Hammered Ass Fucking With Some FreshMeat

Hammered Ass Fucking With Some FreshMeat
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Teachers: Mr Norman Prologue This story is based partly on fact. It is based in the 60's when teachers were entrusted implicitly with the welfare and education of there pupils and even looked up to by parents as people of authority. I spent most of my childhood being brought up in care. I was in a children's home in Letchworth (UK) and attending a public school, This is where I met Mr Norman who was the geography teacher.

Like all schools there was the nice teachers and the not so nice. Mr Norman was one of the nice ones and I seemed to get on with him really well, considering I was a bit of a loner at the time. It was around this time I had my first ever experience of sex. Every Friday my last school lesson was swimming and me and my friend Nick, who was also in the home I was in, would always spend our bus fair on sweets while at the pool, then we would walk home through the woods.

This one occasion Nick was groaning like he had a stomach ache. Suddenly he lay down and shuffled under a bush where he pulled his shorts down and started wanking the biggest cock I had ever seen, at least twice as big as mine. Now I had never masturbated before and didn't even know what it was.

"It hurts." Nick said, "You do it." I got on my knees next to him and very gingerly gripped his cock, I was totally fascinated by it, by it's size it's throbbing and the seeping head. For the next minute or so he instructed me and then he said "Faster." I went faster and increased my grip slightly and then suddenly it erupted.

White goo shot into the air and all over my hand. "Wow what was that?" I asked "You not had a wank before?" "No." "Well you should your pretty good at it and it feels great." He pulled up his shorts and handed me a bunch of leaves. "Come on we better get going or we will be late." We ran the rest of the way home and that night when I went to bed I had my very first wank. It was truly glorious and made me shake from head to foot. Needless to say I did it regularly from then on. Not long after this Nick was caught having sex with one of the house mothers, she was sacked and he was sent home.

I never saw him again. One day My Norman invited me to his home that evening along with some other students. I told him he would have to clear it with the head of the children's home which he did. I was allowed to go and visit him at 7pm and he would bring me home by 10pm. So I arrived outside his house at 7.30 and for some reason something told me not to go in. I pondered for a moment and then turned round and went home.

Something didn't feel right. Knowing what I know now some 50 years later there is a high probability that he liked young boys.

Not long after I left school I heard rumours about Mr Norman that did not surprise me at all. I often wonder what would have happened if I had gone in. So this story is about, what may have happened if I had gone into the house. The story I looked up at the three story Victorian building and was amazed at the size of it, it seemed to me to be like a castle in a row of castles.

I knocked on the door and Mr Norman opened it. "Ahh Mike, good to see you." He said with a beaming smile. "The others are here already. He was dressed in trousers and shirt and for some reason a silk dressing gown. ( I later of course found out it was a smoking jacket). I followed him through to the lounge where I saw two other boys drinking squash and eating cake. "Help yourself Mike." Mr Norman said, "We have orange and lemon squashbiscuits and sponge cake." I took a glass of orange and a biscuit and stood quietly watching the other two boys in silence.

I knew their faces but not their names. Mr Norman sat in an armchair just watching us while he smoked on a pipe, billowing out plumes of smoke.

"Do you like jigsaws Mike?" Mr Norman asked. "Err Yes sir." "Oh good then you can help me with this one. It's a map of the world so we can do some geography while we do it. I was just pleased to have something to do so sat down and started sorting out the edge pieces and putting them together. I must have got quite engrossed as the next thing I knew it was just me and Mr Norman.

"Where are the others?" I asked. "Their parents just picked them up." He said with a smile, "How are you doing?" "It's pretty big but I have found all the edges." Mr Norman started picking up pieces and putting them down. Occasionally he put one into place. Once again I was engrossed in what I was doing and took no notice of his closeness or his hand on my shoulder or on the back of my neck, though this did give me a warm feeling.

"Do you drink tea Mike?" he asked after a while. "Yes please sir." I replied. "Call me Henry. But only when we are on our own and not at school. OK?" "Ok s&hellip.Henry." I liked calling him by his name.

It made me feel we were friends. A while later he came back with a tray carrying a teapot sugar bowl milk jug and two posh cups and saucers. "Ok leave that for now. You can come back and do it anytime you like as long as you get permission.

