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Brunette Teen Babe Likes Stroking
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Most people think power would not corrupt them. Maybe the power of a king wouldn't but if you gained the power of a god, if the rules of the world did not apply to you, would you be able to resist ?

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Ethan knew he wouldn't. However, right before grabbing his phone he stopped. «i need a plan first » he thought First he needed a lot more money. Even though his parents still helped, it was just enough to pay rent and get some food.


Second he needed to back up that app and protect both the app and the back up with at least a password Third he needed to get a better understanding of the app. Depending of the powers he would gain, he might burn bright or live in the shadows. Ethan rubbed his chin and began talking out loud « Right now if i only eat pasta for a week i can use a 100 euros. The price of a card is 5 euro but i can pay more to get a better chance of having a high rank card.

i dont know how much money will get me a S card. Lets try with 50 and see what i get » Ethan linked his paypal to the app and used 50 euros right away. The animation was still the same and after the deck exploded a card appeared. « B !!? 50 euros and only a B » Dispointement could be read all over his face however it did not last long. « Create a memory » « Allows the user to create a memory for the target.

The memory cannot span for longer than a week and can't involve more than 3 people. Everything said, seen or felt by the target will become a reality for them. Ethan was speechless. « Create memory ? and the deion was unclear too maybe i should use that opportunity to get money and sex as well as make some experiments » he thought His mind wandered to another girl from his class called Karen. She was not like julie at all. Karen was a hot blond haired bitch. She was very haughty, always dressed in designer clothes and would never shut up.

The way she looked at him like he was less than a worm pissed him off. He gathered his thoughts for a minute. She was rich, blond with blue eyes. She had a small waist but it was the only thing small about her. She just broke up with her boyfriend and she cared a lot about her reputation as well as the crowd she was seen in.

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« What can i do with all that » he thought It only took him half an hour to hatch a plan he was satisfied with The memory he made was simple. Last week, on Thursday she forgot her computer in class and went home without it.

He took it to give it back to her tomorow but did not resist searching her computer. He hacked her computer and found a sex tape. The next day he gave her computer back, told her he found the sex tape and she should do whatever he want. If she was well behaved, he might give it back to her at the end of the school year.

She was pissed of but he did not care. He asked her to give him a blowjob in the toilets. She took his pants of and saw the biggest dick she had ever seen. The sight of my dick made her pussy wetter than ever. She sucked on it with great care and experience while staring at me with dagger in her eyes. I came in her mouth and something unexplicable happened she experienced an orgasm while swallowing his cum. He told her to bring a 1000 euros in bag or shoes to his appartement Tuesday morning at 6 am.

She spent the whole weekend thinking about his cock. She wanted to know what it felt to be fucked by that thing. She hated him but couldn't wait for tuesday morning. When he had finished writing he laughed. This was going to be fun.

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He made a few experiments. He couldn't wait to see how she would react tomorrow when she saw his 5 inch dick. He went to bed knowing he could only sleep for 4 hours.

However, this time couldn't care less. He woke up to a loud knock on his door. He never got up this fast. He opened the door and was greeted by the sight of a pissed of blond bimbo.

« Come in » he said She did not say a word, came in and gave him a bag with a few shoes and bags He laughed « How about kissing your lover first before paying him to suck his dick » « Fuck you, you fat fuck » she glared at him as if her eyes could shoot bullets « Drop the bag and suck my dick » She freezed but complied She grabbed his dick and looked at it for a few seconds « I guess your ex did not have a dick that big.

Tell me, how big is it ? » She did not answered and stared at him menacingly once again. « Answer me don't make me ask twice » « Yes it's bigger than my ex. This must be at least ten inches » He laughed. The app was changing reality. He wondered how that worked because she was not grabbing an empty spot, her hand was on his dick. « Anyway who cares » he thought She swirled her tongue around the head of his dick, then licked the side of it.


« Oooh she knows what she is doing. My god this is heaven! » he thought After a few minutes of playing around expertly with his cock She started "deepthroating" it.

He had never seen a girl have such a hard time with his dick and he never felt close to cumming in such a short time. He grabbed her head and came She had only needed 5 minutes She closed her eyes and swallowed his cum with a blissfull look on her face He smiled and said « Ok, you can go im going to take a shower and get ready for class » She turned her head toward him with a surprised look on her face and her mouth slightly opened « You're not going to fuck me ?

» she asked He smiled « No i'm not. I got the money and i'll ask for more when i need. I asked for a little extra on the side but i'm not too keen on forcing you. » He started the shower and went in without looking at her once. She lost herself in her own thought. She couldn't beleive he did not fuck her. « I've never been this wet and i cummed from just sucking him once again » she thought She was conflicted.

She felt he was beneath her.

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She was way out of his league and she didn't find him attractive. She was even repulsed by his fat belly and his fat face. However her body did not lie she wanted this badly. She got up and walked toward the shower. When he heared her open the bathroom door. He asked « Do you want something ?» She got naked and went into the shower « This doesn't mean anything. I just want to fuck once » Ethan nodded but he was not looking at her face at all. He had never seeb a naked girl this hot.

He never believed, he would see a body like this, in the flesh. Her tits were big and pointy at the end. Her waist was small but her ass was big. He grapped her left nipple and played with it while his right hand began rubbing her clit. However she pushed him away. « I don't need to be played with, i need to be fucked » she said He did not need to be asked twice.

He grabbed her by the waist, flipped her around and pushed her against the shower's wall. « Mmmh » a small moan escaped his mouth when he entered her pussy but she didn't hear it because she moaned twice as loud « Mmmmmmh fuck ! you're sooo big » He never pounded a girl as hard as this. She even hit her head once or twice. She did not seem to care and kept moaning louder and louder. I switched speed a few times.

Switching between slow but strong strokes or fast and small ones. After 5 minutes, i began thinking i needed to slow down if i wanted not to blow my load in a few minutes.

However, she looked back at me and moaned « Mmh yes, fuck me harder ! » « you used to look at me like i was trash. But now you're asking for more. You need to beg bitch » he said « Please, Please fuck me harder i'll do anything » My dick got bigger inside her. I grabbed all the hair i could and moved my hips as fast as my physical condition allowed me to.

« Ooooooooh god » I felt her leg shake, her knees caved inward, she half sliped on the wet surface and dropped on her knees. He did not stop pounding her, putting all his weight on her toward the floor. He groaned while cumming inside her.

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After a few minutes on the ground both catching their breath, she turned to loot at him in the eyes and said « I hate to admit that was amazing, i've never cummed this hard » He smirked « i still need some cleaning » She hungrily cleaned his cock in a few seconds While they were putting there clothes on, he could not stop stealing glance at her curves as if he needed to be sure this was not a dream.

« I just fucked that » he thought When she finished putting some make up on, he walked her to the door. Right before leaving she said « Give me a call when you want some bags or shoes »