Homo older dad gay sex video xxx First Time Saline Injection for Caleb

Homo older dad gay sex video xxx First Time Saline Injection for Caleb
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Episode 1 Hi, my name is Timothy, Mum had left years ago and Dad had to make do with internet porn, which I discovered on his laptop. He was something in IT, so had created me a user with 'parental controls', but his login had a really simple password "p0rn". One day I logged in to his account and gazed in amazement at the picture covering his desktop of two young-looking blonde naked girls lying by a pool.

One appeared to have her right hand entirely inside the other girls cunt. Just below her bum on the screen was a folder named 'fisting', which revealed dozens of downloaded photographs of these two girls stripping off each others bikinis, kissing, fondling breasts and then fisting.

One girl rubbed suntan oil all over the others breasts, tummy, thighs and then pussy, until it was running down her arm and dripping off her elbow. In one photo she had bunched her fingers together and pushed them half-way into the girls pussy, and they both smiled provocatively.

At this point I heard dad returning from the garden so hurriedly shut the laptop and tried to hide the sticky mess in my pants.

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One night I couldn't sleep so tip-toed downstairs into the lounge behind the sofa to see dad not wearing much, talking to a web-cam picture of a gorgeous naked lady on his laptop. She was slowly squeezing her nipples, licking her lips and discussing what she would do to dad at the weekend. I crept back to bed and made do with a girly mag I found in dad's sock drawer. She arrived on Friday, and dad announced this was my new step-mum who had come to stay for the weekend, bringing her bossy daughter Molly, who said she was 15.

Molly was really cute short dark hair, a lovely smile, small tits in a tight tee-shirt and long legs emerging from a short skirt. We were lying in the garden when I told her about the photos on dad's laptop, and nervously asked if she had ever fisted. "How did you know I was a lesbian" she murmured.


"My best mate at school reckons all pretty girls are bi-sexual, so I figured you might have tried it". "No" said Molly, stroking my right hand and checking for short finger nails "but show me the pictures, and we might give it a try". We sauntered indoors, trying to hide our blushes, grabbed the laptop and ran upstairs to Molly's room. I showed her how to logon and stroked her bottom while she flipped through the pictures lying face-down on her bed. She was rubbing up a damp patch on the front of her panties when she spread her legs wide enough to allow me to touch her cunt.

Flipping over onto her back she pulled off the damp panties and forced my tongue hard onto her clit. When I came up for air she had lifted the tee-shirt and was squeezing her nipples, just like her mum on the web-cam. "There's some baby oil over there, you need lots on your hand".

I grabbed the bottle off the cupboard and coated my right hand before dropping my shorts and squatting down between her thighs and pushing one then two fingers into her sopping cunt. "More fingers" she moaned "harder" then "…aarghh". Afterwards she told me she had been climaxing from the second finger to the full fist. Bending down she wrapped her damp panties around my willy and jacked me off, while I tried to lick her neck and then chew on a breast.

She roughly pushed me away, straightened her skirt and tee-shirt and flounced off downstairs. I hid the sticky sodden panties, got dressed and put the laptop back in its usual place downstairs. At tea Molly acted as if nothing had happened, but smiled when her mum asked if we were getting on OK, and flashed her bare pussy at me and dad.

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Molly explained that she had been born when her mum was only 15, so they grew up more like sisters than mum and daughter, and had always had a very open sexual relationship sleeping together and with mum's girlfriends when Molly was growing up.

So I was not too surprised when that night Molly forced me to watch her mum bouncing up and down on dad's prick, while she straddled his head and rubbed her cunt back and forth across his nose and chin. As they were facing each other across his chest they kissed and squeezed each other's breasts before climaxing noisily.

The following week we all went shopping to Primark to buy Molly a whole pack of shiny black thongs, a new bikini and a really short skirt. Molly and her mum disappeared into the changing room to try them on and were gone for a good ten minutes. They walked back rather oddly giggling, dad paid for the clothes and we headed for the car park. "Are you alright" I whispered to Molly; she just chuckled and said "You'll see when we get home" and stroked the back of her tiny shorts.

On the way home Molly sat in the front seat with dad's hand down the front of her shorts and her mum sat in the back with me, stroking my willy with her moist panties. As soon as we got home, Molly pulled off her shorts and bent over the sofa dad tugged on the purple ring hanging from her bum and pulled out the anal beads that her mum had inserted in the changing rooms.

I managed some really close photos of Molly's enlarged bum hole before dad blocked my view by squeezing in the tip of his enormous penis. Molly screamed as half the length slid in; Molly's mum licked his balls and dad groaned and came quickly, dropping his prick into her mouth.

