy. My juices started to flow as he did. I was soon bouncing on his cock as he drove his cock upward into me. My pussy was dripping juices all over him and running down my thighs. I broke our kiss as I wrapped my arms around his head pulling his face into my tit.

Jack opened his mouth and sucked upon my tit as I rode him hard. "AHhhhhhh Jack cum with me," I cried out as I rode him. Ahhhhh ANN," Jack yelled out just as my orgasm came over me. My pussy squeezed at his cock as I felt it swelled then throb as cum shot up into my pussy. My pussy spit its juices at the same time. Jack's cum was flowing into me as my own juices were flowing out of me.

I collapsed onto him as he wrapped me in his arms. He kissed at my lips as I kissed at his.


My nostrils filled with the smell of hot sex as we kissed. I had heard when two people make love they have a special smell and this was the first time I had ever smelled it with anyone. Jack scooted to the edge of the bed with me still in his arms.

He told me to wrap my legs around him as he stood up from the bed. Jack carried me like this into the bathroom. He even managed to get into the shower still holding me.

I left my legs unwrap from around his body as he gently lowered me onto my feet. Jack turned the water on as we stood there kissing in the shower. The water cascading down us as the water ran through my hair, my back and over my butt. My hand went from around his neck to his cock.

I felt it grew in my hand as I pushed it near my pussy. I tried to get his cock to slip up into me however; our size difference was making that impossible. I turned with my back to him and placed my hands onto the shower walls.

I looked back to him as I said, "Take me from behind." Jack did just that as the water cascaded over us. He brought me to two or three more orgasm then slammed his cock deeply into my pussy from behind. Jack fell forward kissing at my neck as I felt his cum filling me for the second time. I pulled from him as I felt his soften cock slip from my pussy. I turned wrapping my arms around his neck before he stood back up from me.

My lips went to his and I kissed him deeply. Jack kissed me back with the same amount of passion. Jack broke our kiss as he grabbed a bottle of shampoo. He squirted a small amount into his hands, Jack gently massaged the shampoo into my hair as he turned me toward the shower. I have never had a man wash my hair for me as he was doing.

His touch and feel was not what I expected from a man his size. I moaned softly as he washed my hair as I backed my butt against his hanging cock. Jack helped me to rinse my hair then he started to bathe my body from head to toe. He used those large gentle hands on every inch of my body.

It was not only making me horny but it was relaxing me as well. Jack even used a washcloth between my legs and up the crack of my ass. Jack slipped a little with his finger as it pushed into my asshole. I looked over my shoulder smiling at him as I said, "Lets save that hole for another time." Jack washed himself and shampooed his hair as I watched him do it. The water started to go cold and we both stepped from his shower. Jack grabbed two towels and handed one to me.

I dried him off as he dried me. Jack grabbed my hand and he led me back into the bedroom. He picked me up and laid me gently into the bed as he climbed in with me. Jack took me into his arms and he kissed me just once then turned me away from him. Jack cuddled up behind me wrapping me in his arms. He kissed lightly at my neck working his way to my ear.

Once at my ear Jack kissed it lightly. "This is how that night should have ended, with you in my arms as I whispered I Love you Ann," Jack whispered into my ear. I did not say anything as I lay there in his arms. Instead, I started to cry. It started as just a little cry only within me. However, I could not hold it. Jack leaned up over me turning my face to him.

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"Is something wrong or did I do something Ann?" Jack asked me. "Jack, I …" I managed to say before he stopped me. "I know Ann it is to soon for you to tell me you love me as you do not even know me yet." "I would rather have you say nothing than to tell me you can not love me or that you do not love me," Jack said. He kissed my forehead as he added, "You do not have to say anything for time is finally on our side now." Jack lied down behind me once again taking me into his arms.

He lightly stroked my hair with his hands. His touch at my head was almost hypnotic. It only added to it as Jack started to sing softly into my ear, "Hush, little baby, don't say a word, Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird And if that mockingbird won't sing, Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring And if that diamond ring turns brass, Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass." I only remember hearing up to there before I was fast asleep in his arms.

No nightmares filled my sleep that night only the feeling of warmth as Jack held me through the night. I awoke at around four in the morning still wrapped in his arms.

I managed to get untangled from Jack and get out of the bed. I dressed quietly so not to wake him as I had to get back to the ranch to begin morning chores. I stare down at him as he slept thinking of the events of last night. No man or for that matter had Janet ever made me feel as Jack had. I stood there thinking I should hate this man for what he had done to me years ago. However, I thought to what Janet had said about me wanting it anyways.

She was right as that was why we both had went to that party in the first placed to get the shit fucked out of us. I walked from his bedroom, out his front door to his truck. I drove home thinking maybe I was not the victim of that night. But that Jack was. Was Jack the victim? Had not him being with me caused him just as much hurt? Was I the one who made him face the horrors of Vietnam? What or who was this devil he spoke of during Vietnam.

What about Michelle, was she his baby? This will end this chapter. Find those answers to those questions in my next chapters. Read chapter one if you would like to know how to contact me. Ann