Teen babe rides bbc to settle debt

Teen babe rides bbc to settle debt
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Fbailey story number 677 Oh Mom You Didn't Dad sent us on vacation with our destination being a family reunion. He was going to work those two weeks but he would catch up with us at the reunion and then we would take another two weeks to get home.

The first week went well. We left San Diego and stopped in Las Vegas. From there we followed a southern swing up to Maine. On the way home we would follow a northern swing back to California.

As I said the first week went quite well. Mom and I stopped often to sightsee and to eat. All of our motels had swimming pools and Mom had a very nice selection of bikinis. She bought them to excite Dad on the way home but they certainly excited me on the way out. To save money we only got one room with two beds so I got to see more of Mom that I ever got to see of her at home.

Mom said that she always slept nude at home and I knew that. In fact I also slept nude at home and told her that. However, for the sake of modesty we both agreed to wear something to bed.

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In my case a pair of tight underpants hardly hid my erections but at my age I didn't care. Oh by the way I was thirteen years old at the time and Mom was thirty-five. She wore nightgowns to bed for the first four nights but when we got in the deep south and the temperatures climbed she started to wear negligées.

They covered, but boy were then ever sexy. Also as the temperature rose Mom started wearing less and less in the car and when we were out. Her bikinis were almost too much for her in the pool.

We were seven days into our trip and somewhere in Georgia when Mom came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. She asked if I would mind if she turned the lights out and slept nude on top of the covers.

She said that she would get under the sheet before morning. Of course I said that it would be all right and asked if I could sleep nude too. She giggled like a schoolgirl and said that my underwear wasn't doing a very good job anyway. So the lights went out, I heard her towel hit the floor, and I heard Mom get on the bed. Things were perfect…for a few minutes…and then my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

There was just a hint of light coming in from above the curtains and from under the door. There were three smoke detectors with red lights. All of a sudden I could see pretty clearly. I looked over at Mom, her eyes were closed, and I think she was pretending to be asleep. I watched her breasts raise and fall with her breathing. I saw her breasts try to stand up proudly.


They were doing a pretty good job too. Her tummy was flat, even concave. I could see her hip bone sticking up and just a hint of pubic hair on her mound.

It wasn't much because I had seen her in bikinis all week. My cock was hard so I just started stroking it as I looked at my mother's body. I knew that I was making noise by rubbing my elbow against the sheet and my breathing was hard, however Mom never opened her eyes or acknowledged me. I did see her sliding her hand up her legs and slowly ease it toward her pussy.

Then I saw Mom start to wiggle her finger around at the top of her slit. I was as silent as possible when I sat up and leaned in closer for a better view. Mom never appeared to notice me. Soon Mom was wiggling her body, her nipples got really hard, and she started to pant in quick puffs. She whispered my name and then Mom's finger went berserk, her body went stiff, and she let out a deep breath of air.

Her finger went perfectly still. I asked, "Was it good?" Mom's eyes flew open, she looked right at me and asked, "You saw that?" I laughed and said, "I'm only two feet away." Then Mom's eyes focused on me. She said, "It's not as dark in here as I had hoped." I asked, "Did you know that I was jerking off while looking at you?" Mom smiled and said, "I knew that you were jerking off. I just didn't know that you could see me." We fell asleep and in the morning Mom was no long shy around me.

She got out of bed nude and walked into the bathroom. She didn't even close the door. After she flushed I went in to pee. Mom was washing her face so I just stood in front of the toilet and peed. Mom said, "Sometimes I wish I had one of those." Being a smartass I said, "I thought that Dad gave you his every night." Mom giggled and said, "Well yes, but I was thinking about all of those times that I had to push my pants and panties down to my ankles, squat down, and try not to piss on my clothes.

Then I had wet panties afterwards. You guys have it made…you just whip it out, piss, and put it away." I got to watch Mom pull on her panties and then a light sundress. We packed the car and got breakfast before heading out. We did less sight seeing and ate quicker.

That let us stop earlier and enjoy our room more. Mom always got naked and took a shower before asking me to tie her bikini top. When we were in the swimming pool Mom would brush up against my cock and press her tits into me. Well if she could touch me then I could touch her.

I reached down, slipped my hand inside her bikini bottom, and slipped a finger up into her pussy. That was my first time but I knew that it wouldn't be my last time. I could all ready imagine finger fucking Mom every day for the rest of my life, or as long as I lived at home with her.

