Teen groped and small pale first time Summer Pool Party

Teen groped and small pale first time Summer Pool Party
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****Let me say this now. THIS IS NOT MY STORY THIS BELONGS TO GryphonWings if you want to read more of his stories go here http://gryphonwings.sofurry.com/ this is a five part series**** *tags include Human, Oral, Non-anthro, Vaginal, Deep Penetration, Impregnation, Dragoness, Ejaculation, Soulmates, M/F ps. i hope you love this like i did This story takes place two months after the previous story (Eragon - A Rider for Saphira). It would be advisable to read that first.

The sun rose over Ellesmera once again, bathing it in a golden light. Eragon rose with a yawn, that had been a good night's sleep. Once again he found himself staring at the inside of Saphira's giant wing. She unfurled her wing from around him and looked at him directly. "Good morning, little one," she said to him cheerfully. Eragon grunted in reply, she was always too awake in the mornings. Eragon and Saphira were in a serious relationship. They had found out that they had feelings for each other almost two months ago when Eragon was trying to help her find a mate.

It turned out, that mate would be him. Even though they were human and dragon, so far, they had made it work mentally and sexually, and nobody had found out. That was the way they wished to keep it, so when they wanted to engage in intercourse they would use the excuse of intense training to leave the watchful eyes of the elves who dwelled in Ellesmera.

They always had hot, pleasuresome nights and, like right now, felt much better in the mornings. Eragon gathered his clothes and mounted Saphira, and together they flew to a nearby hot spring to ash themselves clean of the night's activities. She dived straight into the water with Eragon clinging to her back.

Eragon let go and had a little swim around, enjoying the warm water as it washed over his lean body. He waited for a little while, letting his body soak in the blissfully warm water. He looked around for his dragon and spotted her dark for swimming a short distance away. She was always so graceful when she did almost anything, wether it was flying or swimming, she could make it look easy. Saphira surfaced not too far away and climbed out of the water, shaking herself clean of water.

This sent thousands of droplets of water into the air, which caught the light and made her beautiful blue scales shine like a horde of treasure. Eragon knew she did that just for him, and he loved it so much.

She set about cleaning herself, licking her scales clear of anything the water couldn't remove. Eragon watched on, fascinated, as she moved down her body and stopped at her belly, just above her large opening. She looked across the water to Eragon and asked him in a teasing tone, "O' Mighty Dragon Rider, I can't seem to reach that far.

Maybe you could help get me clean?" Eragon knew instantly what she wanted, so he replied, "Maybe I could, it depends on where you want me to clean you, great dragon." He swum over to the edge of the spring and climbed out, making his way over to his waiting dragon.


She tuned over onto her back to allow Eragon access to 'clean her' He heaved his body up her tail and onto her belly, where he sat quietly. "Where would you like me to begin?" He asked softly. He ran his hands across her large, soft underbelly, massaging her skillfully. He rubbed his hand all over her, but he deliberately avoided going any further.

Saphira grunted in anticipation, she wanted him so badly she was tempted to just ask him outright. But, she had started the game; she would finish it.

"A little lower, Eragon," she asked innocently. Eragon looked into her stunning sapphire eyes and moved a little further down, still not where she wanted him to be. "Right here, my dragon?" he asked quietly. Saphira shook her head and he continued to work his hand lower and lower. Saphira shivered in delight, he was so close. Just when Saphira though she had him he quickly stopped, just inches above her wet entrance. He ran little circles with his finger above her slit, making her extremely aggravated.


"Eragon, just a little bit more," she said in a shaky voice, so full of anticipation. "But Saphira," Eragon asked with a smile on his face, "It would be hard to clean there. I may have to use my mouth, but surely you wouldn't want that?" Saphira shook her head and jostled him a little, causing him to use his hand to steady himself.

Luckily for Saphira, his hand landed right on her soft opening. Eragon brought his hand back, watching a thin line of her sexual lubricant slide down his wrist. He licked his hand, sampling her amazing taste which he still loved just as much as the first time he had tried it. Using his index finger he ran it down the middle of her slit, watching her stretch her limbs as she enjoyed his foreplay.

