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Chapter 2 Magical Promiscuity Before I go on any further with this story, it's probably appropriate for me to tell let you know a little more about myself, and a little more about my friends or "clique" as they preferred to call it. As you already know my name is Mike.

Sammy, the girl I had just lost my virginity to, is also the girl who first introduced me to all her friends, our clique. Our close-knit group of friends consisted of about 15 people.

And beyond that we had a few other friends that we deemed suitable to associate with. But they were not in our "group", they were just acquaintances. All of us were around the age of 15 or 16 at the time, on our summer break before 9th grade. On the girl side of our group were Sammy, who you already know, her best friend Jewel, followed by a bunch of other "bff's" April, Jessica, Monica, Katie, Casey, Ali, and Jane.

All were beautiful, but Jessica, April, and Jane were exceptionally gorgeous. My personal favorite, Jessica had curly brown/black hair, she was mixed, with perfectly brown soft looking skin.

Simply put, she was beautiful. I often gazed at her breasts, they weren't very big, probably a large B cup, but nonetheless, I was fascinated by them.

She had a great ass, second best out of all the girls (Katie had the best ass of all) If I could have my pick out of any of these girls, she it would be Jessica.

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April was also very cute. She was a short skinny Asian girl who probably weighed about 90lbs. She hade jet-black shiny hair that dangled halfway down her back. Her breasts also, were not large, probably about the same size, or a little smaller than Jessica's.

I liked her face the most; it was just beautiful to me for some reason. And then there was Jane. Ah beautiful Jane.

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She was naturally pretty, the type that could be a model if she wanted. She didn't need to wear makeup to make her look beautiful, but she still did. She was the most preppy of all the girls, always wearing "Hollister" and "Abercrombie and Fitch". Not to mention constantly reading the latest fashion magazine. She was a skinny brunet with long hair, and a beautiful face with a perfect nose. Like I said earlier, she looked like a model. Anyway, the boys in our group were Jeff, Carlos, Andrew, Matt, Isaiah, Kevin, and Joe.

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Carlos, Matt, and Andrew were all skaters. They would ride around with their long skater hair on their skateboards, raising hell wherever they went, and having fun doing it. The rest of us, Jeff, Isaiah, Kevin, and Joe, enjoyed chillin. That's basically all we did in our spare time when we weren't partying or hanging out at the mall. We'd sit back; play video games, smoke, and occasionally play basketball for good measure. Unfortunately I've gotten away from the story I was supposed to be telling you and begun rambling on about my friends.

Forgive me. The morning after I'd lost my virginity to Sammy, a Monday, Jeff woke me up at about 10:30am and we left around 11:00am. Sammy who lived only about a block away from me decided to stay at Brittany's for a while longer and said she'd get a ride home later.

She didn't mention the experience we'd shared together last night. Still not having our licenses, we were forced to walk back to our neighborhood. It was about a 20-minute journey. We both went our separate ways at the corner of Memmler and Apple blvd.

I went to my house, still thinking about my experiences last night, and trying to come up with a way to test out my theory. My theory wasn't exactly clear to me. I still was completely convinced this wasn't all an elaborate dream. What I had to go on was: Anytime I told a girl to do something, she would look at me blankly, the do it. It had happened twice last night, first with Sammy when I told her to make love to me, then with Cindy when I told her to suck my dick, and finally with Brittany when I had told her to get me some food.

Was this all just a coincidence? This is what I intended to find out. Before I went to far with this theory, I wanted to have a fail-safe test. Ask a girl to do something that I know she'd never want to do, and see what happens. If she did it, great! If not, well, tough for me. I walked into my house, shouting "Hello!" The only answer I got was from my cat, Guy.

Big surprise. I knew my mom was working. She worked every weekday at this time. And my sister was also probably working, although I wasn't as clear on her work schedule as I was with my mothers. I ate lunch with Guy sitting at my feet in the empty house, plotting my test. After finishing my lunch, I walked over to my neighbor's house. Her name was Lydia. She was probably about 40 years old or so, and her house was about twice as big as mine, with a pool and hot tub in her back yard.

I rang the doorbell and waited. Lydia answered the door and said "Oh hello Michael!

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How are you?" "Fine," I replied, "And yourself?" "Oh I'm doing just fine as always! What can I do for you sir?" she said giggling afterwards in the most annoying way I could possibly think of.

I walked into her the entrance of the house, looked her in the eye holding the backpack I'd carried over up to her and said, "Fill this with all the alcohol you have in the house, after that, you can drive me to the ATM and get about $1,000, an we'll stop for a pack of cigarettes on the way back." As I'd hoped, she stared at me blankly, quickly took the bag, and came back 5 minutes later.

