Gay fuck He gargled meaty cocks got buttfucked rigid sans a condom

Gay fuck He gargled meaty cocks  got buttfucked rigid sans a condom
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Please read my first series parts 1-5 or none of this will make sense to you. ^_^ First I'd like to explain a few things. 1) Part 5 was meant to be a Segway to the new series with John and Alex. 2) I skipped forward a few months for this story so it wouldn't be repetition cuz I have an idea for this one 3) The hot guy who keeps writing in all my stories "(:, :3, and <3" needs to make an account and gimme advice and stuff.

I like you Mr. Anonymous and your thinking! 4) I had written this and then submitted unknowingly to a relogging page and my work was lost. I'm writing what I remember. It was damn good :( 5) If skipping from September to December pisses anyone off, sorry but this story came to my head and I had to write it as it did.

The date is December 21st. I awoke to an unfamiliar emptiness in our room.

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I opened my eyes and looked to my left. Where was Alex!? I heard something in the kitchen and I went out and saw Alex.

He was making hot chocolate! "Morning babe! Sleep well?" he asked. "Yeah haha I dreamt about Halloween!" I dressed in a Deadmau5 mask and a shirt and jeans with a chainy belt. Alex went as a big Pikachu! He got more candy then me because he was cuter, haha. "You looked cute in your mask!" Alex complimented. I went over and kissed him. Today was an abnormal Winter day. The weather was predicted to be 70 degrees F until midafternoon and It spikes to 30 degrees.

"Wanna have a picnic out by the lake?" I asked. "Sure." he responded. Our complex overlooked a beautiful lake. Thankfully nobody was out there.

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We made some food and brought out two chairs and two large beach towels, in addition to one blanket. We found a good spot from our house and got dressed.

We hauled out the stuff and set up camp. We started eating our sandwiches while talking about life, dreams, us, and other things. It was a great conversation and we took an hour long nap under the blanket with my head on his chest covered by his arms. I love him so fucking much. When I woke up he was still asleep. I stripped his sweatpants off, still under the blanket, and pretended to be asleep.

He woke up and must have forgotten his pants were on before because he slapped me awake. "Hey Alex. Enjoy the nap?" He nodded. "Yep!" "Good because I want you to enjoy this too!" I started blowing him under the blanket. He just rubbed my head and moaned. "Oh baby yes I love you. Cmon." He just woke up so his cock wasnt a behemoth.

Thank god.


His softness felt cool and different. I got up and stripped my shorts off and we started to 69. Now his cock was fully hard, ripping my mouth to it's seems. His cock had grown since September. He now boasted a 9 inch cock. It was as thick as my hand is wide from pinkie end to thumb end!

It was hard to believe, but my hands weren't very large either, haha. I had grown to 6.5 inches and Alex had no problem taking me. I fondled his balls with one handed and mine with another. Soon I felt the familiar feeling and Alex releashed a huge orgasm in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and released mine shortly after. We laid back down and I fell asleep hugging him. When I woke up it was already midafternoon! Freezing!

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I shook Alex awake and we got dressed and bolted everything inside our apartment. The time was 3:30 PM. I used some of the money my mom gave us to order some pizza. She pays for everything except ordering in.

She's so nice! We seldom wear clothes so when the pizza arrived we stripped naked and turned on some Futurama. We sat down on the couch with my head on his shoulders. He felt so warm. So strong. So.perfect. He was the one. Thank god gay marriage is legal in our state!

We swapped handjobs to add some fun to TV watching and swallowed eachothers cum. He tasted so sweet. Long gone were the days of his cum tasting bitter. We put in a couple movies and ate the rest of the pizza for dinner. The time was now 6:30. We decided to take a shower together. I wanted to try something new. We got in and turned the hot water on. I had him bend over and started rimming him.

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"Woah John that feels funny and awesome! Keep going!" he said. I kept going for another minute and then he did it to me. It felt really funny but really good too, haha. We decided to save cumming for later. We washed eachother and got out and dried off. We popped in Family Guy and watched some episodes. The time became 9:30.

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"Okay John. Heads or tails?" Alex said. "Tails." I responded. Tails meant I could fuck him, heads meant he could fuck me. He flipped the coin and Heads won. "Awesome!" we both said! I got on all fours on the bed and Alex rimmed me again.

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When he was satisfied I was lubed enough, he had me flip onto my back and on the bed. He slowly ripped a new dimension in my ass as he thrusted me from the front.


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AND IT FEELS.SO GOOD!" I moaned. It hurt like hell but I loved it.


As the pain turned into the most greatest feeling ever, I started riding him and moaning so loud I was sure the whole floor could hear us. Then suddenly he stopped, started shaking, and two of the largest orgasms we've both ever had erupted from our cocks.

Alex went and licked mine off the blanket and said "John.I fucking love your tight ass." "Alex.I fucking love your ginormous cock." I replied. "Tomorrow your ass is mine." "Deal!" he said. With that, we both fell asleep.

I plan on doing points of important time with multiple parts. There's a grand finale to this storyline and I can't wait for the day to come that it can show itself. Til tomorrow, ~Anonyboi~