He used his other hand to spread her open a little and rubbed his finger along the sides of her swollen lips. She loved this treatment, being a dragon she had a high level of patience and she knew it would only make the end result feel better.

She looked at her rider as he slowly, lovingly worked away at her lower regions. She gasped as he slipped a finger into her slick folds, pushing in until he couldn't get his finger in any further. He marveled at how soft she was internally, it was like silk running over his fingers, slippery and textured slightly.

Eragon knew he wouldn't be able to restrain himself for much longer, he needed to taste her once again. Their awkwardness as dragon and human had long since washed away along with inexperience. Eragon now knew exactly what she liked and vice versa. He curled his finger slightly and used it to rub her g-spot, making her back arch a little as he worked her depths.

His skillful digits massaged her insides; Saphira loved how he used his fingers. He slipped another finger in, heightening her enjoyment even more. She closed her eyes and joined her mind with Eragon until they were one, using their mystical and useful gift of mental communication. They were now joined physically as well, each feeling the other's pleasure through their mind-link. When he was ready he slid his finger out of her, a fair amount of her juices covering his hand now. She was very excited, Eragon noted, it would be unwise to stop.

Saphira knew what he was about to do and brought her head up so she could watch him wash her insides with his stunning tongue. He licked his fingers clean and readjusted himself so he was lying down on her. He brought his head down to her, breathing deeply and catching her strong scent, which made him heavily aroused. Her body looked so inviting to him, something he intended to take full advantage of. He lent forward and kissed the top of her vagina, sucking lightly on her nub which made her squirm a little in enjoyment.

He slid his tongue down the outside of her lips, tasting a fair amount of her natural lubricant before he returned to sucking her sensitive nub. He alternated between running his mouth along her wet, swollen lips and her sensitive area. Saphira had experienced this a few times already but she still couldn't stop herself from moving a little from Eragon's fantastic treatment.

Bringing his hand down he spread her open softly, revealing the soft pink flesh within. He flicked out his tongue and tasted her deeper fluids, Eragon knew her taste was richer the further in her vagina he got.

He looked at her body for a second, amazed that Saphira was willing for him to use her as he would. He could now truly be called a Dragon Rider, in more ways than one. He still sometimes believed he was in a dream and that he would wake up at any time.

"Eragon, are you going to sit there all day, or am I going to have to continue myself?" Saphira asked impatiently. Eragon brought himself out of his thoughts and slowly licked her internal walls, coating them with his saliva, which mixed with her own bodily fluids. He could feel her tail move beneath him, she was obviously enjoying herself. He brought his face closer and buried himself into her, his mouth dissapearing into her snatch, as well as a little of his nose.

She was a dragon, after all, and he was human. The size difference didn't worry Saphira, no male dragon could ever give her the kind of pleasure her lover Eragon could. He pushed his tongue as deep as it could go, finally tasting her strongest juices which he loved so much. He lapped at her insides, trying to get every last bit of her fluids into his stomach.

Saphira knew he loved drinking her mating liquids, and she like his just as much, even if he didn't put out quite as much as her. His tongue probed her walls, making Saphira gasp as he licked some of her sensitive regions. He knew she was desperate for release, and he wanted nothing less as well.

He mixed up his techniques, rolling his tongue into her and then running it out in a pattern which made Saphira extremely happy. "I love you, Eragon," Saphira stated simply. "And I, you," he replied, stoking his tongue along her insides one more time.

He knew it was coming, and so did Saphira, her body shuddering as she climaxed. Her muscles contracted around Eragon's tongue and she arched her back as her female juices coated his mouth and face, running down her body. Eragon drank what he could get eagerly; there was so much of her fluids coming out of her he had no trouble gettin his share.

His nose was filled with her glorious scent, which made him slightly dizzy because it was so powerful. She rode out her orgasm with Eragon still eating her out until the last drop had come from her satisfied body. When she had calmed down enough to look at him she saw him swallow the last of her juices.

