Skinny Teen Faust von fünf Männern gefickt

Skinny Teen Faust von fünf Männern gefickt
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Gotta Go Right Now There has been a commercial on television for some pill that will control your bladder. It has this stupid little jingle that I can't get out of my head because my teenage daughter sings it every time that she has to pee. "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!" Cassandra is almost fifteen years old. She is as cute as any of her girlfriends are.

She has brown hair that hangs to her breasts in the front. She is just about perfect. However once every couple of months or so she seems to have an accident and pisses herself. She was in the van with me one day as we pulled into the K-Mart parking lot. Cassandra started singing "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!" She managed to get out of the van but then peed her pants getting everything wet in the process including her T-shirt, panties, and shoes too.

She was an absolute mess. I carry plastic bags so that she can sit in my van and I can get her home again. However this particular day we were on our way to meet her mother for lunch at The Olive Garden. We didn't have much time to spare. Cassandra asked me to buy her a new outfit that she could wear to the restaurant. At Cassandra's suggestion I removed my tie and dress shirt. Luckily I had an undershirt on that day.

Cassandra got back in the van, which had darkened windows for some privacy. Then Cassandra told me to stare out the front window so that she could change. Well I simply turned my head forwards and looked in the rear view mirror. I could plainly see Cassandra in the back seat undressing. She removed everything until she was completely naked and tried to dry herself off with the dry part of her T-shirt.

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Then she put on my shirt and buttoned most of it. She found a pair of flip-flops under the seat and was ready to go in the store and shop for a new outfit. As we walked in I could not get the image of her nice firm breasts out of my head.

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I had even seen her fur covered pussy and her nice tight ass as she moved around and got dressed. As we shopped I also got to peek into my dress shirt occasionally and see her breasts again. Cassandra picked out a mini skirt, lacy blouse, and a pair of sexy thong panties. When I suggested that she buy a bra too she just laughed at me.

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I asked her if she wanted to change in the lady's room before going to the van. Her reply shocked me. She said that if she changed in the store restroom that I wouldn't get to see her naked again. She knew! On the way to the van Cassandra suggested that I just turn around and watch her instead of squinting into the tiny rear view mirror. Wow! Okay! So once in the van Cassandra undressed as I watched her.

She was not the least bit concerned with anyone else seeing her either.


She played with her breasts, pinched her nipples, and tickled her clit in front of me. Then Cassandra got dressed in her thongs, mini skirt, and blouse. I then put my dress shirt and tie back on.

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We joined my wife for lunch and she immediately noticed the new clothes. Cassandra told her that she had an accident. My wife laughed and said that it was just an excuse to get some new clothes. To my horror Cassandra said that it had just been an excuse to get naked in front of me in the van. My wife's mouth dropped open. When she recovered she asked if it was true. I think I blushed and nodded my head yes. My wife told Cassandra that she would have to have a talk with her later.

Cassandra just smiled and said that I had already seen everything so there was no longer a need to hide her body from me. She said that she wanted to wear sexy see through negligées in the living room and to bed just like her mother does.

For some reason that put a smile on my wife's face. Lunch was good and we took our time. After we left The Olive Garden my wife told me to follow her to a nice little shop that she likes. It was quite quaint and there was no one there but the owner. My wife said that she and her daughter needed some very transparent nighties to wear around the house but that they had to try them on for my approval first.

The shop owner just smiled at me and then winked.

I wondered if she had requests like that often. It didn't seem to phase her. The girls were taken to a display of exactly what my wife had wanted. She picked out two white negligées that were so sheer that they hardly covered anything even when looking through both layers of fabric. The girls went into a dressing room, changed, and came out for my inspection.

The shop owner reminded my wife that there had been a pair of panties with the nightie. She replied that they would not be necessary. So the shop owner and I got to stare at the two girls as they strutted their stuff for us. My wife picked out a yellow set and simply removed the white one to put it on.

Cassandra did the same. So this time the shop owner and I saw them nude, then as they pretended to be covered. Pink was next then baby blue followed by baby green. With the five transparent colors apparently my wife and daughter were satisfied. I know that I was. Then my wife saw a mannequin dressed in a sexy bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings.

That was all it took. They were then trying on the sexy underwear when an older gentleman came into the store.

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The shop owner went right over to him to see if she could help him. The whole time that she was talking to him he was staring at my girls especially at my daughter Cassandra. I over heard him asking about a birthday gift for his niece.

