Leggins are the best for home but when they are transparent that means a bit problematic

Leggins are the best for home but when they are transparent that means a bit problematic
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Over 99% of worlds are not available to us, the mass / gravity may be too high or too low, excessive heat or cold, massive radiation levels and poisonous, corrosive or unbreathable atmosphere, violent, unpredictable or incompatible inhabitants are just a few reasons. In spite of that there are still millions of worlds that we can and do visit but very few are perfect.

Personally I like the world you locals call Earth. The atmosphere is breathable with a touch more oxygen than I'm used to which is no bad thing and the gravity is about 25% less than at home, again not bad thing, it means that on Earth I have more strength and stamina. The place is quite pretty too compared to some of the balls of shite I've visited and the fuckable women here are so eminently fuckable.

My species tend to be taller and bulkier than the people of Earth, last night I watched old film, Conan something, the actor playing Conan would be classed a little short but about average body mass and muscle where I come from.

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I'm also about middling so apart from my skin colour I can get away walking around publicly. I'm black, not the brown of your black people or of that wondrous food you call chocolate but that real absence of colour "black". A genetic enhancement means we can call on a chameleon reaction though, to subtly tint the tone of our skin with pigment so if I gland orange and white before I go into a public place I can pass for being of equatorial African decent for a few hours.

I'm in Paris right now, CDG terminal 1 looking for some nice tight pussy and I've just snared the most fuckable woman. This is why I enjoy your planet so much, I just love to fuck your beautiful females, the more stunning the better. I really like their exquisite slender fragility, to look at them is to imagine my dick splitting them in two as it ploughs their furrow, it doesn't though, they usually fall in total lust with it once they get used to the size.

Let me tell you why I like your women so much, the women where I come from are built like us guys, you'll often use the phrases 'she's built like a Russian athlete' or 'legs like a wrestler' or 'brick shit house'. Whoever coined these phrases must truly have been thinking of our women, for me there's simply no contest.

Clubs are good but for my needs Airports are the greatest place, the prettiest women pass through them, they are frequently alone and it's so anonymous. Often enough my striking posture and looks are enough to attract the attention I need for my hunting trips but sometimes, like last week when I caught Mollie at Heathrow, I need to use my mind to tempt or trap the woman into climbing into my transport.

Just a hint, project a subtle, 'wow he's gorgeous' or 'perhaps we could have a drink together' or 'I really fancy him' or even 'I could do with a quick fuck right now', then they're mine. A few years ago I couldn't have got away with it but now the prettiest women all seem to want a black guy.

This time I didn't need to exert any pressure, she fell for me as soon as our eyes met. I've got a good collection now, this last one makes nine, It's enough for now, maybe too many so I'll have to enlist a little help to keep up with all the fucking I want them to have. I know I prattle on a bit but one final thing before I get on with fucking your beautiful women.

Back home it's difficult for a woman to conceive. I guess it's an evolutional necessity to counteract the multiple gang rapes that are our means of procreation. In a brood of 12 to 18 offspring perhaps one will be female so you can imagine they are a highly valued possession. There's never enough to go around so a percentage of our males are culled before they reach breeding age. Those remaining look to our geneticists who have worked long and hard to enhance our birth rate so additional females can be produced, even at the expense of culling more males.

They've come up with some really interesting genetic modifications though. I've been 'personalised' in four ways including the chameleon factor, the other mods are:- my semen is thicker and more clinging than normal, the top half of my shaft has been extended and is convoluted and my favourite, I have a sack grown around my prostate. Yes we have that gland too. The thickness and stickiness of the semen causes it to cling inside the uterus and vagina, it won't drip out unless it's under a lot of pressure.


It's more like your thick honey rather than the thin runny stuff you guys leave behind and it's engineered to resist the pumping action of another dick from drawing it out. The convolutions are hard keratin ridges that increase stimulation and friction and the extra length encourages the opening of the brood pouch in our females.

As for the sack, what do you guys do without it? It stores semen that would normally be ejaculated when I cum, it's not released until the sack is full. That means I have to cum five or six times before I can shoot, the pressure on that sensitive gland is simply awesome and ejaculation becomes completely mind blowing. We create more semen than the males here anyway so the storage sack means that when I do let go it can be up to quarter of a pint of thick clinging yellow green white paste.

With my mind broadcasting pure ecstasy while they feel the ejection of huge amounts of thick, hot cum pumping inside them you should just see look on the ladies faces.

"Hello ladies and welcome to my vessel, my name translates as Mkh, yes I know it sounds strange and alien, that's because it is so you'll just have to call me Mike.