I am always at home and I would enjoy your company." My eyes went wide open, "Really." "Yes really if your not too busy." "No I am never busy. I used to have a bakers round on a Saturday but I don't do that now so I don't have anything to do at all." "Oh that's a shame." he said as he poured the tea, "How about I see if it would be ok for you to come here say a couple of evenings in the week and maybe all day on a Saturday.

If the weather is good then you can help me in the garden." "Oh yes please sir that would be great." I said all eager, "I love plants and flowers. But they don't seem to like me very much." "Well that's two of us as they keep dieing on me as well." I will arrange it tomorrow." "Thank you sir." "It's Henry." "Oh yes, sorry." "So tell me about yourself.

What school did you go to before here?" I gave him a brief history of the boarding school including how I spent most of my time naked. "Really. Did you enjoy being naked." "Yes I loved it. I loved the feel of the air on my skin. It made me feel so free in some way." "Yes I know what you mean.

I love being naked as well. I will often walk around the house all day without any clothes on and in the summer I sunbathe in the conservatory naked." "Wow that must feel really nice." "Well you don't need to keep your clothes on when you're here if you don't want to.

You can be naked all day, maybe I will join you. Would you like that? "Yes I would. I haven't been able to do it since I left there." "Ok well maybe on Saturday if you want to, as you're here all day. But don't tell anyone. Just keep it our little secret." Just after 9.30 he ran me home, making sure I went inside before leaving The following day was Friday. I didn't have geography so I only saw Mr Norman in passing. He smiled but didn't say anything.

Last lesson was swimming and as usual I walked home. Passing that spot that had started my road to sexual awakening.

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When I got home I was called into the matrons office. Matron was sitting behind her desk with the housemaster, her husband, standing next to her. "Michael." She said, I hate being called Michael and I am sure she knew it. "I have had a call from Mr Norman." "What about miss?" I said trying not too look too happy.

"Well it seems he was very pleased with the work you put in the other day and has asked if you would like to visit him regularly." "Oh yes please miss." "Well it would be on a Tuesday and Thursday for education." But he has also offered you a Saturday job helping with his garden, now that summer is on the way for which you will be paid pocket money." "Oh yes please miss.

Can I go please miss please." She looked up at her husband who nodded. "Alright then. He will be expecting you at 9am tomorrow and he will bring you home sometime in the evening." "Thank you miss." I was jumping for joy inside. "Go on off you go and remember.

Behave yourself or it will all be taken away from you. "Yes miss." I arrived sharp at 9am. Henry let me in and then followed me into the same room we were in before. "I suppose it would be an idea if I showed you around the house as it's rather big." I followed him around as he went first downstairs to the basement.

It was large with two rooms but seemed to be used mostly for storage and doing his washing. The main floor had a rear lounge, which I had been in on my last visit and a front living room.

A large kitchen with a walk in larder filled with food of all types. It also had a washroom, with a toilet and sink. Upstairs he showed me the two spare rooms then the bathroom with a shower (a rare thing in the sixties) which again was huge. And then he showed me his bedroom. It was bright neat and tidy with nothing out of place. A huge window looked out onto the back garden which seemed to me to be completely overgrown with trees.

As I looked out of the window Henry came along side me putting his hand on my back, "Yes it needs clearing up a bit to let some sun in. But I like it overgrown so I can be naked whenever I want to be, without the neighbours seeing." His hand was now running up and down my back to just below my waste.

I thought nothing of it at the time, it just made me feel warm and wanted. "Come on then I have bought you something." "Really" I asked, a little surprised.

"Yes but don't get excited it's just to make it easier for working in the garden." I followed him to the lounge where he took a bag and pulled out two pairs of overalls. One for him and a much smaller one for me. "There you are. Take your other clothes off and wear this. That way your good clothes wont get spoilt or sweaty and we can get you back into them when we are ready." He started removing his clothes and I followed suit.

Once naked he took his overalls and started fiddling with labels and tags. My eyes were glued to his cock. Nick was big, but Henry was so much bigger. "You alright?" Henry asked "err&hellip.err yes&hellip.

