Hot russian school girl tight pussy mate big dick

Hot russian school girl tight pussy mate big dick
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I knew the day would come.

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I'd seen them looking and sniggering, whispering to each other. That day had arrived and it would change my life for ever. Let me explain…… My mom had died when I was 5.

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I was an only child and it was left to my dad to raise me best he could. My dad was a big man, heavy, solid and often mean tempered. I'd watched him bring girlfriends into our home for quite a few years. Usually I would be sent to my room and he set about "entertaining" them but as I got a little older he didn't seem to care too much that I could see him and his lady friends when he "entertained" them (as he called it) and on more than one occasion he had made to sit and watch.

He wasn't the sort of man you argued with so I obey and tried to block out the displays. As I said he had many women who put up with his perversions for a while then just never came back.

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That was until he met up with Rita. Rita was as mean as my dad. 32 years old, full bodied and as mean as a viper. I was 13 when Rita became a permanent part of our family. I listened night after night to them grunting and banging in the bedroom and tried so hard not to imagine what was happening in there.

I also, as my body began to change, tried hard not to let it excite me but more often these days as they were next door I would find my fingers straying to my little tight pussy, imagining what it would be like to be doing all they were doing.

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I would frantically rub my little bud of a clit as I listened to Rita telling my dad to fuck her big pussy hard with his big cock, and pull on my budding nipples as he told her she was the best damn cock sucker he'd ever had.

I hated myself for it but I was fascinated buy it all too. They seemed content with each other and paid me no mind until the night I walked into the house to find Rita on top of my dad, her large breasts bouncing up and down as he held her ass and kept telling her to fuck him real good. I just stood there, hoping they has not seen me yet at the same time that familiar tingle betraying me.

Rita stopped and looked me in the eye and said "well looky here Tom, we got us a little peeper". My dad looked over and said "you like what you see girly?

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You like looking at Rita's titties? Speak up girl!". I stammered that I was sorry for interrupting and I would go to my room and bolted out the door hoping that would be an end to it. But I couldn't have been more wrong. I was sitting on my bed when I heard them coming up the stairs.

My room door flew open and they both stood there, both naked. They walked over to my bed. I could see they had both been drinking and I knew I was in trouble. "Well little lady" said dad, "you never answered my question". "What question dad?" I asked already knowing the answer. "I said do you like looking at Rita's titties girl?". "Yes daddy" I said "they look very nice", hoping this was the right answer. "Well Rita she likes your big titties, you think she maybe wants to play some with them?" My dad said, an evil look in his eyes.

"Go ahead girl, touch them". I reached out my hand, knowing I had no option, that to disobey him would be worse. "That's it girl, use both hands, squeeze them good and hard". I began kneeding Rita's breast, feeling the hard nipples harden more in my small hands. By this time my dad had his cock in his hands and was stroking himself, his eyes never leaving Rita's breasts as I groped and pinched.

Obviously in a state of arousal Rita began to rub between her legs, her fingers spreading the folds of skin as she rubbed her clit. I watched in a daze and began to feel myself tingle. This was so wrong but I couldn't help myself. Dad kept stroking himself and said "now fairs fair girl, you got to play with Rita's titties, she gets to play with yours.

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Take your clothes off and lets see what you got to offer" I began to undress, drawn in to this weird game, yet a willing player. I stripped of to my panties as they both watched.

"Take off the panties too girl" said Rita. "I want to see that baby pussy of yours". I slip of my panties and stood feeling all of a sudden out of my depth. "Now lay on the bed" she said. I laid down and she reached out and started fondling my little buds, pulling and teasing, and the next thing I knew her mouth was on them, sucking like a new born. I could here my dad groaning as he watched, his stroking getting faster.

All these new sensations were causing the tingle in my pussy to turn to a throb. I desperately wanted to rub my clitty and cum. Rita stopped sucking my nipples and looked down at my pussy and then turned to my dad and said "bet you she's got a sweet tasting wet pussy right now Tom, bet you she's so horny she's wishing I would suck her little clitty. What you think? Will I find out?" My dad's eyes were glazed over, he couldn't take his eyes from my naked body.

My nipples were red with Rita's sucking, it had been the most wonderful thing and I wanted more, but I wanted my daddy to suck them. "Well baby girl, you want Rita to eat your pussy?" dad said. "no daddy, I want you to suck my titties and then you to eat my pussy" I said without a hint of shame.