He brought his head up and as usual, Saphira laughed a little when she saw his face was covered in them. He licked his lips contentedly and looked at his dragon, who brought her head over and licked his face clean with her rough tongue. When he was clean he slowly brought his body down to the ground, where he located his clothes and began to put them back on.

Saphira rolled over to her feet, getting up carefully. Eragon didn't stop her as she kissed him, in fact, he opened his mouth, allowing her long, snaky tongue to invade his mouth. Saphira could taste herself on his tongue, she liked it quite a lot, but not as much as she liked Eragon's semen in her mouth. They kissed passionately for almost a minute before they broke apart, full of love for each other. "I will never let you go, Saphira," Eragon stated firmly. "I wouldn't expect anything less from you, Eragon," she replied, both knowing they would do anything for each other.

"We should get back now, we were going to meet Arya, remember?" Eragon informed her. Saphira nodded and lowered her body so he could jump on her back. With a powerful push they were airborne, the rush of wind hitting them both. Saphira flew on to the city effortlessly, she was a natural flyer and was frequently told so. When they arrived back in Ellesmera, Saphira landed in a clearing just outside Arya's house. Eragon dismounted and waited patiently for her, leaning against a tree until she arrived.

When she did, Eragon looked at her, noticing his outlook on her was different now. Arya used to be the only woman he wanted to be with, and he had frequently tried to make moves on her. Now, he had found his true love, and she was just behind him, but nobody knew that fact yet. He was surprised, he still found Arya very attractive, but he knew he would never be able to share the connection that he and Saphira held.

"I could get jealous, Eragon," Saphira said jokingly, licking one of her claws. "Easy, Saphira, you know I only have eyes for you." With a sigh, he approached the fair elf Arya swiftly. She twisted her fingers in the traditional elven greeting, reciting regular pleasantries with him and again for Saphira. Saphira dipped her head in response. Arya had an incredibly sharp perception, and she noticed something was up.

"How are you, Eragon," she asked kindly, "have you been training?" Eragon nodded and looked at Saphira, who smiled in her strange way. This wasn't lost on Arya. She knew that look, it had been the same one Faolin would give her when they were in love. "How goes your training?" she asked them. Eragon looked puzzled for a minute, but then remembered what he was covering up. "Fine," he lied, hoping she didn't notice his indescision. Arya did notice, she was highly intelligent, even by elven standards.

It didn't take long for Arya to piece together the evidence. The absences, the look and also, she noticed, the smell which she recognized from a nightmare long ago. "It's Saphira, isn't it?" she asked Eragon directly. "What do you mean?" he replied. "You can't hide it from me, Eragon. I see how you look at her, I notice the long 'training' trips you take." Eragon realized they had been sprung, and took a step back.

Saphira knew as well, and she bared her teeth slowly. It was Arya's turn to take a step back, even she couldn't fight a dragon. Still, she wasn't easily put off.

"Do you think you are the first? Did you really think that you were the only rider to lay with his dragon?

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Many of them discovered that their connection meant more to them than it did to others." Eragon listened, stunned. Saphira stared intensely at her, waiting for her to continue.

"Have a look around you in Ellesmera. Don't you remember the Blood-Oath Celebration? Did you see the elves that had transformed their bodies to be physically closer to the animals they loved? Sometimes, it wasn't just what you could see that they changed." Eragon was shocked, he had never thought of that.

Arya took a step closer. "Many of the elves in this forest have changed themselves 'completely' just so they can mate with the species they love. It's not wrong, it's just uncommon. Most elves are very open about sexuality." Eragon processed that information slowly, finally seeing that she didn't actually mind. "So, you're not displeased with our choice," Eragon asked, still confused by her reaction.

"It's a natural process, Eragon. If it was your way to choose Saphira to be your soulmate then who am I to interfere. I'm actually quite happy, this will mean great things, even if nobody knows just yet." The elf smiled to herself, and then looked at Eragon sharply.

