Gay XXX Hot fresh model Leo Quin returns this week in a super steamy

Gay XXX Hot fresh model Leo Quin returns this week in a super steamy
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Thank you for your comments, they motivate to keep writing. I recommend you read my prior stories to get a good understanding of what is going on in this story. This story picks up right after my last one. Hope you enjoy, and comment. I was in love with dick sucking from the first time I did it. I had been dying to do it for a while, I loved the way mom looked doing it, and had fantasized about doing it myself many times. I was in heaven for the rest of the day, after I sucked Juan.

It didn't last long, but I loved the experience. I loved how slutty I felt having a second boyfriend. I loved how he thought I was stupid and tried tricking me into sucking him, and I played along. I loved how he groped at me, without asking for permission, like I belonged to him. I knew he would want it often, and I wanted to suck him more.

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I loved being put on my knees, like my mom, feeling submissive, being used for some man's pleasure. I loved how shocked he looked that I ate his cum, which I had seen mom do a hundred times and didn't think it was special, but was glad Juan did.

Overall, I loved feeling used for pleasure, letting myself get fooled, getting used, feeling like a whore. I wondered if that's what mom felt. I looked up videos of mom sucking sucking, and almost felt I had done it all wrong, but I had done it the way Juan wanted, and didn't want to make it seem like I knew what I was doing. Mom hardly used her hands, she would stroke the shaft from time to time, and hold the balls, but for the most part, she would open her mouth and push it all the way in.

The penises mom was swallowing also looked bigger and thicker, and she would take her time licking them, kissing them, than pushing them into her mouth. In some of her videos, mom would kneel and put her hands behind her back, as men would hold on to the back of her head, and shove their dicks all the way into her mouth, fucking her face. I loved the way that looked, made me wish I could do it to mom, and made me wish I could have a man use me like that. I studied how she sucked, and decided to suck him the way I wanted next time.

I didn't care if he thought I was a slut, I actually wanted that. I just wanted him to use me. That night, I stayed up most of the night masturbating. The next morning, I stole one of mom's thongs and kept it in my backpack, to put it on if I met with Juan. The school day went by, I bumped into Amanda in class and asked her if she had brothers or sisters. She told me she had two older brothers. I asked her more about them and found out her oldest brother was married, and that Juan had a girlfriend, and was pretty popular with girls.

I didn't tell her about me being another girlfriend or blowing him. I didn't even mind him having a girlfriend or having other girls. I thought it was more exciting.

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I hanged out withTyler for a few minutes after school, until his dad showed up to pick him up. Tyler's dad giving me that look of lust,"Hey boy, I see you still got that pretty girlfriend. How are you doing sweetheart?" Images of him groping mom came to my mind. Me,"I'm doing good Mr. Smith." Tyler's dad,"Just call me Larry, you're making me feel old. Me,"ok, Larry." Larry,"My son doesn't understand the kind of girl he has yet, you are gonna grow up real good. How is your mom doing." Me feeling fucked by his stare,"Good".

Tyler," Can we give her a ride?" Me,"I have to wait for mom today, maybe tomorrow." Larry staring at me, looking hungry,"I'll give you a ride anytime you want, just let me know. I'll be checking up on you, say hello to your mother, can't wait to see her again." I felt turned on having this grown up man I didn't even like lust after me. Me,"I'll let her know." As soon as they left, and I ran to see if Juan was hanging out by the fence.

As soon as I saw him there, I ran to the restroom and changed into mom's thong. I felt turned on just wearing it, I put on my skirt and lifted it to where it barely covered my butt. I walked out trying to be as sexy as I could, swinging my hips, putting one foot in front of the other. A girl walked into the restroom and gave me a dirty look, which told me I must look good.

I walked towards Juan, and he smiled as soon as he saw me.

