How to access PHub in Philippines TUTORIAL

How to access PHub in Philippines TUTORIAL
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This is the 4th installment of my 'Happy b'day Rachael' series.Its not necessary to read the previous parts in order to understand this one but i would suggest you to read those stories so that you can understand the characters better. Thank you for all the comments and ratings,it inspires me to keep on writing inspite of my super busy schedule. Every other person i know has some kind of sexual fantasy.Some want to try a threesome,some have a foot fetish while some of my straight girl-friends have admitted of having lesbian urges.Well,to each his own but my sexual fantasy has always been to see a girl masturbate in front of me.I don't know why or when i got this idea but nothing arouses me more than the idea of a girl playing with herself and moaning sexily.Initially i have thought that to fulfill my this sexual fantasy i would have to pay a hooker when i grew up(i was still 16) then i thought i have a super hot girlfriend who has just started to discover the pleasures of sex.Only a month ago she was a virgin who wouldn't even let me touch her boobs and now here she is.She had already given both her holes to me and even a mind blowing Blowjob.

Should i tell her about it?Will she do it?Or will she think of me as a sex crazy person? I was confused and didn't knew what to do. We haven't got any chance to have sex after that night when she gave me a pleasant suprise but we have started to kiss more often at school after our classes are over.Although,a few kisses and squeezes were far less to satisfy both of ours sexual appetite but when you are a highschool boy with strict parents thats what you mostly get.

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I made up my mind to ask Rachael about it and i had decided to make slow advances towards my goal rather than just dropping it like a bomb.One day we were texting each other late night when i purposely started the topic 'masturbation' .She asked me if i do it to which i said yes and then it was my turn.I asked her if she does it,she was reluctant to talk about it initially but gave up when i kept on persisting.Rachael said "yes,i do it but very rarely.I do it only when i am feeling very aroused and unable to even concentrate on my studies".I was pleased to know that and started playing around that topic.I asked her if she had any kind of sexual fantasy and she denied then she asked me if i had one.This was the moment i had been waiting for so long.I hesitatingly told her about it and then in the same moment i asked her if she would do it the next time we have sex.She didn't reply rather she said that its very late and she must sleep now.

Her behaviour didn't shocked me but i was depressed that i might have upset her too much.The next day at school,she was clearly ignoring me and barely even talked anything.This went on for two days until on saturday morning i got a call from her.She called me to inform that her grandmother has suddenly fallen very sick and was hospitalised.Her parent's have left to visit her grandmother and won't be back until tomorrow.Rachael had always hated her grandmother and in all likelihood she would be more be than happy if her grandmother dies.So,as expected she had convinced her parent's to leave her behind.Rachael had called me to ask if i would like to come over and spend some time with her.I was ecstatic to know that,i had already started to think that we are heading towards a breakup but i was really glad to know she's not angry on me anymore.Moreover,she herself asked me to come over.I agreed to come instantly.

When i reached Rachael's place she opened the door and i noticed she was having icecream.She was in a black jeans and a gray shirt. She smiled at me and asked me to come in. We went straight to her bedroom and started talking.

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We were still talking and Rachael was eating her icecream when my sexual urges had better of me.I leaned in to her and we kissed.She tasted like strawberry from the icecream she had been eating.As our kiss grew more passionate i fondled her boobs over the shirt and gave them a firm squeeze.I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed my hand right into it.I was rubbing her pussy and i could feel my hands getting wet when she pulled my hand out and broke up the kiss.I was startled and concerned that she's not gonna have sex today.Just then to my amusement Rachael said"do you still want me to enact in your fantasy?" I said"umm.yeah,but only if you are comfortable with it".

She was intently staring into my eyes when she cleared up her throat and said "Look,i am really sorry the way i behaved when you told me about it but i have been thinking about it for the past couple of days and i have finally decided that.i'll do it" . My happiness knew no bound as i heard her say that and couldn't help when a big grin appeared on my face.I said"are you sure about that,sweetheart?" Rachael said"umm.yeah! be honest with you since the day i lost my virginity to you,i have started feeling aroused more often and have to get off myself quite regularly.So,i thought if can get myself off thinking about you, why can't i do it front of you?" That was revealation for me i didn't thought that my nicey nice gf would be masturbating thinking about me when she's horny.

