Cocksucking granny swallows warm cum

Cocksucking granny swallows warm cum
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Helping the neighbour My wife and I live in a modest 3 bedroom semi on a quiet street in the countryside most of our neighbours are in there late fifties and sixties. That was until last summer when a young, single mum moved in across from our house as she was on her own several of the neighbours chipped in to give her a hand settle in over the next few weeks. Lets tell you something about Maria; she's 35, shoulder length dark hair, brown almost black eyes, stands about 5ft 10", nice figure possibly 36B's, her daughter (Leigh) is about 10 and has her mother's striking looks.

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My wife and I are both in our late forties and keep ourselves fit by walking and sport, our kids have now left home, but we've got into a bit of a rut sexually, once a week sometimes twice if the fancy takes us. We both window shop and have our fantasies but wouldn't say we were running around fucking like mad. As a single mum we have seen Maria struggle in many ways, especially during holidays, so as my wife doesn't work she offered to mind her daughter whilst she was at work and I've taken to doing odd jobs around the house and garden for her.

To be honest they've become like a daughter and granddaughter to us. Maria is very quiet like my wife but her daughter (Leigh) is the complete opposite and is always asking either her mother or my wife to do things.

Any way about 3 months ago Maria needed to have some work done on the house and when the full extent of what was needed she was at our door in tears, saying she needed the work to be done but could not afford to pay for it. We sat down with her to see what needed doing; new boiler, rewire of the house and some damp in some floor boards.

Beth my wife looked at me and said you could do the rewire couldn't you love and sort out the flooring, that leaves just the boiler. Yeah I could do that but as I pointed out the best way to rewire would be in one hit or over stages but the boiler had to be done properly.

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Over the next week Beth and Maria got the boiler sorted, someone Beth knew would fit it and once the electrics were done commission it. The cost of getting the boiler done meant Maria couldn't afford to get the rewire done in one go it would have to be done in stages. I told Beth and Maria this would cause a lot of disruption in the home, Beth decided that the best thing to do was for her and her daughter to move in with us whilst I did the rewire this they did the following day.

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It was strange having other people in your home especially a young beautiful woman who's not family. Whilst Beth entertained Leigh, Maria and I got about getting the house ready for me to start work, moving furniture, lifting carpets and working out where the new cables would run.

At the end of each evening the two of us would come back across the road needing a shower. It was whilst doing this prep work that Maria and I would need to get quite close and often we would brush up against one another. Each time it happened I felt as though I'd just got a static shock and I would sometimes notice Maria staring at me. It was after one such evening that we returned and Maria went to shower, after I'd heard the shower stop I went up to get my shower but as I finished coming up the stairs the bathroom door opened and out walked Maria naked (she'd forgotten to take her towel in with her).


My eyes opened like saucers, she stood unmoving as I took in her beauty. Those breasts with no sag, her pussy that was trimmed into a landing strip just above her slit and nipples that were erect and pink.

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My cock hardened visibly and I ran my tongue across my lips, her hand moved to her slit and she ran her fingers along it; not a single word spoken then she moved past me to the bedroom, but as she did her hand brushed against my cock making it twitch.

"Mmmmmmmmm" was all she said as she entered the bedroom and closed the door. I needed a shower and a cold one, my cock was so hard I don't think it had ever been that hard.

Later after we had all gone to bed I just lay there listening to Beth breathing in her sleep and that image of Maria, my cock hardened again.

The following day was a Saturday Beth made up a packed lunch for Maria and I so we wouldn't need to come back over and could get more moving, lifting etc done.


It was a warm muggy day I had a t-shirt and three quarter jeans on, Maria had a tank top under a blouse and shorts on. We started in the front bedroom moving everything into the centre of the room; we were both soon sweating so I asked if she minded if I took my top off. "Good idea, this blouse is getting in the way so I'll take it off as well" she replied. As she removed her blouse it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra as those nipples were erect and seemed to follow me round the room, my cock was in a state of semi hardness.

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Maria asked would I like a cold drink. I somehow manage to say that would be nice; she stood up and headed for the kitchen this gave me the time to adjust my cock; but just as I had unzipped and had my hand in my boxers adjusting it Maria walked back in about to ask me would I like ice in my drink.

There I stood jeans down to my knees, boxers pulled down, cock in hand making myself comfortable; she just stopped dead and stared, one hand moving to her crutch as her tongue ran along her lips.

"That is a beautiful cock you have there David" she said in the sexiest voice I ever heard this made my cock twitch and harden further. Without another word Maria walked towards me and reached out her hand, wrapping it around my shaft she began to tug on it.

I just stood there, after a while she used her other hand to push my boxers and jeans to the floor and knelt down. Still tugging on my cock she leant forward and then spat on my shaft making her hand movements easier, she spat again and this time lowered her head onto my shaft slowly taking inch after inch into that warm silky mouth. I was soon moaning and thrusting my hips at her mouth as she took even more of my meat into her mouth; my tip then made contact with the back of her throat this didn't seem to stop her as she began to move her head up and down faster and faster, her other hand was squeezing my balls, I was close to cumin and told her so; but she just sucked harder and squeezed my balls until I unloaded what felt like gallons of cum into her; she swallowed every drop looking up and licking her lips.

I pulled her to her feet and kissed her; I could taste my cum in her mouth our tongues danced with one another and I moved my hands up to cup her breasts. Maria pulled back and pulled her top over her head exposing those beautiful breasts to my eyes again, I bowed my head to take a nipple into my mouth.

As I licked and sucked it got harder and longer, I swopped nipples to repeat the attention on the other one, Maria was soon moaning and she was rubbing hard at her crutch; then without warning she began to shudder, then went stiff. "Fuck me David I haven't cum like that in years" she finally managed to croak.

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Looking at the front of her shorts you could see a wet patch, her cheeks were flushed and she was breathing hard. "Fuck me David" she asked. We went into her bedroom removed the rest of our clothes and laid on the bed, I began to kiss her face and then slowly moved down her body kissing and licking as I went, her breathing began to get ragged again, by the time I got to her pussy her moans were getting quite loud.

Her pussy was leaking the sweetest tasting juice almost like honey. Her clit was like a small cock sticking out I licked at it then began to gently pull at it with my teeth, this sent her over the top it was like she was peeing; there was that amount of pussy juice my face was covered.

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I was hard again Maria could feel it against her leg. "David put that cock in me and fuck me" I did as I was told, moving back up her body; she was so wet there didn't seem to be any resistance I slide in to the hilt. Her pussy was silky smooth but tight, I began to stroke into her steadily getting faster and harder; all the time Maria was telling me what to do I just did what she wanted, 15 minutes later I came again.

Both lying on our backs looking at the ceiling our breathing returning to normal Maria propped herself on one elbow and looked into my eyes. "That was good, real good, in fact so good I want more" she said. "Maria I've never done anything like this before and I don't want to hurt Beth, but all I want to do is keep doing this". "We've got a couple of weeks at least, after all that's what you've told Beth it will take" she replied. We got up and cleaned up the best we could with cold water, at least we were cooler now, but for how long.

I was knackered after that session as well as all the real work we'd done so decided to call it a day we would return tomorrow to get some more done and maybe fuck one another again. This is pure fiction but already have the workings of a continuation on the go, so let me know if you want more?

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