Juan,"Hey, you look fucking good." Me,"Thank you." Juan,"Turn around, let me see you." I loved the attention. I turned around slowly, leaning forward a bit, letting him check me out." Juan,"Damn, you look good. Let's go to our spot." We went to the old building, Juan walking slightly behind me.

I walked as sexy as I could, I loved feeling his gaze on me.

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We got to the same room as before, and Juan had laid a blanket out on the floor. Juan lifted my skirt and grabbed my buttcheeks as we were walking in. I felt turned on again having him grab me without permission, I felt liKe I belonged to him. Juan,"Wow, I like your thong, didn't know you wore thongs." Me,"I didn't, I borrowed it from my mom, I wanted to show you that I can be a good girlfriend." I felt Juan get hard with his groin bulging behind my butt.

Juan,"Yeah you are, I like girls like you, you need to start wearing your mom's thongs everyday for me. I've seen your mom, she is hot. You look just like her." I loved being told I looked like mom. He started taking off my skirt. Juan,"let me see your ass." He took it off completely, he opened up my buttcheeks, and started kissing and biting my ass as he groped it.

I felt so good. He layed me on the floor, and continued eating at my ass. I could feel his teeth dig into my asscheeks, and I screamed and moaned a bit, and tried pushing his head away, but he would push my hands out of the way. Juan,"You have to be a good girlfriend, and let me do what I want." I hurt, but I let him continue. He came in front of me and got me up on my knees. He undid his pants and pulled out his penis. I felt wet as soon as it came out.

I leaned back to sit on my heels, opened my mouth, and put my hands behind my back just like mom. Juan,"Good, looks like you know what to do." He put the tip of his dick in my mouth, and started rocking back and forth.

I wanted to feel it all the way in, so I pushed my face forward and felt the tip hit the back of my throat. I had my lips around the base of his dick, his tip at the entrance of my throat, and I left it there to take in the feeling. I felt his dick throbbing inside my mouth, growing. I felt a slight gagging reflex, and pulled it all out. Juan," That was good, do it again." I was glad he liked it, so I pushed it all the way in again. I held it there, and felt that gagging again. I was about to pull it out when he grabbed the back of my head.

Juan," Don't, leave it in just like that. Just open your mouth, and I'll push it in and out." He must have felt like he was showing me, which was the complete opposite. He started pushing it in and out slowly, all the way in, the coming out to the tip.

He did it over and over, I only felt a slight gag every now and then, and he continued. I kept feeling it throbbing, it looked bigger than at the beginning.


Juan,"You suck dick like a pornstar. I like that." I was wet. He pumped and pumped, it must have been about a minute, then he started twitching. I started smelling something, than I felt his dick throbbing, his body twitching, and then a salty taste.

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I knew he was cumming, so I left my mouth open even though my jaw was a little tired. He pumped the last bit, then pulled his dick out. I left my mouth open, with his cum in my mouth, just like mom did. Juan," Eat it all." I swallowed it and felt it run down my throat.

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Juan,"Open your mouth, let me see." I opened my mouth and he looked inside. Juan," That is the best blowjob I have ever had." Me,"Am I better than your girlfriend." He looked stunned, but slowly replied,"Yeah, much better, she is older than you, but still a little girl. You are all grown up, you know how to please a boyfriend." I loved hearing that. I was about to get up, and he pushed me down again. He walked behind me again, and bent me over. He pulled off my thong, and started eating at butt again, licking from my pussy to my butt.

I was dripping wet, it felt amazing. Juan, now I'm gonna see if you are a real grown girl, are you ready to get fucked?" I was shocked, but I felt ready, I wanted to see what it felt like to get fucked.

I said, "yes." He layed me on my back, opened my legs, and got between them. I felt the tip of his dick, hit the entrance of my vagina, then a horrible sensation. He slowly tried to slide his dick in, but it wouldn't go in. I was hurting and screaming, and he kept pushing in hard, trying to get inside. Juan,"You are so tight, are you a virgin?" Me screaming, "yes." Juan, "good, I'll pop your cherry." He pushed slowly doing deeper.


