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Sayaka Tsutsumi Masturbation unzensierte+
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Once I stepped into the darkness of night and started walking home from Miriam's, "We are going to spend the night in my bed.", the last words she said to me as I left, began echoing in my head. The walk that normally would take about twenty minutes, tonight, seemed to only take five minutes.

Now, all that I need to do is to enter the house and get into bed without disturbing anyone. It was almost 1:30 in the morning, far too late for me to be out, especially with school tomorrow. I can feel the dried fluids from Miriam's pussy on my face, and I had to get up early in the morning and take a bath. I can only imagine what has dried on me elsewhere, after all Miriam and I have done. My mind had been so occupied with these words and the events of the evening that the minutes flew by faster than normal.

I still couldn't believe that Miriam and I had sex. We not only had sex, but she let me shoot my stuff into her hole and now she wants me to return on Saturday and spend the night with her, in her bed.

Tonight, the few lights that were still on in the windows as I passed by held no interest for me. I had seen a live girl naked, and up close, I not only saw her naked, my boner was in her hole and I did it with her. I felt like I wanted to yell out to the world, "I did it, Miriam and I just had sex with each other." I woke early in the morning and headed directly for the bathroom and began running the water into the tub for a quick bath.

I stepped into the tub and after splashing some water onto my face, I could immediately smell the essence of Miriam in the air. If I were to go to school carrying this odor on me everyone would know what I had done the previous night. I finished my bath, dressed, had some breakfast, then left for school. Miriam was the only thing on my mind, from the time that I woke up this morning, and until I walked into the school. Even though I knew what we had just done, I still found it hard to believe that it happened.

Then there was the anticipation of Saturday night. I knew in advance that this was going to be a long day in school, after school and tomorrow until Saturday night finally arrived was going to be even longer. Each of my classes seemed to take much longer than normal, I know that they were still 47 minutes long, but they felt as if each was twice as long. I did pass Miriam in the hallway between second and third periods.

We didn't have any time to talk as we passed, but I did smile at her as she mouthed some words I didn't understand. Lunch time finally rolled around, and I headed for the cafeteria, hopefully catching Miriam as she went to her next class after eating her lunch.

The cafeteria was not large enough to seat the entire school population at the same time, therefore we had two staggered lunch periods and Miriam ate at the earlier one. I got into the lunch line, grabbed a tray, and waited my turn for the day's selection.

A small piece of roast beef, a dab of mashed potatoes with a touch of gravy, a nonde vegetable, lettuce salad, milk, and a small bowl of pudding. Paid the cashier my 39 cents for the meal and found a place to sit at one of the tables. I had just begun eating when Ronny sat down beside me and started talking.

"Hi Jim, how are you doing today. I saw Miriam earlier in the hallway. We were going in the same direction and I mentioned to her that she apparently made it home okay. She said that she appreciated that you walked her home. That Marvin is a real schmuck, leaving her to walk home by herself when he's supposed to be her boyfriend." "I know what you mean. I couldn't believe that he would do anything like that to her.

We talked a little after we got to her house, nothing of importance, and then I went on home. I'm just glad that she was able to get home safely." I really didn't want Miriam to be the topic of our conversation, I was afraid that I might slip and say more than I wanted to. As I finished my lunch, I changed the conversation from Miriam to what the two of us were going to do over the next few weeks. The bell range signaling the end of lunch and giving me a few minutes to get to my next class.

Again, each of my afternoon classes took forever to end. I did see Miriam again in the hallway as I was going to my last class. We were going in opposite directions again, and I smiled at her as she mouthed what appeared to be the same words as earlier.

Finally, the school day was over, now I only had to make it through until tomorrow night. I was leaving the building, when I saw Miriam in front of me and called her name. She stopped, waited for me to catch up with her, and said. "I don't have time to stop and talk right now. It's Friday, and I have to go right home." Then she lowered her voice and said. "I'll see you tomorrow night. I love you." Without thinking, I started to say, "I love you too.", but I never got the words out before she turned and headed for home.

Were they the words she was mouthing today as we passed in the hallway? The three words did fit the way her lips were moving, when I said them to myself. I was shocked, we weren't supposed to fall in love with each other, but Miriam did just tell me that she loved me. I had to admit to myself that the feelings I had for Miriam were extremely strong and were bordering on love. Maybe it was even more than bordering and I didn't want to admit it to myself.

Can two people fall in love with each other that easily, only because of what we did last night? I know that each of us admitted that we liked the other before last night ever happened, maybe that's all it took to push us that much closer. We need to have a serious talk about love, the feelings we each have, and our future, tomorrow night. My thoughts were interrupted when Ronny said.

"Hey man, why do you look so serious? What's going on in your head? Come on over to my place and let's hang out for a while." "Sure, I don't have to be home until supper time." It only took us about five minutes to walk from school to his house.

We then sat on his front porch and talked about school, the teachers and some of the other students that we both knew. Out of nowhere Ronny said. "Let's go inside to my room and listen to some music." "Okay." I said. Thinking that it might help take my mind off Miriam for a while. "I have some new records and every song ever recorded by Elvis." We went into his room and Ronny pulls out the biggest stack of 45's I have ever seen outside of a record store.

He looks through his stack of records and hands me a smaller stack of the records he pulled out." "This is everything I have by Elvis." He said. I'm looking through the records and keep seeing RCA, RCA, and RCA.

Then I find a couple that are recorded on the Sun label. "Hey Ronny, what are these on the Sun label? I've never heard of these songs." "They're the first songs he ever recorded. They were done before RCA signed him. Would you like to hear them?" Ronny started playing the different records for me to listen to, when he says. "How would you like to see one of my treasures? My mom doesn't know I have this." "Sure." I replied to him.


"If I show it to you, you have to promise not to tell anyone what you saw." "You know I would keep it to myself. You don't have to worry about me telling anyone" He opens the door to his closet and begins looking for something on the top shelf.

He finds what he is looking for and withdrew his hand clutching what looks like a wad of some type of cloth. He held his hand out and lets the material unravel. It was a woman's bra. "Where and how did you ever get some woman's bra?" I asked him. "I stole it." "You stole it. Who from, and how?" "From a stripper, downtown. I went to one of the clubs and took it when no one was watching.

She took it off during her dance and tossed it, and it landed near me. Everyone was so busy watching her shake her boobs, that I just reached down, picked it up, and shoved it into my pocket." "How did you manage to get into one of those strip clubs?" "I had a fake ID made, but I didn't even need it. I look older than I am, and I just walked up to the entrance acting like I knew what I was doing.

The bouncer stopped me and asked if I was 21. I just said 'Sure, would you like to see my ID? Do you think I'd be trying to get in here if I wasn't?' He just let me walk in, I found a table and sat down. I ordered a beer and sat there drinking it, while I watched the strippers take their clothes off." "I could never pull that off, I can't even pass for my own age.

Hey Ronny, I've got to head for home, my mom will be putting dinner on the table soon. Thanks for the music and showing me the strippers bra. I'll catch up with you at school on Monday. I think my mom is going to keep me busy this weekend. I got home just in time to help my mom set the table for dinner. Then started the long wait for tomorrow evening to arrive. I was doing everything I could think of, trying to keep myself occupied.

Regardless of what I did there were always many things on my mind, and they all involved Miriam. First the words she said to me on the previous night as I was leaving, "We are going to spend the night in my bed." Next, was what she said to me today as she was leaving school, "I love you." What confused me even more was me, starting to say, "I love you too." These on top of the memories of what the two of us did last night.

My mind was now completely occupied by Miriam. Miriam was the only thing on my mind for the rest of the day. The words she spoke as I was leaving and the prospect of what we were going to do Saturday night. I tried to occupy myself with television and reading, but thoughts of Miriam kept slipping back into my mind. Finally, bed time rolled around, I thought to myself that sleep will help the hours pass more rapidly and by chance the hours until Saturday night would pass faster than they have been.

I was mistaken, my thoughts of Miriam prevented me from having the deep sleep I desired and made the night time hours creep by. Morning eventually arrived, and my first thought was, now I only wait for sunset to finally arrive and I will be with Miriam. I have never seen the sun travel as slow as it was today on its daily trip from east to west.

The lengthening of the shadows the buildings cast, was agonizing slow as the sun finally began its descent to the west. After eating the dinner my mom made for us, I told her that I was going to take a bath and put on clean clothes before going to spend the night with Ronny. I told her that I didn't know if I would have time to take a bath at Ronny's, I wanted to be freshly clean for Miriam, and this would occupy some of the remaining time before I could arrive at Miriam's.

After finishing my bath and dressing, I grabbed the small bag that I had packed my pajamas and clean underclothes in. "Mom," I said, "I'm leaving for Ronny's now.

I'll be back home sometime tomorrow afternoon." I walked out our door, checked the angle of the sun in the sky, and began walking in the general direction of Miriam's house.

I had about another hour before it would be dark, plus I had to allow for Miriam's aunt Sarah leaving for her own home after sunset. I couldn't arrive at Miriam's early, and wound up killing time by just walking around until it was dark.

After wandering around for the past thirty or so minutes darkness finally arrived, and I walked the final three blocks to the rear of Miriam's. I entered the alley that went behind her house and upon reaching her backyard slipped into the yard, hiding from sight in the darkest shadows. I immediately looked for the basement light, my signal to approach the basement entrance, and saw only darkness.