Shakily I shot the cum dripping from Molly's bum and running down her legs, and then her mum licking it all better. Next day dad had to go up north on a contract and left with a laptop full of photos of Molly and her mum. Episode 2. One very hot day last summer, before I was 12, I was lying on my bed with one of the better girly magazines from dad's sock drawer when I heard muffled giggling from the garden. Dad was away working up north somewhere, step-mum was out shopping and Molly my bossy step-sister was looking after me.

I was just wearing one of Molly's black thongs that Dad had bought her last week and pushing little willy into the bed. Standing on tip toe by the open window, I could just see Molly and two girls her age lying face-down on the lawn.

Grabbed the video camera and shakily focussed on Molly wearing her new green bikini, then next to her the pretty blonde girl wearing a white almost see-through summer dress, and a gorgeous black girl wearing a cut-off top and very short blue shiny shorts, which showed a lovely slice of bum cheeks.

When Molly and her mum had come to stay in the spring, Dad had given me the video camera and asked me to send him any 'interesting' pictures of Molly, so far she had not let me film her. So I zoomed in to the blonde girls legs and bottom, later found out her name is Becki. Molly smiled up at me while very slowly lifting up the hem of Becki's dress, and to my delight the black girl poured sun-tan oil onto the back of Becki's thighs and bottom as they were exposed.

Molly rubbed the oil into Becki's bum in slow circular strokes with both hands, and then her right hand disappeared from my view between the bum cheeks.

Becki moaned and spread her legs wider, still laying face-down on the grass, so that Molly's hand came back into view with two fingers firmly in Becki's cunt and her thumb pressing into her bum-hole, rocking her hand backwards and forwards. At this point the black girl appeared in my room behind me giggling, brushing her tits across my bare back and pulling up on Molly's thong from the back.

She slipped one hand over my mouth, forcing me to lick her fingers which tasted of suntan oil and pussy juice, and slowly wanking me with the other hand. I had to put the video camera down and grab a tissue to mop up the stream of cum that shot all down the wall within a few seconds. My knees buckled and I slumped to the floor in a sticky mess.


When I opened my eyes, Gemma had dropped her shorts and bounced down onto my bed, pulling my head roughly between her well spread black legs. As I burrowed my tongue into her cunt she let go of my ears and held me in place with her thighs. Gemma' s legs started to tremble and couldn't hold my head so tight, so I was able to slip both hands under her bum and spread her full dark lips apart with my thumbs.

"Gosh, you ARE pink inside" I gasped, and chewed her clit. "Of course, you idiot" snarled Gemma "Molly said you were good with your fists, now get one inside". I bunched up my fingers, just like Molly had shown me, and pushed slowly into Gemma's cunt; she seemed to hold her breath until I got past the knuckles, then groaned.

Gently revolving and pushing my fist into her squishiness, she climaxed violently.

Gemma leaned forward pulling the crop-top over her head, and for the first time I got to see her fabulous nipples on tiny breasts. She moaned as I squeezed one breast and chewed on the other nipple, then abruptly stood up, grabbed me by the thong and marched downstairs.

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Molly and Becki had come in from the garden and were locked in a 69 embrace on the leather sofa in the conservatory. Gemma joined them on the sofa grabbing any available tits and licking bum cheeks.

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I slipped away to fetch a camera and came back to find Gemma rubbing her pussy against Molly's pubic bone; whilst they discussed my fisting skills. As I clicked away Becki announced they were doing tribadism, which real lesbians prefer to strap-on dildos. I managed some really close-up shots of Becki's tits, and then her bum when she turned round to lick Gemma. Gemma and Molly eventually separated and pulled Becki up to lie between them and spread her legs, inviting my fist.

I squirted some suntan oil over her short blonde pubic hair and my right hand, but needn't have bothered as her cunt was already sopping wet as I pushed three fingers into her. I never managed to get Becki to climax, even with Molly and Gemma chewing her tits, but Molly took some amazing photos of my entire fist buried up to the wrist in cunt. Finally my arm ached so much I had to stop; Molly dropped onto her knees offering her bum in the air, licking Becki's cunt, and I slipped willy between her cheeks while watching Gemma masturbate.

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Molly didn't complain much her mouth was full of cunt so I tried to fuck her arse. I was just spurting over her back when they realised that Molly's mum was due home in thirty minutes, so the three girls shot upstairs for a long shower.

Afterwards they let me photograph them getting dried and dressed, which is much sexier than getting undressed because they kept swapping underwear and you already know the best places to look. Molly let me keep her thong and I emailed the photos and video to dad the next day.