Rachael started to unbutton her shirt very slowly,her eyes were transfixed at me.She threw the shirt on to the floor and then her jeans.Rachael was now left only in her undergarments a black bra and her regular pink cotton panties.No more fancy thongs,she never liked that stuff anyway. She reached back to undo her bra letting it fall onto the floor thus revealing her perfectly round boobs with small pink nipples.

When she stuck her thumb into the waistband of her panties and slid it slowly out of her legs,my cock started getting hard again with all the excitement. No matter how many I times i see,i can't help but marvel at the perfection of Rachael's body.Her vanilla white skin,blue eyes,dirty blonde hairs,tiny waist,big boobs and butt made her look almost angelic. Now,she was completely naked staring into my eyes with a mischievious smile on her face.Rachael slid her left hand slowly from between her boobs to her waist and finally resting on her crotch.Rachael slid her middle finger along her slit a few times before sliding it inside her pussy.

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The intrusion made her body to jerk a little. She was stroking her pussy with one hand and squeezing her boobs with the other one.Her small pink nipples were now fully erect.As her fingers made small circular motion on the clit,Rachael closed her eyes in heavenly pleasures.

My cock was twitching very badly in my jeans,it was taking a lot of willpower from my side to control myself from touching her.

Rachael continued to torture her clit while her other hand was pinching her nipples.She started to moan and gasp as time passed.It appeared to me that i was not the only one enjoying this,the erotic nature of the moment had surely turned her on very much.She was sweating profusely and small drops of sweat moved down on her body like raindrops on window pane. Rachael's bedroom was now full of her groans and musky smell of sex.Just when i was thinking that this has to be the most erotic moment of my life Rachael ached her back,threw her blonde hairs wildly.

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Her knees buckled as if unable to support her body weight and she let out a huge moan as orgasm hit through her beautiful body hard. Rachael opened her eyes and smiled at me.


I stood up from the bed and walked towards her.I got behind her and began to kiss on her neck while my hand fondled her boobs.My erection was very hard and it was poking on her nude ass crack when she turned to face me.She said"Umm.can i ask you for something?" her deep blue eyes were staring a me intently and i knew something was bothering her. "sure.make a wish"i replied.She had just made my biggest sexual fantasy come true,how can i say no to her??I have never seen Rachael being so hesitant in saying anything,she was always so confident.It was one of the major factors for her attractive personality.

"Umm.don't get me wrong,you have always been so caring and loving with me while having sex right from the first day.You even eat my pussy without even being asked for it While all my friends say that they have to literally begg their bfs to do that but.Can you please not be gentle with me today?"Rachael said.

"what??i don't understand"was all i could say.I knew exactly what she meant but i couldn't believe she said that.

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She continued"In order to learn to give a blowjob to you,i watched a lot of hardcore porn stuffs.The hardcore sex had turned me on more than anything before,i wanna try that." I Said "are you sure about that cause it might be very painful experience for you " She nodded her head and said"let us just give it a shot" I needed no further invitation,wrapped my hand around her waist and pulled her close to me.I pushed my tongue inside her hot mouth while my hands were busy squeezing her butt very hard.Rachael was rubbing my cock over the jeans and then it appeared to me that she was completely naked whereas i was still dressed.

I removed all my cloths getting completely naked.

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We french kissed again for a while before i pushed her shoulders down signalling her to go down on me.She got down on her knees and at once took my dick in her hot,wet mouth.She was sucking like a pro it was hard to believe that its only her second blowjob.She was a complete natural at it.Her hands were playing with my balls as the room got filled with slurping sounds.Rachael was also flicking her tongue around the head of my cock and i could feel the pressure building up in my balls.I put my hands around the back of her head and started fucking her mouth.I wasn't being gentle to her at all and was actually fucking her mouth very roughly as if it was also a pussy.Rachael tried to get my cock out of her mouth when she felt the first drops of my cumm but i was reluctant and i shot my load into the back of her throat.She made choking sound but i didn't let her go until i had drenched my juices into her mouth.She had asked for some hardcore sex i was making sure that she get it.When i released her head i she pulled out my dick from my mouth and then i realised that she had drunk all my cumm.I asked her "how was that ??was it bad for you?.".She replied "no,it was okay i guess.It didn't taste that bad just salty and somewhat weird".

