Trannies fucking twinks gay porn movies and penis of teacher first

Trannies fucking twinks gay porn movies and penis of teacher first
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This episode is much longer than the rest. It's worth it though. Plenty of action after this intro. Samantha - 22years, blue haired punk, nice round ass, small tits, 5' 7".

Natalie - 21years, green hair (often mohawk), amazing legs, C cups, 5' 7", Sam's friend. Adam - (myself) 23years. 7" long dick, 7" girth. The summer sun had just fallen as Sam and I started our walk down the street. The destination wasn't far. Sam was dressed in a pair of the small short shorts and a tight Star Wars t-shirt with no bra. She had a worried look spread across her face as we walked.

It had been a couple days since that amazing night with Natalie that I unfortunately didn't get to participate in much. Sam knew that tonight I would be getting my fill of Nat.

(and Sam of course) We approached the small parking lot. It was perfectly shielded by trees. In one corner was a VW minibus with all the rear windows blocked. It was in great condition too.

The drivers door opened and out stepped Dante. Sam slowed her pace and cautiously eyed over the man. He smiled at her. "I fucking love the ones with colored hair." Episode 3 Punks to Slaves I met Dante online shortly after my break up with Samantha. He the one who gave me the initial advice and tips on securing Sam. I contacted him again explaining the incident with Natalie and how to go about punishing this much tougher punk. He insisted he should come out and help me to put them both in place.


A stranger on the internet wants to come and help me rape some bitches into submission? Sounds good to me. Seeing him for the first time however, slightly bruised my ego. He was massive. 6' tall and lean. The type of person that even if you wanted to fight, you know there is no chance of winning. His short dark hair and slight accent pointed to some sort of spanish background. I never asked though. I looked over at Sam who was also giving the man a once over.

She paused on his groin however. A sliver of fear crossed her eyes. "This is what you have her wearing? No collar? Vibrator?" Dante reached out and grabbed Sam by the arm. He dragged her over to the back of the van. "I haven't taken her outside the house.yet" I muttered. "Well, thats next then. Public humiliation is aces.


Now, Sam is it? I've heard a lot about you. Strip." She stared unsure of the command. "What? Here? Somebody might-" SLAP!

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Dante backhanded her hard enough to make her stumble. "For the rest of the night we-" He motioned to me and himself. "-are in charge. If we tell you to do something you do it. I have had to break bones to get my point across before. Don't make that mistake." Sam quickly peeled off her shirt and pants.

She stood there in little blue panties before reluctantly slipping them off as well. Sam casually placed her hands hiding her smooth mound from this stranger.

"NO. You keep your hands behind you or at your sides." Dante shoved her arms aside and began inspecting. He spread out her legs and arms and bent her forwards to the van. Sam looked like she was being frisked by police. I watched, by dick hardening, as this stranger treated my ex gf like a convict. He ran his hands over every inch of her. Squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples.

Spreading her pussy open and inspecting it up close. Flipping her body around, tracing her spine, squeezing her ass before spreading her cheeks to look at the hole.

He enjoyed the little pink elephant tattoo. "She's washed and shaved." I said. "Good. If theres anything I hate, its a dirty whore. Thats how you get disease and infections. Nothing ruins a slave like an infection. Same goes for keeping the devices clean." Dante said casually. Dante shoved Sam down on her knees.

There was a audible but quiet "Ow". He forced her mouth open and looked into her mouth. My dick was raging seeing Samantha being inspected like a farm animal.

"Very nice Adam. You keep her in good shape. Get dressed." Sam humbly gathered her clothing and dressed. "You need to get her a collar or some sort of identifier. Especially before you take her into public. More on that later though." Sam glared at him, Dante didn't notice. He pulled out a cigarette and I a joint and we smoked while we waited for the time to pass. ****** I was going to be the driver. I didn't complain knowing full well that Dante was doing me a favor.

He and Sam were in the back. He had refitted and designed the whole minibus. The back was carpeted and had a couple shelves with strange toys and boxes strapped in. Harnesses and hooks spread across the ceiling. This bus was designed for sex on the go. "5:50" I announced. Dante pushed Sam out of the van and she walked over to the sidewalk to wait.

It wasn't long before a backpack clad Natalie came walking up. She was headed home from class as planned. Today she was dressed in a plaid miniskirt, knee high socks, and black sweatshirt. Her hair was a mess of green, not putting it in her mohawk today. Sam "unexpectedly" bumped into her and they talked for a moment before Sam led Nat over to the minibus. I ducked down so Nat wouldn't see me.

