English gay sex galleries In this sizzling scene Jae Landen accuses

English gay sex galleries In this sizzling scene Jae Landen accuses
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It was coming up to Christmas, Lee and April were happily settled in their new home and their sisters had been coming quite often to stay over and catch up on how things had been going, things were looking good for the whole family. Kim was now a few months gone in her pregnancy and Stacey was pregnant too, though it did take more then the first time that she and Lee tried. "So what do you want for Christmas?" April asked her brother as they lay in bed, their bodies a little sweat covered from the hour of wild sex they had just shared "Anything that you want to give me" he smiled as his lips moved down to her breasts, sucking the right nipple softly as she held his head in her hands and moaned softly "Hmmm I think you're giving me my present early" she cooed as his hands squeezed her large breasts, his lips sucking her left nipple as his teeth pulled it and nibbled lightly, Lee had become really good at making April cum from playing with her breasts and nipples since they moved in together.

April gasped as his fingers squeezed her right nipple hard and pulled it slightly, she really liked her brother playing with her breasts after they had, had sex, they were so sensitive after she had orgasmed and right now she was on her way to her third! Lee sucked her and nibbled on the hard nub as he snaked a hand down April's stomach resting it over her wet, cum filled pussy, his fingers slightly touching her hard clit, April calling out in pleasure as he bit down on her nipple and rubbed her clit together, a tingle starting in her stomach and shooting all over her body as her brothers fingers slipped inside her wet lips and wiggled just below her clit as he moved some of his own cum around inside coating his fingers in their combined juice.

April moaned as her brothers fingers worked around inside her wet pussy, gathering the cum on his fingers as his lips worked over her hard nipple, sucking the tip as he worked his tongue over the aurora around it. Lee ran his fingers all around her pussy, coating them in the thick goo inside as he thrust his fingers in and out of her tight lips, April gripping her muscles tight and squeezing on them as she felt her orgasm build, Lee nibbling on her nipples just how she had taught him she loves so much.

As he slipped his fingers out of her pussy April called out, Lee rubbed his knuckles over clit as he removed them and trailed his fingertips up her stomach, leaving a trail of their cum on her as he circled her nipples with them before lifting them to her face and hanging them over her mouth, his sister reached her tongue up to lick off their cum as Lee slowly fed his wet fingers into her mouth. "So what you got Lee for Christmas then?" it was Christmas Eve and April was sat with Stephanie chatting while Lee was out.

"I have no idea what to get him and its Christmas Eve what am I gonna do?" April moaned as she thought what she could do for her lover.

"What does he want?" Steph asked her sister as they both thought of a last minuet present to get "I'm not sure actually, he said what ever I got him would be fine but I just haven't seen anything at all" April said as she looked through a magazine for any last second inspiration. "Well I'm sure we will think of… hey I think I just had an idea!" Steph said excitedly as she kissed her sister hard on the lips, April kissed her back, their tongue intertwining before April broke the kiss and asked her sister what the big plan was.

"Well why don't you give him." she paused "me and you!" she said with a smile April didn't know what to say as she thought what Steph had just said, and then a smile started to cross her face. "Steph you are brilliant!" April said as she grabbed her sister and pulled her on top of herself, kissing her hard and long.

Steph kissed her sister hard, her hands slipping over her body until they came to rest on April's breasts, squeezing the large orbs through her top as their tongue's explored each others mouths. It was Christmas Day and April and Lee were all excited at the prospect of spending their first Christmas together, they had been up since 7am, just like when they were kids and all got up early to see what Santa had left them.


"Merry Christmas April" Lee said as he gave her a wrapped box, she took it off him and quickly ripped the glittering silver wrapping paper off it to reveal a long thin box "Go ahead and open it" Lee said with a smile to his sister who quickly pulled the box open and looked at the long diamond necklace that her little brother had bought for her.

"Lee…" April's eyes were wide as she stared at the glistening diamonds, she didn't know what to say, small tears were welling in her eyes as she looked at her smiling brothers face.

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"Do you like it?" he asked just before April grabbed him in a tight hug, tears falling from her eyes as she kissed her brother hard on the lips. "I love it!" she said between kisses "You'll get your present tonight!" she said finally calming down and wiping away the tears. The day went on well from that beginning, the sun was out but that didn't make it warm, infact outside it was cold enough for snow.

