Russische reifen Tante mit kleinen Jungen

Russische reifen Tante mit kleinen Jungen
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Author's note: I've been working on some ideas for a good follow-up, in the same vein as the two guys rediscovering man sex. So tonight, I popped the blue pill, pulled out my hard cock and started typing. It's as much fun pulling it while writing as while reading. Enjoy! Cathy: I kept John's shirt for days before I finally washed it. I couldn't stop thinking about those two guys with their big hard-ons, blowing each other and playing with each others' meat.

But an unusual happenstance changed my thoughts in a way I didn't expect. My sister Bonnie called and was coming to town. I hadn't seen her in a year or so, since she lives on the west coast and neither of us has a lot of spare money for travelling. But she called and told me that she had a conference in Boston and could stop here on her way back for a day or two.

On Thursday afternoon, I heard a car in my driveway and looked to see her getting out of her rental. It was good to see her, and I welcomed her in and we had a drink. Bonnie filled me in on the last few months.

Her work was going ok, she was a valuable part of the accounting team but they were installing new software and it was Just Plain Crazy. So after the first bug fix went in, they had some time to spare and she went to her professional society's conference.

She inquired what I had been up to. "Not much.

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I'm still in the same job." "No, I mean the important stuff. How's your love life?" I led her on a bit, hemming and hawing about how I'm busy and there's not much going on in this town.

She took a drink, and I added, "But I've been watching my neighbor and his lover through his windows." She almost spit up her drink. "No shit! Isn't he careful with his shades?" "Well, at first that was what's going on.

Then I let him know he was putting on a show - and asked him not to stop." Now, Bonnie hadn't anticipated this side of me. I continued, "So for the last couple of weeks, we have been putting on shows for each other. I can sit on my living room floor and his upstairs room is the only place that you can see me. And from my bedroom, I can see into his." I went to the window and checked, and sure enough, Mike's truck was there.

"They might even be on for tonight. Do you want to check it out?" Bonnie thought for a second, and I'm sure of what she was considering.

See, we had experimented with each other when we were girls, in fact, for a while we had regularly given each other orgasms. I enjoyed oral sex, giving and getting, and the old urges had been coming back lately. It only surprised me a little when she replied, "Let's do it!" I gave John a call, just talking about the weather, then I told him that my sister was in town, but if they didn't mind.

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We had our dinner, and I made another round of martinis. Then we adjourned to my bedroom. "We should sit over here" I suggested, pointing to the far side of the bed.

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We went over, and Bonnie sat right next to me, in fact right against my leg. She had a few more pounds on me and was two inches taller, but she wore it well - still had the hourglass figure. Ideas were starting to surface in my mind.

I wondered if she still tasted sweet, and liked having a tongue deep up her pussy. I got the idea that I was going to find out when she put her arm around my waist and slid her hand up and down my stomach, finally moving it up under my tit and giving it a nice caress. "You've kept your shape, sister," she commented, then gave me a nice firm squeeze, and a pinch for my nipple. It felt warm and gave me a chill at the same time. I reached around her shoulder and gently touched her neck, pulling it towards me.

She laid it on my shoulder and sighed, then said, "It's been a long time." I turned my head, she looked at me, and we slowly moved to each other and kissed. I could almost feel my juices start to flow in my pussy. We both turned and went into a full embrace.

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I was reaching around her and feeling her generous breast against my arm, and pressed my tit against hers. Our kiss became very passionate, though after a minute or two we stopped and just embraced. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a light turn on then off; it was John's hallway light. We broke our kissing and turned to watch as John's bedroom light turned on and we saw him and Mike walking in, holding hands.

Bonnie said, "Looks like we might get a show." The men stopped and turned to each other, kissed, then wrapped themselves up in a totally engaging collection of arms and legs.

Mike had his close leg wrapped around John's, and his far leg looked like it was between John's legs. Their arms were all around each other, then John reached down and cupped Mike's butt, giving it a good massage.

I asked Bonnie, "So what do you think?" Bonnie didn't break her stare into the other house, but she did reach down with her far hand and unbuttoned her pants.

She reached in; I could see her slowly reaching down making slow circles on her pubic hair. I was torn between looking at my sister starting to play with herself, and the two guys who had now moved on to stroking each other's crotches. My sister won; I took her hand away and reached into her pants myself. I could feel her hair and it absolutely turned her on, she shivered and lurched. As I ran my fingers into her slit, she started to buck, and I began to rub faster.

"Uh, oooooh." she moaned, then she reached down and felt my ass, and commented, "God, you still have such a nice ass!" Suddenly, she stopped and said, "The guys are stripping!" I looked over to see that John had gone to his knees and unbuckled Mike's pants, and when he pulled them down, Mike's cock sprung out.

