Gay twink amish They both lie down on the bed next exchanging some

Gay twink amish They both lie down on the bed next  exchanging some
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He couldn't quite catch his breath and his heart pounded as he looked down at this once beautiful 17 year old. His dick was still solid even though he had shot a massive load of cum inside of her now destroyed pussy.

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She lay motionless, broken and numb and up until about two hours ago she was a perfectly normal 17 year old. A mixture of sweat, spit and cum clung to her tight young body and the smell was a pungent concoction giving a pitted history of how she had lost her virginity, her dignity and her soul to the two men who had broken in to her family home. She couldn't really move as she was almost unconscious, she was fuzzy both in head and also in her loins and knew that if she tried to move the pain from her body would overwhelm her.


She wasn't thinking about how her body had given in to the never-ending festival of cocks that had violated all of her holes. She felt for the first time an emptiness that she shouldn't be missing, the emptiness was a lack of male genitals that for what seemed like hours had without mercy plundered her virgin holes.

She didn't really know who it was but one bastard had repeatedly slapped her breast so hard while fucking her she could recall the sound and pain even though the fog. She had screamed during the attacked, she cried, she fought and resisted, she punched and kicked and even when she was exhausted she screamed in her head it didn't stop them from sticking two cocks in her arse and pussy at the same time; it didn't stop her being forced to take a load of spunk down her throat and it didn't stop them from fucking her arse until four loads of cum leaked out of her slackened hole.

The weekend was supposed to be quiet and although she had to look after her younger brother it was going to be a chance for her to catch up with school work. Their parents had gone away for the weekend and left her in charge and she'd enjoyed the power of making her younger brother, Paul clear up and provide her with drinks and food whenever she wanted.

The plan was, get rid of Paul to his friends and then maybe a few hours work before she invited her boyfriend to watch Netflix and chill, well maybe not the whole Netflix and chill but some serious fooling around. She loved her boyfriend and he was good to her. She even grudgingly liked spending time with her younger brother.


As she lay limply on the bed the warmth she felt towards both of these boys had changed forever she knew it wasn't their fault and knew they didn't have a choice but when you have had a cock inside of you and the owner of that cock had helped to pound your pussy and mouth and had cum so loudly she could help but wonder if they had enjoyed it. She was literally 10 minutes away from the start of her plan and was ready for the evening that the two men had broken in to their house.

It was devastatingly quick and even though she was athletic and lean she didn't stand a chance. Within two minutes of catching her and Paul, they were tied to two chairs and even though she felt their eyes on her she still thought they could get both of them out of this safely. She was facing her younger brother and tried using her eyes to tell him that everything was going to be okay; it was useless but she was a fighter.

One of the captors had stayed to keep an eye on them and she felt uncomfortable as she heard the other ransack the house. They had been forceful when they tied her up and she had struggled when they threatened Paul to subdue him.

It seemed like hours and the terror in both of their eyes only increased when the second man joined them in the front room. They started talking to each other and the glances over to her increased significantly she was in trouble and she started to panic as they walked menacingly towards her.

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They circled her, looking down at her lustfully when a large knife appeared. Within seconds she felt the cold metal against her skin as each strap of her top was cut. Although it didn't fall completely away both men got a good look at her milky white B cup breast.

She was shaking and started to scream as the rest of her top and bra were pulled away and without warning and the taller man grabbed hold of her left nipple and pinched it hard.

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She screamed even louder but that seemed to encourage the man to grope and manhandle her redened breast further. In quick succession he slapped and pinched, slapped and pinched and slapped and pinched her left breast. Her eyes could not have been wider with fear and her tears flowed.

The second shorter man wanted in on this so he grabbed her head and forced her to look at him. The knife appeared directly in front of her and she knew she was beaten, her eyes dropped and she nodded.

Both of them knew that they could do whatever they wanted to her now. He quickly took off her gag and rummaged around his trousers to release his stiffening cock.

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She had never seen a fully fledged erect cock before and it scared her, it looked so angry. She didn't make a noise as he forced her mouth around his cock he wasn't gentle or caring and the sudden forced attack on her throat made her world spin.

She gagged, choked and struggled to breathe; it was relentless and the panic set in. She hadn't even noticed as her right nipple was now the centre of attention and didn't hear the slap of her tits being abused. If she could see her breast she would have seen very red, erect nipples with hand prints visible on her tits.

She wasn't taking as much of his cock as she should so just as he thrust his cock in her mouth a hard slap rocked her and she nearly fell off the chair. "Fucking slut, suck my cock harder!" The hate and venom in his voice was terrifying so after a split second of blind terror she managed to get herself straight and she forced more of his cock down her throat.

The speed of his cock was overpowering and he kept pushing forward. Her mouth felt amazing and he was enjoying himself, he felt the tension build and without warning grabbed her head hard and had an amazing organism, shooting spunk down her throat.

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He didn't stop as she coughed and spluttered on his cum, just held her tight and carried on pumping her mouth. He withdrew his cock from her mouth, grabbed her roughly by the hair and drew her close "you are our bitch, your cunt, your arse and your mouth are ours!" She felt the spittal and smelt his breath as he was so close and she understood clear as day her predicament.

He finished off by shoving his hand between her legs. Paul had tried to struggle, he tried to fight every time he saw his sister being violated his anger and disgust grew. He shut his eyes, but the sound of his sister being used meant he couldn't keep them shut. He saw the sheer violence of the man thrusting his cock inside of her mouth.


He nearly jumped out of his chair when the main bastard hit her and then spunked down her throat. Paul used all of his fight when they touched her genitals and this sudden movement stoped the two men in their tracks and turned their attention to him. As they turned to face him, Paul finally saw the devastation caused to his sister, she sat upright just, her nipples and breast were red, her face was smeared in tears and ejaculation.

He wanted so much to help her, to protect her but only if he could get out of these restraints. The two men smiled as they moved over to the wriggling brother and in a split second the knife was out and ready to use.

"Did you like seeing your sister sucking cock?", Paul shock his head and with as much determination as he could muster and both the men shared a look and a chuckle.

They knew exactly what would happen next as it was time to push both of their captors to their limits.