We'll be cruising in your asteroid belt for three months or maybe more, up here an extra blip among millions won't cause panic and paranoia down on your Earth.

Oh, I wouldn't recommend that you try to walk out the door. I am the only law here so there'll be no argument to the reason that I selected you, you are here only to be fucked." After a few seconds pause to allow the women to understand I continued my speech. "I like to think that I can manage that wholesome task all on my own but to save exhaustion on my part and waiting around on yours I've bought in these two gentlemen to help. Ladies please meet Lex and Shane, both are renowned for what they do, and that's to fuck good and hard and I'll keep them supplied with energiser pills, our version of viagra and cialis so they'll always be erect when they need to be.

Incidentally those pills increase semen production so there won't be a problem with them drying up on you. Lex and Shane these beautiful ladies are Irena, Jade, Kate, Kelly, Lexa, Masha, Mollie, Nadine and my latest acquisition Olga, they're here for our pleasure." Again I paused for a few seconds to allow Lex and Shane to take in the beauty I'd supplied them with.

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"Lex, Shane and I will take turns to choose three women each, those groups will stay together for one month and then the process will be repeated. For the next two choosings we do not pick women we've chosen before so all three of us will get to fuck each of you during a three month period. Each of us can request to temporarily swap a woman with one from another group, he can, at his will lend a woman to another group and he can nominate a woman for a gang bang with the three of us.

At any time any of you may request to be fucked by one or more of us and finally under pain of my displeasure you may never refuse to be fucked." I sent a quick burst of torn and stretched vagina, mutilated clitoris, torn nipples and shredded breasts. "Any questions?" Masha was caressing her breasts to make sure they were complete, Kelly and Mollie were both weeping and Irina was trying to get a signal on her cell phone.

For some reason Jade was aimlessly stroking her hair while Olga and Nadine were pondering us three guys, Nadine was signalling most interest in me while Olga really couldn't decide who she thought was nicest. I don't know why but they all seemed to be struck dumb.

I couldn't be bothered coaxing them so. . "No questions, well in that case let's get on, how about alphabetical order, Lex, after you." Bad luck that Lex chose Olga first so I took Nadine and Shane picked Kate and we ended up in groups of Olga, Masha and Jade with Lex. Shane with Kate, Kelly and Irena and Nadine Mollie and Lexa were mine.


I really fancied Olga in my group, something about her made her seem so very fuckable but Lex must have thought the same thing, never mind, there's always next month. For no reason other than her being the youngest I took Mollie first. She cried and screamed all the way through the first fuck, she had to be held down and slapped a bit but at least it was nice for me. A while later she was still sobbing and I was ready again. Not so much screaming this time, I guess she'd got used to my size and the wanton thoughts of unadulterated lust I was broadcasting seemed to help a bit but she still whimpered as I pushed almost balls deep into her warm tight cunt.

Nadine and Lexa looked kind of shocked but I could sense them picking up my thoughts to Mollie and could see them taking quick peeps now and again, especially Nadine. I was strongly aware that she wanted to feel my big dick ploughing her even though her mind was rebelling a bit.

My intention was to fuck each of them in turn until I'd ejaculated so I stayed with Mollie for fuck three and four.

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The pressure on my prostate was intense now and I new that I'd shoot next time so I took a while to relax and I savour the feeling. Mollie had begun to calm down, she was still sobbing now and again, eyes red and nose blocked when I lay across her the fifth time. I slid in and pushed against her slick pressure then rode her like piston engine, fast and hard.

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I grabbed each of her tits and squoze then pushed my upper body up as I was getting closer. My weight pushing down my arms to squeeze and crush her tits, my dick pounding right from the tip to deep home. I directed my feelings of raw animal passion, of licentious fucking with no moral taint at her and then I felt that exquisite feeling of thick gooey semen bursting up my shaft.

I let the blissful sensation as those first pulses of thick paste squirting through my dick and exploding deep into her womb flood her mind. The sensation multiplied a thousand fold when her cunt began to spasm in orgasm. Her pretty tear stained face was a picture of horror, agony and rapturous bliss when she sensed the thick hot paste bursting into her cunt.

I was all the way in and with each pulse her cunt clenched me tight as she spasmed. I leaned into her pushing my dick as deep as it would go while the goo exploding from the overfull sack formed a thick, clinging hot layer between dick and cunt. There was so much of that sticky, slimy thick gloop that it oozed into her womb and squoze out between my shaft and her cunt, then I was spent. I think I'll arrange a gangbang for her or lend her out to the other two guys for a day each.