I had all the worst thoughts possible when I did not see the basement light on, what if Miriam has changed her mind, maybe her parents arrived home early or something serious had happened. After what were long agonizing minutes the light finally come on and my fears vanished.

Miriam must have seen me as I approached the door because it open before I had a chance to touch it. I entered the basement and Miriam immediately closed the door behind me then turned off the light. The first thing I noticed was that Miriam smelled just as good tonight as she had when I first entered the basement two nights earlier.

Before she had a chance to say anything, I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a kiss. Not the simple kiss of greeting a person, but the passionate kiss two lovers would share after being separated for weeks. Our lips separated, and Miriam said. "My aunt Sarah took forever to get her stuff together and finally leave. I thought she would never leave." Miriam took me by the hand, saying.

"Follow me into the next room where you'll be able to see, and then up the stairs to my bedroom." I followed Miriam up the stairs and we exited into the kitchen, I followed her out of the kitchen, through the dining room, into the living room.

In the rear corner of the room was the stairway that led to the upper floor of the house. This stairway as it neared the top made a left turn and opened into a small hallway. Directly in front was the bathroom, to my left was a single doorway going to a large bedroom, and to my right were two doors, one each to a smaller bedroom in the front of the house. "My room," Miriam said, "is the door to the left, the room in the front corner of the building.

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I have a side window in my room. The only problem with the side window is, there's a pervert kid whose bedroom window is directly opposite mine. He's about three years younger than I am, I've caught him quite a few times peeping out his window, trying to see me naked. My mom had to put up heavy curtains that the light won't go through, and I need to remember to close them if I'm changing clothes, and at night when I'm in my room.

The other room, next to mine, is our guest room, mom and dad's room is the larger one on the other side of the hall. Wait here in the hallway while I close the curtains in case he is watching, I don't want him to see you come into my room." I waited in the hallway until Miriam indicated that it was okay for me to enter her bedroom.

I stepped into Miriam's room and immediately saw that it had been decorated for a girl in her mid-teens. Wall paper with pink roses, matching white furniture, and some pictures hanging on the wall.


The only piece of furniture that didn't match was her desk. Her double bed set against the common wall separating her room and the guest room, a small dresser with a mirror on the side wall next to the window, a chest of drawers on the hallway wall, and a night table beside her bed.

Her desk set in the corner where the two outside walls joined. A room that looked both comfortable and lived in. The main lighting for her room was an overhead light in the room's ceiling, and a reading lamp on her desk. On her night table was a small lamp and a clock, the kind of clock that had to be wound daily with the two large bells on top. She either kept a neat and orderly room or she had been busy making it look presentable for me.

"Sit here on the bed beside me." Miriam said. "We need to talk first. Jimmy, I know that we agreed on Thursday night that we were not going to fall in love, and that the sex was only for our enjoyment even though we never planned to go that far. Jimmy, I think that I have fallen in love with you and I don't know if it's because the sex is making me think I love you.

If it's not the sex, I want it to be for real. Every time I passed you in the hallway on Friday I mouthed 'I love you.' to you. Then after school I did say it to you, loud enough for you to hear." "I know, I could see that you were telling me something as we passed, but I couldn't figure out what it was.

It wasn't until you said it after school that I realized what you had been saying. After you said, 'I love you.' I started to say, 'I love you too.' But you were gone before I got the words out." "You love me, you were going to tell me that you love me?" "Yes, Miriam I love you.

I didn't realize that I do love you until I found myself about to say those words without even thinking about what I was going to say.

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Like you, I'm confused too. Is it the sex making me think that I love you or do I love you regardless of the sex? The way I have thought about you since Thursday night, and my heart skipping a beat whenever I saw you in school, I don't think it's the sex making me love you. I can't say for sure, but I don't think it's the sex that has made me fall in love with you. I don't want to give up the sex with you, but I need to be sure that I love you without the sex.

I need to figure out where my love for you comes from." "Jimmy, what you just said, that's exactly the way I feel about you. I love the sex, but I need to know that I don't need the sex to love you. Jimmy, I need to go downstairs and turn off all the lights in the house, and then I'll get all the lights up here, except this one by the bed for right now. When I get back would you like to undress me, or do you want me to take off my own clothes?" "I have never undressed a girl before, except for removing your pajama bottoms on Thursday.

I think it might be interesting for both of us if I undress you. Besides, maybe it's something I should learn how to do. After you're naked, who's going to take my clothes off?" We'll figure that out after I'm naked. Don't go anywhere. Be right back." Miriam returned as promised and turned off the overhead light in her room, leaving only the soft light from the lamp on her night table.

She walked over to where I was still sitting on her bed, stopped about a foot away, looking at me with a smile on her face. "Jimmy, I'm ready for you to make me naked." Without getting up from the bed, I extended my arms to her and took the bottom button of her blouse and slowly unbuttoned it, I continued to repeat the unbuttoning, gradually working up to the uppermost button. I undid the last button, and opened the front of her blouse, exposing those glorious boobs.

She wore a white bra with a little lace trim on it, I wondered if her selection of a bra for tonight had been for my benefit. The bra was not quite large enough for her boobs the way they billowed above the top of the bra.

I lowered her blouse behind her back as she allowed her arms to slip through the sleeves and placed it on her bed. I had Miriam sit on the bed as I sat on the floor to remove her shoes and socks. I had not noticed it Thursday, but her toenails were painted a light pink. Again, I asked her to stand as I stood facing her. Using both hands I undid the button securing the waistband of her skirt, then slowly lowered the zipper, releasing the skirt from her hips.

As her skirt came down, I admired Miriam's choice in panties for the evening. Her panties appeared to be made of nylon, a soft yellow in color, with small pink flowers, and it was obvious that they were already becoming damp. I lowered the top of her skirt to just below her knees and held it there as she stepped out of it, using her hand on my shoulder to steady herself.

I laid the skirt on her bed beside the blouse. The next item for me to remove was her bra, I wanted to release those two magnificent globes. I put my arms around her and took the two ends that joined the back of the bra. Try as I might I could not release the hooks, it was more challenging than I thought it would be. I then got behind her and tried again still not able to disconnect the back of her bra. "How do you get out of this thing." I asked "Easy, if you were a girl, you'd be able to do it with your hands behind your back.

That's how I must do it. Some girls though, will pull the shoulder straps down and slip their arms out of them first. Then they will slide the entire bra around, putting the hooks in front, and then unhook them. They'll even put their bra on that way. When you've got boobs the size of mine, it's easier for me, not to do it that way." "If I were a girl, I wouldn't wear one of these contraptions.

Besides, if I were a girl, I wouldn't be trying to get you out of your bra right now." "Okay Jimmy, you've got me there, but with boobs the size of these hanging on my chest, I need to wear one of these contraptions unless I am in bed. Anyway, their size doesn't appear to bother you. Now, take the upper edge of the back, close to but outside of the hooks, then push them together, side to side.

That should release the top hook, you may want to try to see what you are doing. After you have that one done, then do the next two, one at a time." "After a few more tries I was able to finally get her bra unhooked. I stepped in front of Miriam because I wanted to see her boobs being released from their confinement.

Miriam slipped out her bra and her boobs came into view, each with a hard but small, eraser sized nipple. I paused from undressing her to place each nipple in my mouth and suck on it briefly, as Miriam placed her bra with the rest of her clothing. I looked at Miriam and said.

"You are beautiful, standing there in just your panties. I know that you are going to be even more beautiful, standing there without them." "Jimmy, you say the nicest things to me, I love it when you talk to me like that." "Okay now, let's see what it's going to take to get you out of these panties. I hope it's not as hard as that bra was." "I think that you will find they can be removed easier than you can imagine." I looked at Miriam's panties before I began removing them. The damp spot that was there previously was now beyond damp and had grown considerably in size.

I took the waist band of her panties on each side of her hips and slowly started to pull them down. Her mound came into view quickly, but I had to work each leg separately because the elastic was tight around top of her legs.

As I got her panties just below her knees, she again steadied herself and stepped out of them. Miriam took her panties from me and did something that I never expected to see her do. She tossed them into the corner of her room, then looked at me.

That's when she said. "I won't be needing these the rest of the night, anyway they're too wet to put back on. My turn to do you. Where do you want me to start?" "Miriam, you start where ever you would like to, but let me get rid of these shoes first." "No, you set down on the bed. I'll take them off for you, and of course save the best part for last" I sat down and watched Miriam's face as she removed my shoes and socks, next came my shirt, which she folded and placed with the clothes that I had removed from her earlier.

I stood for her as she removed my trousers and placed then with the rest of our clothing. Miriam said. "I told you I was going to save the best for last, and from what I can see without removing anything else that certainly looks like the best." She took my shorts and with one swift pull had them down to my ankles.

My boner popped out, I was so hard that it was almost pointing towards the ceiling even though I was standing by the bed. "I told you I was going to save the best for last and now I definitely see what the best is. Now let me get our clothes out of the way.

We can't let them stay on the bed if that's where we are going to spend the night." She took our clothes and laid them on her desk, then pulled the bed covers to the foot of the bed. "We won't need these for a while and they might just get in the way, While I turn this last light off, which side do you want." She reached to the light and turned it off." "The middle," I said, "on top of you." "Jimmy!

You know that's where you'll wind up anyway. Jimmy, I've been waiting for this moment since you left here on Thursday" Miriam got onto the bed first, followed by me. We lay side by side facing each other, our arms holding us close, and we kissed the kiss of two young lovers.

