Junge feuchte mösen

Junge feuchte mösen
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Fbailey story number 409 Civil War Reenactment When a friend at work tried to recruit me into his Civil War Reenactment Troop, I was intrigued but I wanted to check it out first. He told me to visit him that weekend at a reenactment that his group was putting on. My wife was not interested but her sister Doreen was, however her husband was not. So Doreen and I decided to go visit my friend together. That Friday Doreen was more excited than I was.

As we drove to the town where the reenactment was taking place she told me all about what she had learned on the Internet. She really was excited because she had seen the beautiful elaborate dresses that the Southern Belles wore. It seems that wives and children join in too, at least in the campsite if not on the battlefield.

Before we got there Doreen asked me if my friend had ever met my wife. No he hadn't that I'm aware of. Then she asked if he knew her name. Now that I wasn't sure of. Doreen decided to pretend that she was my wife so that we could join as a couple if we really liked it. I got the impression that she already liked it. We found the so-called battlefield, we eventually found the Confederate campsite, and we found my friend. He gave my 'wife' and me a tour of the campsite and Doreen got to talk to two of the women there.

Apparently most of the wives did not participate with their husbands. Doreen had a great time talking to them and they told her to come back the following day for the big battle between the Yankees and the Confederates. I enjoyed my talk with the men and was also invited to watch the battle the next day. Doreen and I both called our spouses and told them that we were spending the night and going to watch the battle the next day. They told us to enjoy ourselves.

Doreen said that she would need a change of underwear for the next day at least. She had a brush and some makeup in her purse already. I drove to the local motel and tried to rent two rooms but because of the doings in town they only had one room left but it had two beds in it though, so we took it.

Over dinner Doreen told me that she was even more excited to join than she had been before.

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She had a lead on where to buy a dress or get a pattern but she wasn't too good with a sewing machine so she wanted to buy a couple of dresses. Then she told me about all of the petticoats, the hoops in the skirts, and the fact that they didn't wear any panties in those days. The women showed her that under their dresses they had pantaloons that were crotchless. She was informed that there was no toilet paper and that women just squatted, did their business, and went about their day.

They wiped with leaves, corncobs, or anything available. After dinner we went shopping. Doreen wanted to start with a thrift shop where she found a nice simple gingham dress and an old fashion pair of shoes. At the mall she found the sexiest crotchless pair of panties that I had ever seen. Then she found a matching corset. She was in heaven. They were black and purple and the corset pushed her already big breasts up even more causing what Doreen called adequate cleavage.

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She took my hand and walked to the changing rooms. When the clerk saw the corset she asked Doreen if she needed any help with it. She smiled and said, "No my husband can help me in and out of it. After all he will need to get used to doing it." The sales girl just smiled at me and told us to go into room six. It was on the far end and it seemed bigger than the rooms that we had passed. I then watched as my lovely sister-in-law removed her blouse and skirt in front of me.

Now I had seen her in less than that bra and panties whenever she wore her bikini in our swimming pool but I must admit that seeing her in her underwear was very exciting and caused my erection to grow. When she removed them however I got quite uncomfortable and had to keep adjusting it in my pants. Doreen laughed and said that she had always wanted to be naked with me but that I was still fully dressed.

She slipped on the crotchless panties and felt her crotch, then she asked me to feel her crotch too. While I was feeling her up she was feeling me up too. The corset was a new experience. I had to learn to pull and hook a million of those tiny bra hooks. She had picked out the perfect size too. Then I had to get her out of it.

When Doreen was naked again she asked me if I wanted a blowjob or to fuck her quickly. What a dilemma I wanted both and I wanted more than that too. I chose the quick fuck and she smiled. Then she turned around, grabbed a hold of the changing bench, and offered herself to me. I dropped my pants, lowered my underwear, and slipped my cock into her eagerly awaiting pussy.

She wanted it just as much as I did and encouraged me to go faster and deeper. A few 'Oh Gods' later and it was all over way to quickly for either of us.