My backpack was full, and she was holding another brown paper grocery bag. Both were filled with alcohol. Needless to say, I was extremely pleased. As she drove me to the bank, I explained to her that I was actually going to need more than one grand, so she took out $2,000 instead, afterwards buying me the pack of Marlboro's I'd told her to get me.

All the time she had the same blank expression on her face. My theory was right. Splendid. I figured that I could basically get any girl to do anything I wanted of them.

Lydia was selfish, nice, but selfish. She would never let me swim in her pool, never gave us any presents or anything, she would never have given away money to anyone. And I knew for a fact that she denounced underage drinking. So my theory had to be right, it just had to.

The thing was, I didn't know what to do with my newfound gift. I had 2 grand and a shit load of alcohol. I could definitely find something to do. Later that night when my mom and sister were both home, I told them both that Rose (my aunt) wanted them to come over for the night. They believed me and did as I said without asking any questions. I called Rose while they were on their way over to her house, which was about an hour away, and told her what to expect and do. They were just going to have some snacks, watch a move, and sleep.

I was sure of it. I on the other hand was going to throw a party. At 7:00pm I made one call to Jeff, and by 8:00pm my house was filled with at least 30 of my friends. Everyone in my clique was there, plus a bunch of other friends I knew. My house was not that large and by 8:30 the party had spilled into my back yard. As you know, I had more than enough alcohol, and I'd dropped $400 on a few ounces of BC.

We were smoking drinking, and I was totally fucking blitzed, as were everyone else there. I walked up… well I guess I staggered over to a group of girls, most of whom I had met only once and said to all of them, "Take your shirts off.

And no bras allowed!!!" All of them turned toward me. I thought they were thinking I was crazy, but all of a sudden they all did it. They pulled their shirts up over their heads, and then started at taking off their bras! I laughed robustly, pulling out my phone to take a picture. This was fantastic. I could get any female to do anything I wanted. I knew exactly what I wanted. I walked up to Katie and grabbed her hand.

"Come up stairs and fuck with me bitch," I whispered in her ear. Without question she let me lead her upstairs to my bedroom. "Undress," I ordered. She complied again without question. Katie was the most sexually developed out of all of the girls in our clique. She also had the best ass out of any girl in our school. This was the main reason I picked her. She stood in front of me naked, waiting for instruction. "Fuck me," I said. "And enjoy the hell out of it." She had long brown/blond hair.

Large shapely firm breasts which I admired for a moment, probably a C-cup. Her ass was the most amazing part of her body. Imagine a girl sticking her ass out at you, well Katie's ass naturally stuck out like that all the time. I was a thing of beauty.

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I loved that ass. Katie approached me; following the order to fuck me I'd given her. She came within inches of me, looking me straight in the eye as she undid my belt and pulled my shorts to my ankles. I forcefully pushed her back onto my bed and got on top of her.

She then playfully removed my shirt as I lay on top of her and ran her hands along my chest. I began kissing her neck, and then slowly dragged my tongue down to her tits; focusing on the large, erect nipples on each.

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From there, I moved down to her bald cunt. I took a moment to enjoy the sight of her young, hairless crotch below me. I massaged her inner thighs with my hand and inhaled some of the wonderful scent she let loose while playing with herself.

She wrapped her hot loins around my head as I delved my tongue into her extremely wet slit. As I gabbed hold of her ass cheeks, she grabbed hold of my hair.


She was guiding my head all over her pubic region. She began screaming in pleasure as I continually frenched the outer walls of her cunt while strumming her large, quivering clit with my tongue. "I'm. I'm.cuuummmminggg," she exclaimed as her petite body shook and her orgasmic fluid rushed out onto my lips.

Her clamp around my head grew more intense and her heels dug into my back as she violently spasmed. When her orgasm finally subsided, she fell back trying to catch her breath.


I never wanted to leave that area; the taste and the aroma were so wonderful. She then proceeded to roll me over onto my back and mounted herself right on my hard awaiting cock.

She fondled my balls for a while before engorging her mouth on my rod. I grabbed the back of her head and forced her to take the whole thing down until her lips rested on my pubic hair. I felt her choking as her throat collapsed around my throat, but I held her down there for a while more.

When I let her head go I could see tears running down her face from the choking sensation. She continued with her mission and very slowly she dragged her mouth and tongue up over my dick, wanting to savor each inch. She went down on it three times-all very deliberately while she fondled my testicles with her free hand.

I pushed her head up off of my cock so she was looking me in the eye. She knew what to do. She got up above me and positioned her bald pussy right above my cock. We both groaned in ecstasy at that first push. I latch my hands onto her ass as she bounced up and down on me.

