Jerking while wife not home hands free cumshot

Jerking while wife not home hands free cumshot
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(Recommend reading first parts, as this is continuance of previous stories) after leaving his house this time, it was very hot! The mirror action and view was so hot to see. To watch myself getting fucked was just so hot to watch. Feeling what I was watching was just, mmmm!

Leaving his place to go to work knowing he had cummed in me had me turned on most of the day. As I left, he was on the phone on his conference call. He couldnt talk but he was sure to squeeze my ass as he walked me to his door.

I went on with my day. When I got home I showered and cleaned up later in the day. While in the shower, I began to get hard knowing I was washing his juices off of me.

We both again became busy. He would get a little frustrated with my schedule and me with his, but we both knew we just had to do what we had to do. We stayed in contact but were not able to meet up for awhile after this day but we talked.

One day I messaged him, and we chatted and he let me know he had started talking with someone. I respected that, but didnt like it i have to admit but had no choice.

We kept in contact as friends. After a bit, i figured I would try to see if I could find another discreet gentleman to chat with. I jumped on sites and things like that, but didnt want to venture to far out. Discretion was a big deal and I didnt want to trust just any site etc. I wasnt just gonna sleep with just anyone. I did end up meeting someone online and began to chat with. His name was Mike. He seemed very cool through our chats.

We seemed to hit it off and after a few weeks i got comfortable with him that we began to text.


I chatted with Gary and also let him know that I started chatting with someone. He was happy that I was able to meet someone to possibly move forward with as well. He wanted to know details, so I kept him informed.

Gary would get turned on. He would tell me about his situation also but he always wanted to know what I was up to and how things with Mike were going. I would let him know we were still just chatting etc. Gary let me know he thought about me and my large cock alot, and that he thought about me alot when he hooked up with the guy he was seeing. It turned me on to know that. Mike and I decided to exchange pics, and we were both happy with what we saw.

He was a tall white handsome male, same age, very fit. He liked very much what he saw as well. He was in a relationship, me married so we both were in the same position in a way. This made our chats and converstaions even better as we went on.

I gave Gary the details of how Mike looked, and he sounded like he was even turned on by it. That was kind of hot. Then I realised, wow really? Im talking to two men. Two men that would want to do things to me. One man already had me and actually made me his! And the new guy Im chatting with is also hot and younger. That thought alone turned me on so much, so I decided to tease Gary with it. I messaged Gary "who knows maybe one day I can maybe have you both at the same time! " He responded, "oh my god, are you serious?

That would be so hot or even if you let me watch, I would love to just watch you get fucked" I responded "You would want to watch someone else fuck what is yours?" Gary "Yes, I wouldnt mind letting someone get a piece of that pussy as long as I can watch" and from then on me and Gary kept flirting.

The thought of having two guys, i cant lie got me very turned on. Me and Mike continued to chat and then he began to ask "So when will I be able to meet you in person?". I replied with "Sooner then later hopefully" We began to discuss things more in depth. He mentioned the discretion, which was exactly what I wanted as well. He began to mention being a top and how he loved doggy style. We flirted and of course I got turned on.


The time came, I was home alone for a weekend. Me and him chatted more. I also chatted with Gary.

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Gary seemed more turned on about me possibly meeting Mike more than me. So I flirted with Gary. I asked Gary "So what if I do meet with Mike this weekend Gary, you will be okay with that?" Gary replied "as long as your happy and satisfied, I am" I replied " So its ok if I let him play with me? " Gary replied "you are turning me on so bad, yes its ok to let him play" I replied "what about my boy pussy Gary?

is it okay if I let him play with that as well?" Gary replied "That pussy is and will always be mine nomatter what, so yes its okay for him to play with it. I want details and if possible pictures. Maybe one day I can watch" What Gary said got me so turned on. Him being the only guy I had been with, but being okay to allow another man play and even wanting to watch. That turned me on so much. Me and Mike kept up the chats and flirting. We definitely seemed to hit it off in every way.

Especially in looks. So the weekend came that I was home alone. It was like deja vu, but this time it was with another guy. I was nervous so left things alone to see what would happen.

It was late in the evening, and I got a text message. It was MIke. He asked what I was doing. I wanted to respond "waiting for your message" but I replied with the typical "Nothing, what are you doing?" He replied with the typical "Nothing just watching tv", and then we made small conversation.

I was so turned on by the fact that I was chatting with another guy. A younger, very fit hot guy. Bigger and taller then me by what we had chatted about, and more equipped!

We chatted and flirted a bit.

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It got later in the night and I started to get comfortable. I started thinking, nothing is gonna happen tonight and prepared to stay in. I had already showered and shaved and trimmed my body so was ready either way but thought nothing. Then Mike asked "Want to come over?" I got so nervous. then he sent "nothing has to happen, just so we can chill in person and see how it goes".

