Sucking old man gay sex story As Anthony experimented a little with

Sucking old man gay sex story As Anthony experimented a little with
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Her name was Catarina a sixteen year old girl who lived on the Earthia Island. A festival was being held for the beast of the sea, this year she was chosen to play the song for him and she practiced every day so she could play it perfectly. She hummed as she walked down a path with a bag of groceries for her mom.

Catarina's long silver-blue hair was braided back and swung side to side and she walked to her house.

Her marine blue eyes were filled with joy as she greeted the town's people. The festival filled the people with joy as they set up booths and girls practiced their dancing. Tonight the girl was to dance and sing at the spot where her mother had helped the chosen one save the Beast of the sea. Her mother's name was Melody and taught Catarina everything she knew about music and dance.

She was nervous for the ceremony tonight because Catarina didn't want to disappoint her town by not being as good as her mother and not summoned Lugia like all the other girls.


Lugia had not been seen in almost twenty-five years, not since the chosen one and her mother had done the ceremony and saved the three legendary bird Pokémon Moltrese, Articuno, and Zapdose. This made Catarina look down at the ground as she was lost in thought. She suddenly bumped into something looking up it was a boy with a cute little Sneasel sitting on his shoulder. "Oh sorry" he said and bent down to help her pick up the grocery that fell out of her bag. The boy was tall and had short light brown hair, when he looked up at her his Golden yellow eyes stared back .

"Thank you" She said as he placed the items in the bag. "So are you from around here? I certainly have never seen you on Earthia Island" "No actually I'm just visiting, this place seems so lively!" He said petting his Sneasle "by the by my name is Andrew" "Mines Catarina, and the town festival is tonight to play the beast of the sea's song and possibly summon him" She said fishing out a Pokémon treat to feed to Sneasle, who snatched it and nibbled away at it.

"Beast of the sea?" "Yeah you know Lugia, The legendary Pokémon that protects the Orange Islands" She said looking at him. "Or do you not know the legend?" "I don't know anything about Lugia" "Oh! Then you must be the chosen one!" Catarina said acting in the way her mother taught her. "Please come with me, chosen one and we shall make you a feast and afterwards you shall be put through the tests of fire, lighting, and ice!" She grabbed his arm and started to run towards her home.


Wa" But he was already being dragged along. "Mom, Mom!

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I found the chosen one for the ceremony!" Catarina opened the door to her home and Pulling Andrew along into her kitchen and set the groceries on the counter. Her mother was washing some greens for a salad and looked over at her daughter. She saw the Boy standing next to Catarina, he was out of breath.

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"Well Catarina is he the chosen one?" She asked looking the boy over. "Um what's going on?" Andrew asked "This is Andrew mom and he has never heard of the beast of the sea" Catarina said "Oh well Just in time to!

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I thought we would have to do without the chosen one this year" her mother said "I'm melody, Catarina's mother nice to meet you chosen one" "Hello mam, um may I ask what's going on?" "Oh dear did my Catarina not explain here let me explain to you, oh and Catarina go get Prepared for the Ceremony" Melody told her daughter.

"Yes mom" She said and went to her room. Later that night after the feast and Andrew had collected all three orbs for the challenges. Catarina walked up to the old fountain and where her mother once played the melody. Bringing the shell flute to her lip she began to play the song that was to awaken Lugia, with each note played Catarina put her heart and should into the song.

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The water in the old fountain started to glow a luminescent green to the pillar below. When the note in the song would change the pillars would glow along with the song. A collective gasp was hear from the crowd as she kept playing the instrument. Catarina Pushed the want and need into a pure wish to have Lugia reawaken. In the back of her mind she wondered what it would be like to be swept away from this place to travel around the world with Lugia.

When Catarina played the last note of the song she lowered the shell flute and looked out to the ocean. There was nothing as the pillars glow faded away, she thought in her mind 'please Lugia, please show you're self to my people and me.

Suddenly the water near the cliff started to ripple and then a giant creature burst from the ocean. Lugia shot up into the air and flung his arms out and flew over to the cliff where Catarina was. The town's people cheered and whistle as Lugia landed right in front of Catarina causing her hair to fly in all directions. Catarina bowed the great beast and said "Oh great and powerful Lugia, we are so grateful to have you appear on this of holiest of days" "Are you the one who played that song?" A deep voice emanated from Lugia as he looked at the girl.