I picked her up in my arms and laid her on the bed.I brought two small towels from the bedroom and tied up her hands to the bedpost.I had seen this in 'Basic Instinct' and have always wanted to try it since then.I noticed the icecream lying on the table that Rachael had been eating earlier and i had an idea.I asked "do you have anymore icecream in the refrigerator babe?".Rachael replied"ya.there might be some left.Why do you ask?" "great.just wait for a sec and i'll show you why" with that said i ran naked to the kitchen and brought the icecream as fast as i could.

I took out one spoon full of icecream and spread it around Rachael nipples."Ahhh."she cried as the cold icecream instantly made her nipples erect.I sucked on her nipples passionately and her loud moans made it very clear that she was really enjoying it.I always loved sucking her boobs but thanks to the strawberry flavoured icecream i was loving it even more than usual.I put some on her tummy and sucked them off too.Rachael was aching her back very badly and her toes curled up.

After i had finished playing around i spread her legs and pushed my dick with a huge thrust into her lovehole.Rachael screamed in pain but i never let her settle down.I fucked her with powerful strokes and stopping only to give a french kiss to her lips or a bite on her nipples.She wrapped her legs around my waist and was moaning with her eyes closed when i felt her vaginal walls convulse around my cock.I pulled out my cock as soon as i felt that and Rachael opened her eyes instantly.

"What are you doing?I was so close to cumming "she said with clear look of frustration on her face.I said"I know thats why i pulled out.You are not allowed to cumm yet.You can cumm only when i tell you to". She had a suprised look on her face but she nodded in agreement.I put my mouth on her nipples and sucked on them before biting them hard.Rachael squealed in pleasure and i untied her hands.


I asked her to turnover on the bed and lie on her stomach,she did that. Now,her beautiful round buttocks were in front of my eyes.I ran my hands ALL over them massaging and squeezing them slowly.I removed my hand and gave a hard slap on her right butt cheek.Rachael screamed loudly at that surprise spanking,she clearly wasn't expecting that.I gave another slap on her butt cheek,this time to the left one.

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Then i rained hard slaps on her butt and her butt .Rachael was screaming in pain throughout but i could feel a hint of enjoyment in it Cause her cries started to sound more like loud moans in pleasure.After the spanking had turned her vanilla white butt to blood red colour i felt content and i spread out her cheeks to reveal her tiny asshole.Looking at her asshole i found it hard to believe that i had penetrated it earlier cause it was really small.It seemed that it could hardly take a finger inside.I massaged her cheeks slowly so that sting from all the spanking she had received would subside a little.

When i felt her relax i pulled her cheeks apart again and shoved my dick forcefully .Rachael cried out"ughhh.".It wasn't easy for me too cause her tiny asshole was so reluctant in taking in my dick and it took a few powerful thrusts to get me completely inside her.I got my hands under her body to cup her boobs and started ramming into her vigorously while squeezing them.I was thrusting with all my might and Rachael was lifting her ass in the air to provide better penetrtation.Rachael hadn't stopped moaning for a moment since the time i had entered my dick and that was proving to be a huge turn on for me.I only stopped momentarily to kiss her over the shoulders and back.I even gave some love bites on her back.I had been thrusting for quite time when Rachael let out a huge groan almost a scream "ahhhh.i am cumming,i am cumming!can i cumm now?" "yeah can cumm now.cumm for me Rachael"I replied and increased my speed.I was feeling my own pressure building up as my balls were twitching badly but Rachael came first.She buckled her hips violently and raised it up in the air as orgasm raced through her body.I put my hand under her now raised hips and fingered her pussy.She squirted juices all over my finger.I came after a few minutes and i shot all my load into the depth of her butt.I fell over her sweating furiously from all the hardwork i have done.I rested for a few minutes Then i turned her over and licked off all the nectar she had secreted.She was drenched in her juices and it appeared as if someone had poured a glass of water over her pussy and we had to change the sheets of her bed.

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"How was that for you?"i asked her when we were done and getting dressed."I had two of the biggest orgasms of my life today.That was really amazing.I can,t wait for the next time"she replied.