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Hana Black young hana fucked anal
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Thoughts about May Ok May, a fine lady indeed you are, let me see if I can tempt you with this. We enter the house and the door closes. The meal was very pleasant and I feel satisfied and somewhat flushed. Having sat across from you all evening, gazing into your eyes, whilst listening to your voice; as interesting as your conversation was, I was constantly aware that tonight may just be the night!

I place my jacket onto the back of the sofa and I turn to you. Before I can say anything, you hold my face and place a tender kiss on my lips. I can smell your perfume and taste of your lips. You are divine May and I am in heaven as our moist lips meet, your tongue deftly flitting against mine. You break off and smile at me with wicked eyes as you make your way up the stairs.

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Your last look at me leaving me in no doubt that you wish me to follow. I watch as you enter your bedroom and I follow you in the door closing behind me. Once again your lips meet mine and your arms drape around my neck and I hold you close as this kiss, a little more intense gives the both of us the pleasure we both seek.

You reach up and begin to unbutton my shirt whilst the kiss still lingers between us, your fingers nimbly undoing each button until my chest is exposed and my shirt falls to the floor.

Your hands are cool and they stroke my skin, making me shiver. Then I move my hands to your blouse and also begin to undo the buttons, my hands trembling as I realise that I am about to see your gorgeous body for the first time, as each button pops my breathing is becoming faster and my heart starts to beat as the blood courses through me.

Your blouse now falls to join mine on the carpet and my hands explore your lace encased breasts. Ohh they are so fantastic and I cant wait to see more. You break the kiss and push your face into my neck and nibble my ears as I reach for the catch to your bra.slowly I undo it and then slide your straps down your arms until the delicate material falls to join the other items.

I can now feel your breasts against me, feel the stiffness of your nipples telling me you are as excited as I. I pull away and gaze into your eyes, you chew your lip in a little bit of embarrassment as I look down and see your wonderful breasts before me.

Once again my breathing quickens and I reach for the warm features of your woman hood. They are soft and full and I cannot stop myself as I lower my head and take one of your nipples into my mouth and suck it gently, running my tongue over it and around, my fingers tweaking gently at the other until I swap over. Ohh May you are beautiful. You run your fingers through my hair as I pleasure your breasts. You then push me away and reach for the catch on my trousers.

At the same time I reach for the catch on yours and together we start down the road of no return, we both slide the zippers down at the same time until.at last both our garments are on the floor. Me left in just my boxers, barely containing my need for you.you in a matching pair of panties the last covering of your innocence. Our lips meet once more, this time the kiss becoming more urgent, our tongues searching for each others, our breathing becoming ragged.

I feel your fingers stroke my groin and my hardness jerks at your tender touch.I respond with delicate strokes of your gorgeous rear gently moving my hand to the front of your panties and feeling for the first time the warm and slightly damp area of your sex.

My blood surges through me as I begin to stroke this area and your fingers search out the top of my boxers sneak inside and then finally your hand finds my hardness. My whole body jerks as your hand clasps me gently and at this my fingers slide inside your panties and I feel the moist delicate area inside.

We both stand trembling, our hands feeling, searching, touching our most intimate of places. I want you May, I want you so bad that I can wait no longer. I pick you up and carry you to the bed, placing you down and kneeling next to you.

I lie on you feeling your skin against mine, my hardness I know is pushing against your sex.


I feel you push back against me, making me smile as I know you want me too. I kiss you hard, the urgency in my movements obvious now. I kiss down your face, I kiss your neck, your chest. Once more I lick each nipple as my journey continues down, kissing across your tummy until my face is level with your lace covered mound. I breathe in your scent, my heart pounding and a red mist briefly clouds my head as your scent, your pheromones invade my body and get to work, making me want you, making me harder and more turned on than ever before.

I place a kiss on the now wet material and then gently and ever so slowly I slide the last remnant of your lingerie from you. I have to lean back and gaze at you.a vision of beauty.younger than your age defies, a gorgeous body that I know want to pleasure and plunder!! I place my face close to your sex and gently flick my tongue over the neat trimmed clean and Ohh so wet fleshy folds. You groan out loud as my tongue teases you. I smile and briefly our eyes meet as I begin to administer to your body.

I use my tongue to explore all around the outside of your labia, not missing any spot as I taste of you.then my tongue moves deliberately towards your entrance and I circle it round and round the most private opening to your body.

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This makes you writhe on the bed and moan softly. Suddenly I plunge my tongue deep inside you pushing as far as I can go, deep, so deep. Lashing and lapping at your sweet sweet sex. Tasting of you, inhaling you. You squirm on the bed as I use my skill to pleasure you, my tongue still deep inside of you circling round inside you.

I then pull back and begin to lap at your delicate flower like sex, sucking on your fantastic lips as I search out the most sensitive of spots on your body. I can see the hood is withdrawn and the little hub of heaven pleasure is exposed.