Almost in unison both Miriam and I moved one of our hands, hers down to and circling my boner while mine found first her hole and then settled on her button. 'I love what I have in my hand." She said first." "But not as much as I love what I have my hand on." I moved down on the bed placing my mouth next to one of Miriam's boobs, and took its nipple in my mouth and began sucking on it. My free hand found the other boob and I began lightly squeezing it. I eventually began concentrating on her nipple, rolling it around between my fingers and lightly squeezing it.

I continued to suck on Miriam's nipples, alternating back and forth between the two. I had sucked on each of her nipples so much and so hard that each had become almost twice their normal length. "Jimmy, I know that when you put your fingers in my hole and you touch my button it feels really good. But when you suck on my nipples it makes my whole pussy tingle in a way I have never felt before.

I have never had that feeling before when I would play with my pussy or even when you are playing with it. My nipples have never been sucked on before and it's a whole new sensation to me when you suck on them.

I don't know, but I almost think that you could make me cum just by sucking on my nipples." The entire time my other hand was still in Miriam's pussy massaging and squeezing her button. Miriam's body reacted to the attention I was giving it when she started to cum for the first time tonight.

Even though I knew that she had just cum, I continued my assault on both of her nipples and her button, making her cum for a second time, even harder than the first. "Jimmy, I don't know how you are able to do that to me, but I absolutely love what you just did.

You put me into another world when I feel like that. I know it's only been two days, but I have missed being touched by you. How do you know what to do to my nipples and button?" "Miriam, I learned on Thursday that you love having your nipples sucked and played with. Now your button, that's a different story. All I'm doing is touching and rubbing it in several ways, and I try to see what the reaction of your body is.

That way I learn what you like and what will make you cum real hard." "And just what will make me cum real hard." "This will." I said as I squeezed Miriam's button extra hard, but not hard enough to cause pain." Miriam yelled.

"Eeeyoooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Oh my God Jimmy, that was amazing. Jimmy what did you do to me? I yelled so load that I'm afraid the neighbors may have heard me. I need to stop for a minute, my pussy is too sensitive to take any more for at least a few minutes." "I'll give it a few minutes to rest, then I want to put my face between your legs and suck on your pussy.

If you'll let me, I want to kiss your pussy, suck on your hole, and put my tongue into it, then take your button and suck on and kiss it." "Oh my God Jimmy, when you did that to me the other night, I thought that I had died and gone to heaven it felt that amazing. Of course, I want that, I want you to do that to me again. Jimmy, after you do that, I want you to put your weenie into my hole and do it to me. I want us to do it again. "Miriam, If I could last that long I would put my weenie in your hole and do it to you until the sun comes up in the morning.

Now let me hold you until you're ready for my mouth on your pussy." I kissed Miriam on her forehead, then the tip of her nose, briefly on her lips and finally on the side of her neck. As I kept giving her neck little short kisses, Miriam said. "Jimmy, what are you doing? Whatever it is, I like it." "I'm going to kiss you starting at the top of your head, then down along your belly, and continue down to your toes. Then I'm going to come back up until I get to your pussy, and your pussy will get the biggest kiss of all." 'Oh Jimmy, you make that sound so nice." I moved my head down to the top of her chest, placing numerous kisses just above her boobs.

My mouth found each of her nipples, first a light kiss on the nipple and then a slight pause suck on each nipple after their kiss. Then a series of quick kisses starting just below her boobs, stopping when I got to her belly button.

I circled my lips around Miriam's belly button, kissing it and then pushed the tip of my tongue into the slight well of her belly button. Miriam made a soft moan and told me that it tickled. I continued kissing as I went down towards her toes, passing to the side of the hair above her pussy, then down her leg and finally a light kiss on the tip of each toe. "Jimmy, you're driving my body crazy with what you are doing. I never thought that being kissed all over could feel this great." 'Miriam, I want to do all that I can to make this a night that you will never forget.

I want you to remember this forever." I moved to her other foot, and began by kissing the tip of each toe, then started working my way up her leg. When I finally got close to her pussy, I gave the inner thigh of each leg a kiss, as close to her pussy as possible with touching it.

Miriam anticipated that her pussy would be next, but she still jumped when I gave her pussy its first kiss. I placed my lips on her pussy, directly above her button and kissed. I used my tongue to spread the lips of her pussy and touched her button with my tongue. I sucked Miriam's button into my mouth and held it there with my lips, as my tongue accomplished its goal of making her cum again.

Miriam's hips began bucking against my face as she started to yell that I was making her cum. Miriam recovered from cumming, just as my tongue found but did not enter her hole. I used my mouth to spread the lips of her pussy, placed my mouth over her hole and began sucking hard. Miriam was so wet that I could feel her juices being drawn into my mouth. I swallowed and then pushed my tongue deep into her hole, which caused her to make a loud gasp. Over the next ten or so minutes I continued licking and sucking on every part of Miriam's pussy, making her cum at least three more times.

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When I finally removed my mouth from her pussy, I said. "Miriam, I swear, you taste better tonight than you did on Thursday. You taste so good." "Jimmy, I know that I told you that I want you in me, and I do want you to do it to me, but after what you have just done to me, I need to rest for a few minutes before I can do anything else.

My hole is tingling so much it almost hurts to touch it right now. Come up here and hold and kiss me." "I'll warn you now, that when I kiss you the only thing you will taste is yourself.

You are so wet that your bed is soaked, there's that much running out of your hole." I moved up beside Miriam, took her in my arms and began kissing her. Our mouths opened on contact and our tongues found their way into each other's mouth." We held the kiss until Miriam whispered to me.

"Jimmy, I love you. You have already made me feel so very good. Jimmy, I'm think my hole is ready to have you inside of me now." I positioned myself above her as she spread her legs to accept me. I eased my lower body onto hers attempting to keep the bulk of my weight off her for right now. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy on my boner. I could feel the head of my boner at the entrance of her hole. I thought to myself, all I need to do push is forward and I will be inside of her.

I didn't want to enter into her that way." "Miriam, I love you. I want you to do something for me. Will you guide me into your hole?" I felt Miriam gently take my boner in her hand and even though it had been at the entrance to her hole she moved it up and down along the length of her pussy.

She stopped with the head of my boner firmly against her hole. Then Miriam surprised me when she moved her hips towards me, putting the end of my boner inside of her hole.

I sighed as I felt myself enter her once again, and Miriam moaned loudly. I held this position for a few moments before I began my descent into the depths of her hole. "Jimmy, I love you. Oh my God Jimmy, it feels so good when you are going into me.

Jimmy, Jimmy, oh my God Jimmy, I truly do love you." "Miriam, I love you too. I don't know what words to use that can describe how good it feels to have your hole around my weenie.

I never thought doing it could be so wonderful. It's you making it feel this good." I began to push into her the rest of the way and felt Miriam also pushing to get me into her even further. As I began to withdraw in preparation to pushing in again, I again felt Miriam withdrawing with me. Despite that I was the one setting the pace she was matching my every move. Our bodies were working together in perfect unison from the very beginning. We started with her legs along the side of mine, with me laying between them.

By the time she was ready to cum she had her knees almost to her shoulders. "I'm close to cumming." She said. "Jimmy, I wish that I could do this all night, I love the way you make me cum." "Miriam, we don't have to stop right now. I can keep doing you for a while longer. You go ahead and let yourself cum, and I will try to make you cum again, then we can cum together and rest for a while. After we rest, I will try to do it to you at least one more time tonight.

Then there's always tomorrow when we'll both be well rested." Miriam locked her legs around my back and yelled. "Jimmy, oh my God Jimmy, I'm cumming. You're making me cum again. Oh my God" I continued to slowly pump into Miriam's hole the entire time she was cumming. After she stopped cumming I increased the speed of my boner working her hole.

We lay there joined together, holding each other close, pledging our love to one another, and sharing kisses. I loved the way she felt as she lay beneath me, using our hips together in perfect rhythm, driving me deep inside of her when they met. I listened to Miriam's breathing and the soft sounds that started deep in her throat. Waiting for the signs that she was once again going to cum. I knew that I was now close to cumming myself but wanted to do my best to wait until she was at her peak as she was cumming.

Her moans were becoming loader and more frequent, as she increased the motion of her hips. I not only matched the increase in speed her hips were now moving at, I also increased the intensity of my thrusting into her hole. The harder I thrust into her, the faster her hips would move to meet my thrusts. It was a snowball effect, an increase on the part of one caused an increase on the part of the other. I was now able to feel her heart as it was pounding in her chest, while she was gasping for a breath of air.

Our pounding against each other had become more violent than ever as we drove our hips together. Miriam's body first began to tremble, then went rigged as she arched her back and a piercing scream came out of her mouth.

I fired into her, I fired repeatedly into her hole until I had nothing left to give her. Even though I had exhausted my supply of cum I continued to thrust into her for about two more minutes before I finally stopped. We then lay there still joined together for another five to ten minutes before I withdrew from Miriam. As Miriam returned to reality she started saying. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God Jimmy, how do you do that to me?

How do you make me feel so good? I can't believe that doing it can feel as good as it does. Jimmy that was wonderful, I absolutely loved it." "Miriam, you had as much to do with the way it felt as I did. You have no idea how fantastic you made it for me.

You were wonderful. Miriam, I love you." "Jimmy, I can't express to you how much I love you." "Miriam, I hate to tell you this, but we have made a huge wet spot right in the middle of the bed.

