Me masturbo con la tanga de mi hija

Me masturbo con la tanga de mi hija
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I only intended to do the usual. Break into a flat, see what was there - TV, laptop, PlayStation - steal 'em and leave. I knew two student nurses - Leanne and Claire - lived in this flat. However I thought they were both still away on holiday. I was wrong. I sneaked in a partially ajar window and crept along the hallway towards the living room. I was a bit stoned, so didn't realise there was a light on in the living room and the TV on until I was practically at the door.

Before I could run back out, the living room door opened. It was the fat blonde one - Claire.

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Startled, she screamed "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU??" Thank fuck I had my gun with me. I whacked Claire over the head with it, stunning her. I then grabbed her and bundled the chubby young student nurse into the living room with the gun pointed at her head. Her flat-mate, Leanne, screamed but quickly shut the fuck up when I made clear to them that I'd blow their fucking brains out if they made any more noise.

It was then I sussed it out. Two hot sexy bitches. At gun-point. And me with a boner like a baseball bat! I'd met them before, in a night-club a few weeks ago. I tried it on with both of 'em, but got blown out. Not tonight though!


I made 'em strip - each other. I made Claire undress her brunette flat-mate Leanne first, then made Leanne strip Claire. I then ordered the two girls to stand back-to-back. They both had incredible bodies - Leanne was slim and petite, other than for fucking awesome set of tits.

Claire was taller, a bit tubby but very pretty. I really REALLY wanted to humiliate these two cunts, so I told Leanne to go down on her knees and lick Claire out. She begged me, started crying saying she couldn't do that. I simply told her I'd blow both their brains out there and then - and then fuck their corpses! They both started crying then, but Leanne obeyed and duly knelt down and began licking and sucking her fat blonde friend's pussy.

I leaned in close, to make sure that Leanne really was 'dong the business'. And to be fair, she was. I could see Claire's lower lip tremble, maybe even her tongue salivate, as her friend caressed her cunt with her tongue. I made her do this for about 5 minutes, by which time Claire had pee-ed over Leanne's face. "I'M SORRY, SO SO SO SORRY LEANNE" Claire wailed.

They they both started crying again. I then made Leanne tie Claire to a chair.

Once done, I checked all the binds were secure. A couple were loose, so I tied 'em real tight myself.


I then took Leanne and bent her face down over a table. I unzipped my pants, took my dick and rammed it up her ass. Both girls squealed, Leanne louder naturally. I ass-fucked her real hard for a few minutes, before shooting her in the back of the head.

I'll NEVER forget the way the walls of her ass squeezed my dick as the bullet smashed into her head. Fucking awesome! I pulled out of Leanne, letting her slump onto the floor. Then, I took my shit-covered dick and stood astride Claire - who by now was crying and wailing hysterically.

I slapped my dick between her tits. I then grabbed both tits and squeezed them together, against my dick, thrusting myself into her cleavage. It didn't take too long before I shot my load, cum splattering over Claire's ample chest and onto her face. Poor Claire was a bit of a state now. Her tears had made her mascara run, her lipstick was smudged and her body was splattered in shit and spunk.

Still, she was in better shape than her friend Leanne who was lying dead on the floor with blood pouring out of the mouth and the gunshot wound in the back of her head, her face still wet from Claire's piss and cunt-juice, and shit'n'blood also having dribbled out her asshole.

I decided I wanted to spend the rest of the night with Claire. However, I needed to make her, erm, more 'submissive'. I picked up her bra from the floor and wrapped it a few times around her neck. I then tugged tightly. Claire struggled furiously on the chair, but the binds held good and she soon weakened.

As I throttled her, I whispered into her ear and told her everything I was going to do to her. As I explained how I was going to fuck her fat sweaty corpse, Claire farted loudly.

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I don't know if that was reaction to what I was saying or just simple side-effect of being strangled. It amused me anyway. Finally, I was satisfied she was dead. He eyes were bulged and rolled upwards, slightly crossed. Her tongue was swollen and sticking slightly out of the side of her mouth. And she'd pissed herself again. I took a towel from out of the washroom and wiped the shit and cum off Claire's tits.

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I also quickly dried her crotch area and inner thighs where she'd pissed herself. I also wiped off her running mascara and smudged lipstick. I untied her from the chair and attempted to lift her up.

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No chance - too fucking heavy! Instead I just dragged her body out of the living room, through the hallway and into one of the bedrooms. I lugged the buxom blonde's body on top of the bed and laid her out, face upwards. I stripped off myself, and jumped on top of the bed.

Leaning over Claire, I spread her legs and eased my dick into her moist cunt.

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I went on to gently and lovingly fuck her for hours afterwards. No need to be rough or humiliate her now. She'd been punished and was simply now my latest pleasure toy. As morning dawned, I woke up beside Claire. I kissed her on the cheek and then got up.

I went into the living room and carried Leanne's body into the bedroom and placed her alongside Claire. I then briefly screwed Leanne as well. It would have been nice to have spent some more time with her, but I was needing to make my getaway. As soon as I shot my load in Leanne, I got myself dressed and made my getaway. . The girls bodies weren't discovered until three days later.

There was a major public outrage and intense police investigation. But I was never linked with the killings. Happy days.