April and Lee had spent most of the day in bed, cuddled up warm. It was coming late when the phone rang and April quickly picked it up "Hello" "Hi April its me Steph, I'm on my way over if you still want to give Lee his present" she said softly, April assured her she did.

"Ok then well get him ready and I'll see you in a few mins" she said before hanging up the phone.


"Lee can you go and deliver something for me please, I know it's a pain but I really want to make sure that Mrs. Holmes gets a gift this Christmas" April shouted to her brother "Ohhh ok" Lee smiled as he came in to the living room, Mrs.

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Holmes was an old woman who had greeted Lee and April when they first moved in, she lived alone and as far as they knew had no family. Handing a small wrapped gift to Lee she kissed him goodbye as he set off to deliver it, April knew that he would be a short time, it was not a long walk to the house but Mrs.

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Holmes would surely keep him chatting for a while giving Steph time to arrive and them to prepare. "Hi Steph" April greeted her sister with a kiss as she came into the house "Lee is out so we have time to prepare" she said running her hands over Steph's tight ass and squeezing it softly.

For the next fifteen minuets April and Steph got the bed ready, stopping to kiss and caress each other as they planted candles around and pulled the sheets back "God I remember the first time I wanted our little brother" Steph said with a giggle "Remember?" "Oh yeah, he was fifteen and so sexy" April giggled along "I remember we had all gone out and he was alone in the house, god only knows what he was thinking but boy am I glad we came back early" she continued "Yeah the way we found him on his bed, Ohhh his hand running up and down his hard cock… he had a great cock even back then" Steph said with a smile as she remember peeking in to his room through the slightly open door all those years ago "It was so good and such a laugh we just had to call the others, if only he had known by the time he came all his sisters had been watching him wank, watching our fifteen year old brother wank" April smiles as she kissed her sisters soft lips "Now look at us, you and he are in Love, Kim and Stace are having kids and we have all had him for real" Steph laughed as she held her sister against her body harder.

Downstairs the door opened and Lee came in. "Hello… April I'm home" he called out "Up here Lee, I have your present ready for you now!" April called down "Come on up" Lee went upstairs curious about what April was going to give him for Christmas, slowly he looked in each room, until finally the only one left was their bedroom. Lee pushed the door open and looked inside and his eyes went wide. Inside April was laying on their bed, naked, with Stephanie next to her, Steph's hands rubbing her breasts as her lips sucked on April's nipples.

Lee was stood frozen to the spot as he watched. "Come in Lee, this is your present, I want you to sit down and watch as me and Steph give you a special treat" April smiled and moaned as she felt Steph's teeth bite her left nipple gently. Lee not sure what else to do walked in and closed the door, sitting in a chair where he could see the whole show, he felt his heart beat soar and his cock harder as Steph slipped a hand down April's stomach and to her pussy, slowly the fingers curled and she rubbed her sisters clit, making April moan loudly.

Slowly Steph slipped a finger into her sisters' pussy and began to grind it in and out, her lips still sucking on April's nipple as Aril wove her hands into Steph's hair and moved her to the other nipple for the same attention. "Ohh god Lee she feels so good" April moaned as Steph thrust her fingers into her pussy harder and rubbed her clit too, a second finger inside now as April pulled Steph's face from her breasts and kisses her hard, their tongues coming out to show Lee that they truly were using them on each other Lee had pulled his pants down and fully stripped off, his cock was throbbing as he began to work his hand up and down the shaft, watching the lesbian show that was being put on for him alone by his sisters.

Steph broke the kiss and began to kiss down April's body, down her breasts and stomach until she began to kiss her sisters inner thighs, licking them up until she got just to her pussy then working back down teasing her sister who moaned out when ever she got close to her wet sex.

"Ohhh God don't tease me" April called out as she felt Steph once again move away as she was on the very edge of her sisters pussy with her tongue, but again she licked and kissed away smiling as she lifted her hand and slowly rubbed her sisters clit with it, taking the erect nub between her finger tips she pulled it and made April scream as she nearly orgasmed. Steph looked back at her brother, his cock fully erect in his hand as he masturbated watching them on the bed, she smiled before turning back to her sister and sinking her face closer to her pussy, Steph's hair tickling April's clit as her face lowered and finally Steph's tongue flicked out and licked up some of her sisters juice.