"I assume you have mated with her, am I correct?" Eragon was stunned at the personal question, but as he knew, Arya was rather direct sometimes. Eragon hesitated before nodding, still unsure if he could trust her. Arya clapped her hand together and laughed, which made Eragon and Saphira very confused as to what she was so happy about. "What is it, Arya?" Eragon asked her politely. Arya realized that they had no idea what she was excited about and explained in a very simple sentence.

"It is possible, if you have copulated with Saphira, that she may lay an egg." Eragon almost choked. "Saphira might be pregnant?" he spluttered. Arya nodded and walked over to Saphira, placing a hand on her belly. Saphira snorted and talked to Eragon mentally. "Eragon," Saphira said shakily, "I believe that what she said was true. I may have become pregnant to you." Eragon was still in shock, but he wanted to know one thing.

"How, Saphira, how could I? I'm a human and you're a dragon, we are completely different species." Saphira thought about it for a moment, the answer dawning on her. "Eragon, remember when the celebrations were over and you were transformed using the power of dragons?

I believe that you may have not only received some elf in you, but a little dragon as well." Eragon looked at her, amazed that there was a chance he may have gotten his own dragon knocked up. Saphira snorted and smiled in her odd way. Eragon knew she would love nothing less than to have offspring with him. Arya spoke to them, reminding them of her presence. "This is, of course, not a definite. Even if you were compatible Saphira may not have been in the right stage of her cycle, that is to say, in heat." Saphira looked a little downcast and Eragon put his hand on her neck.

He had another question which now began to take root in his mind. "Arya, if Saphira was in fact pregnant then what would the child look like?

Some kind of half-human half-dragon?" He shuddered at the thought. Arya looked at him, telling him a surprising piece of information. "I believe dragons cannot cross-breed. I think the offspring would be a normal dragon." Eragon sighed, it was all too much for him. Saphira wrapped her wing over him and pulled him close. Arya noticed just how attached the pair seemed to be. She inwardly considered that that kind of relationship would be good if it came to ending Galbatorix's reign.

There would be plenty of motivation for both of them to come out alive if a little baby dragon was thrown into the mix. Eragon listened to her heartbeat, wondering if there could already be some kind of fertile egg developing inside of her.

The idea appealed to him quite a lot, and Saphira agreed with him mentally. "There is a test, to see if she is actually carrying a child," Arya suggested to Eragon. He shook his head and so did Saphira, both knew they wanted it to be a surprise. The elf smiled at the pair.

"If you want to know," Arya said, "my lips are sealed until you say so on this matter. No-one shall know until you wish to make it public." Eragon thanked her and Saphira dipped her head in appreciation. Eragon was still unable to believe they weren't the only strange couple in Ellesmera, and that Arya agreed with what they were doing. Arya smiled. "I wish the best of luck and happiness for the both of you," she said with an honest smile Arya stood up and bid the two lovers farewell, she had business to attend to.

Eragon climbed on Saphira and together they flew off to a cave not to far out of the city. It took five minutes to get there; Saphira landing in the entrance and allowing Eragon to dismount. Eragon knew she had chosen this secluded place so she could think, and he admitted to himself that a clear head wouldn't be such a bad thing as well.

Saphira lay down on the ground and Eragon climbed under her wing, initiating conversation. "Saphira, what will we do if you are pregnant?" he asked her, hoping for some wisdom. "I'm not sure, Eragon, but I hope you will stay with me. I couldn't bear to lose you over this." Eragon shook his head profusely.

"I will always be by your side, Saphira, for everything," Eragon stated honestly. Saphira was content with that and closed her eyes. "Thank you, little one," she said, full of love for Eragon. Eragon patted her wing and quietly fell asleep under her.

The next morning, Eragon awoke to find Saphira pacing the cave.

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He brushed himself off and approached her. She looked at him and kissed him deeply, before he sat down and admired the view out of the cave entrance. "I'm glad someone knows about this. It will make things much easier." Saphira nodded in agreement, Arya was a trustworthy person. Eragon climbed onto her back and they shot into the air, wind rushing through his hair as they climbed to a good altitude. Flying was exhilarating, there was no other way to describe it.

