Fat guy gets lucky with a stunning redhead

Fat guy gets lucky with a stunning redhead
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This story is a true story that happened to me when I was 13 years old. It is about me and three older girls that fucked me.

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My Mother and Father they decided to go on vacation, for a month in Egypt, and I was the only son they had, they decided to leave me home, but due to the reason that I was still young to be by my self at home, they said that I go to my aunt and stay there for that period. They sent me to my aunt Ana, when I went there I was shocked, I totally went crazy, I could not see any thing good there, they lived in a Village where they had so many cows and horses.

My aunt Ana she lost her husband years ago, she was a whore widow, which I found out after I spent a night there. There came a man and his three beautiful daughters with nice huge tits, and he said that he is going to take my aunt and go for a week away, and that his daughters are going to take care about me and her house.

They spent a night there, so next morning they can hit on their way. The room where my aunt slept was next to my room, my aunt and her giant Boy friend they drink I think two litters of wine they were drunk to death. They told us to go to sleep. His three daughters seamed to know what as going to happen I did not know what was going to happen, so the girls said to me Barry better get some cotton for your ears because it will help you to sleep.

About 10 minutes later I could hear them starting to yell, of sweet heart ye do it right now, they where so drunk that they could not see that we were watching them, but we were in our rooms and had our doors open and watching them, in my aunts bad room, my aunt pulled out a huge dildo. She started to kiss her bf and as she was kissing him, she put that huge dildo on her mouth and suck it her bf he was like a wild man taking off her clothes, me and his daughters we came out to corridor and as they had their door open we were watching the, it look so clear everything they did.

And still they could not note us watching them so drunk they were. My aunt lay on her nice bed, licking her dildo and moaning, her bf he started to take off her clothes and he look ugly hairy man, his daughters: they that is our daddy, ye daddy go fuck her fuck her for our sake. I could not understand. Girls and me we became silent watching them. There was a real porno movie.

So he to off his clothes and her clothes, she throw the dildo away and took his big hard cock and started to lick it like an ice cream. I had never seen something like that before. So she continued to do that for 5 minutes time as his dick was getting bigger and bigger, hi took off her mouth his cock and started to kiss her on the mouth and her tits like a wild man.

She yelled oooooooo fuck me now fuck me now I could not wait anymore oooo fuck me, he put his dick on her totally wet pussy. She was crazy she was pulling her hair out of her head.

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He fucked her harder and harder, and in about 12-13 minutes later his daughters they where touching they pussies and closing they ayes. That house that night I think had some fucking spirit in it or something. As I watched his daughters and my aunt my penis as my dad told me to call it, started to get bigger, and I did not understand that, that never happen to me before, I felt juice coming out of my penis.

In fact I started to panic in my self a little I did not know why is that happening. So as I could hear moaning and fucking I felt like I also want to touch a girl. I gut closer to his daughters. And in that moment we could hear the giant bf yelling he pulled out his dick from my aunts pussy and put it again in her mouth she licked it a little more and he took his dick out of her mouth and grabbed it with his hand and second later he covered her face and nice tits of my aunt with his sperm.

As he did that he came fast out of her room, and wanted to go to shower, so I and his nice daughter had to run fast in our beds.

So bad luck nothing for me that night He came back from shower and when to sleep. I got out of my room and tried to go to the girl's room, but the door was locked, and I could her some noises some moaning and yes yes yes. I got back in my room and went to sleep.


Next morning when I got up I did not understand what happen a night before it all looked to me like a nice sexy dream. We all gut up, had breakfast and after that my aunt Ana and her giant boy friend left the house and said that they are going to be back in a week.

The three girls who were 18, 20 and 23, told me that I have to be nice and listen to them or they are going to punish me, and the punishment is that they are going to take off my clothes and make me dance in front off them, I sow that I was in deep trouble with those old horny whores.

They made me take care about many things there during the entire day, they made me do work that I never did before. All three girls they went in my aunt's room and stayed there the entire day. I believe they where watching a movie and playing with dildos.

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Later in the evening I went to my room the girl 18 years old came to my room and ask my hello little poor boy, She said: have we told you to be good boy or we are going to punish you.

I said: yes you told me and I did that I been a good boy. She said: not enough good, you have not taken care about the cow. I said: but I don't know how to do it. She said: you see I have to punish you. But that I am alone I will punish you my way She put her hand on my shoulder, she was going up with her hand and holding my neck, she pulled me from my neck, and kissed me in my lips nice a slowly, I turned totally red, as she was kissing me my penis started to grow, she told me just to shut up and do any thing she said.

Or she is going to put me out side the house alone to sleep. I said ok. So she commanded me to take off my shirt and pants, my dick under my underwear looked like when you put a stick under tent. I said I am sorry I don't know how to fuck; she said she will teach me, I said ok she told me to take off her clothes, and I did that slowly, after I took off her clothes I could see her nice body and her tits a very nice smooth body that I will never forget.

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I started to kiss her stomach slowly I could feel my self that I know what to do now. I put my hand in her tit and started to hold it tied and continued to kiss her in all over her body just as a giant man did to my aunt.

I took off her nice bikini and started to kiss her hairless shaved innocent pussy her juice came out.


I was licking it and swallowing. It tested like honey to me. My cock was about to explode, she was so horny while I was licking her pussy so she masturbated on my mouth I could feel it so hot and wet and so much juice, she lay on my bad and told me now is a time to fuck.

My goodness when I saw her body completely it looked like and angel, very beautiful girl.


I knew everything what I have to do, a took my cock in my hand and ask her to kiss it, she said no you have to fuck first and after that we can do that. I said ok. I took my cock and put it in her very very hot vagina, I pulled two or three times in and out and I could feel that something was going to happen I yelled so much I could not never forget how much sperm came out of my penis.

After that I could not stop kissing that horny wet innocent smooth beautiful girl. We continued for the entire night with her. When I got out I could see her sisters waiting out there, so what do you think about our punishment is it hard and are you going to tell it to our dad and your aunt. I said no. the next day I did nothing I listen to them nothing, in the evening I got punished by to the sisters.

I did so much licking and fucking that week, and I will never forget that, I live every day with hope that one day in my life that will happen to me again. But the 18 year old girl I will never forget her.

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I can not take her off my mind. But her sisters raped me in more arrogant way. I did not like that so much. But the 18 year old girl juice I can still fell it in my mouth. Ok this is my story I hope that you will like it.

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When I have time I will tell the rest of the story of what happened when my aunt and her bf got back home.