Since Natalie was also a drug connoisseur the plan was to have Sam tell her that she was picking up some amazing product and would introducer her to the dealer. Sam knocked on the sliding door and without hesitation, Dante slid it open. "This is Natalie. She's the one." Her voice had a hint of regret. "What?" Was the only word Natalie muttered before Dante grabbed her and dragged her inside the minibus. Sam followed, shutting the door and I started the engine getting ready to drive to the location.

Dante planted himself over Nat, securing her legs and pinning her arms down. "WHAT THE HELL! GET THE FUCK OFF ME OR I WILL-" SMACK!! Dante backhanded her. Natalie rebounded, turned, and spit in his face.

Dante swiftly pulled back and punched her hard in the stomach, knocking her wind out. She gasped trying to breath. I began driving but kept a close eye on the rear view to watch. Sam had huddled herself into a corner. "Natalie, my name is Dante. I will be helping Adam to break you. You may struggle and scream all you like, I enjoy it." "FUCK YOU!" She responded. With that he mercilessly began to strip her. Whatever didn't come off easy, he tore to pieces. Natalie screamed and struggled but Dante was much stronger flipping and bending her like a doll.

"YOU PIECE OF SHIT! GAHH!" She clawed at him, punched hum and put all her effort into making it difficult, but Dante merely ignored her and continued with his work.

After stripping her of her clothing, he went through the same process as Sam, inspecting her body. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Occasionally when her screaming or swearing got too loud he would slap and/or punch her. She got the message after a while. Thankfully the traffic was light and we were making good time to the forest. We were on a fairly empty stretch of road now. Dante finished and threw her naked body against the back of the minibus.

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Natalie huddled, ashamed. She was bleeding faintly from her nose. "Hey, Adam. There's a water bottle up there. Drink it. It tastes bad but it works like a charm." Dante said as he slowly began to strip off his own clothing. "What is it?" I asked picking it up.

"Its magic is what it is. Increase stamina and longevity and shit. Like viagra in a bottle, but better.

It'll keep us going all night." "YOU ARE SICK FUCKS! SAM, HELP!" Natalie screamed. Her voice quivered for the first time. Sam was watching Dante take off his pants and didn't respond.

Even as I drove I could see just how big he was. His dick had to be at least 8" maybe 9" long with a girth of 8". It looked like a third arm. Sam stared wide eyed and Natalie quickly became quiet. Dante grabbed a ball gag and threw it at Natalie, as he took some lube and began to coat his massive prick.

"Put it on." He commanded. "You can't put that in me! Its too big. I'll suck it but.SAM!" Natalie pleaded both to him and her friend. That gave me an idea. "Sam! Get over and put your mouth to work." I yelled back to Sam. Dante turned to Sam who remained motionless.

He grabbed her by the hair and threw her up to me. I helped her to fish my thick cock out of my pants and she slowly went down. These last few days she had gotten much better at oral and I was solid in no time.

Dante crawled over to Natalie. She tried to shield herself but he tore her down, strapped the ball in her mouth, and flipped her over. She tried yelling through the gag. He lined his massive prick with her much tinier cunt. Using his strong arms and solid build, he impaled Natalie back onto him slowly.

She wailed as he sunk inch after inch inside her. Eventually he reached a point where he couldn't go any further. I assumed her cervix. He repositioned himself and plunged in. Natalie let out a sharp scream. Sam slowed down to look over at her friends misery. I quickly grabbed her head and shoved it down on my dick to remind her to pay attention.

She gagged as I forced my entire length down her throat. Dante then began a slow and steady pounding of Natalie. She started with struggling and failing to push him off her.

After fifteen minutes or so he flipped her onto her back and bent her legs forward. She had stopped trying to fight and was now using her energy to brace herself as he pounded. Her face was contorted in pain and misery. Every time Dante thrust in I could see Natalie's womb expand a little. After another ten minutes I couldn't stand the sight and exploded in Sam's mouth.

She continued to lick and suck, swallowing every last drop. It was so pleasuring I had drifted into the wrong lane and almost killed us all in a head-on. Sam sat back and continued to lick and play with my sticky cum in her mouth. "GAHHHH!" I heard Dante grunt from the back. He had his full weight on Nat and was obviously cumming inside. Natalie was sobbing steadily through her gag. Her cunt was now well used.

As Dante pulled out, sticky streams of cum mixed with red blood began to ooze from her stretched hole. She rolled over and melted into fetal position.

Dante threw on a pair of shorts and grabbed another cigarette. I turned onto the service road that would take us deep into the forest. ******* We had been on the dirt road for a while now. Both Dante and myself had finished the strange drinks and were getting mad horny. He had made Sam clean Natalie up then dressed them both in Girl Scout uniforms. They looked so damn slutty in the short skirts, tight shirts, and sash.