I don't know how we are going to clean it up short of putting on clean sheets." "If we do it more tomorrow, and I know that I will want to, I'll have to replace the sheets a second time.

Dekhan ko dekh lo by vishal

One set of sheets won't draw any attention, but if I have two sets of sheets in the wash my mom is going to ask questions. I will clean it up the best I can, and we will just have to lay on them for the night the best we can.

Jimmy, there's a small closet in the bathroom. Will you go and get a washcloth out of it, run some warm water on it, wring it out and bring it in here to me?

The way it's running out of me, if I were to get up, I would leave a trail on the floor. I need to wipe all of this off me and I'll clean the sheet the best I can. We'll just have to accept that the sheet is a little wet when we sleep on it tonight.

Better still, after the washcloth is wet, clean yourself up first. I'm sure that you are almost as wet as I am, even though you don't have a hole for it to run out of. Then rinse the washcloth out again and bring it in to me. Now I think I know why mom keeps a box of tissue beside her bed." I found a washcloth and after getting it wet wiped myself clean. I had no idea how wet I had gotten, the hair above my boner was flooded and my ball sack and upper legs were very wet.

After I finished cleaning myself, I rinsed the washcloth again and took it into the bedroom and handed it to Miriam. "Oh, thanks Jimmy, I really need this. I think that everything that was going to run out of my hole has come out.

The whole outside of my pussy is wet and so much stuff came out of my hole that it has run down into the crack of my butt." Miriam, while laying her back, wiped the outside of her pussy the best she could, then spread apart the lips of her pussy and wiped the inside. Then she used her legs to lift her butt off the bed and wiped the crack of her butt.

When Miriam finished, she said. "I would have never thought that doing it could make such a mess." Miriam got up from the bed and went into the bathroom with the washcloth and rinsed it for a third time and then wrung out all the water she could.

When she returned to her room she cleaned as much of her juices, and the cum I put into her, from the bed sheet. When she finished, she took the washcloth and put it into the corner with the panties she had tossed over there earlier in the night. "I need to get these into the wash without mom realizing why they are soiled. I'm going to turn all the lights off now and get back into bed then I want you to join me there.

I'm exhausted from what we have done, and I want to fall to sleep with your arms around me" Miriam got into the bed first.

I then followed her into the bed and laid down beside her. "It's cold." I said, referring to the wet spot. "I know jimmy, it will get warm from us laying on it.

Now put your arms around me and hold me, give me our first goodnight kiss, and tell me goodnight." We kissed and snuggled our bodies against each other. "Miriam, good night. I love you. I pray that this is only the first of many nights that we go to bed together." "Jimmy, I love you. Thank you for all that you have done for me and to me." I lay beside Miriam with her cradled in my arms, listening to her breathing, and felt her body relax as she drifted off to sleep.

The relaxing sleep of a person at peace with the world. Only moments later I joined Miriam in her sleep. As we lay there sleeping, I started dreaming. It was one of those dreams where everything that happens is so real. I was dreaming that I was laying on a bed and I had a boner that was pointing directly at the ceiling as an unknown girl had her lips wrapped around my boner.

I could feel how soft and moist her lips were as she slowly bobbed her head up and down. I could feel the slight roughness of her tongue and the smooth roof of her mouth on the head of my boner as her lips traveled from one end of my boner and then back to repeat the trip over and over. In my dream, what she was doing to me felt so good that I just laid back and let her have her way with me.

I could feel the tension building in me and knew that it would not be very long before I was going to explode and start shooting my cum. My trigger point had been reached and I fired my first shot, rapidly followed by a second and a third.

It was during my forth when I suddenly woke to the sound of a someone gaging and then chocking. In the dim light of the bedroom I saw Miriam sitting on the bed beside me with tears in her eyes and a thick liquid of some kind running out of her mouth and down her chin.

"Miriam," I said, "what happened? Are you okay?" "I'll be okay. Just give me a moment to catch my breath." "Is there anything I can do to help you?" "Yes! Go into the bathroom and get me a warm damp washcloth so I clean this stuff from my face." I found the washcloth but had to wait over a minute for the water to begin running warm.

Held the wash cloth under the water until it was fully soaked and then wrung it out to the point that water was no longer dripping from it. By the time I got back to the bedroom, the thick liquid that was on Miriam's chin was now dripping onto her boobs. I held out the washcloth to Miriam and said, "do you want me to wipe that from your face for you?" "No, just let me do it." She said as she took the washcloth and started to clean her face.

After she cleaned her face, I told her that she also had some on her boobs. As Miriam was wiping the stuff from her boobs, I again asked her, "What happened? I was in the middle of a dream when I woke up to find you gagging and chocking." "I woke up just a short while ago and was watching you while you were sleeping.

I was looking at your weenie and thinking about the pleasure that it gave me earlier tonight, when I took it in my hand and held it. It was so soft and much smaller then when we were doing it earlier and felt so nice to hold. What I didn't expect to happen was for it to grow and get hard while I was holding it. It was so amazing watching it get bigger and feeling it get so hard while I was holding it. I thought about when your weenie was in my mouth the other day and I wanted to do it again even though you were asleep." "That's why I was dreaming that my boner was in somebody's mouth and why it felt so real." "Jimmy, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that.

But I really wanted it back in my mouth again, and you were sleeping so nice that I didn't want to wake you. I thought that I could just suck on your weenie for a little while and then lay back down beside you and fall back to sleep. I didn't know that would happen while you were sleeping.

I could feel your weenie get bigger and harder in my mouth, right before you shot your stuff into my mouth, but I never expected it to happen" "That's what happens to my weenie when I cum, it will get a little bigger and harder than it already is then I shoot my stuff.

Did you swallow any of it? It looked like there was an awful lot of it running down your chin and dripping onto your boobs, when I woke up." "I think, I swallowed over half of it into my stomach." Then Miriam giggled as she jokingly said.

"Maybe my stomach will have a bunch of little Jimmys." "Did it taste as gross as you thought it might?" "No, it was thick and hot with a little bit of a salty and musky taste to it. But it wasn't unpleasant tasting at all. I think that I could let you shoot in my mouth anytime you wanted to, but there's no way that I could swallow it all.

Of course, I would want to know when you are going to shoot so that it doesn't take me by surprise like it did just now. Even though it doesn't taste bad, I would never want to drink it from a glass just to drink it." "Miriam, will you give me a kiss?" "No, I still have a little of it in my mouth and I can still feel it on my tongue." "Did it kill you or make you sick?" "No." "Then put your lips against mine and give me a kiss." Our lips met, then our mouths opened, and our tongues touched.

With our mouths firmly pressed together our tongues began their battle for dominance. I could taste a hint of myself in Miriam's mouth as we kissed. "Miriam," I said, "you have unexpectedly made me feel extremely good, I want to do the same for you before we go back to sleep.

Will you let me?" "Yes Jimmy." "I'm here on my back and as you can see my weenie has gotten soft while we have been talking. I want you to take it in your hand and gently stroke it to make it get hard again. After it gets hard, I want you to straddle me on your knees, so that you are sitting on my belly facing me." Miriam reached out with her hand and within a minute what had been a limp weenie became a hard boner.

She then straddled me as I had instructed her to with my boner pressing against the crack of her butt. I then told her that I would tell her what to do. "Miriam, lift yourself up a little and lean towards me at the same time. Now take my weenie in your hand and place it against the opening into your pussy. Now sit back down and slide all of it into your hole." "Oh my God Jimmy, oh my God, I thought that you filled my hole up before, but now you have reached places inside of me that you didn't reach before.

I don't think my hole could ever be fuller then you have it now." "Miriam, you are in charge now. You do whatever you need to make yourself feel good. I am going to lay on my back and let you do whatever you want. I won't be letting you do all of the work though, when I feel you pushing down to get me inside of you, I will be pushing back into you." Miriam tried everything she could think of with my weenie in her hole. She used her legs to lift herself straight up and down, she rocked her hips from front to back, and even did a reverse missionary with her hips bucking up and down.

I played with her large boobs when able, and lightly squeezed and pinched her nipples as she continued to work her hole on my weenie any way she could think of. She had me so close to shooting into her, but I managed to hold off until she was ready to cum herself.

The trigger that finally sent her over the edge was when I began lightly squeezing her button as she slowly rocked her bottom back and forth on my weenie. First her breathing became shallow, then she arched her back and threw her head back and it started.

I began shooting my stuff deep into her hole, at least four or five good shots. It felt as if every time I would cum with Miriam it was better than the previous. Miriam started yelling as she was cumming.

"Jimmy I'm cumming. Oh my God I'm cumming. I have never cum like this before. Oh my God. Oh my God. Jimmy, Jimmy, what are you doing to me to make me cum like this? Jimmy, oh my God, what did you do? I don't want this to ever end." Miriam collapsed on top of me and lay there panting to catch her breath. Even with her large boobs I could feel her heart pounding against my chest.

We lay there still joined together, her on top of me for what seem to be an eternity, holding each other as we exchanged kisses.

Eventually Miriam started to get up. I said to her. "Miriam, where are you going?" "I need to get something to clean us up, I was extremely wet from earlier, before we even started, and I got that all over both of us, and you shot so much of your stuff into me, that even though your weenie is still in my hole it is running out of me onto you and the bed" "Miriam, please don't get up. Stay here on top of me. Don't even remove my weenie from your hole. I want us to lay here just like this, holding each other, and fall asleep together.