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It's just&hellip." "Oh sorry." Henry said with a smile. "I don't suppose you have seen a grown up penis before have you?" "Well not that big. No" "Well don't worry it wont bite." He said stepping into his overalls. "Your quite big for your age as well you know." "Oh thanks." I said as I put my overalls on. Despite being a lot smaller than Henry's they hung on me like a sack. Henry came to my aid. Rolling up the legs so they didn't drag on the floor and putting a bit of rope around the waste.

He had buttoned his up so that it showed off his hairless chest and he done mine up to do the same. "Show your chest like a man" He said with a laugh. "Come on, the sooner we get started the sooner we will finish and we can relax." We stepped out of the French windows (patio doors) and into a large conservatory where he grew potted palms and had two sun beds.

Then through the doors to the garden proper. The garden was surrounded by tall hedges about seven foot high and at the house end were several tall trees. It was end of terrace so only one neighbour but if you didn't know that, you would think you were totally alone. Even the end of the garden had tall trees and no buildings overlooking it.

The garden seemed completely isolated. Strangely it seemed to wrap itself around me, made me feel safe. The shed at the bottom of the garden held all the garden tools and Henry handed me a leaf rake. "You scrape up the leaves while I get the mower going. The dead leaves all go in that bin in the corner. I started raking up the leaves, pulling then to the bottom of the garden. After a few minutes I heard the petrol mower slowly chug into life.

Another couple of minutes and it was pulling Henry around the garden in very straight lines, or so it seemed. We cut the grass, straightened up border edges and trimmed dead plants. I was so engrossed that when Henry said it was lunch time I was surprised to see we had been working for two hours.

"That will do for today." Henry said, "You have done really well Mike. Lets get a hot cup of tea and something to eat. We have the rest of the day to ourselves." "Ok." I said, a little disappointed really that it was all done.

But I certainly needed a drink and was surprised to hear my stomach rumble at the mention of food. We went back into the house and Henry closed the French windows. Henry stoked up the coal fire and said, "Ok take those off and lets have a quick shower, then I will get us something to eat.

He dropped his overalls to the floor and I followed suit and followed him upstairs. Henry turned the shower on and tested the temperature. "In you get." he said. I stepped into the shower and let the warm water cover me, I turned around and let it run down my back.

The temperature was perfect and made me relax. "Ok come here and let me soap you." At the children's home we were always soaped by the house mothers when we had a bath so this was nothing new to me. I stepped forward and Henry turned me round and started soaping me.

Starting at my feet he worked his way up. He used circular motion on my buttocks and then softly ran his hand between my bum cheeks, reflexively I opened my legs slightly and shuddered as his finger brushed my anus. He moved on my up my back and to my shoulders, then turned me round.

He was looking into my eyes as his hands soaped my shoulders, chest and stomach and then, dropping his gaze he slid between my legs to my soft cock. Again he soaped between my legs and again I opened them for him. "Kneel down and I will do your hair." I did as instructed and my eyes immediately focused on his huge cock. It seemed to be getting bigger and pulsing. I was fascinated. "Ok rinse off. Then you can soap me." He said. I rinsed myself off and then stepped out of the shower where Henry held a large towel to dry me off.

Once I was dry Henry stepped into the shower and turned his back to me. As he was a lot taller than me he crouched down so I could do his shoulders and then stood up so I could do his lower parts. Following what Henry did to me I used circular motions and then as I went between his buttocks he spread his legs. "Make sure the anus is really clean Mike and then go right through." I did as instructed and was surprised when his bum hole seemed to open up and nearly swallow one of my fingers.

"Oh sorry." I said a little worried that I may have hurt him. "Oh that's alright you need to go right in to make sure its properly clean. Two fingers should do it, give it a good clean out." It did feel a bit strange pushing fingers up a mans bum hole but Henry was a teacher so surely he knew what was best. I pushed two fingers all the way in and then repeated this several times before cleaning the space between bum hole and cock. It was only when Henry turned round that I saw that he was erect and very big.

Henry crouched down so that I could do his shoulders and chest and then stood back up again. His cock was still hard and as I soaped it, it seemed to get bigger and bigger. I remembered what happened when I did this to Nick and wondered if the same would happen with Henry. I was fascinated and my whole attention was on what I was doing. Suddenly, with a jerk his cock erupted, mesmerised I continued pumping till it stopped spurting out that sticky fluid.