I was already in relaxed cloth so I responded "If I do, im just in shorts and a shirt, not dressed to impress" He replied "Im in sweats watching tv". I got nervous again and began to think here is my chance. All seems perfect, should I go? So I replied "Nice, yeah I just showered so can go but like I said im bumming it". He responded with "I just showered also". So I proceeded to ask for his address and move forward with the night.

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He sent me his address and i messaged him i was on my way. He didnt live to far. Maybe 15 minutes. I got ready and drove his way. It felt like deja vu as I got close.

The moment with Gary, felt the same the first time. I remember feeling nervous and I did the same thing. I drove by once and made sure I was ok with things then turned around and stopped at his place. Took some deep breaths and walked up to his door and knocked. He answered and we both checked each other out. He looked just like in his pics and I was happy for that, and he said I did the same so that started the evening nicely.

He invited me in and we chatted on his couch and watched Tv. A relaxing evening. Got to know each other more and things seemed very nice. Just as with Gary.

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I felt very comfortable. It started getting late so I asked if I could use the restroom. He directed me where to go. Again, its like I had been here.

So I started thinking should I make a move or wait. I thought about the first time with Gary, was getting hot but thought to myself let me just wait and see so I walked back out. Sat on his couch and mentioned it was getting late and I would be leaving soon. He agreed that it was getting late. He then put his hand on my thigh nearest to him and said "I apologize, I didnt even show you around my home".

He asked if I wanted him to show me around his home real quick before I left. I said sure. So he proceeded to give me a little tour. He had a nice little house. Showed me all around and then we got to a closed door. He said "This is my room, the master bedroom".

He paused a bit then asked "Can I show you this room?". I looked at him and said "If you want to show it to me". He smiled and proceeded to open the door and invited me in.

The room had dim lighting. Huge bedroom. Low music was playing. Very nice setting. I liked it alot, I made myself close to his bed then when I turned around he was right there, almost face to face. He stood a few inches taller. I stood there quietly, and so did he. No words were said. He moved closer and I got very nervous. I reminded him about me still being new to things and how I wasnt sure about being able to kiss etc.

He replied with "You have time?". I nodded my head yes and with that he made his move. He began to feel on my chest, I noticed he started to breath deep as I was already doing. Then he leaned over and began to kiss on my neck.

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I instantly melted. He reached around and brought me closer to him. Slowly he pulled off my shirt, then went for my nipples. My breathing got deeper and more rapid, and I began to gasp and lightly moan as he attacked my nipples.

I coudnt help but wrap my arms around him and began to feel on him and hit tight chest. I searched and began to play with his nipples. Then I started to remind myself, is this really happening? should I keep going?

but feeling his tight body got me hotter, then he reached for my crotch area and felt how hard I was. He just held my cock as he continued sucking on my nipples and working his way to my neck. He knew he had me worked up big time. I then made the move to pull off his shirt and Mike was very well build and fit. I put my hands on his chest playing with his nipples a bit, then worked my way to his abs. We again stood there quietly then he got very close again, almost chest to chest.

I admired his body. Then he gently led me to his bed and I ended up laying towards the middle. He reached for my shorts and slid everything off of me. "Wow, nice cock" he said once he exposed me and had me nude. I smiled and replied "Thanks". He then climbed on the bed and got in between my legs. He continued to lick and suck on my nipples then worked his way down.

He ended up with both his hands on my cock, as I looked down at him. We made eye contact as he whispered "You have a nice cock", I replied with "Well, your only the second guy who has held it like that".

He laughed and said "Well I guess im lucky #2 then" as he wrapped his lips around my cock. It felt so goooood, I thrusted my hips up towards his face. He used both of his hands as he slip me into his mouth, I laid there loving it. Again thoughts came into my mind. I am with a man, another man. This is the second man I have had this type of contact with. This is not Gary. The more I thought about it the hotter it got.

Then he stopped. Mike stood up and began to pull of his sweat pants, then laid down on the bed. He had suck a fit body. I couldnt believe how good he looked.

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He laid on his back in the same place that I was laying, and I knew what he wanted but wasnt sure if I could. I began to kiss on his chest and play with his nipples. Then I began to suck on his nipples. I could tell he liked it.

I then reached down to his cock with my right hand and I could feel he had a nice sized cock. It definitely felt much bigger then Garys, so that got me real nervous. Garys was a good size, especially for a beginner I would say. But Mikes was definitely bigger. The more I tasted his body the more turned on I got, especially when I got to his abs.

Again, he was very fit. He was definitely the alpha male on this bed.


I kissed on his abs, then looked at his crotch and noticed the bulge. I had to look, so I yanked on his undies to expose what he had, and it jumped out! Definitely alot bigger then Garys.

Starring at his abs and his hard cock looked so good. He gently began to push my head down, and I gently pushed against him. He noticed and stopped for a bit.

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I whispered "remember I mentioned I was still new to this and wasnt sure if " and before I got to finish he gently pushed on my head again.