The beret was what set me off though. Something about that hat on their blue and green hair. It just didn't match their punk attitudes.

They dismally sat together in the back, Dante had come up front with me. He was checking his camera equipment and telling me about his past experiences. Some of his stories were so twisted they made feel like a saint. But they did give me ideas. We finally arrived. I pulled to a stop near a small clearing with a large pile of wood and a couple camping chairs.

Dante had stopped by here earlier and set it up. As I turned off the bus, Natalie barreled out the back. She took off a short distance before turning and facing the rest of us with fight in her eyes.

Sam cautiously jotted over to her. "You can run if you like. We're miles away from the nearest paved road or campsite. Besides, I love to chase." Dante said calmly as he started the fire. It roared to life bathing the area in bright orange light. Natalie backed up and looked out into the dark forest. She had no shoes, no light, and no weapons. She wasn't going anywhere. I brought a bag of toys over to the fire and sat down in a chair. Dante went to work setting up a couple cameras.

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"Okay girls. Time to make a video." "Please.please no more. I can.I can pay you or-" Natalie trembled. "You're already paying me sweetheart. This video is going to be making a nice profit. Now get over here." Dante laughed. Sam and Nat trudged over. "I'll make this simple. You two are going to fuck for me. You can do anything you want, use any toy, stick, or whatever. Whoever cums first, loses. And the loser gets turned over to Adam and I. Trust me though, the night won't be ending there.

Now get ready. In 3.2.1." Dante stepped back focusing a handheld camera on them. The girls just stood there, dumbfounded. He motioned angrily with his hands to get them going.

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They turned to each other, unsure of what to do exactly. Slowly Nat pulled Sam into a passionate kiss. They stood there kissing, exploring each others mouth before Sam slid her hand over Nat's breast and began a gentle caress. Nat slipped her hand directly onto Sam's mound. This lasted a few minutes, each moaning occasionally. Boring. I've seen car commercials more erotic than this. Time to step it up. "Hey! Ladies. I've got a deal for you." The girls looked over at me.

Dante continued recording. "How about the harder you rape each other and the more pain you can inflict, the less I will do to you later. Deal?" I smiled at my own proposition. "You're a sick fuck Adam." Natalie hissed. SLAP! Sam slapped Nat across the face, surprising everybody. "You're sick, slut. Remember a couple nights ago? I should have a turn though." With that Sam slapped Nat again. Just as Natalie was coming to her senses, Sam balled her hand into a fist and socked Nat right in the mouth.


She flew backward onto the ground. Sam fell to her knees and quickly spread Nat's legs. Without warning she tore her panties aside and shoved three fingers into her dry cunt. "Owww!" Nat cried out in shock. "Damn Natalie, he really stretched you.

You're so loose, I bet I could fit more." Sam then began finger fucking Natalie with four fingers. "Nooo!" Nat whimpered and tried pushing her away. Dante and I had a great view of Sam's ass as she fucked Nat.

The short skirt rode high and we had a clear view of Sam's blue panties stretched across her nice ass. Dante moved in for a close up. Sam then went for all five. Slowly she slipped her hand inside the battered pussy. Natalie screamed. Sam kept sliding in until she was just past her wrist at which point she began thrusting.

Natalie squealed and moaned in agony. "You feel so weird on the inside." Sam said fascinated. I thought this was going to be over quick, when Natalie must have realized this as well. She grabbed a fist-full of Sam's blue hair and tossed her aside. Sam squealed and rolled away, her arm plopping out of Nat.

Nat quickly recovered and rolled on top of Sam sending her beret flying. She put Sam into a chokehold. Dante reached into the bag of toys and pulled out a modest sized vibrator. He tossed it over to the pair. Natalie tore Sam's skirt off then ripped her panties down. Sam struggled and gaged but couldn't break the chokehold. Natalie picked up the vibrator, turned it on, and rammed it inside of Sam.

She shrieked but continue to struggle. Natalie then began to piston the vibrator harshly inside of her. Sam let out a gurgled moan. "You fucking slut. You like this don't you?" Nat yelled, choking her more. Sam's pussy was starting to get wet and her juices started dripping onto Nat's hand. Dante looked at the bag again. Reaching in he pulled out another vibrator and tossed it over, hoping Natalie would get the idea.

She did. As it rolled over, she noticed it and pondered. She roughly tossed Sam onto the ground, vibrator still buried deep in her pussy. Then grabbed the second vibrator, turned it on, and pushed it at Sam's ass. "NOOO!" Sam cried through spasms. Nat showed no sympathy and went ahead and shoved it in, lodging it deep in her ass. It was so deep that it was at threat of being lost inside of Sam.