I flick at it ever so gently.flick.flick.flick then lap so gently with the flat of my tongue, rasping my tongue on your gorgeous clitoris. You groan louder and grab my hair, pulling my face harder into your sex. My tongue now fiercely lashes at your little nub. You squeal as I suck the whole of your clitoral area into my mouth and force my tongue against it, into it round and round almost punishing this nerve filled fleshy sexual organ into submission. I then give one huge energy filled attack on your sex, sucking harder, licking faster, then plunging two fingers deep inside of you searching out your G - spot and pushing against it hard.

Your back raises from the bed and your head is thrown back, your mouth open in a silent scream as the waves of pleasure crash over you. My tongue still flashing at your sex as I watch your face for signs that you have had enough.your body clamps my fingers firmly as the orgasm surges through you.

I continue to lick you watching your face as you begin to relax and I slow down matching your descent. I pull away from you, watching your chest rise and fall as your fast breathing pulls air into your lungs.

Your skin slightly damp from your orgasm. I smile at you as our eyes meet and the smile you return tells me I have pleasured you well. I move my face to yours and we kiss. You kiss of me deeply, your tongue searching my mouth, fighting with mine. You manoeuvre your self under me until my hardness touches a hot and wet area, your heaving body leaving me in no doubt as to what you want now. I kiss you back harder and then suddenly feel the head of my hardness find a path of no resistance, you catch your breath and I too as I then…&hellip.

Do you want more May??

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Contemplate my next move. Do I give this woman what she wants now or wait a while?

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I decide on the latter and pull back to moans of disapproval from May. I smile at her as she frowns at me, pleading with me for more. You will have more I think but first let me pleasure you in other ways.


May is a quite mature lady in fact she is 60 years old, but looks like a woman of 50. She is lovely looking, slim and as bubbly as a teenager.

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I kneel between her legs and begin to caress her ankles, lightly brushing my fingers all over and further down to her tiny feet. I use my hands to caress her silky smooth skin and not one spot is missed. She lies down and begins to enjoy what I am doing to her.

I caress the skin of her calves and brush my fingers lightly up and down her delicate legs. Causing her to shiver and giggle like a teenager. I bend down and kiss her legs, moving my feather like lips and tongue up and down her legs, from her toes to her thighs.

My tongue leaves silver trails all over her and the groans of pleasure tell me this is appreciated. I kiss up her thighs once more approaching her still swollen and wet sexual centre but lightly kiss and bypass it to begin kissing and licking her lower tummy. She gives a little snort but still her eyes are closed and she has a smile on her face as I kiss all over her tummy. I kiss and lick down the sides and she squeals as I kiss the tender area the one we all have on the side next to the top of your leg that makes your muscles tighten.

I laugh and so does she as I continue my kissing, licking journey up her tummy to her breasts. I kiss all the way from cover to cover underneath her breasts, the sensitive erogenous area causing yet more groans of appreciation to come forth.

I now kiss all over her breasts top and bottom round and round many times, zeroing in on the nipples finally and licking them all over, then gently sucking on them, drawing the hard little buds into my mouth. I kiss over her chest under her neck, kissing up and down her throat and nibbling on her earlobes, until finally I am kissing her lips and her mouth opens and she kisses me back. Our tongues once again searching, licking biting each others lips.

I hold her head and kiss her harder, my excitement growing evident from the throbbing hardness between us; I now manoeuvre, once again towards her sex.

But no, she stops me and pushes me back, sitting up in the bed and pushing me down so I am lying on my back she leans over me and kisses my lips, and starts biting my earlobes, kissing down my neck. I know what's coming and I close my eyes and smile whilst groaning in pleasure. Sure enough May begins to kiss down my chest, kissing each nipple and sucking it and gently biting on it.

Making me squirm and letting out a gentle yelp as she nibbles on it. She licks my tummy and then flicks her tongue on my navel, before her face is at last level with my groin. I feel her blowing on my erection and look down to see that it is pulsating with every beat of my heart.

She smiles at me and then lowers her head and kisses the top of my hardness. I jump at the touch and my pulse races. I lie back and close my eyes as this fine mature lady starts to kiss up and down my hard member from the top to the bottom, up and down up and down, teasing me over and over.

Her cool fingers cup my warm testicles and gently squeeze them causing me to moan in fear, sexual energy and a little apprehension.

She squeezes them harder and separates the two globes from my body pulling gently as she engulfs my cock with her mouth. Ohhh the sweet warmth of her as she lowers her hot lips over me is incredible. Her tongue is flicking over my glans and underneath, which is very dangerous with me in this state.

She pushes more of me into her until her face is pushed against my tummy. This lady knows a few tricks as my whole length has disappeared into this woman's mouth, she lifts off and proceeds to bob her head on my cock. I throw back my head and bite my bottom lip as she pleasures me. Sensations building up within me quickly as she expertly gives me the best blow job I have ever had. I look at her in surprise and she sees me and gives me the horniest wink you have ever seen, still with my weapon being eaten alive by this minx.