His fit abs and cock looked so good together, that I decided to allow him to push on my head. I opened my mouth wide and allowed him to slide his cock into my mouth. He held my head there and gently began to slowly push in and out of my face! The thoughts rushed through my head, I now had a second cock in my mouth. I got so turned on, He noticed because he released my head and I continued to suck on him, getting more and more into it as I felt on his tight chest and abs.

Putting his nipples in between my fingers. He began to moan and push into my face, then i began to taste his precum. That let me know I was doing a good job, and I owed that to Gary.

Then Mike gently pushed me back and stood up. He went to grab something.

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As he walked back I noticed he had a condom and some lube. I got very nervous. He wasnt to big, but much bigger then what I was used to with Gary.

He turned up the music a bit, then climbed on the bed. Got in between my legs and was on his knees standing between me, my legs as I laid back. I watched as this fit man, hard abs and sweaty chest slid the condom on his rock hard cock then lubed it up. Then he came forward, like on a push up position over me. Almost face to face he smiled. I thought to myself "Mike is not playing, he is just going for it all the way. Then he put me in position and raised my legs a bit and spread my legs wide.

Raising my ass and making sure my pussy hole was right where he wanted it. My breathing was deep as I thought This is gonna hurt! With his fingers he added lube to me, then added more lube on himself as he stroked himself.

Then I felt him placing the tip of his cock on my hole. Slowly he began to push in a bit, then slap my hole with his cock. He noticed how hot I was and how I started pushing my ass onto his cock. He knew I wanted it. Then I felt my hose spread open. He gently slid a bit, maybe the tip of his cock into me.

We made eye contact as he again adjusted to be right over me, then I felt all of him! He grabbed the back of my head and looked me in the eyes as he pushed all the way into me. To my surprise, him pushing his cock into me felt soooo gooood! it did not hurt at all. I guess I was relaxed enough I dont know, but it felt very good. And again, with that I had a second cock fucking my ass. He slowly began to make love to me, with the dim settings and music playing it was super hot.

His bed noises, my ass getting filled by his cock was so hot! Seeing this sweaty fit man on top of me i reached down and grabbed on his ass to help him push into me more. He worked my ass nice and smoothly. He fucked me this way for quite some time, until I gently pushed him off. He asked "Whats wrong?" I replied with "Nothing, just changing positions " as I got on my hands and knees. Then I looked to my right and noticed he had a mirror where you can see all the bed action.

I remembered Garys mirror and could not wait for him to fuck me so I could watch in his mirror. Then Mike said "Remember that I told you doggy style was my favorite, your in trouble now". Well I didnt know what he meant but I quickly found out. I can say that for the first time as a bottom, I was gonna get pounded! "Man you got a nice ass" Mike said as he got into position. I watched in his mirror as he slid into me. I got a good enough view in the dim lighting that made it so hot.

He slowly worked his way where he wanted to be. I watched as he gripped my hips then said "You sure you want this" as he began to rock back and forth.

His bigger cock felt so much better. Watching had me so hot, then he showed me what he meant about his favorite position. He began to pound my ass so hard. At first I didnt know how to react, I thought it was gonna hurt but it didnt. It actually starting feeling soooo good. The slamming into my ass got louder and louder, his grip got tighter and tighter. It got to the point where I could not watch the mirror anymore.

I put my head down into the pillow and bit on it as he pounded my ass! His breathing and grunts got me so turned on. I felt like I was gonna cum just from him pounding my ass.

I was moving so much that I tried to look at the mirror and I could not get a clear view from the violent movements from him pounding away. Then I moaned "Im gonna cum". He stopped and put me on my back and again climbed on me missionary style. I whispered "Im not sure how much more I can take" and he replied "Im almost done" as he climbed back on top of me and slid his nice cock back into me and fucked me missionary style.

I told him I had to cum and I did, all over my belly. he starred me in the eyes as he began to cum into his condom. He kissed me on the forehead and jumped off and went to the restroom. I laid there wore out, legs trembling. He came back with a towel and whipped me off.

Mike asked if I needed anything and I replied with "Let me gather myself first" and we both laughed. "Man your good" Mike said.

"Im glad you came over". "Me to" I replied. We got dressed and chatted a bit. Got to know each other more. As I began to get ready to leave we talked about keeping in touch and hoping to hang out more.

We both had busy schedules also, but chatted about trying to make something work. Gave each other a hug and I left. As I drove home all kinds of thoughts rushed my mind.

I was really with another man? I couldnt wait to tell Gary, but then thought about should I let Gary know he was probably better? I knew Gary would get turned on, and as I thought about that I started to get turned on.

More and more things crossed my mind so when I got home I quickly jumped on my computer and emailed Gary. All I put was "Hey Gary, just got home from meeting Mike. Tell you all about it soon." Part 7 coming soon.

Please make sure to comment and read the rest. I will be posting more, and yes this is a true story!