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We were face to face with my finger in her pussy when another woman jumped into the pool with us. She said, "Hey, you've got a young one. Care to share him with me?" Mom smiled and asked, "What do you have in mind?" The lady said, "How about a threesome?

We can make out and he can fuck us both." Mom looked at me and replied, "Okay! On one condition…that my son sticks his cock in me first." The woman smiled and said, "I think I'm in love with you. Incest is best." So I followed the two women to our room where Mom removed the other woman's bikini and then let the woman remove her bikini. My swimsuit hit the floor and I watched as those two got on the bed in a sixty-nine. Mom sure looked like she had done that before…the other woman too.


Just as soon as I got the chance I shoved my cock into my mother's pussy. I thrusted a few times and filled her with cum. The other woman squealed and sucked harder to get it back out of Mom.

In a few minutes I was hard again and I shoved it into the other woman's pussy. A few thrusts and I was filling her pussy too. In the next three hours I came in the woman two more times and in Mom three more times. I was spent but I loved watching them make love. I even watched them take a shower together.

That night when the lady left us Mom got in my bed. We were naked and we were sleeping together. The next morning we were in no hurry to leave. We made love, we took a shower, and we made love again.

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During check out Mom saw the other lady with her husband and two teenage girls. They smiled and we went our separate ways. The next few nights were more of the same until we got to Maine. When Dad joined us Mom and I wore something to bed and cooled our emotions. The family reunion went well. Mom got reacquainted with her cousins and her other relatives.

I made out with one of my cousins but she wouldn't let me fuck her. She was still a virgin and she didn't want her own cousin to be her first. However, we sure made out. We kissed, she gave me a few blowjobs, and I ate her pussy giving her a few orgasms.

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I was not looking forward to the drive home with Dad. Then Mom said, "Your father is flying home. We have to drive home alone. He has an important presentation to make and he says that he thinks better without us around. So I talked him into letting us stay out on the road for another two weeks. I told him that we had lots of stuff that we wanted to see." Then Mom kissed me and told me to go away for a couple of hours. Dad needed some loving before he would catch his flight. I told Mom not to clean up afterwards and that I wanted sloppy seconds.

She smiled and said, "Why not, that's what he's getting." I stopped to think and asked, "Who?" Mom giggled and said, "My brother. Ted and I used to fool around when we were kids so I let him fuck me in my old bedroom." I smiled and said, "That lady told us that incest was best." Mom said, "She was right.

I've let my brother fuck me, my son, and even my three cousins. In fact all of you have fucked me today." I said, "I haven't fucked you." Mom laughed and said, "Not yet but you will.

Six men in one day will be a new record for me." I got lost for a couple of hours and ran into my cousin. She said, "You can fuck me now if you want too. I'm not a virgin any more." I asked, "With who?" She giggled and said, "Your father." When I shoved my cock into her I knew that she hadn't cleaned herself out.

I was getting sloppy seconds after my father. I was going to get sloppy seconds again after Dad left for the airport. First I needed to prove to my cousin that I was a better lover than my father was.

That shouldn't be hard from what she told me. It was a quickie…bim bam thank you ma'am. I put her in the bed in my mother's old bedroom. Right were her father had fucked my mother not too long ago. I pulled her legs up, slipped my cock in, and I slowly fucked her for over twenty minutes.

She enjoyed two orgasms before I started to fill her pussy. By the time I was finished with her she admitted that I should have been her first after all.

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She thought that older men were better lovers. Her mother had told her that. Well my cousin gave me a big kiss and her panties, Dad caught his flight, and I got sloppy seconds from my mother. I told her about my cousin, about Dad fucking her first, and about what her mother had told her.

Mom suggested that I fuck my Aunt and prove to her that teenage boys were better than men any day but I decided not too. We left the next day and then the two of us were alone for the next four weeks. Mom was all that I wanted.

We started sight seeing but we tried something sexual each time. We came very close to getting caught several times but that just made it all the more exciting.

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At home Dad was busy all of the time giving Mom and I lots of time to do our thing whenever we wanted too. A few moths later Mom found out that my cousin was pregnant. The timing indicated that Dad or I might be the father. As it turned out the boy down the road took the responsibility for it. We will never know.


We don't want to know. The End Oh Mom You Didn't 677