Naughty Adriana Chechik and Sara Luvv Share Cock

Naughty Adriana Chechik and Sara Luvv Share Cock
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Chapter two "You seem to have outdone yourself with dinner today," her husband complimented her as he put his fork through the salad and brought it to his mouth. Melissa shuddered and felt a tingling between her legs as she watched parts of the cucumber disappear between his lips.

If only he knew where that cucumber has been, she thought to herself and pictured how she only an hour ago had been sitting in front of the mirror in the hall, fucking herself with the vegetable until it was coated in her pussy juices and coming like an earthquake, before cutting it up and putting it in the salad unwashed.

She had been doing a lot of looking at herself in the mirror today, admiring her naked, sexy body, lifting her breasts and pushing them together like the women in the magazine was doing. It made them look attractive and she thought it made her look attractive too. Attractive to men. Horny men. Horny men that wanted to fuck her. She had read several stories from the magazines she had confiscated, and the more she read, the more she thought she understood what men liked, what they wanted and craved from a sexually active woman.

And the more she understood what they wanted, the more she wanted to give it to them. As she was sitting at the dinner table looking across at her husband, she wondered whether he ever had such thoughts, such fantasies. And she wanted more than anything else to fulfill those fantasies for him. She could climb underneath the table right now, she thought. Unzip his pants and take his cock into her mouth and suck on it until it shot it's load.

Then she would taste it and swallow it.

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The fork made an audible clang as she dropped onto her plate and woke her from her momentary trance. "Everything all right?" her husband asked with a concerned look upon his face. Melissa could feel her face redden as she nodded and went back to her meal, trying not to think of his juicy cock stuffed into her mouth, face fucking her for all it was worth, his hands holding firmly on her head while she was rubbing her pussy to time her orgasm with his.

The thought made her tremble. "You are definitively not well," he proclaimed and got up from his seat. "You need to lay down." She had to agree. What on earth was happening to her? Why did her mind always make those twists and turns, ending up in those humiliating, sex ridden scenes? Why did her pussy always feel like it was on fire? And why did she all of a sudden start thinking in such words? "Pussy", "Cock", "Fuck".

She needed to lay down and try to get control of her thoughts. She had an agonizing hour on the sofa while her husband watched over her. Her mind kept on derailing her thoughts and she had to force them back on track. She also had to force her hands to keep still, resisting the urge to touch herself in front of her concerned husband. But after the first hour it seemed to become a lot easier, and she thought it was like being drunk.

The first time Melissa drank, she got very drunk. Her world had been spinning and, just like this evening, she had not been able to control her thoughts.

She had not been able to control her body either, loosing balance all the time and not being able to get her hands underneath herself as she fell.

This was just like that, and just as when she was drunk that one time, she discovered that if she lay perfectly still, trying hard to collect her thoughts, the drunken feeling would go away. Maybe that was it? Maybe she just had too much sex today and it had made her drunk on sexual lust?

She forced herself to sit up, her husband watching her with worried eyes. He returned the smile as she smiled at him and that seemed to reassure him somewhat, but he still kept watching over her to make sure she was all right.


She liked that. "I have to go away for a few days next week," he suddenly said. Then he seemed to think about it for a while before saying. "But if you are unwell, I can try to figure out a way to stay at home." "No, please.

It is nothing, really. I was just feeling a little dizzy. Nothing that can't be fixed with a good night's sleep." "Are you sure?" She nodded. That night they made love, and for the first time in years Melissa enjoyed it. This time it was not just something she did out of duty for her husband. This time she could feel every inch of his cock penetrate her pussy and have lust fill her as he moved in and out of her. She was wet and slippery and the way he moved above her, rubbing himself against her, occasionally rubbing against her clit made her ghasp silently with pleasure, and as he came, shooting his cum deep inside her womb, she too had her orgasm; the first orgasm she had ever had with another person.

Her body was thrilled as she shook with pleasure and held him tightly against her. "Did I hurt you?" he asked worryingly. "No, silly.

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I had an orgasm," she smiled. "Thank you! I love you!" And with that they both fell asleep and Melissa felt completely satisfied for the first time that day.

The next day she was sorry to see him leave for work again, standing in the kitchen window to watch him get into the car, pull out of the driveway and go eastward down the road.

Then she sat down by the table to drink her coffee and read the newspaper. She'd only been reading for a few minutes before noticing the itch between her thighs.