She seductively bit her lip to keep the cries of joy inside of her. Her titties were so cute bouncing up and down. I couldn't believe I was fucking this 16-year-old beauty. After a few minutes of having Katie ride my cock I couldn't take it any more. I felt a surge of semen coming on. I groaned as a surge of white cum burst out of my penis and into Katie's tight pussy.

That's when I noticed that she was cumming too!!! Her juices ran down past my penis and onto the bed. We both continued cumming for a good while and she helped by continually bouncing up and down on my cock until it was dry.

Things were going great for me. I'd lost my virginity last night. And now I'd had my second just a night later. I didn't know why girls would do whatever I wanted, and I didn't really care, because like I said, it was great! I whipped out my phone and called Jeff, he was downstairs next to the blaring music and I could hardly hear him, "Hey!" I shouted to him, "let me talk to Sammy!" "Dude you wouldn't believe it!

A whole bunch of girls took their shirts off and they're walking around like that. No fucking tops dude. It's like girls-fucking-gone-wild!!! This party is dope!!! What the fuck!?!" "Yea I saw that earlier you horn bag… now put Sammy on the phone!" "Alright bitch. Hold on a second." I sat looking at Katie. She was sitting there with her legs spread over me, still in a position to be fucked.

I looked at her supple nipples; beautiful is the only way to describe them.

"Hello?" Sammy said once Jeff had found her and put her on the phone. "Hey Sammy, it's Mike. Who are you with?" "Uh, well I'm out in the back yard talking with Jane, Ali, and Monica.

What do you want?" "Bring those three up to my bedroom… and see if you can find Jewel and tell her to come up here too." "Ok, I'll be up there in a minute." She hung up. A few minute later the five of them walked into my bedroom. I was still lying on my bed naked. They were taken aback seeing me there naked. And they were even more shocked when they saw Katie naked as well. "Don't be surprised." I said to them all. "I want all of you to take off you clothes… all of it.

And Monica, shut the door will you?" They all complied. Monica was just about to take her shirt off when I said, "Monica, go get my video camera out of that door over there." I gestured toward the dresser next to my computer. Again, she complied. She handed me the video camera, and I turned it on. Quite simply, I told them to have an orgy. It was extraordinary how quickly they acted in accordance with my measures. I got up off my bed and motioned them to use my bed for my request. Katie lay down on her back, and Sammy immediately began eating her pussy out.

Ali, who was a beautiful, skinny red headed British girl, with pleasantly small breasts, sat her virgin pussy down on Katie's face, which I might add gave me the impression she was enjoying the lesbian experience.

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Jewel stretched her legs over Katie was well, placing her directly behind Ali. She lowered her head, spread Ali's butt cheeks, and started licking her asshole. Nice. Finally, after Monica had finished taking her clothes off lay down on the floor underneath Sammy's crotch and began eating her out.

It was a spectacular sight, and I was getting it all on camera to share with the world. All the moans and groans of the congenial orgy were getting pretty loud. But who was I to deprive the good porn watchers of the world the magnificent sounds of a teen lesbian orgy. Just then Andrew walked into my room.


"Hey Mike where's the… holy shit!!! What the fucks going on up in here?" he said astonishingly. "Dude, you don't ask questions when there's a lesbian orgy going on in front of you! You just sit back, and watch," I explained to him. He smiled wickedly and nodded in agreement. I hadn't tested out whether or not I could get males to do whatever I wanted like I could with females. "Andrew, you see Sammy's ass right there?" "Yea, how could I miss it?" He replied. "Fuck her.

Fuck her in the ass." He looked at me oddly. "You think she'll let me? Should I ask her or something?" Apparently the male sex wouldn't do whatever I wanted. Oh well. One out of two isn't bad. Anyways, it shouldn't be too hard to get a horny teenage boy to fuck a naked nubile ass right in front of him. "Just do it dude. She's drunk, she's horny, she won't mind," I coaxed. He shrugged his shoulders and took off his clothes. Yuck. That wasn't a sight I needed to see. He rubbed his already hard penis a few times, then bent over and spread Sammy's cheeks.

He spit in her asshole, and positioned his dick above her tight brown hole. Sammy didn't seem to notice, so he proceeded in his mission. Andrew stuck his dick head into her crack, but not fully into her asshole yet. Sammy didn't quit. She was busy eating out Katie. His balls were dangling just above Monica's mouth, who was licking Sammy's pussy like a thirsty dog.

