Stark behaarte mädchen

Stark behaarte mädchen
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My name's Jim. I'm 48 years old and married 22 years to a beautiful woman, Cynthia. We have 2 beautiful children, both in college. Three years ago I decided to sell my commercial real estate business to some younger entrepreneurs. I keep an office at the firm but only go in a day or two a week.

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I can look after my financial affairs in my home office. Since we've been empty nesters, our relationship has improved. I think Cindy would say our sex life is good, or better than most folks who've been together this long. Perhaps it's not that unusual, but I really want more variety in our love making. She likes a straightforward fuck every once in a while, but mostly we just masturbate each other, maybe every week or so.

She doesn't like oral sex and doesn't like me to touch her bottom and anal sex in out of the question. That causes me to think about sex more than a man my age should. But that's enough about us. This story is about my niece, Katlin, who is still in high school. Katlin's mom, Susan, is my wife's younger sister.

Susan's husband, Jack was killed in Afghanistan when Katlin was only three. Susan has never found anyone to measure up to Jack, and he was indeed a great guy and hero. Without a male parent in her life, I have sort of become Katlin's father figure. Susan's job keeps her traveling frequently, So Katie (as I call her) is very often our house guest; she even has her own room.

I've watched her grow up to become a beautiful teenager, and now almost a woman. I'd say she's 5ft 3in and still growing. Probably will be tall like her dad. She has blue green eyes and strawberry blonde hair which comes down almost to her waist. She has those high cheekbones like her mom and the cutest little nose that turns up just a tiny bit.

Katie is athletic - on the track and gymnastics team and seems very fit. A few years ago, I first noticed Katie starting to bloom into puberty. Nothing dramatic, just the start of losing the baby fat in her face and the beginning of curves of a woman.

Her boobs were small but definitely making noticeable bumps in her clothes. Her butt is tight, but so round in the perfect way.

As time has moved forward, I've had to watch myself from staring as she walks past. When she wears those tight cutoff shorts the kids love, if she bends over a bit, you can just see the top of her long legs mold into her butt cheeks. I keep thinking how wonderful it would be to see her beautiful ass, but then cursing myself for the thought.

Plus, Katie is very affectionate with me - frequently giving me hugs and kisses on the cheek. When her lithe body touches mine, it definitely causes a stir in me. I wonder if she feels the sexual energy I give off? I don't know if it's my awareness of her coming of age, or my age, but I've started having carnal thoughts every time I see a cute young girl walk by with those delicious buns swaying to and fro.


It seems when you are young, men are fixated on tits, and indeed, is there really anything more appealing? But, when you get more mature, you start paying more attention to female asses; at least that's been the case with me. Maybe I'm just anal oriented, or maybe because that's a forbidden area of access. Anyway, back to the story. Yesterday, Cindy and her sister, Susan made the decision to travel back to Virginia to move their mom from the family home to an assisted living facility.

They thought they'd be able to do that and get her settled in about a week.

The trouble is, Katlin is still in school and staying by herself isn't wise. I, of course, said she should stay with me, since I had no plans to leave town. Friday I picked up Katie after school and we drove to her house to pick up the clothes she'd need for the week. As it happens, Monday would be a teacher in service day so we'd have a three day weekend.

When I asked, "Katie, what do you want to do?" She replied, "Mostly just lay by the pool and relax with you, Uncle Jim!" This caused me to blush and based on the little grin on her face, she no doubt saw my embarrassment.

"Could you cook out some hamburgers for us tonight?" "Sure, if you want, I can get the stuff ready while you take a dip and a bit of sun before it goes down." "Can't you swim with me first for a little bit? When we went inside, I changed into a loose swim suit, and was disturbed to see my dick was already partly erect.

'I've got to quit thinking of seeing Katie in her swim suit, or this will be very embarrassing,' I said to myself. While I busied myself getting the grill ready by the pool, out walked Katie in her bikini. I was stunned to see how much she had changed from a little stick figure kid to a blossoming young woman. Her boobs had certainly begun to take a beautiful shape - swelling enough so her bikini top fit lovingly over each little mound.