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With promises of more to come we both got dressed. On the way to the cash register Doreen found a transparent pink baby doll that she wanted to wear for me later. Needless to say, we rushed back to our motel room. We called our spouses, said goodnight, and jumped into one another's arms.

There was a lot of kissing, feeling of the other person, and then a shower together. After the shower Doreen insisted in wearing the pink baby doll, after all she had bought it to wear for me.

That night I got my blowjob and I must say that Doreen is much better than her sister is at it. An hour later and I was hard again. That time it was with Doreen on her back, my cock in her pussy, and her ankles behind my ears. She was so much better at everything sexual than her sister was that it wasn't funny.

Even cumming in her pussy was nicer, it's hard to explain and it wasn't that it was our first time either.


Doreen knew and did things that her sister hadn't learned yet. On the other hand she told me that I was much better at sex than her was and that we had just about the same size cocks, so it wasn't the size that mattered. We managed to make love one more time before falling asleep in one another's arms.

In the morning neither one of us wanted to get up. We knew that the battle would take place at two in the afternoon and that both sides would be camping out for another night too. So…we stayed in bed and made love twice before taking a shower and getting dressed. I had the pleasure of hooking Doreen into that corset again and even slipping her panties onto her. The dress practically fell onto her body.

We grabbed a quick lunch and made our way to the battlefield. The men were busy getting ready but the women that we met the day before called us over to them.

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They told us what was going to happen and then the women talked about spending the night on the cold, damp, uncomfortable ground. Doreen told them about our motel room. They talked about the smoke from the wood fire and how dirty their hair was. Doreen told them about our shower and the scented shampoo that the motel provided.

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They told about their dirty filthy men making love to them, filling them with sticky cum, and then having no place to clean up.

Doreen told them that we had made love in the changing room while trying on her new corset.


With that said she simply lifted the front of her dress clear up to her shoulders so that they could admire it. When all was said and done Doreen wished that she had been used and abused in a tent while the two women wished for a nice clean motel room.

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As luck would have it we had a three o'clock checkout time and an hour and a half left. So we loaded the two women into my car and took them to our motel room.

They wasted no time in getting into that bathroom and closing the door. Then the door opened and they both came out. Their dresses were too big to fit in there so they took their dresses off, their petticoats, and their hoops too. They were just wearing corsets and pantaloons.

I thought that they were going to stop there and go back into the bathroom, but they didn't. Doreen and I got to untie their corsets and help them out of them. I saw both sets of tits as they bent over and removed their pantaloons. Totally naked those two women went into the bathroom and left the door open.

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They took a bubble bath together helping the other wash her hair. Doreen and I went in and talked to the ladies, she peed in the toilet, and I took them a nice cold soda. When they got out and dried off I helped the one back into her corset and into the rest of her clothing.

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She apologized for the smell of smoke in her dress and the smell of piss in her undergarments. She said that she just squats, pees, and walks away without wiping. Then we checked out and took the ladies back to their camp. After a while the men drifted back into camp all tired, dirty, and hungry. My friend asked me how I liked the show.

I looked at the two women, smiled, and told him that I had enjoyed it very much. On the way home Doreen and I talked about joining the Confederate Army. Then we talked about just becoming groupies. We could tell our spouses that we had enlisted but then go to a motel and just watch the battles. We could have great sex, enjoy the full weekends, and even put on some smelly old clothes to go home in.

In the end I became a Southern Plantation owner supporting the troops that were defending my right to own slaves. Doreen became my devoted wife and together we provided for our troops.

We provided them with firewood, gunpowder, and primitive foods to eat. After each battle we provided a small roast pig or a leg of beef and both the North and South had a feast together, bragged about how well they did in the battle, and thanked God that they weren't doing it for real.

Doreen and I really enjoyed the roles that we were playing and spending all those nights in our motel bed together.

The End Civil War Reenactment 409