My sexy little feet are perfect for giving footjobs

My sexy little feet are perfect for giving footjobs
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Such a luxury! After a long, rough time at work, I decided I had to treat myself to something that I have never done before, and I settled on a day at a day spa. I needed to pamper myself, and allow my weary body to soak and heal after a year of 14 hour days and screaming deadlines.

An ad in my local paper caught my eye with the "secluded atmosphere and personal attention" lines. Boy, that was exactly what I craved.

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I called and booked my appointment, then scheduled myself for a day off and tried to focus on the work left to be done while the days ticked off. Finally, the day arrived! I woke early with a smile, and rushed around getting ready for my day of self-healing. I just tossed on casual, comfortable clothes, knowing I would be spending the day in a fluffy robe.

Singing softly, I jumped in the car, and drove to the spa. This one was located about 20 miles out of the city, by the side of a lake. I felt years younger just being away from the dirt and grime of the city, and I had not even been inside yet. The spa was located in a rustic-fenced compound, surrounded by tall trees. I was greeted by a smiling, pleasant woman, and presented with a whole menu of personal delights.

I settled on a long hot soak in an herbal bath followed by a full hour of massage. Then I would have an herbal-seaweed wrap applied before I soaked in a warm mud-bed, then a manicure and pedicure. I was going to be a whole new woman! My hostesses guided me to a changing room, and told me to remove everything, including jewelry.

She gave me a soft, fluffy peach-colored robe to wear. When I was all done, she guided me to the first part.

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the long, hot soak. I was taken to a lovely little cabin at the edge of the compound. The room was softly lit, with a large, bubbling tub at the center of it. A mud-bed was against one wall, and a large, well-padded massage table stood on the other side of the tub. The far corner had an open stall-shower with several hand-controls.

The room smelled of lavender and roses. "Just drop your robe and climb into the tub, dearie. Your personal attendant will be along in a while to apply the herbal-seaweed wrap and take care of you. You might enjoy having this lavender eye-mask on while you soak." she said as she offered me an herb-filled mask for my eyes. I craved the relaxation, and accepted the mask with a smile. She filled a teacup with herbal tea and handed it to me.

Settling the teacup on the edge of the tub, I dropped the robe and stepped in. The bath was heavenly! The tea was sweet, and I felt my tensions disappear as I sipped it and stretched out in the tub.

Once my teacup was empty, I put the mask over my eyes, and allowed the jets to whisk me away. Sometime later, a soft voice broke through my relaxation haze, and I realized I was no longer alone. My personal attendant had arrived, and it was time for me to get out of the tub.


Firm, yet soft hands helped me stand and guided me out of the tub. I still had the mask on, but felt no desire to remove it. The hands dried me with a warm towel and helped me onto the massage table and got me settled on my tummy. The room was cozy, and I did not feel odd being totally nude in front of this unknown person.

The skilled hands went right to work on my back and shoulders, easing away any remaining tensions. Herbal oils were lavished on my skin, warming to the touch of the air as the hands worked the muscles of my back.

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As the hands worked their way down, they gently parted the cheeks of my ass, and teasingly ran over my rosebud. I shivered with the unexpected sensation but did not pull away. They quickly went back to their work and I found myself craving more.

Once my back was well worked, it was covered by a warm towel. My ass and legs were next. The skilled hands dug deep into the muscles of my upper thighs, kneading deep into my firm ass. My cheeks were thoroughly rubbed from all angles, and my waiting asshole was again teased. As my attendant worked on my upper legs, it was impossible to not brush the lips of my pussy.

I quivered with delight at each chance encounter. On down to my lower legs and feet. my thighs and ass now covered by another warm towel.

Strong fingers found all the sore spots in my calves and the tired spots on my feet. My toes were teased individually and stroked with warm oils.

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I moaned with delight. Just as I thought it was over, my attendant stopped and helped me turn over! The strong hands worked on my arms and the fronts of my shoulders, easing me into a soft state of relaxation. These soft hands worked their magical oils all around my shoulders, then down around my tits. Both hands were used around each breast, massaging warm oils into the skin in a circular motion.

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They ended up teasing each nipple into full erection. When I could barely stand it anymore, the hands moved to the other breast.

I was right at the edge of cumming when the hands moved down my belly. This time, they didn't work all the way down to my private places. they went directly to my feet then up to my legs. I had tensions building up that just had to be released and soon!

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Finally, the skilled hands arrived at the top of my legs, and parted them slightly. I felt a soft rush of air on my wet pussy lips. I wanted more. I needed more!

The hands moved away again, and I sighed softly. The hands were again at my belly, working down and across. As they worked down, I knew this time they would linger where I needed them.

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Across my underbelly, then through the soft down of my mons the fingers worked quietly. They didn't even pause as they parted my lips and softly stroked between them.

I moaned softly as they brushed my clit. So soon, they were in me, teasing me, caressing me.

One hand played with my clit while the other stroked softly in and out. I couldn't take it for long, and came with a rush of juice and a long shudder. The fingers in my cunt didn't stop right then, but teased me into a second orgasm before stopping.


I was given a few minutes to relax after my double treat, and then helped off the table. As my attendant eased me back into the hot herbal bath, the soft voice thanked me, and told me my next attendant would be with me shortly for my mud bath.

If it was going to be this complete, I could hardly wait! Before I could thank my attendant, I was alone again. I realized with a shock that I had never seen this person, nor could I say for sure if I had just been pleasured by a man or woman! I sank back into the bath to try to sort it out.