I quickly told him that if he wanted to see it modeled that my daughter would be happy to do that for him. He lit up like a Christmas tree. He stared at Cassandra in her black and purple underwear then at my wife in her red silk set. Then he asked Cassandra if she would mind trying on an emerald green set complete with bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings.

He was in awe as Cassandra simply removed the set that she had on and stood in the middle of the store naked letting him look at her teenage body. Everyone knew that Cassandra was putting the items on in slow motion but no one said a word.

She asked the older gentleman to hook her bra and attach the stocking to the straps. Then she put her panties on last and adjusted the G-string into her ass crack properly. Cassandra then modeled the outfit for the gentleman for as long as he needed. He was totally satisfied and ready to pay for it when Cassandra asked him if she could try on another set for him. A big smile came over his face and he picked out a gaudy orange set.

Cassandra quickly suggested that a girl her age would not be caught dead in that set and picked out a nice pink and black set to try on for him. He got to release her bra and garter and hook the next set up too. Cassandra sure looked beautiful in the pink and black set. The gentleman then helped Cassandra out of the second set and looked at her naked again.

Cassandra sang, "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!" Then she ran back near the changing room. The toilet was right next to it. Soon she returned still naked. The older gentleman had paid for the two sets but handed Cassandra the pink and black one for being such a good model. He was going to give the emerald green set to his niece.

Cassandra pressed her naked tits into his chest and kissed him before thanking him for the gift. She told him that she would be willing to model for him anytime.

He blushed and left the store.


I paid for the items that my girls picked out while they put their street clothes back on. My wife told me to take Cassandra home and for me to put on just my tiger underwear and nothing else. She then told Cassandra to wear the pink the black underwear set around the house until she got home. All right! I liked that! My wife took her sweet time coming home too. She apparently planned on leaving the two of us home together for most of an hour. As she entered there we were.

I had on those skimpy tiger underwear that my wife had bought me years ago. They just barely covered my limp cock let alone when I get hard and I was hard. At first I was embarrassed about it but then I realized that I had seen Cassandra naked several times all ready that day. So be it! My wife looked at my cock hanging out of my underwear and said that she and Cassandra could take care of that for me.

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Her and Cassandra! Yes that is what she had said.


So the three of us went up to my bedroom. My wife undressed while Cassandra merely took off her bra and panties leaving her garter belt and stockings on. I then removed my tiger underwear and stood nude before my daughter. My wife put on her red silk garter belt and her stockings too.

My wife positioned herself and Cassandra on the edge of the bed and told me to fuck her. She lifted her ass up off the bed and sat her stocking covered feet on my shoulders. Those stockings were a lot sexier than pantyhose that's for sure. I slipped my cock into my wife's moist hole while my daughter watched me.

That was a first and it excited me. I was really getting into fucking my wife when she told me to change holes. All right! I loved anal sex and she hardly ever gave it to me. As I positioned my cock at her brown puckered hole she realized what I was about to do and stopped me. What to hell! When my wife told me to change holes she had meant from her pussy to Cassandra's pussy.

What! Yes she really did want me to fuck our teenage daughter. Okay! I could do that! Then I asked Cassandra if that was what she wanted too. Yes it certainly was what Cassandra wanted and for some time too apparently.

So I got between my daughter's legs. Cassandra lifted her stocking-covered feet up to my shoulders as her mother had. I pushed and pulled my cock up and down her moist slit getting the head in closer to her love hole.


Then while my wife watched I slipped my cock into Cassandra's virgin hole. She didn't flinch at all and seemed to enjoy having my cock in her. I know that I sure liked it. I had dreamed of fucking my daughter while I was actually fucking my wife. It made for several very good love making sessions too. Now I was fucking Cassandra for real and my wife was watching us. Cassandra and I just kept fucking until I finally filled her with cum.

Apparently that was what my wife and Cassandra had wanted all along. As I was recovering from sex I listened to my two girls divide me up.

My wife told Cassandra to sleep in my bed with me on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My wife would then sleep with me on Tuesday and Thursday. Then both of them would sleep with me on Saturday and Sunday. I thought about it and I really liked it, especially since it was Friday.

My wife kissed us goodnight and went to Cassandra's bedroom to sleep. I had Cassandra keep on her garter belt and stockings to sleep in. I liked the way they felt against my skin as I brushed up against them. The End Gotta Go Right Now 109