Andrew looked back at me and I gave him a nod and a wink. He pulled back for a minute, then sank his dick full ahead all the way into Sammy's ass. Sammy let out a gasping scream as Andrew pushed his hips against her butt. She leaned her head back with her mouth open and face cringed as if in agonizing pain. Andrew froze not knowing what to do.

Eventually Sammy returned to Katie's vagina. He slowly bean pulling out, then pushing back in. Every once in awhile he'd spit on his fingers and rub his dick to add more lubrication. He started pumping faster and faster. Sammy was groaning, but I couldn't tell whether it was out of pain or pleasure.

This was good stuff. I had an orgy going right in front of me. The only bad part was that I was too worn out to participate in it myself. Andrew continued fucking Sammy's ass, it was a great sight. I was getting a boner watching Andrew push up against her white jiggling ass and seeing his balls slap Monica in the face every once in a while, not to mention all the other girls licking each others pussy's.

I couldn't resist my boner anymore and quickly dropped my pants. Setting down the video camera in such a way as to continue capturing the ongoing orgy, I spotted the only unoccupied pussy available.

Monica. I put my face down right between her two legs and spit a good deal of saliva in her pussy. I got right on top of her, twisting her left breast until she let out a loud screech, and shoved my dick right up inside her as far as I could. She was already screaming from the pain of my fist clenched around her tender, sizable breast, so she wasn't able to let out another screech.

Although I'm sure the pain and shock of her hymen being broken in such a fashion certainly extended the length of the scream. I looked down and saw a fair amount of blood flowing out of her newly deflowered vagina. The amount was enough to cause me to regret not being gentler with her, this being her first time and all.

But my thoughts of compassion for her quickly faded as the pleasure of pounding her beautiful pussy increased. My cock was slipping in and out of her cunt now, and I was sure she was also getting wet. The mix of blood and vaginal juices made the experience so pleasurable I was about to burst.

All of a sudden I heard a scream… "Ahhhhh! Oh my fucking goodness! What are you all doing?" I looked behind me only so see April looking at myself… and the rest of us in total disbelief and horror. She looked as if she'd seen a ghost, although seeing a bunch of friends whom you've known ever since you could remember, all having a large orgy with each other, and two boys, might be a bigger shock to some people than to see a ghosts.

But I digress. "Shut your mouth, shut the door, and go stand over in that corner until further notice bitch!" I ordered. She complied, although acting as if it were against her will and went to sit in the corner.

I turned my attention back to Monica, and to the orgy in general. As I continued fucking Monica harder than I thought possible, I saw a stream of clear fluid gush out of Ali and flow all over Katie's face and down past her breasts.

My bed was sure to reek of sex and bodily fluids in the morning. Seeing this put me over the edge and I burst a load of sticky cum into Monica's previously virgin cunt.

Soon afterwards Andrew also blew his load into Sammy's ass. After finishing myself off inside Monica, and watching the rest of this orgy's participants have their orgasms, I told everyone to get up and get dressed. Sammy still knelt by the bed out of breath.

I smiled, then I heard it, and then I saw it. I heard what sounded like a fart coming out of Sammy's ass; I saw a large amount of white sticky cum pouring out of her ass like a fountain. It was nasty, yet hot in a way as well. She eventually congered up enough strength to get up and get dressed, just as I'd commanded her. They all left my room, smiling because I told them to. And Andrew stayed in my room still doubting what happened.

He bombarded me with a flurry of questions, "When did they start fucking each other and shit like this? Why did they do it in your room? Did they invite you to join them?

Did they know you were video taping them? How'd you know Sammy would let me fuck her ass?" To all this I merely replied, "When girls get naked in my house, I don't ask questions.

Now get the fuck out of my room so I can get dressed you pervert." He smiled and shook his head, leaving the room.

Now I turned my attention to April. Lest you forgot April was the tiny little Asian girl, and even if you don't like small petite girls, I don't think any man would dare call this girl ugly. She had about a cute a face as one could come by. She had a nice body, perfectly oriented for her size, (no pun intended), and looked like she'd be just perfect to pick up and fuck (that's how light she looked).

Oh, and for the sake of the dumb ass porn addicted fuckers on here who couldn't pass 9th grade to save their lives, I'd better mention that the pun I did not intend to intend was intended to be a pun, and my intensions of including a pun were further extended by saying no pun intended, and could, by some people (such as myself), be considered a pun because I used the word "oriented", which sounds somewhat like the word "oriental", which in turn is a commonly used word to describe Asians&hellip.

If you follow my thinking. So now that I've taken all the fun and sexiness out of this story, and made you think and try to understand exactly what I am or am not trying to say… I'm sorry to tell you that this is the end of this chapter.