Sam howled and began crying. I was uncertain if it was in pain or pleasure. Regardless, I pulled off my pants and began beating my throbbing rod. Natalie stepped back, admiring her work. Sam lay on her arms, ass up in the air, trembling with the two vibrators working inside her. Natalie wasn't finished though. She walked over to the bag, rummaged and pulled out a belt.

She walked back over to the humiliated Sam. Without warning she brought the end down with a snap. Sam screamed and tried to roll over but Nat kicked her back onto all fours. Again she brought the belt down on Sam's nice ass. I could barely hold on. SNAP! Another welt and scream.

SNAP! Natalie was relentless, but Sam hung on. She hadn't come yet. "Come on bitch. Just give in." Natalie flipped her over and dropped down on her. Sam looked up with puffy eyes. Dante got a nice close up of their faces. Sam then spit in Nat's face. With every ounce of strength Sam jerked her knee up directly into Natalie's cunt.

She howled in pain and fell rolling on the ground holding her cunt. Sam took a breather, pulled out the very wet vibrators and crawled over to the bag. She decided on the giant strap-on dildo. It was 10" long with 8" girth. Sam strapped it on and walked over to the recovering Natalie. She grabbed Nat's green hair and drug her up onto her knees. Natalie cried out, tears starting to well. Sam brutally began to slap the shit out of Natalie.

Back and forth, backhanded, and open palmed. Nat's head jerked with every impact. After a few minutes Nat was bleeding from her nose and mouth and crying hysterically. "Stop! STOP!" Just as Natalie had done to her earlier, Sam tossed her onto the ground and tore her skirt and panties off. She lined the starp-on with Nat's sore pussy, and waited.

This sight was maddening. My ex in a girl scout uniform, ass bare and covered in welts, wearing a strap-on dildo, about to penetrate her best friend, who was beaten and crying on the ground. Dante's video was definitely going to money. Sam suddenly changed her mind. She back off Natalie. Nat calmed her hysterics.

"On all fours. Like a dog. NOW!" Sam commanded. Natalie slowly rolled over presenting her ass to Sam. Sam caressed her bottom before lining the dildo with Nat's second hole. "WAIT NOOO!" Natalie howled. It was like a primal animal was released as Sam roared out.

She thrust hard, but only managed to get half in. She pulled back, reached forward, grabbing Natalie's breasts. Using them like handles she ripped on them as she impaled the dildo all the way into Nat's ass.

Natalie didn't scream, she only spasmed and jerked in weird and unnatural ways. With a rage I've never seen before, Sam jack-hammered Natalie's poor ass. It wasn't long before blood began to drip out onto the ground. She was really tearing into her. A few more minutes of this went by, sweat dripping off their bodies, before Natalie went limp and collapsed. She passed out. This didn't stop Sam, who only repositioned herself and continued the assault. Dante got a few more angles and shots, before he had to put the camera down and pull Sam off Natalie.

Sam snapped at Dante once, who immediately pulled back and smashed her head. She fell onto the ground dazed. ******* We gave them ten minutes or so to rest, taking the time to strip off our own clothes. Dante went over and poured some water over Natalie, who sputtered and came too. She looked up at Dante and I, naked and towering over her.

She was scared. "Natalie. Since you passed out, you are automatically the loser. As such, you will be trained in double penetration tonight." Natalie went wide eyed. "No. Please, I'm hurt and-" Dante slapped her. "On all fours, ass out. Don't clench or try pushing us out, it'll only hurt you more. Adam, you can get started.

Whatever hole you want." About time. My dick was begging for action. I got up behind Natalie and decided on her pussy. I moved my swollen head forward, rubbing it hard against her clit. She whimpered. Slowly I penetrated her, sliding inch after inch into her. Natalie tensed up and grunted softly. Even after Dante and Sam's previous assault she was still tight as a vice. I grabbed her hips and bumped against her cervix. In one more thrust I broke through.

"FUUUUUUCK!" She cursed loudly and began to sob. "I have wanted to fuck you for so long Natalie. I wanted a threesome but Sam always declined. This worked out fine however." I said grunting and thrusting into her. Sam crawled over and sat on the ground watching as I plowed into her friend. Dante walked over and and squatted over Natalie's back. This would also be a first for myself. At first I cringed and thought that this was going to be awkward, but Dante was experienced.

He didn't smell sweaty or bad and wasn't to uncomfortable to look at. I almost envied his body. "Okay Adam, just sit still for a sec." He said placing his veiny throbbing dick at her damaged asshole. I held myself inside of her. "no." Natalie feebly protested. Moving like a machine Dante lowered himself into her ass. Just as his head slipped inside, Natalie began shrieking. From my view I could see Natalie clench up around his invading dick.