It felt so painful, I was screaming, moaning, I could feel tears dripping down. He pushed deeper, until finally, i felt it all the way in. It hurt even more, I tried pushing him away with my hands, and he pinned them down next to me and started fucking me.

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I was in deep pain, my vagina was burning inside, like needles poking at me. He kept holding me down, I could feel him going all the way in and out. He kept speeding up, going deep. I screamed and moaned, and my vision clouded from my tears. My vagina felt tight around him, and it only got hotter and more painful as it went. It didn't last long, maybe a few minutes, but felt like an eternity. He twitched and moaned, and I knew he had cum. I could feel him getting soft, and he pulled it out.

He said," Good girl, that is the best pussy ever." I was in deep pain, but smiled feeling like I had done good. I had tears in my eyes from how much it hurt. I was so glad it was over. I couldn't beliece how painful it had been, I was still burning. I looked down and saw I had blood all over my vagina and thighs.

Juan was cleaning his dick and pelvis of blood. I didn't know I would bleed, I had never seen mom bleeding. I thought he had torn me inside, and it felt like it. I cleaned up as best I could with the same blanket, which also had blood all over it. Juan,"hell yeah, I just popped your cherry. That is some good tight pussy right there." We put our clothes on, I tried being careful not getting my clothes bloody. We said goodbye to each other, and I ran to the restroom to clean up some more.

On my way over, I bumped into a kid from class that looked down towards my skirt. I looked down and saw blood running down towards my knees.


I pushed my skirt down some more, and ran again. I had gotten some blood on my panties already, so I cleaned up the best I could, and shoved a wad of toilet paper into my vagina to stop the bleeding. I then ran towards my pickup spot, where mom was already waiting. I jumped in the car. Mom,"what's wrong?

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Were you crying?" I was afraid to tell her. She looked at my body then at my skirt, and saw blood on it. I was terrified, she knew. Mom,"Oh my god, it's okay baby, it's normal, you are turning into a woman." She leaned over to hug me. I didn't know what to make of it, until we got home and explained the whole process of having your period.

I was so relieved and finally stopped crying once I realized she didn't know I had sex. She hugged me again and kissed my lips telling me it was going to be okay. She was right though, I did feel like a woman, and I wanted more.once the pain went away.

That same night, Tyler's dad showed up at our house. We were sitting in the living room, when we heard a knock on the door. Mom went to answer, and Tyler's dad walked in, and immediately hugged mom, grabbing her ass from the back, lifting her off the ground.

He was laughing and asked her, "how is my favorite bitch?" Mom didn't respond, then Tyler's dad looked past her and saw me looking at them.

Larry,"Hey sweetheart, didn't see you there, how are you doing." Me,"Good." Larry,"I need to talk to your mom for a bit, I'll see you tomorrow at school." Mom and Larry went to moms's room, and just a few minutes later, I could hear mom's moaning. Larry was being really loud also, I went to my room, but I could still hear them.

I started imagining my mom having sex and got turned on, but when I reached to touch myself, I was reminded that I was still sore. I was sore for a few days. I would meet Juan after school and he would fuck my face. Then I would run back to my pickup spot to go home. Juan kept telling me I was his favorite girl, and how good I was, and how hot, and how my pussy had been so tight, and how my blowjobs were the best he had ever had.

I didn't believe half the stuff he said, but I liked him saying I pleased him better than other girls, it only made me want to do more. I loved feeling his cum in my mouth, not so much the taste, just the way it felt having him pleasure himself with my mouth, and feeling the cum, knowing he was satisfied.

The Friday of that week, Juan said,"I love the way you give head like a pornstar, everyone needs a girl like you." It might not seem much, but it was the best comment I had ever heard at that time. I continued watching videos of mom and Tanya online, seeing the things they did, learning.

I was determined to make my next time getting fucked a more memorable experience.