"Oh I'm sorry." I said, as Henry moaned loudly. "Oh don't be sorry Mike. That was wonderful. You have done that before haven't you?" "Once." I said watching as he stepped out of the shower, his cock still long if a little softer than before.

Henry quickly dried himself off and said, "Come on lets get in front of the warm fire. I will get us some food and you can tell me all about it." I followed him downstairs and sat in the lounge while Henry made some tea and prepared some sandwiches. All the while my mind kept going back to the bathroom. Nick had said I was pretty good when I rubbed his cock and seeing what happened with Henry I suppose I must be.

It made me feel quite proud that I had made Henry feel so good. Henry returned with a tray stacked with sandwiches biscuits and cake and then fetched in a tray with a steaming tea pot and cups. "So tell me about the other time you made a cock come like that." I told him what had happened with Nick and he told me the correct words to use, penis or cock, semen or spunk, erection or hard on and wanking or masturbation.

"Do you wank Mike?" he asked. Strangely, through all that we had done since my arrival, this was the first time I got embarrassed. I could feel my cheeks glowing.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about. You gave me great pleasure upstairs and if you wank yourself then you know how pleasurable it can be." "Yes. Yes I do, I do it quite a lot." I said, "It makes me feel good, nice and warm." "Then I think I should return the favour.

You pleasured me, now it's my turn to pleasure you." He knelt on the floor in front of me and moved my legs apart. My heart started pounding. I had never done this with anyone before, I had never even told anyone that I had wanked before, but as he ran his warm hands over my thighs I relaxed.

He ran his hands lightly over my hardening cock and started to lightly play with it till it was fully erect. I closed my eyes and even though I knew my tiny cock would be lost in his huge hands gave myself up to the rising pleasure. I know now that he played with me. He would bring me close and then slow down and bring me back again.

He did this several times before he lifted my legs over his shoulder. I could feel his warm breath on my hot erection. Then, softly, he took me into his mouth. First my erect throbbing cock and then my balls, all in his soft damp mouth. Pulling back and then going back down again till finally I erupted in the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. It was painfully pleasurable. My hands went onto his head pushing him down as electric bolts covered my entire body.

I was shaking from head to foot and it seemed to go on forever. Finally, it started to subside, my body relaxed and I went totally limp. As he let my legs go I curled up and I must have fallen asleep. As I woke up I was still curled in a ball with a soft blanket over me. As I uncurled the pins and needles hit me and I moaned.

I looked at the clock and was surprised to see that it was only 2pm "You slept well." Henry said with a smile, "Did you enjoy it?" "Oh wow," I groaned, "What did you do to me? It was amazing." "It's called a blow job." he laughed, "You tasted wonderful by the way." The thought of him tasting and even swallowing my semen hadn't even occurred to me.

"Did you swallow it?" I asked, "What does it taste like?" "Like a thick salty sauce I suppose. Very nice though." He said smiling. "You can try it one day if you like." "Mmm, I think I would like that." I said. I reached out and took one of the remaining sandwiches and again my stomach let out a large rumble.

"Maybe I should make some lunch and fresh tea." He said, "Come on you can help me, that way you will know your way around the kitchen." Feeling ravenous, and very happy, I followed Henry to the kitchen. We donned aprons so as not to burn our vitals as Henry put it, then I helped him make an egg and ham salad and a fresh pot of tea.

We went through to the dinning room, once again totally naked and, sitting opposite each other ate our dinner in silence. Once I had finished eating I looked at him, "Are we lovers?" I asked bluntly His head shot up and I could see that he was shocked.

"Well I suppose we are in a way but there is a lot more to being lovers than mutual masturbation." "What else?" I asked, curiosity burning a hole in my mind.

"Lets take the tea to the conservatory and I will try to answer your questions." As we entered the conservatory I could see the spring sunshine burning the length of the garden and flooding it with light and warmth. Next to the sun beds was a wicker table and single wicker armchair.

Henry put the tray on the table and sat in the chair while I lay on a sun bed, half propped up with cushions. "Are we lovers?" he asked as he offered me a steaming cup of tea. "That depends on how you define 'lovers'.