He needed no further encouragement, his mouth was on my nipples sucking and biting. "Harder daddy, suck them harder" I cried. Rita had moved herself round to the side and I could see her head bobbing up and down on daddys cock. He sucked harder and I groan and without a thought I opened my legs up wide. His hand reached down and covered my pussy. His fingers opening up the tight folds of my lips, seeking out my little hot bud and he began to rub.

I squealed and begged him to rub harder. Rita had left Daddy's cock and was at the bottom of the bed watching Daddy frig me. "Jeez Tom, she's soaking, her little cunt is wet as fuck" and with that I felt her finger push into my love hole as daddy continued to rub.

"You gotta feel how wet she is Tom" said Rita.

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Daddy stopped his sucking and looked up as Rita pumped her finger into my soaking hole. His finger slipped down beside hers and he pushed his thick finger in beside Rita's as they both fingered me. It hurt at first but I was so horny by them it didn't seem to matter. "More daddy" I cried. It was like something snapped inside him then. "You want more do you you little slut? I'll give you more alright" and with that he pushed another finger into me hard and began pumping hard.

It hurt worse than the last time but I couldn't stop myself. I was bucking up to meet his thrusts. Rita had moved round beside my head and she took hold of it and pushed my face into her pussy telling me to lick her.

I lapped eagerly tasting her juices, she was panting hard and holding me so hard into her cunt I could hardly breath but still I lapped like a small kitten with cream my face soaked. Daddy was almost savage was he ravaged my pussy with his fingers. "Want more slut?" he growled as he pushed a third finger into my tight hole. I couldn't speak my face was buried in Rita's pussy, the pain of the third finger was almost too much to bear yet I felt my pussy tingle and I knew I was going to cum soon.

Just then Rita started bucking hard and groaning. I Heard my daddy say cum on her face Rita, cum hard baby, make her eat all your juice. Rita began grunting and moaning and held me so hard I thought I would choke.

Her pussy was so wet and I could feel her shaking as she came hard. Daddy was almost tearing me in two as she let me go.

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His fingers flashed in and out of my pussy so fast they were a blur. "Please stop daddy" I cried, "it hurts, please daddy stop" but he was past the point of stopping, then I heard Rita say "fuck her Tom, I want to see you fuck her, do it for me baby, fuck her hard" He stopped then and looked at me. "Look at you he said, you're a whore, your face is covered in pussy juice, my fingers are covered in your own juice, you don't want daddy to stop do you, you want daddy to stick his big hard cock in you.


You want to bounce on daddy's cock slut? You want to be daddy's special little whore?" I heard myself say the words "Yes daddy, I want to be your special little whore, fuck me daddy, make me cum, fuck me good daddy" Daddy just smiled that evil little smile and said to Rita. "You heard the slut, come round here and suck my cock wet so I can make my little slut a happy whore".

Rita sucked daddy's cock as I watched. As sore as my pussy was I needed to cum. My fingers found my clit and I started to rub, spurred on by watching Rita slobber on daddy's cock, making it good and slippy and easier for him to jam into my virgin hole.

I could feel myself starting to cum, "Now daddy" I said "Fuck me now I'm making myself cum for you, please daddy I'm cumming, PPLLEEAASSEE" I screamed. Daddy pushed Rita away and I felt the thick blunt tip of his cock at my pussy, I felt the pressure, I thought it wouldn't go in then suddenly the pressure stopped and the pain started. I started to scream but Rita's hard was covering my mouth silencing me.

Daddy stopped, his cock inside my pussy and looked down at me. "I'm gonna burst your cherry whore, its gonna hurt, then am gonna pound your pussy so hard and your gonna thank me for it. You understand?" All I could do was nod. My pussy felt like I had a hot burning poker inside. I felt daddy tense then push hard. I swear I heard a ripping sound and the pain was like nothing I'd ever experienced. I thought I might faint but nothing was gonna stop Daddy.

He started moving inside me, slowly at first, then faster and harder. He was looking at me all the time, smiling that smile and loving the pain he was causing me. He started to hump me really hard. The pain wasn't as bad now tho it still hurt.


Daddy started grunting and speeding up again and with a final hard thrust he came inside me. It was over. He pulled his cock out of my ravaged pussy and it felt like he was pulling my insides out with it. I just lay there. He looked down at me and said "What do you say whore?" I looked up at him and said "Thank you daddy, thank you for making me your special little whore".