He loved the feeling of flying through the sky on the back of his dragon, watching the distant trees glow beautifully below them. Saphira shot into a heart-pounding dive, speeding towards the ground and leveling out above the trees, which swayed softly on the morning breeze. Saphira wanted to be a mother and she wanted the father to be Eragon, who she knew would care for their child the same way he had cared for her when she was a hatchling.

She smiled as memories came back to her of their time in Carvahall, Eragon's hometown where he had raised her. She chose a small lake to land near, spreading her wings and making a graceful return to the ground.

Eragon jumped off her and looked around, it was oddly peaceful here. He scratched Saphira's neck and ran his hands along her scales. Saphira purred happily when he ran his hand over her belly, hoping that a small dragon may be developing inside.

"Don't get to overconfident," Saphira warned, "I may not be pregnant yet." Eragon shrugged and pulled away, wishing he had've taken Arya up on her offer earlier. Still, he knew it deep down it would be better for it to be a surprise. "Saphira, when Arya said you had to be in heat, can you tell when you are?" Saphira turned her long neck to look into his eyes. "I'm not sure. I was so wrapped up in. what we were doing that I didn't notice if I was fertile or not." Eragon shrugged and flicked a stone across the water, making it bounce many times before it stopped and dissapeared under the surface.

"When our old mentor said that it was an accomplishment for a wild dragon to mate with a female, I didn't realize how soft they were." Saphira looked at him quizzically.

"How so?" she asked. Smiling, he answered, "Well, I got you pretty easily, didn't I? It wasn't much of an effort, you big, wussy dragon." Saphira realized he was mocking her and clued in, playing his game now. Snarling playfully she swept his legs out from under him with her thick tail.

He hit the ground lightly and bounded to his feet. Eragon pretended to resist as she pinned him to the ground with her massive foreleg. He struggled for a minute before submitting to her mockingly. "How should I punish the great Shadeslayer," she asked in a sexy voice. Eragon smiled as she straddled him with her massive bulk, allowing him to pull his clothes off. Saphira swiftly wrapped her tail around his waist to his surprise, she had never done that before.

She brought him up to her stomach with ease and he wrapped his arms around her soft underbelly. He was already getting hard just from the contact and her sweet scent.

He pressed against her stomach and listened to her body heaving above him. Saphira moved him down so his semi-erect penis was aligned with her pussy, which was beginning to get wet as usual. She was always ready for him. Eragon took his cock in his hand and rubbed it on the outside of her vagina. She shuffled a little involuntarily and Eragon wondered if she would crush him accidentally.

"Don't worry, Eragon, I have strength enough for this," she reassured him gently. Eragon continued to slide his lenth across her soft lips before he slowly inserted the tip into Saphira's awaiting hole. When he didn't continue, Saphira got a little agitated. "Put it in me, Dragon Rider," she ordered him affectionately. When he didn't comply she squeezed him with her tail and pushed him up into her, penetrating her deeply.

Saphira roared as she buried him within her, forcing his stiff rod deep inside of her body. He stopped for a second to regain her composure, and then used her muscles on his cock, massaging him internally. Eragon groaned as his member was massaged by the sapphire dragon.

He wrapped his arms around her large underbelly, ready to begin. She stopped kneading his meat, which he pulled out of her and thrust back in, taking up a smooth rhythm as he pushed into her repeatedly. He looked up at her, seeing her head upside down due to the position he was in.

It was kind of funny to be under her for once, so used to being the rider all the time. Saphira wished she could just fly off to a far away mountail with Eragon and live with him there, where they could mate in the open without fear of the chance of being seen. She smiled as she imagined waking up with Eragon every morning, their duties as a Rider and dragon just washed away on the morning breeze.

He pounded her wet opening vigorously, thrusting in and out at a good pace.

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Her fluids began to roll down his body slowly, as he was right beneath her and she was dripping them onto him. It almost tickled when her fluids trickled down his stomach. Saphira was panting a little from exertion as she held her rider with her tail, allowing him to penetrate her completely.