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"Oh my God, Cathy, what a hunk!" John responded to the hard cock in his face by moving in and licking Mike's head, circling him then taking the head into his mouth. We were both frozen watching; I stopped stroking Bonnie's pussy and she just held my butt.

"Bonnie," I said, "The last time, I went over and watched in person. Do you want to go?" "Fuck yes!" She buttoned up and we went downstairs.

I grabbed my keys and we were at their door in no time. John, being more dressed, answered the door. "This must be your sister." As we went in, she said, "Hi, I'm Bonnie" and as we passed him, Bonnie slid her hand across his ass and gave him a squeeze. "Nice, which one are you?" "John, and I see that good looks runs in your family." This time, John went up the stairs first, and Bonnie gave him another squeeze.

As we entered the bedroom, John introduced Bonnie while Mike, sitting on the bed, continued to stroke his cock. Mike said, "Oh, I like tall women. How about you show us your tits?" Bonnie pulled off her shirt, and showed her generously-filled bra. I reached over and popped her clasps, and took the straps off her shouldler, showing the boys her big melons. I stepped up behind her and pressed my chest against her back, then cupped her breasts with my hands.

She had always been bigger than me, and she aged well. I could feel the warmth of her soft tits as I rand my hands around them and circled her nipples.

Mike stopped stroking himself and let go, and we could see his cock pulsing up and down at the sight of Bonnie's jugs getting worked over.

John started taking his pants off and both of us women were riveted on his crotch. He pulled down his pants and left his underwear with a major bulge in them. Mike reached over and pulled down his drawers, took hold of John's cock and pulled him closer.

He went right for the meat and took John in, in one motion. Bonnie gasped. I gasped too, and walked around Bonnie, then pulled down her pants, with Mike's attention on her hips and mound.

When I did the same with her underwear, Mike saw her naked mound and just grunted. I slowly ran my hands up her legs to her ass, then slid them around to the front, rubbing her V gently, then pressing her legs apart.

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Kneeling a bit lower, I moved my face to her pubes then put my tongue on her pussy lips. This made Mike say, "Oh FUCK! and he started to hump John's mouth, and cried out, "AH AH - AHHHHHHhhhh" and filled John's mouth with his cum.

Bonnie saw this and began humping my face, again, and again, and I took her clit into my mouth and worked it with my tongue like there was no tomorrow.

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She humped my face harder and started to moan, "Ah ah ah ah OH." and I could feel her juices coming out as she climaxed. I looked up and saw her head tilted back with a look of sheer ecstasy, her mouth frozen in a slow exhalation. She slowly relaxed and caressed my hair, and I backed off to admire her shape. Needless to say, I was incredibly turned on. Seeing John take a mouthful of Mike's jism, then taking a mouthful of my sister's juices, and there was only one thing I could do.

I stood and stripped, then laid down on the floor with my long legs spread. "John," I begged, "please come over here and masturbate with me." John had no problem with this; he spread his legs and straddled my hips, slowly running his right hand up and down his cock and started to tickle his balls.

His cock throbbed. Bonnie reached over from her seat and caressed John's ass cheek, which got a moan out of him, but he continued to look down at me on the floor.

I reached into my crotch and started running my fingers up and down my pussy lips. Next thing I knew, Mike was standing behind John and had wrapped his arms around him, and started tweeking John's nipples. John closed his eyes and savored it for a moment, then went back to looking at my tits, then my face. Likewise, I was scanning back and forth between his hard cock and his face; he had the most intense look in his eyes.

John's hand was moving faster now, up and down his pole, and I could see his hand flexing and squeezing his hardness. Mike reached around and cupped John's balls. All of this was pushing me up the climax mountain. I felt myself starting to build, and I stuck two fingers in my pussy.


I started sliding in and out, alternating between deep in and my g-spot. Involutarily, I was rocking my hips, up and down the inside of John's legs over me. I started pumping my pussy harder and harder, and the climax built. John pumped himself harder and harder, now panting and pumping his hand with his cock.


As I approached my climax, John started going "ah, ah" as he pumpled himself, now harder and harder, and as I felt my peak coming on he gave a long Ahhhhh, stopped moving and began to pump his cum out that big cock and down onto my chest.

That put me over, and I literally screamed, "God! Ah, eeeeeAH!" I closed my eyes and felt the intensity of the cum, with my hips and legs frozen in place, then as I started to come back down and relax, I could feel my juices pumping out of my pussy - all over myself and onto the floor.

I hadn't come like that in a long time. What would the future bring?