Dante continued pushing in. Then I felt him. His dick was pushing up against mine, a thin piece of skin between us. The further he went in, the tighter Natalie became overall. My dick was starting to hurt from the pressure. I could only imagine what Natalie was going through, having basically two massive steel rods pushed inside her. She was completely hysterical making strange inhuman noises.

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Clawing at the ground trying to escape, gurgling and drooling. Now this was fucking punk rock. Dante finished burying his prick inside of her.

Natalie was convulsing but quiet. Sam was enthralled with the show she was getting. No doubt greatly relieved she wasn't in Nat's position. "Okay Adam, lets do this like a machine. You pull out and then as you go back in, I'll pull out. Repeat. Got it?" "Yeah, lets destroy this punk bitch!" I yelled as I pulled partially out and went to move back in.

As I did, Dante pulled out giving me a little more room. In no time we were jackhammering her like a couple of pistons. Natalie passed out a couple times during the onslaught. Every time, Dante would bring her back and we would continue. She didn't scream, cry, or struggle anymore.

She just laid there, ass up, head on the ground, tongue dangling out, eyes occasionally rolling backwards. This lasted at least twenty minutes before both Dante and I were ready. At the same time we impaled as far as we could go and unloaded deep inside of her. We both pulled out with little plops.

Cum and blood coated our dicks. Natalie remained in that position, her holes gaping wide open, cum and blood draining out. "See that wasn't so bad after you get used to it." Dante teased. He then turned to Sam who went white with fear. "Don't worry Samantha, You won. We won't be DPing you tonight. But you are still going to be used. And hard. Now clean my dick off." He slapped his cum and blood dick in her face. She looked at it disgusted but slowly took it in.

I went over to the catatonic Natalie. Her eyes swiveled up to meet mine. I smiled down at her. "Clean mine too Nat. Plenty of things to do still." She didn't move, so I kicked her in the stomach. Trembling but obediently she got up and took my dick in her mouth. It was the most satisfying blow-job I have ever had. ******* Dante and I spent until dawn fucking, abusing, and humiliating the girls. The both laid on the ground dead tired, unable to move even if they wanted to.

Their bodies were covered in tears, sweat, welts from whippings, and cuts and scratches from the ground. Cum crusted on their faces and hair, it oozed from every orifice. Their cunts and ass where now well used and bright red from abuse. Especially Natalie's. They were now entirely broken in. I was busy bandaging and administering ointment to their injuries as Dante walked over with a small leather bag.

"Now Adam. These two are well broken but you need to mark them. That way they will know exactly what they are now and who they belong to. Everyone goes about this differently. Some guys use collars, some use a more discreet necklace. Others use tattoos or a pair of bracelets resembling handcuffs. I, personally, am fond of tattoos or branding. More permanent." I thought for a moment. Seeing my bitch ex gf walking around in a dog collar with my name on it did excite me. But. "I want them to always remember this.

Lets brand them." I smiled wickedly over at the girls. Sam looked up pleadingly at me, but said nothing. Dante and I pulled out the metal rods and assembled some 1/2" high lettering on the end. I went simple using my name and a number.

ADAM1 and ADAM2.


We set them in the fire and prepared the girls. We laid them down flat and Dante sat on top holding their arms and body still. Sam was first. I was going to brand them in the lower back, the same spot a tramp stamp would go.

That way it will be easily noticeable or revealable. "Please Adam.master. Can you choose something else?" Sam asked.

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I ignored her and pulled the hot brand from the fire. Dante held her still. "Samantha. You broke my heart, stabbed my back, and fucked me over.

From this day onward I want you to always remember this part of your life. The part where you became a sex slave for me to enjoy." I placed the brand down on her skin with a sizzle. She screamed like a banshee. In a second it was done and she cried. ADAM1 now clearly on her skin. Dante and I then moved over to Natalie. She hardly moved or reacted. Her third DP had really destroyed any fight left in her. "Natalie. I just want you to know that you are a slut for my entertainment now." I brought down the second brand.

She screamed as well. ADAM2. The excursion was over now. Dante and I put out the fire, packed up the equipment and got the naked girls into the minibus. He drove this time. Exhausted I laid down on the soft carpeted floor of the minibus. Sam crawled over and cuddled up with me. Reluctantly Natalie did the same on my other side. I smiled and reached down their backs.

I rubbing my name. They winced at the touch. Promptly the three of us fell asleep. ******* Next up: I take my new toys out for some public humiliation.