"No," she thought. "I have to fight this urge. I don't want to go back to the way I was feeling yesterday evening." But her pussy seemed to have a mind of its own, and the urge to feel it, to touch the delicate, shaven skin on her pussy lips became almost unbearable. And her mind started thinking about the magazines again. "It couldn't hurt," her mind told her and before she knew what was happening, she was heading up the stairs to find the small bundle hidden away in her closet.

Flipping through the magazines, only briefly stopping to look at some of the women spreading their naked bodies across the pages, she found the stories section again. Embarrassed and red in the face she started to read.


"I stopped at a service station on the outskirts of town, and this sexy, muscular man came up to my car and asked if I wanted to "fill'er up?". Smiling and nodding my head, I got out of the car and went to sit on the bench beside the entrance and watch this hunk of a man wash the wind screen, check the oil and giving me a full tank.

He was only wearing jeans and a tight fitting t-shirt, and the muscles underneath was clearly visible. There's no secret I was enjoying the sight. To my surprise he came up to me after he was finished and my surprise was even bigger as he threw his t-shirt off.

"Damn, it is hot today, don't you think?" he smiled as he pulled a coke out of the fridge by the door. He then looked back at me and embarrassed me by saying: "So I guess those aren't there because you are cold?" He pointed at my breasts and smiled mischievously and I felt my face go red. I guess he wasn't the only one to wear tight fitting clothes." Melissa bit her lower lip as she read on. This was the first story she had read where the story teller was a woman, and she was intrigued.

Her hand moved to her right breast where she started playing with her nipple and she moaned as a spark of pleasure shot through her, making her pussy tingle. "I reached for the fridge myself and pulled out a bottle of water, turning away from him to hide my embarrassment.

"How much do I owe?" I asked, heading for the car and my purse. I felt I had made enough of a fool of myself and thought it was about time I left. "All in good time," he answered. "I have a pool in the back if you want to cool down some more." He didn't waste much time this one. "I'm not that sweaty," I answer as I bend over into the passenger seat to where my purse is. When I get up, I'm surprised to find that he's standing right behind me, our bodies almost touching. "Not yet, you're not." How does he have the nerve?

I turn around, ready to push him away and give him a scalding, but as soon as my eyes meets his, I drown in the deep blue ocean that they are. He leans in and kisses me hungrily on the lips, his tongue shooting out to meet mine, and I cannot stop myself from returning the kiss.

"It gets lonely out here sometimes," is all he says before lifting me in his arms and carrying me off." There was already a small trickle of juices running from Melissa's pussy and down between the crack of her ass cheeks. Her fingers caught it and tried to push it back where it came from.

She moaned loudly as the fingers entered her, moving around and exploring her cavity. She imagines herself to be in the arms of a strong, young, muscular man, being carried off to be fucked hard and long. "There actually was a pool in the back, and he puts me down on a table beside it. I hear the tempting sounds of the water silently hitting the sides of the pool, and as the man starts kissing his way from my ankle, up my leg, across my knee and towards the edge of my skirt, I know he was right.

I will be sweaty. His lips suddenly press against the fabric of my panties, only the thin layer of cotton separating it from my sensitive pussy. I moan deeply, and as I feel his hands start to tug, I lift my ass willingly to let him pull it off, making his access to my shaven lips easier." Melissa feels her own shaven pussy lips and is surprised to find there's just a little hint of stubble there today.

"I have to do something about that," she thinks, but that will have to wait. Right now she has only one thing on her mind.

"I almost melted with lust as I feel his tongue drag along my slit, not stopping until it meets with my love button.

I feel his lips close softly around it and suck it in before his tongue twirls around it a couple of times and traces the line down between my lips again to catch the small flow of juices dripping from me." Melissa has a small orgasm.

No one has ever licked her pussy, and as she reads the woman's story, she regrets it deeply. She imagines how it would feel, this tongue lapping at her sex and tasting her, teasing her, spreading joy through her body.

Without even thinking about it, she trails her wet, slippery fingers softly across herself, pretending it is a tongue, a man's tongue or even a woman's. That would be very sexy. The tongue, she imagines, explores the sensitive parts high on her inner thighs, her labia, her clit, her inner lips and her moist opening.

