Chinese twink loves bareback cock in ass

Chinese twink loves bareback cock in ass
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I pulled my car into one other many spots on the roof of the parking garage. The elevator ride was a pain in the ass, but as much as I loved driving my vintage mustang, I didn't want it getting dinged in the parking lot. I was surprised by a knock on my window, I rolled it down and asked the teenager what he wanted. He didn't answer, but leaned down and peered into the car.

That was when I saw his eyes. They were completely black. My body shuddered and locked into position, I was paralyzed! I broke out into a sweat as he laughed evilly. Try as I might, I could move a muscle. As I watched out my lowered driver's window, he stepped back, unbuttoned his denim shorts, and shucked them to the ground. With no underwear, his cock was freed and began to lengthen as he rubbed it.

Longer and longer, that uncircumcised monster grew, I could only guess the size, but 10 inches would be my guess. He walked back toward me and he whispered, "Open up." Immediately, without any thought, my mouth opened and he slowly pushed his dick in. "Suck, but no teeth." I began to bob my head up and down on his cock. "Lick under my foreskin." My conscious mind rebelled against that, but I was powerless to do anything other than obey.

A gamey flavor filled my mouth and my black eyed boy groaned in pleasure. "Go down, take all of me down your throat." His right hand caressed my cheek lovingly and I thrilled at the touch. I forced my head further out the window as I took more and more of him down my throat. My saliva was flowing down my chin and onto the leather upholstery, but I didn't care.

My nose collided with his pubic bone and he moaned loudly.

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I bobbed up and down, only enough get a quick sip of breath, then back down again. "Shit, you've done this before." He exclaimed. I blushed, remembering my big brother's blowjob squad during high school.

Nights spent with half a dozen of my brother's friends squirting load after load of cum down my throat and waking up with dismal headaches from the apple wine they plied me with beforehand.

His hand left my cheek as he reached around and took my head in both hands as he staccato fucked my face faster and faster.

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I was getting dizzy from lack of air, but my hand was down the front of my slacks and I was harder than I ever remember being. With one last groan, I could feel him pulse his load down my throat. Light blossomed behind my closed eyes, as my hands were suddenly wet with my own cum. The next thing I knew he was standing beside the car opening the door. He pulled me to my feet and my eyes never left his. They were like two wet obsidian orbs behind his eyelids.

They didn't look human. His hands roamed over my body, unbuttoning my dress shirt, opening my belt and fly. Here out in public, where several office building towered over the parking garage, I undressed like the most giddy school girl.

His hands ran over my abs and the defined muscles of my arms and legs. I was proud of the time I spent in the guy. "You're beautiful, I'm so glad we ran into each other." I blushed at the compliment and I could feel my penis starting to rise.

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He led me over to the hood of my Mustang and bent me over. I spread my arms out grabbing the edge of the hood nearest the window, effectively spread eagling myself over the car. I felt his hands caress my ass. It sent an electric feeling through me. Part of my mind was worried that if he wanted my ass, his monster would never fit. The rest of me was silently begging him to try.

Then I felt him spread my ass cheeks and his tongue touched my asshole.


I don't know if there is such a thing as an anal orgasm for a male, but if there is, I had one. All time stopped as he reamed out my ass with his tongue. Never having anyone do that to me, but loving every moment of it, I hunched my ass back at him.


Then he stopped and bent over me, his warm breath in my ear. "Relax, and enjoy this." As he said that, all tension left my body along with any fear I had. Then I felt the tip of his penis at my well slicked up rosebud. It slid into me and I knew I was never going back to my girlfriend. With gentle pressure, I took him all. I could feel his kinky pubes on my ass. Then he moved, slight motions getting me used to his invader. I started panting like a dog. He began to dick my harder and harder until his was almost all the way out on the backstroke and his balls crashed into mine as the bottomed out again and again.

He was rubbing something inside me on each stroke, I could only assume it was my prostate.

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A few minutes in, I couldn't help it. I came. He felt me tighten up and he groaned. "Come for me my little man, come like the bitch that you are. Make a mess on your nice car." With that, I began to spew the biggest load of my life onto the carefully polished hood of my Mustang. I knew it felt good for him too, although I didn't know how I knew. Not too long later, I came again.

Then again and again. By the next one, I was firing blanks, I had nothing left to give, but that didn't stop my brain from overloading with lust as I was in perpetual orgasm. That was when he pressed himself into me as far as he could go and bent over and bit my shoulder. The overload of pleasure and pain made me pass out as I could feel him unloading in my ass. When I came to my senses, I was sitting in my car, naked.

I turned my head and saw my clothes outside the car. I got out of the car, but doubled over as soon as I got out. I started spewing what must have been a gallon of cum out my ass.

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It was like I had been given a sperm enema, and in a way I had. Needless to say, I broke up with my girlfriend and sought out the dom/sub culture to get my kicks, but I've never been as fulfilled as I was when I was taken by my bewitching black eyed boy.