We already made a mess of the bed clothes earlier tonight, and I am sure that I can speak for both of us, we will do it again in the morning after we wake up. By then we will both need a bath if not now, and the bed clothes will have to be taken care of anyway." Miriam lay there on me as I listened to her breathing become more relaxed and I could no longer feel her heart pounding against my chest.

We lay there still joined, arms wrapped around each other, neither of us speaking. After a few minutes, I felt the grip of her arms around me loosen, and I knew she had fallen asleep. I joined her in that sleep only a couple of minutes later. I began waking up early in the morning. I was still in that in between mode where you're half asleep and half awake.

I could feel the heat of the morning sun on my face, and someone pressed against my side. I figured that I was probably in that semi dream state, because the sun did not shine into my bedroom in the morning, and I always slept by myself. I thought that if I opened my eyes to see what time it was, this dream would end, and these strange sensations would stop.

I opened my eyes to complete confusion, I didn't recognize any of my surroundings, the sun was still shining on my face, and there was a naked girl laying in the bed beside me, with her body pressed against mine. Then reality finally hit me, I had spent the night sleeping with Miriam in her bed, and this was Miriam pressed against me, still sleeping soundly. I didn't want to disturb her while she slept, instead I just laid there looking at her, admiring the look of her body and recalling the events of the previous evening and the middle of last night when she woke me up.

She lay there, almost on her side, one of her boobs pressed firmly against my arm, while the other boob would move slightly with each breath she took. Her legs were pressed against mine, and I could feel her pussy against my hips. I took the forefinger of my free hand, lightly touched the areola of her exposed boob, and began tracing circles around her nipple. I watched her nipple as it hardened and became erect, going from a small bump centered in her areola until it set up on its own, becoming a full three eights of an inch long.

Miriam woke up, looked up at me, and said. "Good morning Jimmy, I've been dreaming about you ever since I fell back to sleep in the middle of the night." "Good morning Miriam." I said. "I love you." Miriam put her arms around my neck and pulled my face down to hers. When our lips met, we shared our very first good morning kiss. When our lips parted Miriam said. "Jimmy, that was the sweetest thing you could have ever said to me. I love you too." Miriam laid back down on the bed and my hand went to her belly as my mouth found her erect nipple and began sucking on it.

As I worked my mouth and tongue on her nipple, my hand found its way to her pussy. I felt her legs part as her pussy accepted the presence of not only my hand, but also of my now probing fingers. I put the first two fingers of my hand into her hole to moisten them with that sweet nectar that flows out of her hole. The two fingers then made their way to her now erect button.

I then began to lightly rub the sides of her button, giving her button an occasional squeeze with my thumb and forefinger, each squeeze causing her to moan softly. Miriam's hand found my boner and began to slowly stroke it, as I continued to massage her button. I removed my mouth from her nipple and while looking at her I said. "Miriam, your pussy is very wet, are you ready for more? " "Jimmy, I will always be ready for more of you." "Miriam, can you push the covers to the foot of the bed, then move into the center and on your back?" After Miriam got into position on the bed, I got onto my knees between her legs and then lowered myself onto her, keeping the bulk of my weight off her by supporting myself with my arms.

I took my boner in my hand and placed its head against the slit of Miriam's pussy. I moved the head of my boner up and down along the length of her slit, both opening her pussy and lubricating the head of my boner with her juices, before placing it at the entrance of her hole. Before pushing into her I said. "Miriam, are you ready for me?" "Yes! Oh yes! I want to feel your weenie inside of me. I want you to do it with you again." I was slowly pushing into Miriam's hole when I felt her hips lift to meet me, ensuring that I penetrated her as far as possible, as I entered her, she opened her mouth to yell but replaced it with a load moan.

After entering Miriam's pussy and just holding my boner deep inside of her, Miriam said. "Oh Jimmy, I never thought that doing it could feel this good. I haven't even begun to get close to cumming and already this feels marvelous.

Now that I know how wonderful it can be, I don't ever want to stop doing this. Jimmy, I love you. Promise me that you will never stop doing this to me." "Miriam, I love you too. I want to be with you forever. I don't want to ever stop having sex with you. What we are doing together is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

I knew that doing this was supposed to feel good, but I had no idea it would be like this." I placed my lips on Miriam's and gave her a kiss, a long passionate kiss while my boner was buried deep inside of her hole. I then began rocking my hips back and forth making my boner move about in Miriam's hole.

We were joined together completely, by my boner and her hole, and our mouths. The moans that each of us made as we were coupled together were muffled by the other's mouth. Our two bodies felt as though they had been fused into one, working in unison for the total pleasure of our mutual partner.

Four or five times, while we were doing it, I would hear Miriam's breathing speed up and become shallow, at the same time her body would become tense and I could feel her hole spasm as it began squeezing my boner. I knew that once again Miriam was cumming. I used that as a queue to again place my lips on hers and kiss her, a kiss that was to both intensify what she was feeling and muffle her load moans.

I kept a steady rhythm with my boner sliding back and forth in Miriam's hole, mostly slow and easy and on occasion faster and harder. I began to get that unmistakable feeling deep in my groin, the feeling that lets me know that I am close to cumming. I started pumping my boner into Miriam's hole faster than ever, and felt Miriam respond matching my every stroke into her.

Once again Miriam's breathing started to become rapid and shallow. I felt her body pounding back against mine, meeting every stroke into her, and then simultaneously, she arched her back as her hole squeezed my boner harder than ever. At the same time, I felt my boner get both larger and harder in her hole in preparation to firing my stuff deep into her hole.

Again, I placed my lips against hers as Miriam yelled into my mouth while she was cumming. I fired no less than six shots of my stuff deep into her hole as grunting sounds came out of my throat and into her mouth. Even though we were both spent I continued pumping into her and she continued to meet my every stroke into her hole.

We stopped only when my boner became so flaccid that it fell out of her and wouldn't go back in. Our lips separated, we rolled onto our sides, and wrapped our arms around each other. We lay there, not speaking, looking at each other, and shared an occasional kiss.

Miriam finally spoke first. "What happened? What did we just do? That was the most intense thing that has ever happened to me." "I don't know. That was fantastic. I think that we did a whole lot more than just doing it. I think. I think that we just found out what it is like for two people to make love when they do it.

I believe that you and I just made love to each other." "Jimmy, if that's what making love can feel like. I know that we can't even consider it right now. But I want to be your wife one day soon. I want to be the mother of your children. I want you to be the father of my parent's grandchildren." "Miriam, we still have a lot to talk about. We both graduate in a few weeks and if I can find a decent job where I can support you, I know that we can do it.

Don't tell anyone until I can buy you a ring, then we can make it official. In the meantime, we will let everyone know that we are boyfriend and girlfriend and serious enough about each other that we plan on getting married.

I know that your mom will be disappointed about my religion when she finds out that I'm not Jewish. But we will do what we can to keep her happy. Are you proposing to me or am I proposing to you, or did we just propose to each other?" "I'm not sure who proposed to who or how, but I do know this. Jimmy, right now we both need to clean ourselves up after the night we've had. Let's go into the bathroom and take a bath together.

We can wash each other's back, then I will make us some breakfast. We can then talk about our future together, and what we can do to make it happen." "Taking a bath is an excellent idea, especially washing your back. I guess it would be out of the question to ask if you have any bacon or sausage." "Oh Jimmy, that's one of the things I love about you.

You always know how to make me laugh with your silly jokes. I promise, after we are married, I will fix bacon and sausage for you even if I can't eat it. Now let's go take that bath together. Then maybe after breakfast we can do it again for a little while. Then I need to clean up the mess we made on my bed clothes. We will have plenty of time before mom and dad get home. I love you Jimmy." "I would definitely wait to do the bed until after we do it again.

I wouldn't want to do the bed a second time if we don't have to, if my stuff runs out of your pussy then, the way it is now, the bed will have to be redone. Go run the bath water, I'll join you as soon as I get some of this off the sheet with the washcloth you used on your face last night." I walked into the bathroom, carrying the washcloth, just as Miriam was turning off the water.

"Where can I put this?" I asked. "On the floor, over there in the corner. I'll put it the washing machine with our towels. You get in first, I'll follow you." I stepped into the tub, set down, and let my back lean against the rear of the tub. I looked at Miriam as she stood there beside the tub. "Miriam," I said, "you look so beautiful standing there naked. I love seeing you like that" "No, I'm not. I'm too fat to be beautiful." "Miriam, you are not fat.

Don't think of yourself that way. In my eyes, you are beautiful. Now get your butt into this tub, so I can wash your back and other things." Miriam stepped into the tub with her back to me, set down between my legs, and placed her back against my chest. She leaned her head against my shoulder, as I took both of my hands and cupped her boobs with them. "Jimmy," she said, "that's what started all of this. I'm so glad I put your hands on my boobs.

I had no idea that it would lead to where we are now. I only wanted to have my boobs touched, but I wouldn't change anything that we have done since then." "I told you earlier, how shy I am around girls. I would have never done anything like we did on my own without you to guide me.

You get all the credit for how I can now be when I'm with you. Before Thursday I would have never even considered touching you anywhere on the private parts of your body. I couldn't have done it even if I wanted too. Then there's no way I would have ever removed my clothes in front of a girl, including you.