"Y-yes It was me, it is a song dedicated to you we play it every year" she said "I know the tune is played every year, but you're was more pure, more soulful so I came for you Catarina" "You came for me? And how do you know my name?" "I have known you since you were very little but we can talk about that later.


Now clime upon my back dear girl" Lugia said as he lowered down for her. Catarina climbed onto his back not scared at all and when she was sitting right above his shoulder blades Lugia started to take off. Catarina's mother shouted but it was too late they were gone. Lugia flew to the spot where he emerged from the water and dived back into the salty sea. The water was Icy as the descended deeper, then into a cavern and just when Catarina though she was running out of oxygen they emerged into an underwater cave.

Lugia climbed out of the water and onto a flat stone floor. He let Catarina climb down off his back and two the floor. The floor was warm slightly glowed so that a soft illumination lit the room. But even with the warmth of the room her Icy wet cloths made her chilled to the bone.

Lugia came and laid down next to her and with one large hand lightly pushed her so that she would be pressed against his warm fur.

"You're cold" Lugia said his face close to hers. "Yes it's the wet cloths I'm wearing" She explained. "Take them off then if they keep you cold, if you lay them on the floor they should dry out from the warmth" Catarina blushed and looked at Lugia, he looked back with just a blank stare.

Alright cat, he is just a Pokémon it's not going to matter if you're naked with him in the room. As she undressed lewd thoughts raced through her mind. she set all her clothing in a neat line to dry and looked over to Lugia he motioned for her to come sit next to him. She walked over to him and sat on the warm floor with her back pressed against Lugia's soft fur.

He moved and arm around her to help warm her and his fur tickled her already hard and sensitive nipples. Catarina moaned then covered her mouth in embarrassment. "Are you alright Catarina?" Lugia's asked her his head in front of her face "Yes, I'm fine thank you I am also much warmer now" "Good" he said and moved his arm so that it would be more comfortable for him, but he unknowingly bushed against the girl's slightly damp pussy.

"Ah!" Catarina gasped out "Did I hurt you?" "No, no nothing like that you just touched a sensitive part on my body" "Are there more sensitive parts on your body like it?" "Yes" Catarina was blushing bright red with her hands over her chest covering her breasts.

Lugia suddenly moved and the girl fell back and was now on her back as Lugia started to stroke her flesh. Blushing Catarina tried to move backwards but was soon against the cave wall. "Wha- what are you doing?!?" She asked "I want you to make that noise again, it was so inciting" Lugia's hand pushed back Catarina's and stroked over her breasts which caused her to gasp.

Lugia started to play with her breasts and his fur bushing over her nipples made Catarina moan and make other lewd sounds. With his other hand Lugia searched for another sensitive part of her body.

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When he discovered her wet pussy Lugia started to stroke it and Catarina was writhing and moaning her pleasure. "Does this feel good?" He asked stroking her pussy soaking his furry finger in her juices. Catarina nodded and Lugia lifted his hand that he was rubbing her pussy with and sniffed it. The smell that wafted into Lugia's nose turned him on and made him so hard it almost hurt. He was already hard from the girl's noise making but the scent of her took over his mind.

Lugia sat up and his cock was out fully and Catarina gasps as she saw how big he was. Lugia shuffled forward and made Catarina get on her hands and knees as he placed the tip of his throbbing cock at her entrance.

She looked back at him as he pushed into her, his large cock slid into Catarina's pussy stretching her wide. Lugia moaned as she screamed in pain, He started to thrust into the squeezing hole and Catarina's screams became groans of pleasure.

As Lugia pushed up into her, Catarina moved her hips against his cock forcing him deeper and deeper. Her moans echoed off the cave walls as Lugia drilled into her. "Oh! Lugia! You're so big, so deep~" Catarina moaned as she felt herself orgasm, her already tight pussy squeezed Lugia's cock more.

Lugia growled and started to pound into Catarina faster prolonging her orgasm. Lugia felt his cum shoot up the shaft of his cock and then explode into the girl's pussy. It filled her womb and when her pussy could hold no more it gushed out of her and pooled onto the floor.

The two were breathing hard as Lugia pulled his cock from Catarina's over full pussy.


The rest of the cum spilled out of her and polled with the rest. She sat up and looked at Lugia who was looking down and what looked to be embarrassment on his face. She got up and stumbled towards him then hugging around his neck. "Are you sorry for what you did?" she asked. "I'm sorry I forced myself on you" "Don't be I really liked it!" "Really?" "Really!" Lugia smiled lewdly and towered over Catarina.

"Well I guess you wouldn't mind doing this again?"