I also saw her thighs and hips had flared out a bit and her waist drawn in - the start of what would soon become a killer hour glass figure. As I just stood there gazing, mesmerized by her beauty, her cheeks got pinker and I'd swear her nipples magically made little bumps under her bra. I could feel my dick getting hard and starting to stick straight out. Katie said, "Uncle Jim, are you OK? You're staring!" I said, "Oh, sorry Katie! I guess I'm just realizing you're just about all grown up.

And SO beautiful." She said,"You're just saying that to make my feel good!" In order to do something to conceal my erection, I said, "Let's get wet," and dove into the water.

Katie actually dove in almost the same instant and we surfaced just a couple of feet apart. I could see her bra had slipped down to just where the top of her pink areolae were visible.

She pulled he bra back up in place, but didn't seem to be in a hurry to make the adjustment. Far from solving my erection problem, my dick was really starting to twitch, as if trying to climb out of my suit. Katie said, "Remember when I was little and you used to pitch me up to do backflips? Do you think you could still do that?" I replied, "You're a lot bigger now, but I bet we can still do it." With that, I interlaced my fingers down low for her to step in. She put her hands on my shoulders and got both feet in my hands and excitedly said, "Ready, Set, GO!" With all my strength, I launched her out of the water and she flipped over backwards with a tremendous splash.

She came up laughing and sputtering water and wiping her eyes and hair back. My eager eyes quickly saw her bra had slipped down completely and I saw both of her unobstructed breasts with the rosy pink nipples standing at attention.

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Like hard marbles on very puffy areolae. She had more going on upstairs than I had imagined. Again, she seemed to take her time pulling up the bra. I just couldn't figure out, was she just unconscious about her bared chest, or was she teasing me? Of course this time I did my best to look up to her face and congratulated her on her excellent backflip. There being a couple of hours sunlight remaining, Katie said she wanted to lay out for a little while and I told her there was some sun lotion in the cabana with the towels.

I asked her to bring one for me - mainly to cover my protruding appendage. I made an excuse to go in the house to get the burgers ready. As I went in, Katie was laying on one of the chaise lounges rubbing lotion all over her front. I wanted to watch this erotic exercise, but knew I had to do something about the erection. I wanted more than anything to go relieve the tension, but felt too much guilt as it was my young niece causing the problem.

After being inside for 10 or 15 minutes, I decided the swelling of my dick was going to be rather permanent. Of course, my peaking out the kitchen window at her lithe young body didn't help matters. When I came out to start the grill, Katie had flipped over on her tummy and called out, "Uncle Jim, would you rub some lotion on my back?" There she was laying with her cute butt facing my direction.

Her bikini bottom hugged her butt and her thighs slightly parted, giving me a little view of the fabric molding into her lower labia. I sat on the adjacent chaise with my right side towards Katy's head.

I put lotion on my hands and started rubbing from her heels up over her lower legs. All the time I'm fixed staring at her bottom. When I got above her knees and started oiling her lower thighs, Katie reached back with both hands and pulled her suit bottom up just enough where I could see the curves of her buttocks met her legs.

I took that as a signal to keep going a littler higher. When I got within an inch or so from her crotch, I could see just a few golden pubic hairs peaking out from between her legs. I willed myself to stop and moved up to her neck and shoulders. At this point, the head of my dick was almost sticking out the leg of my suit, and was bobbling up and down.

Katie reached back and unfastened her bikini top, which again, I took as a sign she wanted me to lotion her whole back. I took my time in this area and carefully tested if I should rub down her sides near her breasts.

Feeling no resistance, I let my hands work down her sides to the lounge. While laying on her front, her flattened breasts pooched out a little. making my dick feel like it was going to burst. As I got down to her lower back, I stopped about an inch above her swim suit. Katie turned and looked in my direction and with both hands, pulled her suit down a couple of inches.

I could see her white cheeks and just the start of her butt crack.


I was having a little trouble containing my breathing. Katie said, "You can put some lotion down there, I don't want a high tan line." I started smoothing the lotion on the upper part of her butt cheeks. I skipped over her crack, but in a minute or so, I seemed powerless to control my hands and knowing it was wrong and dangerous, I let my middle finger run down her crack for just an instant.