Now look at me, it feels perfectly normal for you to see me naked. Now, I'm either going to wash your back or play with your pussy. Which do you want?" "I would rather have you play with my pussy, but you really should wash my back instead. You can play with my pussy after we have some breakfast." "Miriam, I want to wash more than just your back. Will you allow me to wash you from the top of your head to tips of your toes?" "Yes, if I can do the same for you." "Close your eyes Miriam, I don't want to get any soap into them.

I will start with your face and work my way down. I'll try not to get to much water in your hair. Of course, I will have to pay more attention to some of your special parts." I had Miriam turn and face me as I carefully washed and then rinsed the soap from her face. I then had her turn her back to me and began washing her back starting at her shoulders and stopping just below her waste. I then asked her to lean forward on her knees so that I could do her butt.

She began giggling when I spread the checks of her butt and drew the washcloth along its entire length multiple times. She told me that it felt so weird but good having that done to her. I had her turn to face me again and washed each of her arms. Next came her chest and belly, paying extra attention to each of her boobs and especially her nipples, making sure that they both were extra clean. I told her that she would have to lift each of her legs, so that I could do them starting with the toes and working my way up.

"Didn't you miss something?" She said. "No, I don't think that I've missed anything." "What about my pussy?" "No, I didn't miss your pussy. Remember I said I was saving the best parts for last." Giggling Miriam said. "Leave it to you to think of an excuse like that. You only thought of that, so you can play with my pussy while you're washing it." "You'll have to wait and find out when I get there." Miriam lifted each of her legs allowing me to wash them.

I cleaned her inner thighs up to the edge of her pussy, without touching her pussy. Now that both legs were done, I said. "Now comes the best part. Lean back a little and spread your legs apart more." I put an ample amount of soap on the washcloth and started just below her waist and washed down to the mound of her pussy. On reaching Miriam's pussy I concentrated on the area from the slit of her pussy to where the inner thigh meets her body.

Now it was time to thoroughly clean the inside of her pussy. "Miriam, can you spread your legs a little further? I need to get inside now." Miriam spread her legs even more, causing the lips of her pussy to separate. I took the washcloth, lightly rubbed some soap into it, and with it wrapped around my fingers placed it inside of Miriam's pussy against her hole. I began moving my fingers along the length of her slit, applying additional pressure when passing over her button. It only took a few moments before Miriam began rocking her hips in unison with the movement of my fingers.

I again began to see the signs of Miriam starting to cum. Miriam's hips pushed forward as she made a loud moan and said. "Oh my God Jimmy, oh my God, what are you doing to me? You just made me cum again. I have never cum so many times in my life." "Did you enjoy it?" "Of course, I couldn't help but enjoy everything. The bath, the attention to my special parts, and the way you just made me cum.

Now it's my turn to wash you." Miriam did essentially the same as I did to her until she got to my lower body, when she said it would be easier for her if I were to stand. She did my legs and butt first, leaving what was now a raging boner for last. She started to clean the sack containing my balls, but she was a little too rough. "Careful with them," I said, "they are very tender.

The slightest injury can cause severe pain." "They're that delicate?" "You can put a man on the ground by hitting them." "I never realized that they were that sensitive. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.

Crystel la puta de la red

I think I need to clean your weenie now." Miriam finished washing my boner, but then she surprised me by putting it into her mouth and started sucking on it. I said. "I didn't expect you to do that." "I love the way it feels in my mouth. I want to make you shoot your stuff out of your weenie, but I don't want you to shoot into my mouth. I've never seen a weenie shoot stuff; how can I make yours shoot?" "You can suck on my weenie until I 'm ready to shoot, and I will tell you when to take it out of your mouth and finish it using your hand.

Or you can take it out of your mouth anytime you want to and use your hand to get it ready and then make it shoot. You can also make me shoot with just your hand, that's how I do it when I want to make myself cum." "I want to do it all with my hand." Miriam wrapped her fingers around my boner and began stroking it slow and easy.

"You can go faster, but slow like that also feels good. You can also change how tight you hold it, and the distance that you move your hand." "This is almost like when I play with my button to make myself cum. Only your weenie is a lot bigger." "Keep doing what you are, I can feel that it's starting to get close. I'll warn you now, when I shoot it can go as far as two or three feet. Be careful where you point my weenie, it could wind up on your face, in your hair, or any place on your body.

You also don't want it to go anywhere out of the tub where we won't see it. We definitely don't want your mom to find it while she's cleaning, and then for you to have explain to her what it is and how it got there." "Miriam, it's going to happen any moment now.

Point it at your boobs, I'll wash them for you before we get out of the tub. Miriam, I'm going to cum now. Don't stop until it all shoots out." Seconds later I could feel the first shot of cum being discharged from my boner. Miriam's eyes were as big as saucers as she watched the cum shoot out of me, travel the foot and a half between us, then jumped when it struck her on the right nipple.

The next struck between her boobs and the third found her belly button. The remaining three never reached her and landed in the water between us. "That," Miriam said, "was amazing to watch. I have never seen anything like that before." "Now if you will," I said, "let me clean the cum from your boobs and out of your belly button.

Then we can get out of the tub, clean the bathroom, and have some of that breakfast you promised me. You can skip the bacon and sausage for now." I took the washcloth and lathered it up with soap and washed the cum from Miriam's nipple and from her boob where it had run down. Next, I washed between and under both boobs being sure to remove any trace of the cum that struck between her boobs. Finally, I found out how sensitive Miriam's belly button was as I attempted to remove the cum that had settled in it.

I eventually had to take a corner of the washcloth and twirl it around as I pushed it into Miriam's belly button to get the last of the cum out. After once again getting her clean I used some clean water to rinse the remaining soap from her boobs and belly button. After I finished, Miriam said. "As much as I like that stuff going into me, I would have never thought that it would be that hard to remove." "Well, what do we you expect? Once it gets hold of something good it doesn't want to leave." We dried each other off, then bundled the towels and washcloths together and carried them into Miriam's room.

They too were to be taken, down to the basement to be washed, along with the bedding on Miriam's bed when we removed it.

"Jimmy, it felt so nice, the way you gave me a bath. The last time someone else gave me a bath was my mother when I was a little girl. Jimmy, I have liked you, and I mean liked you for a long time now, but I can honestly tell you that I love you with all my heart.

The sex we have shared over the past few days has been fantastic, and as you know it is all new to me, but I have now seen how you are a loving and caring person. A person that accepts me as I am, even with my faults. Jimmy, you make me happy being with and around you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Jimmy, I can't put into words how much I love you." "Miriam, I have never been one for expressing my feelings with a lot of fancy words. From now on, when I go to bed at night, I want you beside me, your head resting on my shoulder, and my arm around you. When I wake up in the morning and open my eyes, I want to see you lying beside me. Until that day arrives my nights are going to be long and lonely.

I want you to be happy throughout your entire life, and I want to be the one that makes you happy. I know that I have liked you since we first met. For the past year I have liked you more than I should, but I did nothing about those feelings because of Marvin. I would have felt guilty forever knowing that I took you from him. You are the one person that I can confide in, the person I can trust, the person I can freely tell my deepest secrets and concerns to.

What I am trying to tell you is, I love you and I will always love you. I am ready to share my life with you starting this moment. If I could take you home with me today, I would." "Miriam I'm going to slip on my trousers and shirt. I don't want to go down to the kitchen naked." "No, let me find one of my robes for you." "Okay, as long as it isn't covered with flowers and trimmed with lace." "And just what's wrong with flowers and lace." "Nothing, I'm just not ready to make a fashion statement." Miriam found a pale yellow, light cotton robe for herself, and for me a medium brown robe, made from a heavier material.

Fortunately for me, Miriam has large boobs, otherwise the robe would have been too tight across my chest for me to wear. Miriam lead the way down to the kitchen and had me sit at the table as she prepared breakfast for us.

Miriam outdid herself with the breakfast she prepared for us. An omelet, cooked in butter, and filled with goat cheese, mushrooms, and diced fresh tomatoes. Served with buttered toast, hot tea, and orange juice. "Miriam, you shouldn't have gone to so much work, just for me.

I would have been satisfied with some dried cereal." "For you it was not a lot of work, besides we don't do dried cereal here. Now eat your breakfast if we're going back up to my room." "I should have realized that you had an ulterior motive feeding me so well." "Well, I have to keep your strength up, if I want to continue to enjoy what you do to me." We finished our breakfast, cleared the table, and then cleaned and put away the dishes. I then followed Miriam up the stairs and to her room.

That gorgeous butt of hers, at my eye level, swaying from side to side as she took each step. The best part of following Miriam was, I had lifted the back of her robe up, completely exposing her butt to me as she walked up those stairs. "Is that all you're interested in, watching my butt when I walk up the stairs?" "No, I've known you for a couple of years now and I have always liked looking at your butt and the way it sways when you're walking in front of me.

I've also liked seeing the way your boobs bounced when you were walking towards me. Now, if you had been walking up the stairs backwards it would have been even more interesting.

Then I would have been looking directly at your pussy instead as you went up the stairs. Now, being completely honest with you, I like seeing any part of you, with or without clothing." As Miriam removed her robe she said. "How would you like to see all of me, naked, right now?" "That kind of offer I will never turn down. Would you like your robe back now?" We disrobed together, then we took each other in our arms. I held Miriam close and then we kissed, as we guided each other to her bed.

