Hot oral action after a photoshoot with a handsome stud

Hot oral action after a photoshoot with a handsome stud
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This is a dream I had a few weeks ago and I cant seem to get it out of my head. I've never done anything like this before, nor have I dreamt about it but this was a huge turn on for me so hopefully this will bring some of you enjoyment. Please let me know what you think and I may write more! ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Nina woke up in a haze. Her head was dizzy and she couldn't see straight.

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The air was moist and stuffy and she wasn't able to move. After a few minutes things became a little more clear. She was in a pitch black room, she was on her stomach, and she could feel restraints around her wrists and ankles.


"Hello?.Hello?!", Nina cried out. The only response she received were the soft moans of another girl crying. "Hey! Who's there?", she asked, her voice raised up now in anger. Suddenly the lights came on and Nina was blinded for a few moments. It took awhile but when she was able to keep her eyes open she was greeted with a sight most concerning.

She was in a basement of some kind with no windows. There were over head lights all over but the walls and floor were made of stone. And roughly two feet away from her was another girl. She was also on her stomach, tied to a wooden work horse.

Her hands bound down at the bottom/front of it and her feet in the back. Nina looked down and around and realized she was in the same contraption.

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"Where are we?", she asked. "Who are you and when did you get here?" She quickly realized the other girl couldn't answer her. She had some kind of device in her mouth that forced it wide open; she wasn't able to close it. Nina was struggling with her restraints when the door behind her opened and a man walked in. Nina couldn't see him but what she could see was the other girls reaction.

She looked up at the man and immediately began crying. She arched her back and lifted her ass up in the air a little. Nina was getting scared now. She cocked her head to one side and was able to see him slightly.

He wasn't very tall but he was in pretty decent shape. He had brown hair and a goatee. "Who are you? What are you doing?!


I want out NOW!" Nina's face was red with anger but it didn't seem to move the man very much. She could hear him walking over to the two girls and after a moment she felt the palm of his hand on the back of her left calf. She tried kicking at the man but realized that her legs were also bound to the horse at the knee.

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She was almost completely immobile. The man slowly slid his hand up her leg, grabbing and rubbing the inside of her thigh. At the moment, he was just admiring the girl. Nina was short, no taller than 5'2 and only about 110 pounds. She had B sized tits with supple pink nipples. But her real gem was her ass. Smooth, soft milky white skin and a firm well rounded ass.

She was athletic in shape and her rump was well toned and taught. The man moved his hand up her leg to center thigh and was now using the tip of his index finger to tickle her pussy lips.


She struggled against him but to no avail. All it did was give the man a show as she wiggled her ass from side to side, making him hard and full of lust. "FUCK OFF!", she shouted, loud enough to where her voice was almost screeching.

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The man withdrew and made the sound of a disappointed sigh. She could hear a belt being undone and pants dropping to the floor. The other girl still had her ass slightly raised and her eyes were closed but still covered in tears. The man walked around in between the two girls and Nina could now see his cock was hard as stone and large.

About 8 inches in length and fat in girth.

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She was starting to breath heavily and fast, the man was looking her in the eyes not saying a word. Without breaking eye contact the man side stepped closer to the other girl, lifted her head up and put his cock in her mouth. She shuddered for a moment but leaned forward to take his member in. She was drooling everywhere because of the device and his cock and balls were soon drenched and sloppy.

He smiled, broke eye contact and turned so that he was completely facing the other girl. Now SHE was a real beauty. A mexican girl with almost the same body type as Nina, only her as was more supple and her breasts were about a C cup. Her eyes were green and her lips were red and juicy. He ran his fingers through her hair before grabbing the back of her head and shoving his cock down her throat, his balls bouncing on her chin. At first she didn't move, she just took it. But after a few seconds she tried to withdraw for breath but the man just held her head there.

She began gagging, followed by choking. Her legs began to kick and her arms had gone taught, struggling against the restraints. Nina was beginning to tear up herself and she couldn't take this anymore. "Stop she cant breath!" The man looked back at her then at Alyssa, the mexican girl.

He quickly removed her cock and she went from choking to coughing, gasping for breath. She was whimpering and crying but after a few moments she arched her back, and raised her ass back into the air. The man circled her running his hand down her back and cupping her ass cheek.