These are the thoughts that bring forth her first orgasm of the day and she closes her eyes for a moment to enjoy it. "The man sheds the rest of his clothes, his jeans and his boxer, but even before the boxer drops to the ground, I discover that he is well endowed. His huge boner is pressing against the silk fabric, showing me its contours, and as he stands by my head and releases it, it springs forth and touches me on the lips.

I open them eagerly, welcoming the sweet taste of his pre-cum on my lips. He ghasps as I slowly let my tongue roll around the smooth helmet of his cock, and when I close my lips around it and let it slide a few inches into my mouth, letting it glide along my tongue wrapping my lips around my teeth to make sure I don't hurt him.

He bites his lip, looks down at me with a horny expression on his face and smiles. "You really know how to please a man." I just smile back and let the cock slide further in until it hits the back of my mouth. His surprise is obvious in his eyes as I straighten my throat and push my face even further towards his balls. I feel the cock slide down my throat, my eyes watering up momentarily as I struggle against my gag reflex. As always, I win, and it almost feels as if he is about to cum when I start moving my head back and forth, coating his wonderful cock with my slippery saliva." Melissa reads this passage over and over again.

The thought of having a cock in her mouth and tasting it, feeding on it and making it spurt its warm seed so she can clench her curiosity about how it tastes, has been lingering in her mind ever since she read that first story yesterday. Bringing two fingers up to her mouth, she starts experimenting with her tongue, licking around her fingertips, up and down each side and closing her lips around it.

She lets them slide along her tongue inside her mouth and out again, sucking on them and tasting them, realizing that she just has to try this for real.

There is no other way to quench her curiosity. But how? And with whom? She knows that sucking her husband's cock is out of the question.

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They have lived together for twenty years, and in that time she had never done anything even close to that. He would think she'd gone crazy, so she wouldn't dare, not even in his sleep fearing it might cause him to wake up. But then again, doing it with someone else would also be wrong. It would be cheating, she would be committing adultery. The thought sent a shiver down her spine, and a jolt went through her pussy, producing enough juices to make them flow down between her ass cheeks again.

"Oh my God," she thought. "I really am a horny bitch." "It was obvious that he figured he wouldn't last long in my mouth, so he pulled out and leaned over to kiss me, his hands finding my tits underneath my top, cupping them and squeezing my nipples gently. "Fuck me!" I begged him and he complied, walking to the edge of the table and pulling me closer to him before slamming his cock into me without further warning.

I scream in ecstasy as I feel every one of his ten inches plunge deep into me.

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He pulls out slowly, only to shove it back with even more force. The he starts fucking me like crazy, and his grunts and the splashing of my soaked pussy is barely audible above my pleasure screams. The sight of this Godlike, tanned creature standing between my legs, his muscles dancing across his body, brings me closer to my orgasm, and the feeling of my pussy squeezing at his inhumanly delicious cock throws me over the edge.

As my body start convulsing, shaking and trembling before him, he plunges one last time deeper than ever before and fills me with his hot, sticky load while he shouts out something that sounds like a war cry. As I pull out of the gas station, his cum seeps into the seat underneath me, and I reach over to turn on the air conditioning. The feeling of the cool air on my body makes my nipples stand to attention again, even though I am deeply satisfied." Sweat it trickling down between Melissa's breasts as she rests from her own orgasm.

Her heart is still pumping fast and her breath is heavy. Her hands are coated in her love juices, and she brings them back to her mouth to taste herself and to continue her imaginary blowjob.

Turning the page, something new catches her interest. In big, black letters across the top of the page it says: "Personals", and as her eyes scan the content, short texts that leaves little to the imagination, it feels like butterflies have occupied her stomach.

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"Young man, 19 years, seeking adult woman for sexual education. Willing to learn everything about how to give you pleasure. Discreet. 155 lbs, 6'2'', 8'' cock. Miami, Florida.

Please call: ." "Married woman seeking lover for regular meetings.130 lbs, 5'4'' 38C, Atlanta, Georgia. Please e-mail me at: ." "40 year old single man, seeking woman for intimate pleasures. Discretion guaranteed. Douglas GA, Please call:." That last one really made Melissa sweat.

Douglas was only an hour's drive away, and. Didn't her husband say he was going away for a few days next week? "NO!" her mind screamed. "This is wrong. You cannot even be thinking this." She quickly put the magazines away and sat down on the bed. She caught er eyes in the mirror and instantly turned red. "You slut," she said out loud to her own reflection.