"Ohhh god yes!" April moaned out as she felt her sisters tongue probe into her pussy, she was on the verge of Cumming but wanted to hold off for a while yet and add to the pleasure later. "Hmmm" April and Steph both heard Lee moan as he watched and it spurred them on, having an audience seemed to make it even better then the first time they were together.

Steph licked her sisters' pussy and savoured the juice as she lapped it up and swallowed all she could get; April was so wet she thought her sister might drown in it all. Slowly Steph kissed back up her sister's body and began to lick and suck on her neck, kissing her ear.

"Think we should really show him something" Steph moaned softly into her sister's ear as she kissed the lobe and pulled it lightly. "Yesss!" April hissed as she felt her sister roll over and pull her on top, slowly she kissed down her sisters body just as Steph had to her, making sure to lick and suck her nipples as she went down to her pussy, April's red hair framed her sisters pussy as she licked and sucked on her clit, Lee watching April's pink tongue slip into Steph's pussy lips, lips that were glistening with her tangy juice.

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Steph grabbed April and pulled her up to kiss her before her sister spun to face Lee and smiled as she straddled over her sisters chest, Lee marvelled at how sexy April was her thighs on either side of their sisters breasts as she lowered her own body, her breasts hanging down and brushing on Steph's stomach as her head lowered to meet her pussy, April slipping her body back so her pussy was over Steph's face leaving them in a prefect sixty-nine poison, both women sucking the others pussy juice and playing with her clit as their brother watched on, his cock throbbing and almost painfully erect.

Steph's hands lightly spanked April's ass as she rubbed the cheeks making April moan into her pussy and send shocks through her body, just as April had in hers. "Ohhh god Lee" April moaned as she felt her sisters hot, wet tongue dip into her pussy deeply, her own licking Steph's clit as she watched Lee masturbate in the hair, her eyes captivated by his hard cock and hand rubbing it, each stroke driving her closer to orgasm and making her want to drive Steph on too.

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"You two are so sexy!" Lee said as he gasped, tightening his grip on his cock as the moans intensified from his sisters. "Do you want us to cum Lee?" Steph moaned "Yes do you want to watch and hear us cum for you?" April said before licking her sister's pussy again and rubbing her clit.

"Yesss!" Lee managed to moan out as he watched his sisters and felt his own orgasm grow April moaned first as she licked and played with her sisters pussy, dipping her tongue in deep as she pulled Steph's clit making her call out in pleasure, Steph doing the same as they both felt their orgasm's nearing until they couldn't hold back any longer.

Both women screamed out as they felt their pussies tighten the juice flowing out into the willing mouth of each other, April and Steph both licking up every drop as it was smeared over their faces. Once they had calmed both sisters looked up at Lee who still had not cum. "Oh god Lee I want you to cum all over my nipples, cover them so April can suck it off" Steph said with a moan as Lee walked over to the bed his hard cock still in his hand and pointing at his sisters who waited on their knees for him, their chests pushed out to him.

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April slowly reached out and took his cock in her hand stroking it lightly before she slid it into her mouth, sucking him hard and fast to get him to orgasm quicker, she was so excited about licking and sucking his cum of Steph's nipples she couldn't contain herself.

Lee was so close to orgasm it took less then a minuet of her sucking to get him to bursting point, quickly she aimed his hard cock as Steph's chest, Stephanie holding her breasts together and moving closer as she waited for the first shot to come, she didn't wait long.

A large jet of cum shot out and landed on her left nipple, soon Lee was shooting his cum all over her breasts, both nipples were dripping with the white liquid and the tops of her breasts was spattered white too. "Hmm now its my turn!" April said as she slowly held her sisters breasts in her hands looking at Lee she lowered her head and licked the top of her right breast licking off the cum Lee had just deposited, Steph moaned as she felt her sister's tongue lick off all their brothers cum, before she went down to her nipple and sucked it, biting lightly as she got all the dripping cum in her mouth and savoured the salty taste, washing her mouth with it before swallowing the cum down and moving to the left nipple to do the same, Lee watched the show with awe, April's tongue flicking out to get the last drips off her sisters before all three laid on the bed together.

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"April this has been the best Christmas ever" Lee said holding her tightly "I agree Lee," she said kissing him on the cheek "You two look so happy together, I can see you have a bright future together" Stephanie said with a bright grin as she watched the two cuddle up "We do too Steph, a bright future with lots of happiness"