We lay down on the bed, side by side, our arms still wrapped around each other. I put my lips to Miriam's ear and whispered. "Miriam, I love you with all my heart, tell me what you would like to do now." "Jimmy, I love you too, the only thing that I want and need right now is to have you back inside of me. I don't want you to just do it to me, I want us to make love to each other again before you have to leave." "I can never promise just how good it will be for you when we do it from now on.

But what I will promise you is that when we do it, I will be doing it to you with love in my heart for you. I will be doing it to you to express my complete love for you." "Jimmy, that is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard anyone say.

I want to give my body to you and make love to you." I rolled Miriam onto her back and moved my hand down to her pussy as we shared a kiss.

I knew that I was ready, but I needed to see if Miriam was wet enough for me to enter her. I stopped at her button, circled it a few times with my finger and then gave it a light squeeze. As my fingers approached her hole, I knew that she was sufficiently wet.

She was so wet that it was running down into her butt and then onto the already soiled sheet. "Miriam," I said, "I know that I don't need to ask you this, but are you ready?" "Yes! A thousand times yes. I need to feel you inside of me now. I need to feel you making love to me." I rolled on top of Miriam, with my full body weight on her.

She spread her legs and pulled her knees almost to her shoulders, opening herself up completely. I raised my hips up from hers and took my boner and placed its head against the entrance of her hole.

As I lowered myself back onto Miriam, I felt my boner sliding deep into her waiting hole. Together we each called out the others name, followed with our saying together, "I love you." I was going to remain motionless for a few moments, savoring the feeling of being completely inside of her, when I felt Miriam's hips push against mine.

I instinctively responded by pushing against hers. I started to withdraw and felt her hips pull away from mine. When we both felt that head of my boner was at the entrance of her hole, we drove our hips together once again. We continued to do this over the next few minutes, going deep into her hole faster than the load ticking of the clock beside her bed.

The only sounds in the room were us pledging our unending love to each other and the sounds her bed made as two people were making love on it. I eventually slowed to where my plunging into Miriam became an easy, slow in and out motion of less than a few of inches, but always deep inside of her. She also extended her legs with them now lying beside and outside of mine. The ticking of her clock had now become more rapid than our motions. I resumed the more rapid thrusting into Miriam for a few more minutes and then again went to the slower in and out.

Despite this being new to both of us, Miriam and I could match the other's movements, each of us moving our hips in opposite directions at the correct time. I was now reading the signals from Miriam's body and knew that she had already cum numerous times. She tried her best each time to hold back on any load sounds since the walls separating the two homes were not very thick.

The next time I began thrusting hard into Miriam she took her legs and locked them together around my lower back and began using them to not only drive me deeper into her, but to also hold me in her longer, between my thrusts into her. It seemed like we had been doing it for hours, alternating between various levels of thrusting, but it was only about forty-five minutes.

I could feel that I was not going to last much longer when instinct took over. I began thrusting into Miriam harder and faster the ever. I could feel the reaction in Miriam's body to the changes and knew that she also, was almost ready to finish along with me. As Miriam started to yell, I placed my mouth on hers and began kissing her, to subdue her screams. Moments later I felt her body go rigid, her arms were wrapped around me so tightly that if she had been any stronger, she could have cracked a rib, and her hole gripped by boner with an unbelievable force.

It didn't matter then if I was ready, I had no choice but to unload into her and I felt myself fire repeatedly into her hole.

The world around me momentarily went black, I don't think that I passed out, but the only thing that existed was the marvelous hole my cum was now shooting into, Miriam's hole. Miriam when she recovered, came out of it saying. "Jimmy, Jimmy, oh my God Jimmy, oh my God. How can it possibly keep getting better every time we do it? I love you so much, I need you to do that to me all the time. Do you think that it's that good for other people?

I am going to want you every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to bed. How do you do that to me? I don't know how I am going to live without having you doing that to me. If only there was a way to get you into my bedroom every night." "Miriam, I believe it feels that good because we are truly in love with each other.

Without the love, it would feel good but not the way we have experienced it. As far as others go, I don't know and if it doesn't, they don't know what they are missing. I too wish that there was a way I could share your bed with you every night, starting tonight.

Unfortunately, I don't think that either your mom or dad would say okay if you told them, "I'm going to have Jimmy move into my room with me.", and I'm sure that my mom wouldn't allow you to live in my room either." "I know it's an almost impossible situation for which there is no quick answer. Jimmy, I don't want to be without you, but I don't see how we can be together. I don't know if I can go weeks at a time without having you, and something like this weekend doesn't happen that often.

I can continue to sneak you into the basement every couple of nights, but that is dangerous, and I know that eventually one of my parents would catch us. It would be worth it if there is no other way, but I know that my mother would be devastated if she were to catch me having sex. The only other solution is to find a way to get married as soon as we can. Even that would raise questions, but then nobody can say anything." "Miriam, you made me think, but I don't know how this would work.

We are close to graduating from high school, and we are both eighteen. In the eyes of the law we are old enough to make decisions on our own. I will get a decent job as soon as I get out of school, and then we will announce that we want to get married, but we need to set up a household where we can live first.

By then everyone will be accustomed to our being boyfriend and girlfriend. Maybe after our parents know that we are serious about marriage, if we offer to pay our way one of them may let us live with them, until we can get a place of our own.

It does mean that you may also have to work for a while, but I don't want to depend on your earnings to live. "Jimmy, I really hate to have to say this. So much I wish that today would never end, but I must send you home soon. It won't be to many more hours before my parents are home. I need to get the bed sheets and washcloths into the washer and done before they arrive. I know if you're here they will never get done. I don't want you to leave, I really want you to stay but I know that you must.

If I could I would hide you in my bedroom and keep you there forever. Jimmy, I love you. I mean it when I say it, I really love you and want to be with you." "Miriam, I know how you feel, I feel the same way about you. You know that I don't want to be away from you, but I also know that I can't be here when your mom and dad get home.

I can't express to you just how much I love you, I have never felt this way about anyone before. Miriam, all I can say is I love you. Before we get dressed will you come over here and give me a kiss. I want to feel your naked body pressed against mine, one last time, before I leave." Miriam took a few short steps towards me, stopping with her boobs lightly touching my chest.

I wrapped my arms around Miriam's neck and shoulders, drawing her even closer to me. She placed her arms around my waist, pulling our bodies even closer. Miriam tilted her head up to mine and our lips met. The kiss we than shared was not a kiss saying goodbye for now, but a kiss of two people declaring their love for each other. As I kissed her one of my hands went down to the cheek of her butt, and I began squeezing it.

Within minutes my hand left her butt and found her pussy, a pussy that once again had become very wet. I easily found her hole and inserted both my fore and index fingers into her. I did not need to move my hand, but instead just hold it in on place. Miriam began rocking her butt, causing my fingers to slide in and out of her hole. There was no way of concealing the boner I now had, or any reason for attempting to conceal it from Miriam, it was pressed firmly against her side.

Her hand went down to my boner. I felt her hand take my boner and gently wrap her fingers around it, as she began sliding hand back and forth along its length. I removed my finger from her hole and moved my hand up enough so that I was now touching her button. I began playing with her button, both rubbing it and squeezing between my thumb and forefinger. Miriam pulled her lips from mine and almost moaning said.

"Jimmy, there is nothing in this world that I want more right now than to have you back inside of me. But I am afraid that we do not have the time for what I want." "I know Miriam, If I knew that we had plenty of time I would be doing it to you instead of playing with your pussy.

I just want to touch you before I need go. I want to feel your boobs pressed against my chest and I want to remember the way your pussy feels. Let me touch you for just a few more minutes and then we can get dressed." "Jimmy, I don't want to stop, but I know that we have to, or you will never get out of here. Use your fingers and make me feel good again before you stop." As I continued rubbing and squeezing Miriam's button her breathing became heaver and her soft moans became louder.

I could tell that Miriam was fast approaching that place where I wanted to take her before I left. "Jimmy, I'm so close to cumming again." She said. "You know exactly what to do to make me feel good and cum. How do you know what to do to me that makes me feel this way?" "I'm only doing what your body has told me it likes, and your body has let me know that you like this." I slowly backed Miriam to the edge of her bed, as I continued to play with her button, and had her sit on the edge of the bed.

I removed my fingers from her hole and placed a hand midway up the inner thigh on each of her legs and began to spread them apart.

"Jimmy, as much as I want to right now, we don't have the time to do it now." 'I know Miriam, there's something else I want to do instead. Now just lay back and let me spread your legs apart so I can see your pussy." As Miriam laid back on the bed and spread her legs apart, I kneeled on the floor directly in front of her. Miriam had her legs spread so far apart that it also opened the lips of her pussy, I took my hands and opened her pussy up even wider.

I moved my head forward until my mouth was in between her pussy lips. I quickly ran my tongue, repeatedly, along the length of Miriam's pussy and then stopped with my mouth on her button. I sucked her button, which was already hard, as far into my mouth as I could get it and held it there. Her breathing became even more rapid and at times she appeared to struggle for a breath.

Struggling to get the words out she said. "As much as I love what you are doing to me right now, you didn't have to do this. It drives me crazy and makes me want to have you put your weenie in my hole and do it with me even more. You are going to make me cum. You make my body feel like it's about to explode.