Two people who are in love with each other are often called lovers. And two people who have a sexual relationship could be called lovers. But, as yet, we do not have a fully fledged sexual relationship." "So what is a fully fledged relationship then?" I asked.

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He looked at me for a moment, wrinkled his brow as though deciding what tack to take. "Well&hellip." he said and basically gave me all the sex education anyone would ever need. Told me about men and women as lovers and men and men lovers. He told me about vaginal sex, oral sex and anal sex. How my finger up his bum in the shower was extremely exciting for him and how he would love, one day for me to put my hard cock into him and his into me. "Wow would it go in me." I interrupted, "Your so big.

Will I ever be that big?" "Well the older you get and the more sex you have the bigger you will get I suppose. And we would have to get your bum used to having something in there and teach you how to relax the muscles.

But if you think of the size of what comes out then you know something that big can go in. It's just not designed to have something go 'in' as such." "Oh, well I thought I hurt you in the shower that's why I stopped." "No it was very pleasurable.

Even more so because I wasn't expecting it and because you didn't stop. You could probably have made me come like that." "Really!" I said, "Wow maybe I will try it next time." "So there will be a next time then?" Henry asked softly, "I haven't frightened you away?" "No.

Why would you?" I asked, "I have enjoyed today more than any day I can ever remember." "I'm glad." He smiled, "But remember. You can't tell anyone about this ever. We would get into so much trouble." "Can I&hellip." I started "Can you what?" He asked, "Never be afraid to ask me anything Mike.

I will always be honest with you." "Can I&hellip.taste you." He laughed, "You don't have to ask. You can do anything you want." He said, "I will try to teach you the way to do things to give the most pleasure. Lets go inside though." I followed him inside and he sat in his armchair.

"Kneel between my legs." I did as he said and took his erect cock into my hands. "Now when your ready just slide it into your mouth and take as much as you can without choking yourself." I couldn't get a lot in. The head and maybe a couple of inches more. He instructed me in how to suck cock, how sensitive the head was and the glans.

Once I had sort of got it right he lifted his legs over the arms of the chair and slid forward slightly. "No use your fingers in my bottom while you suck me.

Two or three should be enough. Then push them in an out at the same pace as you pump my cock into you mouth." I did as he told me and it wasn't long before I tasted a salty liquid escaping from his cock. It tasted bitter but not unpleasant and this urged me on, as did his increased heavy breathing.

Then his hand went to my head and remembering my own reaction as my orgasm approached I knew he was close. My heart was thumping and I was so excited that when he suddenly shot his load into my mouth I wasn't ready.

It hit the back of my throat and I nearly choked as, reflexively I gulp it down. Again it was salty and I suppose a bit slimy but not unpleasant "Don't stop." he said.

I continued sucking and bobbing on his cock till he removed his hand and his breathing slowed. "Is you cock hard?" "Yes." I replied, "Really hard." "Good." He said smiling at me, "Put it where your fingers were." I looked at him and then at his puckered bum hole, my cock twitched.

I stood up and pointed my erection at that rosebud and pushed. I was amazed how easy it went in and even more amazed at how warm and tight it felt. "Now use my bum hole to wank your cock. Push it in and out as hard and as fast as you like." I couldn't take my eyes off it. The way his bum swallowed it then pulling out ready to thrust it in again.

The more I thrust the more excited I got and the more excited I got the harder his cock seemed to get. His breathing was again erratic but his eyes were open and watching me. I held onto his legs and thrust harder and harder till finally I shot my seed into that eagerly awaiting bum hole.

As I finally finished my shaking legs gave way and I collapsed, kneeling on the floor in front of Henry, who had a huge smile on his face. "Did you enjoy that?" He asked "Oh yes." I said breathlessly. "All of it, even the taste." "All of it." I laughed, "Every last drop." "I am glad. Some people don't like the taste and spit it out." "Can I try it?" I asked excitedly.

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"Try what?" Henry asked a little confused. "You know." I said, "yours up my bum." "No not yet." He smiled, "It would be far to painful for you right now. We need to get you used to taking it first. Next week we will begin. But for now I think we need another shower and then tea before you go home." I looked at the clock and was amazed to see it was 4pm.