"Good girl" he said as his thumb began to circle her asshole. He licked her there for a moment, slapped her ass hard, which made her jerk forward with a yelp, then his eyes met back with Nina and he approached her.

He stepped between them again, his cock raised up almost touching Nina's nose. It was still coated with drool that was dripping down and off his balls. "I will bite that OFF if you try and put that in my mouth." She was serious, but wasn't sure at all how serious he would take her. After all he could have another one of those devices to force her mouth open. Then what would she do? She would have no choice but to suck his cock, maybe even swallow his jizz afterwards.

As quick as lightning her grabbed the underside of her jaw very forcefully and made it impossible for her to open her mouth. He grabbed the top of her head with his other hand in order to turn her head sideways.

She squealed and struggled the whole time but couldn't fight back. She could only lay there as the man rubbed his manhood against her face. His eyes were closed and it seemed like he was worlds away.

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Finally he opened his eyes, met hers and smiled. "I don't need your mouth. I brought you here for something else." He let go of her head and turned to Alyssa. He stuffed his cock in her mouth one more time but not for pleasure. He was lubing his cock up with her drool, and there was no shortage of it. He briskly walked around behind Nina, placing both hands on her ass cheeks.

He could almost completely cup her tight little ass and it was firm and felt good. He took a step forward and placed his cock in the middle of her ass, resting it in between her cheeks. He pushed them together and rubbed up and down, finding that his cock was getting harder and larger. Nina was breathing heavily as she thought to herself, "Oh my god.he's going to fuck my pussy. How hard? Will he at least let me adjust to him? At least he lubed up, I guess." "Please.don't." She whimpered beginning to cry now.

But she knew he probably liked that. So instead she got angry. "Hey.HEY! Get away from me you mother FUCKER!" She was trying to kick now but it was no use, all she was doing by that was shaking her ass, which made his cock feel great. To her horror, the man now had his cock in his hand and was rubbing his tip slowly against her tight, puckered asshole. Her eyes grew wide and she was now breathing wildly. She had never been fucked in her ass before, and this mans cock was huge.

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No doubt he wouldn't go easy on her. But that was an understatement. Before she could beg him to stop. The man pressed his cock inside her. He let his fully body weight fall on her and his cock went in until his hanging balls slapped against her clit. "EEEAAHHHHHHH!!!" She screamed so loud it echoed throughout the whole room. Her body tensed up and she began to spasm. For the man though, it was the most amazing feeling in the world. The inside of her ass was tighter than he could imagine, and it was smooth and moist from the drool he had used for lube.

She was naturally tightening up her asshole which felt amazing but was slowly coming to a stop as her ass was losing strength. He grabbed both ass cheeks hard, took a step forward and began relentlessly pounding away on her ass. The whole wood horse was rocking back and forth. Nina was still screaming loudly as the man was slamming his cock into her ass without remorse.

He paused long enough to take a step forward, and to grab her shoulders, pulling her in a little closer and resumed his assault. She was biting the edge of the horse now, still screaming as her face became soaked with tears. After a few minutes of this she could feel his cock growing larger, and he was moaning now. He was going to cum soon.he was going to cum inside her asshole and there was nothing she could do about it. Finally his pace quickened as fast as it could and he let out a loud, and gratifying moan.

He shoved his cock in balls deep one last time and held it there as he pumped his semen inside of her. Nina was on the verge of passing out, but she could feel his warm, goo filling her up inside. He kept his cock in her for awhile, just rubbing his hips against her ass cheeks in a circular motion. After awhile, he slowly slipped his cock out of her and her ass reacted.

It was gapped for a moment but quickly closed up tight again, much to his future pleasure. When it closed up, his cum was forced out of her very quickly. A small amount shot out of her some distance and the rest began freely flowing from her asshole, covering her pussy and drenching her thighs.

Nina was unconscious now, so the man walked over to her front. He lifted her head up and put his cock in her mouth, using her gaped limp mouth and tongue to clean his member off. As he did this, he looked over to Alyssa who was still in her same position; mouth open, ass up. He smiled and said, "Soon.soon she'll be a good girl. Like you." He finished cleaning his cock off, walked out of the room, and turned out the lights.