She continues to squeeze my testicles, letting me know she has total control as she brings me ever closer to the edge. My cock throbs and enlarges further as she ever so slowly moves her mouth and throat up and down my length.

I begin to see red and the summit is almost reached, I give her a warning as my peak is about to arrive and she stops, agonisingly my seed rises up my length and I cry out as just a tiny spurt shoots out but my peak subsides, which is so annoying for a guy, so painful, but also feels amazing as when it finally does arrive, it is sooooo much better. My cock jerks and pulses with the near miss then settles down. I look at it as once again May uses her deft tongue on my glans, running it all over the head and on the under side where the danger area is, she lashes it and once again I groan as my peak approaches, another tiny spurt shoots out and my eyes squeeze tightly as my cock begins to jerk.but stops again.

My breathing is fast and I am so hard that it's actually hurting me. May uses a finger and wipes up the two spurts of my come with her finger tip and passes it to my lips wiping on them and inside. I taste my own cum in my mouth and May then leans up and kisses me, using her tongue in my mouth to search out the seed, taking it from me.

Christ this woman is hot and so horny. Whilst she is doing this she squeezes my cock so very hard before lowering her hot lips to me and once again the end of my hardness disappears inside her mouth which feels like its full of hot snakes.

Instantly my peak begins to rise and I cry out lifting my self off the bed, but once again the sex mistress squeezes the underside of my cock and my orgasm is forced back down. My penis is now pulsing so hard that it feels like it will burst. It's actually painfully erect. When she is sure my peak has subsided, she smiles at me and tells me this is it before lowering her mouth once more.but ever so slowly!!

She barely moves on me at all as she knows how close I am. Just the tiniest of flicks can I feel on the end of my cock whilst she sucks it inside her mouth, still squeezing my testicles a little too hard.

My cock is actually aching now as the peak is allowed to rise at the slowest of paces. This woman is so good at this that I am in awe of her skill. It's almost like I am having multiple orgasms, but not. My breathing is fast and my pulse races as she administers her hot tongue to me and I see her once again looking at me through her hair which veils her eyes. That is the horniest thing I have ever seen, probably helped by the fact that she was holding back the biggest fucking ejaculation ever.

My breathing increased and I stiffened all over my body my back arching as I lifted off the bed, my cock swelling to its biggest ever as my peak arrived then was once again halted by the giggling woman squeezing her fingers onto the underside of my cock.


It was jerking and jerking but with no opening to find, my pleasure and seed VERY painfully subsided once more. My eyes had a red mist in front of them and I was becoming so frustrated that I considered doing it myself. But then I caught Mays wicked grin and flashing eyes and started to laugh too, then I pleaded with her to allow me to explode.

Her tight fingers holding my cock so hard that when she let go, I could feel the blood rush back into it. When she let go a hot spurt of my seed shot out and landed on my chest. May instantly lowered her head and used her tongue to clean me. I could feel her on my skin and she cleaned up every drop. Now I was in pain, my cock was so hard that every touch was making me flinch. My mouth was dry as once again I saw May lie between my legs and this time instead of sucking me into her mouth she began to lick the underside of my glans.

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Using her tongue she stimulated my sexual organ whilst pointing my cock up at the ceiling. This was going to be messy, but I didn't care. She squeezed my testicles even tighter as she used the flat of her tongue rubbing on the underside of my hard swollen cock. Once again I felt the seed rising, but she slowed right down, so agonisingly slow that the orgasm was only creeping towards the peak. This was agony for me and my head twisted from side to side and my face contorted with the painful slowness of it.

The light flicks held it back almost at bay. Every nerve in my body was screaming and every muscle was tensed as she licked at my central sexual hub. Then she used one last lashing action, using the rough part of her tongue at the back to make me rise, and then using the tip of her tongue to see it through. My orgasm literally crashed over me, like a bucket of icy and hot water landing on me from above at the same time, I gripped the bed as my cock exploded, jerking and pulsing, hot jets of my seed shooting high into the air and landing all over me and around me.

The relief and pleasure was so deep, and prolonged that I cried out loud as spurt after spurt shot from me. My whole body was on fire as May continued to stimulate me through my orgasm. Squeezing my balls ever tighter to milk every last drop of seed from me. I don't know how many times I spurted but I could feel the hot come all over me as my peak finally subsided. I lay there breathless, shivering. My aching cock still hurting from the force of my orgasm.

I looked at May and she was grinning at me, some of my come in her hair. My God she is an incredible woman. She crawled up me and lay on me not caring about the copious amounts of seed covering me.

She pushed her face into my neck and giggled like a school girl. I held her close and fought off the usual urge to sleep.I need to give this woman the best sex she has ever had and when I recover shortly&hellip.by god she is going to get it.