I followed Henry to the bathroom and this time we showered together. We wanked we sucked and generally fooled around. No more orgasms but Henry did crouch down and rub his cock between my closed legs till his legs went to sleep. It was fun and I hadn't had any fun for a very long time. We had ham salad sandwiches for tea and more hot tea and then it was time for me to leave.


"I sincerely hope you have enjoyed yourself here today Mike." Henry said as we approached the front door. "I have." I said quietly, "I don't want it to end." "Well I will see you Tuesday and Thursday and then Saturday we will be alone all day again." He said.

He pulled me to him and hugged me tightly. "Ok lets get you home or they will be phoning me up." Tuesday was terrible.

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There were three other boys and one of them stayed till late and on Thursday the same thing but at least Henry and I got an hour alone.

The minute we were alone I had his trousers round his ankles and his cock in my mouth. I had been dreaming of this since Saturday as I lay in bed trying to get to sleep. I even rammed him further down my throat holding off the gag as best I could. I had a huge smile on my face as he filled my mouth full of his come.

I swallowed most of it but kept some on my tongue. I stood up and poked my tongue out to show Henry. He put his hands to my face and then inserted my tongue into his mouth, sucking the remaining come into his mouth before swallowing it. That lip to lip contact turned into a proper kiss. I sort of stood still, letting my lips do the work. I had never kissed anyone on the lips before and it sent sensations running straight through my body to my rapidly rising erection.

Henry must have known this as he dropped to his knees and tugged my trousers down and rapidly sucked my cock to orgasm. Standing back up he poked his tongue out and I leant forward and took his offering of my semen into my mouth, and the ensuing kiss as he pulled me to him.

"God I better get you home before I pull you off to my bed for the night." He gasped, "Come on pull those up before you trip over them." he laughed as he looked to the floor. Saturday arrived and I was up and out early. Henry must have been looking out for me as he opened the door before I had even knocked. He was dressed in a full length bathrobe which quickly dropped to the floor once the door was closed and my own clothes were off before I reached the lounge. Henry pushed me into the armchair and put my legs over the arms.

Then he dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. After a couple of minutes he started to use his tongue. Licking my erection from top to bottom and then, licking my anus, trying to open me up and slide his tongue inside. "Just relax and enjoy it." He said So I did and before long his tongue was deep inside me, soon followed by one finger then two while he sucked my cock to orgasm. As I came my bum hole clamped around his fingers causing a terrific surge of feeling to run from my bum hole to my pulsing cock, making the orgasm even stronger.

Once my orgasm subsided Henry said "Stay there.

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I have something for you." He went over to the sideboard and from the top drawer he took a rolled towel. He unrolled it and showed me what looked like four glass rods with rounded ends, all different lengths and different diameters.

"These are your training rods." and took the smallest one and put it into his mouth, salivating over it. Then he slowly inserted it into my bum hole. "Oh that feels nice." I said as I took the whole four inch rod into my bowels. Henry proceeded to slowly fuck me with it till I relaxed enough for the next one to go in.

Thicker and longer this one wasn't so comfortable and I winced slightly as it went in. Henry stopped pumping it.


"That will do for now. Just get used to it and once it moves freely and without pain we will try the next one. Once you are comfortable with them all then, and only then I will slide my cock into that gorgeous bottom of yours. Now you lay with that while I make some tea" By the time Henry got back I was freely fucking myself with his glass rod and smiling like some proud slut. I needed to come again. "Try them all as and when your ready" By the time we finished our cup of tea I had the third one in.

Not comfortable as it stretched my rectum quite a lot. Henry brought me some brylcreem and coated the phallus with it and also inserted some into my rectum. "That's better." I said. "Don't rush things we have all day." "I know." I replied, "I just want to feel you come inside me." "I will don't you worry, but I don't want to do it and hurt you so much you never want to do it again so we need to be careful." "Do we have any work to do today?" "Well I have some planting to do and the hedge needs to be trimmed." "Ok so can I leave this in me then.

So I get used to it." "Well you will have to be very careful, and not sit down with it in." He said, "We will have to find some way to stop it sliding out as well." With a mixture of a tea towel my underpants and a tight belt we conjured up something that would hold the phallus in my rectum. While it felt strange walking around with it inside me I soon got used to it and after a short while nearly forgot all about it.

