Bigass eurobabe spreads her pounded hole

Bigass eurobabe spreads her pounded hole
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Lonely Julie Chapter 6 The morning after Timmy arse fucked Julie,all three were exhausted. They showered and fell asleep on Julies bed and hardly moved in the night. It was Sally, the pretty blonde 29 year old friend of Julie, who woke first. She neede to shit and rolled off the bed and walked quietly to the lavatory next door to avoid waking the others by using Julies bathroom.

She wore a short nightie and no panties. She sat on the loo, thinking about the incredible experiences with 11 year old Timmy and then the surprise of sex with her friend Julie. Was shae Lesbioan or just BBi sexual??

Sally was.nt sure. She looked down at the trimmed hair around her pussy and thought of Julies thick bush and Timmys almost bald young pubic area. Still looking down at her cunt she began to piss and wondered idly whether she need vitamins as her urine was clear and not at all yellow as it sometimes was.

Her urine gushed out and then she looked up to see Timmy standing four feet from her wearing his pyjama bottoms. He looked sleepy but his eyes were fixed between her legs watching her pee splash down into the toilet.

Sally need to shit quite badly and as her flow of piss came to a stop she said "Hi Timmy listen drop your Jamma bottoms eh?" Timmy pulled the cord and his pyjama trousers slipped down to the floor exposing his already-half-stiff penis.

Sally pushed and as she felt the first turd squeeze through her anus she saw Timmys cock getting harder. " Come here Timmy darling Sally needs your prick this morning" The boy stepped close to her still trying to watch her dung coming out.

The second bit looked a lighter brown and softer than the initial turd. Sally s cunt was now wet with juice more than pee and she grabbed his hands and pulled hime close. "Timmy darling fuck me please right now while I'm shitting FUCK ME Timmy. Timmy slid his stiff penis straight into Sallys open cunt.

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She took him into her pussy and slid herself forward on the lavatory to take the full length of his 11 year old cock into her. As she slid forward she pushed out more dung and it began to squash onto the front of the lavatory seat as she helped Timmy fuck her pushing him in and out. I final shove forward onto his prick and her last soft shit splatted down onto the lavatory floor and onto Timmys foot !

"Sally, Sally I'm Cumming" he burst out "Oh shit Sally I'm going to shoot my spunk into you" "FUCKING PRICK Fuck ME SHIT ARGHHHHH" Sally couldn't speak clearly as her own orgasm rushed up through her body meeting Timmys semen shooting into her and finishing her shit all at the same time.

Her body convulsed forcing Timmys penis out and sliding off the lavatory onto the floor sitting in her own dung and gasping for breath.


"Oh God Timmy that was shattering" she said at last "but look at the mess. I've crapped all over Julies floor AND its all over me as well !" Timmy laughed "You've got my spunk dripping out of your pussy too" he said "FUCK that was something !!" Julie had woken up and wandered in to see what was going on.

She looked at Sallys dung on the lavatory and on the floor and on Sallys arse. "God that must have been some fuck " she laughed " Timmy, its my turn next but in the meantime would you two like to clear up that crap and I'll make us some breakfast" Timmy and Sally wiped up the faeces with a towel and cleaned the lavatory seat.

"Come on you little prick " Sally said "you can wash this off me in the shower". They stepped into the shower and Timmy pointed his penis at Sally and started to piss hard aiming at the dung around her cunt and bum.

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They laughed again and showered each other, walking hand in hand into the dining room to Julie and Breakfast. They decided to go down to an unused beach hut three miles away and stay a couple of nights.

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The weather was warm but heavy winds and rain were forecast and the beach and hut area would be well away from all visitors. Julie said the hut had a small generator but no toilet because she and her Husband Roger usually just went on the grass or sand outside. It had one double bed and a fresh water stream running by the door. Since she was not going to be at home Julie thought she had better ring her husband Roger in California before they left so that he would know where they were.

She went into her own bathroom and sat on the toilet. Timmy and Sally sat on the bed opposite the open door and watched her as she urinated the nights piss into the bowl.

"Hey guys listen" she said "I'm going to call Roger in California so don,t let him hear you two OK?" They put fingers overs their mouths "like mice" Sally said.

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Neither Timmy or Sally had anything on and Julie saw that Timmys penis was once again at half mast. She envied his youthful recovery power after such a frantic fucking of Sally only an hour before.

She had an idea !! "Timmy are you ready to fuck again?" she asked him. "Not half" he said and moved towards her. "Listen I'm going to call Roger and while I'm talking to him I want you to fuck me OK?" "OK" said Timmy without a thought. Sally was already stroking her pussy gently on the bed in anticipation of what was coming or CUMMING as she thought. Julie dialled and Roger answered immediately six thousand miles away and eight hours back in time." Hi sweetie is everything OK?" Julie started.

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""Fine darling what are you doing ??" "Oh I'm just lazing and I've got a boy from school to look after so I can't do much anyway. Actually I'm on the loo right now about to do my morning poo wish you were here" Her husband Roger always got hard watchin g Julie crap and she knew he would now although he was on the phone and thousands of miles away.

"Make sure you close the door you don't want the boy walking in"Roger said. "Thats OK honey " Julie said "Noones going to see anything I don't want them to" She beckoned to Timmy who stepped in front of her in the same position he had fucked Sally an hour before. "Bet you wish you could see me darling" Julie said "actually I think I'm going to wank so I'll put the phone on loudspeaker OK?" "OKhey I've got a hard on now too so I'll jerk off with you" Roger was keen.

Julie put the phone on the stand. She farted "Did you hear my fart" " Yeah now tell me when youre shitting" Roger said. Julie pushed a dark brown turd into the lavatory with a splash "I'm shitting darling and I'm masturbating cos I want your cock in me" "oh fuck angel I'm wanking hard here tell me what youd like me to do to you" Roger purred.

" Ok" said Julie " I want you to come up here in front of me while I shit and put you lovely cock right in my vagina and FUCK me hard" On the bed Sally was furiously masturbating with her legs splayed wide and leaking juice onto the bed. Julie pulled Timmy nearer and put his stiff cock straight into her cunt. He fucked her hard and fast" "Oh God darling I can feel your prick going in and out" Julie gasped as Timmy fucked her.


Roger could hardly speak into the phone "Fuck Darling I can feel you cunt around my prick and SHHIITTTTT I' CUMMING all over the fucking California sheets !!" "Me too FUUCKKKK SHIT FUCK ME" Julie was incoherent as she orgasmed, feeling Timmys spunk shoot into her at the same time.

Both Sally and Timmy somehow managed to keep silent as they came and Julie blew a kiss and hung up on her husband. "My God Jules Timmy fucked you actually ON THE PHONE TO YOUR HUSBAND!!" Sally burst out. "Now we're equal eh?" Julie said. "Let me just finish this crap and we can take off for the beach hut!"" Timmy how about wiping my arse too ??" To be continued in Chapter 7