Perhaps a couple more nice big dicks will ease her blubbing and make her more responsive, or maybe I'll just fuck her until she gives in and accepts my alien dick filling her cunt.

At least she did cum, I like a woman to cum when I fuck her, makes it feel like I've not wasted my time, even with all that moaning she still came, good girl. I took an energiser pill and a few minutes later I was restored and erect and ready for another fuck, who next, no not Nadine, she's so eager, she wants my dick badly, I'll let her stew a bit and save her 'till last.

I took Lexa by the hand, "You next, you're not going to do all that whinging are you?" I could sense the terror and upset there and also the strength of will that told me she'd take me without complaint.

She was the smallest, daintiest of the three so for her first fuck I simply lifted her up and lowered her onto my standing shaft. It was easy to see how much it hurt her as the thick black meat pulled and stretched her tight pussy, she bit her lip and squealed now and again but soon I was full enveloped in her wet and warm cunt and she welcomed the invasion.

I'd pumped a load of cum into my sack and laid her exhausted on a bed when the door opened. "Fancy a gangbang at my place?" Lex asked. "Who?" "Olga, man she's a slut, so fuckin hot for big black dick, I fucked her twice already, Shane is fucking her now and I know she's gonna want more".

So much for my plan of taking my girls in turn. I walked with Lex into his rooms to see Shane lying on his back with Olga bucking like a pogo stick on his big thick dick. I asked Lex if he minded if I used Jade while I was waiting, he said it was okay.

So while Olga and Shane bucked and bounced I took Jade doggy style.

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Jade is a little vacant but she has a lovely cunt, I reckon she has a lovely body to go with it but that's just my view, I'm not keen on her tattoos though but never mind. She's has some experience and she's taken big dick before so she took my length and girth with only a little squirming. Ohh that was a good cum, the pulsing at the base of my balls between my legs as my semen gushed into the prostate sack had my loins trembling.

Olga was more or less in the same state, she was cumming on Shane. She squatted on him, his dick hard and deep inside her, her back arched, fingers strumming her clitoris, head thrown back with a wolf like howl escaping from her throat. Shane grabbed her around the hips and pulled her harder onto him as he pushed his ass up and then his thighs, ass and stomach muscles clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed.

He groaned and moaned as he injected his semen deep in to the gorgeous Ukrainian beauties cunt. My turn with Olga now, as Shane relaxed I lifted Olga off him, lay her on her back and knelt between her legs. She was exhausted, almost unconscious and exclaimed a quiet ohhh when my prong slipped into her gaping, soppy cunt.

For me it was an experience I'll gladly repeat, I've not fucked a girl with earth mans cum in her cunt before, it's nice, slippery and smooth and seems to highlight the sensation I feel. There was very little to-ing and fro-ing, really I just slipped in the whole length, her eyes opened wider and wider as I slid deeper into her.

I easily got full length with my swollen black balls squashed against her ass. She'd just had Lex twice and Shane once so she was just about big enough for me and she relished my big thick black flesh, cartilage and keratin corrugated prong invading her and stretching her more than ever. Maybe it was the convolutions that brought her round or maybe the cartilage bulge of the hard lip around my engorged glanse or simply the size but she jerked up from her swoon. "Ebat ta… Isus ebat mene" she moaned, "Akh tak, akh tak, takyy velykyy, ebut oy meni vazhko, budlaska, budlaska" I couldn't understand a word of her Ukrainian and I know it's not spelt that way but it's easier to write down phonetically than in Cyrillic.

I couldn't understand the words but I understood her thoughts well enough Fuck yes… Jesus fuck me, oh yes, oh yes, so big, oh fuck me hard please, please and I did. The stretching and human semen made her cunt seem more like one of the huge caverns of our own females, so much smoother, so much sloppier to fuck, so much easier to slip my whole length deep into her gorgeous cunt.

The Keratin ridges kneaded, the cartilage massaged, the sloppy sound of big hard dick riding a stretched and sodden cunt echoed through the room accompanied by her cries of ecstasy until she began to gasp. I rammed her harder and pushed my pelvis hard against hers when I bottomed out, I pulled back until the hard ridge of my tip was just free of her lips than powered back in. Three or four strokes and she was cumming, I kept up the thrusting as her pussy flooded warm juice.

It diluted and thinned the semen so I was now creating more friction, I could feel the heat rising around my dick and she came again and again then my ass cheeks tightened and I throbbed a huge load of semen into my sack.