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We finished work about 11am and went inside for lunch. I took my overall off in the conservatory and removed my underpants and the phallus. Then I stood at the doorway looking out to the garden. The spring chill was still in the air and I thought I had never been so happy in my life. Henry moved in behind me and put one arm round my waist and the other took a slow walk down to my cock. This was exciting. Naked outside with a man playing with my cock. To make it more exciting I reached behind me and took his erection in my hand and started running my hand up and down it.

I loved the feeing of it throbbing in my hand. Soft tissue throbbing like a pulsing motor "Come on or the tea will get cold." Henry said.

"Oh! I moaned, "I wanted to make you come." "Oh you will." He said with a smile, "I am going to very slowly fuck your arse and come deep inside you." It was the first time I had ever heard him swear.

The shocked look on my face said it all "Yes" He said, "Uncalled for I know but you just get me so excited. My apologies." "Do I really." I asked with huge smile, "Get you that excited." "You cheeky devil." He laughed, "You know full well how much you excite me. Come on lets shower. Bring that last rod with you." I smiled and followed him upstairs, phallus in hand. Once again we messed around in the shower together and then we moved to his bedroom to dry off.

A strange mood seemed to take over the room. A mood of hope, nervousness and expectation. Henry pilled some pillows in the middle of the bed and lay me on them so my buttocks were raised off the bed. Then he creamed the final phallus and my rectum and once I was ready slowly pushed it into me. It was tight, but there was no pain till I felt it deep inside me.

I brought my knees up which helped and then just closed my eyes and let Henry do whatever he wanted with me. As he used the phallus he sucked and licked my cock to erection, almost making me come. This managed to take my mind off the phallus and without realising it I had taken almost it's full length. "Are you ready." He asked softly.

I was nervously excited, too excited to speak so I just nodded my head.

Henry lifted my legs up over his shoulder and I felt his erection brushing at my bum hole. He slid it in without any problem and then when I winced he pulled it almost all the way out then back in.


The feelings that were flowing through me were indescribable happiness, arousal, a bit scared but all wrapped up in a huge amount of pleasure. Henry was true to his word. He slowly fucked me. He did speed up as my tight arse loosened up and suddenly I could feel his balls knocking against my thighs.

I could feel what I thought was an orgasm rising but found it strange as my cock had not been touched yet. Never the less I did come, semen shooting up over my stomach and I swear I came in my arse as well.

Tears rose in my eyes as I lay there, taking every thrust as deep as I could. Henry stopped. "Did I hurt you." He asked breathlessly.

"No." I replied, "I am just so happy. Don't stop. I want it all I want to feel you come inside me." Henry smiled and continued. It wasn't long before he was ramming full length into me and I again went into wild throws of anal and penile orgasm.

Then I felt it. Henry moaned loudly as with a huge thrust he shot his seed into me. I felt it hit my insides even though I too was in orgasm. He pumped harder and faster till finally, exhausted, he collapsed on top of me. Henry's head on my chest with my arms wrapped around him and his chest getting covered in my semen.

We lay like that for a while. Then Henry took a deep breath and said, "I think we may need another shower. I feel all sticky." We laughed and slowly got up and stepped into the shower. No playing this time just some mutual washing then we went back to bed where Henry took me in his arms and we fell asleep. Or I did anyway. For almost a year we had as much fun as we possibly could, sex sex sex.

I was sent home to my parents for the summer holidays but I managed to convince my parents to let me stay at Henry's for a week. Not that it took much convincing as they were only too glad to be rid of me. The following June and now almost fifteen I was suddenly told I was now too old to be in the children's home and I was sent back to live with my parents. I never saw Henry again Epilogue The story above is how I may have liked things to be IF I had knocked on that door that night.

But I didn't. However I did go back to Mr Normans house when I was 19 but he didn't live there anymore. I know when I went back I wanted something to happen. As I had a girlfriend I knew without any doubt that I was bi sexual.

I tried to trace him but had no luck. I still wonder what would have happened. He was a nice man and so I would like to think my story could be the way it would have gone.