Jimmy I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Oh my God Jimmy, you're making me cum again. Oh my God it feels so good, I love you Jimmy, I love you." "Miriam, I want you to just enjoy what you are feeling, I don't know when we will be able to do this again, and I wanted to leave you with something to remember." "Jimmy, everything that has happened to me since you got here last night is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Ask me fifty years from now and I will tell you every detail of what we have done from the time you walked into the basement Saturday night until you walk back out that door." I stood up as Miriam got up from the bed, but instead of standing she dropped to the floor onto her knees.

She took my boner in her hand and was getting ready to put it into her mouth when I said. "Miriam, you don't have to do that. You have already done more for me than I ever thought would happen." "Jimmy, I want to do this for just for you. I have heard from listening to other girls when they brag about what they have done, that this is one of the things about sex that the guys enjoy the most.

The girls said that their boyfriends always want their weenies sucked if they can't do anything else. I want to do this for you. Now stand there and let me put your weenie in my mouth." "Miriam I'm not telling you that I don't want you to do this, it's just that you don't have to.

You have already done more than I could have ever asked for. I'll warn you when I'm about to cum, so I don't shoot my stuff into your mouth. We need to have something ready for me to shoot into. I don't want to make a mess with my stuff shooting on you or who knows where else. Maybe we can use the washcloth from last night, it definitely needs to go into the wash anyway." Miriam slowly put the head of my boner into her mouth, even though it was only the third time for her to do this, she did it as if she had done this to me at least a hundred times.

She slowly moved her head towards me, sliding most of my boner deep into her mouth, stopping only when its head was almost to enter her throat. She then reversed direction until only the head remained in her mouth, then using her tongue, circled the head of my boner. She then began repeatedly bobbing her head back and forth on my boner. Then she stopped bobbing and held just the head in her mouth, and just sucked as hard as she could while her tongue played with my boner's head.

Never having my boner sucked on before I had no idea what to expect, but I knew that whatever she was doing it felt good, it felt beyond good. I knew that if Miriam kept sucking on my boner the way she was, there was no way that I could last very long.

I could already feel the beginnings of that now familiar sensation deep within my body. "Miriam, I can feel it starting. I'm not going to cum yet, but it won't be much longer the way you are making me feel right now. Don't stop, I promise I will let you know when." Miriam began bobbing her head on my boner even faster and harder than ever. Other than the difference between the texture of her mouth and hole, it felt like I was doing it in her hole. The feeling that I was about to cum kept growing in intensity and continued to grow stronger with each bob of her head.

It finally hit, and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I began shooting. I need to warn Miriam, let her grab the washcloth, and finish me with her hand. "Miriam, I'm going to cum. I'm only seconds away from shooting, you have to stop now." I don't know if she heard me, I know she had to, but now she's doing it even harder.

"Miriam, you have to stop, I can't hold it any longer, Miriam, I can't hold it." Miriam stopped, but she didn't take my boner out of her mouth, she pushed it in so far it was almost in her throat and held it there. There was no way that I could keep from cumming any longer, and I fired the first shot of cum into Miriam's mouth almost directly into her throat. I could feel the muscles in the back of her mouth as she swallowed my cum. I fired four more time, each time a little less than the previous, and each time I could feel the muscles in Miriam's throat as she swallowed my cum.

She then just held my boner in my mouth, sucking on it getting the last little bit of cum that continued to leak out and constantly swallowing.

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"Miriam, you were supposed to stop and take my weenie out of your mouth before I began shooting. You weren't supposed to swallow my cum. I tried to warn you." "I didn't want to stop. I wanted you to shoot in my mouth, and I wanted to swallow as much of it as I could. I wanted to do that for you. I wanted you to know that I'm ready to do those things for you." "Miriam, I love you, but you don't have to prove things like that to me." "Didn't you like it?" "I absolutely loved it.

I just didn't expect you to do it. Swallowing though has to be the hardest part." "I'm so glad that you did like it. You're right about the swallowing being the hardest part. It's not that bad, but when you're not used to doing it, it's the idea of what your swallowing that you need to overcome. I just told myself that I wanted to do it, that I was going to do it, and made myself do it.

Now that it's over I'm glad that I let you shoot your stuff in my mouth and swallowed it all. I don't think I lost a drop. Not like last night when it was running out of my mouth. Just think, I have millions of little Jimmy's in my stomach now." "Last night you didn't expect me to shoot in your mouth. I caught you by surprise. Now if I were to go without cumming for about two weeks, and you were to try that first thing, I don't think you would be able to swallow it all.

Since last night I have shot so much stuff, that when I do shoot now there isn't as much. I think that you have drained me, but it still feels just as good. How much comes out when I shoot has no effect on how good it feels. Did you swallow all of it, for real?" "Yes, I believe that I did. I don't have any on my face." "Before we do anything, will you give me a kiss?" "But Jimmy, I just did… You know what I mean, besides, there's still some in my mouth." "And I still have some of you on my face, around my mouth.

If you give me a kiss we can share. I want to kiss you, to show how much I appreciate what you just did to me. I could tell you how good it was all day, but I believe that a kiss will mean more than just telling you." "Miriam tilted her face up to mine and our lips met as our mouths opened for each other.

Our tongues met, and they began their own embrace. I could taste the slight muskiness of myself in Miriam's mouth, in addition to the essence of Miriam that was still on my face. I held her close using one arm while my hand found first her boob and followed by her nipple, and then her pussy, before we broke apart." "Jimmy, that was fantastic. I don't know why I'm so reluctant to kiss you after sucking on your weenie." 'I'm sorry, but I can't answer that question for you.

Maybe it's the idea of me tasting my own stuff while it's still in your mouth. I don't know. What I do know is the kiss that we just gave each other was, as you said, fantastic." "Now, we should get dressed, but first I need to clean myself up down there. It has been running out of my hole, almost like someone left the spigot on.

Can you get me another warm, wet wash cloth first? I need to get myself a clean pair of panties to put on. All the rest of the clothes I had on yesterday are still clean except my panties.

I was so wet when you took them off me, there's no way they weren't soaked. Now that they have dried, they are probably stiff. There's only one thing that I like that stiff now, and that's your weenie, especially when it's in me." "Miriam, now you're getting nasty.

I didn't know you had it in you." "I did, and I want it in me again, a lot more." "Now that's being nasty, but it is quite cute. I do like the idea though of being in you again." "I know, but I love being nasty with you, Jimmy, I love you. Now if you will get that washcloth. We need to get dressed and I must get you out of here soon. It's getting late." I went into the bathroom and got another clean washcloth, ran warm water on it, then wiped first my face and then my weenie. When I finished, I rinsed the washcloth out for a second time, wrung out the excess water, then took in into the bedroom for Miriam to use.

Miriam first wiped her face off, then began to clean her pussy, wiping the outside first, then the inside. After she finished, she said, "I hope I don't continue to leak too much after I put on a clean pair of panties.

That stuff was really running out of my hole for a while." She handed me the clothes I had removed the previous night so that I could get dressed. Then she got clean panties from her chest of drawers and put them on.

She then took the clothes she had on when I arrived and placed them on her bed but keeping out her bra. Jimmy, last night you learned how to take this thing off me, now I'm going to show you how to put it back on me. First let me get everything in place and then when I tell you I need you to hook it for me.

I always need to do it by myself and it will be nice to have someone else hook it for a change. First, I need to put my boobs into this thing, then get the straps on my shoulders. Okay Jimmy, you can hook it now. Take the two ends, one in each hand, and bring them together.

See the row of hooks on one side and the rows of loops on the other, take the bottom hook and hook it into the bottom loop closest to the end. Then do the next hook and finally the last, I do have one bra that only has two hooks, but it is a fancy bra and does not have the support of my regular bras.

You should be glad that you're a guy and don't have to wear one of these things. I finished getting dressed as Miriam put on the rest of her clothes. "Jimmy, will you help me to remove all of the bedclothes from the bed, I will come back up after you leave and put on fresh bedclothes. I am going to miss you tonight, when you're not here beside me in the bed. I can put my dirty panties in the clothes hamper, I wash my own clothes anyway, but I need to get the rest of this stuff down to the basement and into the washer.

I hope I can have everything washed before my mom and dad get home. I would like it if you can help me carry it down as you leave. Let's get this stuff down to the basement now." We got everything down to the Basement and Miriam put her bed clothes into the washer first.

"Jimmy, when you leave, don't go through the yard to the alley. Go to the front, check to see if any of the neighbors are out, if it looks okay just step out to the sidewalk and no one will know you were here. Jimmy, I love you, I wish that you didn't have to go. I don't want you to go.

I want you to stay and be with me forever.

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I know that right now I can't have what I want, but one day I will, one day soon. Jimmy, I love you so much." "Miriam, you know how much I love you, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone before. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want you to be my wife. I don't know how or when we will be able to make that happen, but I promise you, I will do what I can to make it happen. Can I have one last kiss from you before I have to walk out the door?" Miriam offered her lips to me and kissed me, a kiss that was soft and tender, a kiss that said I love you.

Our lips finally parted, and we said our good byes to each other. I picked up my overnight bag that was packed for a stay over at Ronny's as Miriam opened the basement door. I took one final look at the sadness in Miriam's face, gave her a kiss on her cheek, then stepped through the door. I didn't want to look back as I stepped outside, and as I turned around the corner of the building, I heard the door close. I walked to the front of the house and checked to see if anyone would notice me stepping from between the two houses.

I stepped onto the sidewalk and began what was going to be the longest walk ever from Miriam's to my house.