Katie made a little noise like, "Oh!" And I jerked my hand back like I'd been electrocuted. After a minute while I was frozen, she said, "That feels good!" I thought, 'What feels good, the rubbing her cheeks or putting my finger in her crack?' At that moment, She reached back again and pulled down her suit almost where her whole bottom was uncovered.

I thought, 'This is where I might get into real trouble.' I massaged her bottom, no longer just spreading the lotion, but thrilling at the touch of these white supple globes. I also again let my fingers slip down her crack. Each time I touched her there, it seemed like she raised her ass a little and made a little sound in her throat.

Terrified as I was, I let my finger go down to her little pink asshole and rubbed lightly around it. She raised her butt a little more, but I knew I couldn't go any further. I said, "Honey, I don't want you to get a burn, and pulled her suit back up.

"We'd better get dressed and eat." She looked back and smiled!

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"Ok Uncle Jim." Then I saw her drop her eyes to my crotch where she couldn't miss seeing the outline of my dick. Throughout our dinner, I feigned attention as she prattled on about school, her friends, boys and what she wanted to do when school let out. Pretty soon, she yawned and I asked if she wanted to watch TV? She said, "Sure for a little while. I think I'll get ready for bed first." I said, "That's a good idea." I changed into a T-shirt and some silk boxers I rarely wear.

I knew she'd be able to see the shape of my dick under the thin material and was ashamed I wanted her to see it. When Katie came in to the TV room, she was wearing a huge T-shirt that came down almost to her knees.

Although she was totally covered, I could see she wasn't wearing a bra as her pointy buds protruded under the cloth. I could also see what appeared to be some very tiny bikini panties through her shirt. We sat on my big leather couch, she on my right side, and flipped through the channels until she found some silly program she liked.

I didn't mind, it was just so special for her to be near me. After a while, she picked up a throw pillow and put it in my lap and lay her head down. I had to put my right arm somewhere, so I left it on the back of the couch. I wondered if she would mind if I put my arm down on her, but it was starting to cramp, so I didn't have a choice.

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I eased my arm down to her right side with my hand on her thigh. I thought Katie was starting to go to sleep, so I asked if she wanted to go to bed.

She said, "In a minute, I'm a little cool." Then she reached up and pulled my arm down across her chest. I could tell the palm of my hand was touching her left breast. I didn't move a muscle for the longest time.

But then I let my palm move around and almost instantly her nipple got hard. With great trepidation. I let my finger rub around the nipple and she let out a little gasp. Feeling no resistance, I moved my hand up and started fondling her right nipple. Again she made a little sound, and moved around. I wondered if she could feel my hard on through the pillow? In a few minutes, she reached up and took my hand and moved it back down towards her thigh. I thought, 'Boy, you went too far.' But then I was astonished when the took my hand and pulled it back under her shirt until it was again on her bare little tit.

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I can tell you my heart skipped several beats when she did that and she moaned every time i rolled her nipples in my fingers, lightly pinching, slightly pulling. Her head was now coming off the pillow and I could feel her cheek on my swollen dick. Eventually I pulled my hand away and said,"Katie, I can't do this, it's wrong!" Katie looked up at me with those liquid blue green eyes and replied, "It's ok Uncle Jim.

I don't mind." I said, "Baby, I love you so much, but I think we should go to bed." I puttered around the kitchen straightening up for a while until I thought Katie would be asleep. Then I went upstairs and got ready myself.

I lay on the bed and thought about what we'd done and got kinda sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I decided to look in on Katie. Her room was dark, but the door was open and I could see her figure under a sheet. As my eyes adjusted to the low light, I saw she was laying on her tummy with her feet towards me.


As I stood there for the longest moment I suddenly saw that her little butt was moving around and up and down. Then it hit me,'Christ, I think she's humping her pillow!' This was just too much.

My dick was throbbing. I went into my bedroom, grabbed some tissues, stripped off my underwear, grabbed my dick and started jacking away. It couldn't have been more than 15 or 20 strokes when my toes curled up, the spasms pumped shot after shot of hot cum, over filling the tissues and dripping down my hand and all over me. I couldn't remember ever having such an intense orgasm.

As I lay there panting, I thought, 'Well, at least now I can get my mind off these lusty thoughts and behave like a proper uncle!'