She was totally shagged out but when I got up Lex wrapped an arm around her waste, rolled her over then lifted her ass and pushed her legs underneath her. She lay gasping with her head lying on the nest and her pussy pushed up into the air. Lex slid her along to the edge of the nest and rammed his long thick meat straight in. Shane had just finished fucking Masha, I took his place and Jade began stroking and licking his flagging dick.

Masha was a particularly nice fuck, she smelled sexy, actually they all did but Masha smelled of pure sex. She also liked big black dick, yes she was a nice, gentle and easy fuck. Her cunt lips were swollen and puffy, the extra grip clinging to my shaft actually made me cum before she did herself and I could feel the pressure was right for ejaculating next time so rather than carrying on I pulled out to save it for Olga. I inched down to get my mouth and teeth working her clitoris.

As she started to gasp and buck I rammed my hand right into her open cunt and bit down on her clitoris. By fuck did she cum. When Lex had had cum again Olga was even more done in, maybe she enjoyed the fucking Lex had given her but it didn't really show, she was just exhausted. Shane was still busy fucking Jade so I knelt behind Olga and took his turn. She responded to my dick, as soon as the hard cartilage started to spread her lips she moaned.

As the rippled, convoluted shaft started to push it's way into her glorious cunt she pushed back against me. The position she was in meant that I couldn't get the full length in without forcing and maybe hurting her but what the fuck, I grabbed her hips and tugged as I rammed home. Her cunt was stretched to the length of my dick and oh how she screamed. Her head jerked back, her arms flew out then back to try to push me away. She couldn't reach and anyway I was holding her tight against me, the squeezing tightness of her stretched pussy drenching my dick with intense pressure.

Ever so slowly the tightness eased and she began to relax, and I began to ride the smooth slickness of her overused and abused cunt. Her hand came up between her legs and she began massaging her clitoris, then her other hand reached back and took hold of my balls. As I pushed in she pulled my balls and just as I was all the way in she tugged harder to pull us closer together. I could feel the build up, it was intense, I was ready to cum, there was already an enormous pressure caressing my prostate and now by balls began twitching again.

I felt myself begin to pump. The pulsing flow of probably more than quarter of a pint of thick gooey semen paste began to thunder up my shaft. I thrust as deep as I could as it reached my glanse, as the explosive release of that first gush sprang out of my dick Olga began to howl. Her body stiffened. Every muscle rigid, her grip on my balls tightened and the excruciating pain forced more power behind the exploding semen. The thick goo squoze paste my glanse and oozed back between my dick and her vagina, as I pumped more thick goo into her I held us tight.

She pulled harder and harder on my balls and by the eighth or ninth gush I could feel cum squeezing between my dick and her stretched cunt and clinging on my balls and her hand. In my moments of rapture I though 'such a pity there's no chance of cross breeding, all that semen wasted on pleasure, but oh what pleasure'. We locked in that position for some minutes then she let go of my balls and inched off my dick.

I straightened up to stand by the nest and she turned, sat on the edge and took hold of my dick. "This is wonderful" she said, "like the very best of giant dildos but warm and real and so alive." She then lifted my dick moved her lips to my balls and started to eat at the semen clinging there, she worked along my dick licking and sucking every inch right to the tip.

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She tried to push it into her mouth couldn't open wide enough to get the hard cartilage ridge between her lips so she settled for licking and kissing the tip. I don't know about the other two guys but I'd cum ten times and ejaculated twice in the last few hours, I was fucked and needed a few hours recuperation before I got back to starting with Lexa again and moving on to Nadine.

I woke up in nirvana, it's a concept that's pretty close to our own idea of paradise. I was sprawled in my nest, The only downer was Mollie lying stiffly on one side of me and looking tired and bedraggled. But on the other side Lexa slowly stroked and caressed my hard pects and teased my nipples.

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Maybe she was appreciating the solidity of my body I don't know and I didn't want to probe, it was nice. Not as nice as the other sensation I felt though.

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Nadine lay between my spread legs, her head on my thigh and her tongue gently lapping the base of my partly erect dick, her warm hand gently caressing my bloated balls.

She held my member with her other hand and slowly slid up and down the keratin ridges and stroked against the cartilage ridge. What a wonderful way to arouse from dreamland. All I needed is to get Mollie tuned in and I'm made for the month. I set my mind to fucking Lexa five or six times after breakfast. My thanks to Google translation tools, Clifton Todd Britt (Lexington Steele), Shane Diesel and the beautiful women of Earth without whom this story would not have been possible.