He gripped her body as he mated her rapidly, making her purr contentedly as he took her. The forest swayed gently around them, as if moving to their bodies as they mated on the side of the lake. Eragon was getting close and so was Saphira.

He thrust with all his might as he sought to bring pleasure to the both of them. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Eragon hit his climax. He hilted himself within her, spraying her insides with his creamy cum. Saphira was sent over the edge from the feeling of his cock spurting into her. The large dragon let loose a blast of fire from her mouth as she orgasmed with him.

Eragon coated her insides with his steamy seed, hoping that it may help impregnate her. Still, his load was nothing compared to what Saphira was producing. Due to the fact she was a massive dragon, her juices ran out of her, covering Eragon's cock, stomach, legs and anything else it could reach.

He groaned in pleasure as he finally finished his ejaculation. Saphira was almost done as well and Eragon marveled at how much she had put out. His body was soaked with her internal fluids.

It made him wonder how viable it was for his sperm to fertilize her egg, seeing as it would almost be impossible for it to pass all the liquids she was emitting.

Just as he was about to drink some of her fluids her legs buckled and her tail released him. He fell to the ground just as Saphira collapsed on top of him. She was wise enough to stop her fall with her strong legs, otherwise he would have been crushed.

Breathing a sigh of relief Eragon tried to get out, but couldn't. Saphira was very heavy on top of him, but it was a comfortable type of heavy. His cock had slipped back into her warm folds, as if they were waiting for him to return. He smiled, wishing he could lay like this forever. Her large body enveloped him almost totally, he was powerless under her.

She allowed her vaginal muscles to massage his length slowly inside of her. Ending 1: (GryphonWings) (me!) Eragon groaned and kissed her underbelly softly as she slowly overcame her orgasm. All of a sudden, a noise came from a little distance away. Saphira craned her head and saw, with shock and embarrassment, Arya running towards them.

Eragon tried to see but he couldn't from under Saphira, so he linked minds with his dragon and looked through her eyes.

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She stopped when she saw Saphira and didn't realize at first the Eragon was under her. "Saphira, where's Eragon?" she asked hurriedly, "I have important news." She then noticed Eragon's hand sticking out from under Saphira and she immediately apologized.

"I'm so sorry, I. I didn't realize you were." she blushed a deep crimson, something Eragon had never seen her do. Arya looked at the pair, realizing that Eragon must still be inside of her. "It's alright, Arya, we were just finished," Eragon said from under Saphira's large bulk. Arya looked at him, surprised that Saphira wasn't crushing him but realized Saphira was holding most of her weight off of his body She turned away as Saphira let Eragon up and he got into some clothes.

Still, she couldn't help but see he was very sticky and smelt very strongly of Saphira's juices. Also, the wet patches all over the ground were a dead giveaway.

She smiled at them both, who were still highly embarrassed from being interrupted in their lovemaking. Still, Arya had something even more shocking to say.

"Eragon, the empire is attacking Du Weldenvarden. Galbatorix himself is headed our way, while Murtagh is off on an errand to Surda, most likely to cause trouble there." Eragon was silent for a moment, before his brain snapped into action. "Galbatorix? Are you sure?" he demanded. Arya nodded. "He's riding Shurikan and he's about five hours away." Eragon wasted no time.

He jumped onto Saphira's back and signaled for Arya to join him. Together they headed back to Ellesmera at a breakneck speed. The fight was about to begin. Ending 2: This is alternative ending written by an author frined of mine, Fang_and_Claw. Please enjoy: Once Saphira had overcome her orgasm, she smiled contently, savouring the feeling of Eragon's cock being buried inside of her.

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"That was incredible," Eragon thought while enjoying the feeling of Saphira's vaginal muscles still massaging his length. "Indeed it was little one, indeed it was," Saphira replied, never growing tired of her rider's length inside her. "Are you ready for more?" Saphira asked seductively.

"There's more?" Eragon asked in fake surprise. "You naughty dragon, you just don't know when to stop, do you?" he scolded her jokingly. Saphira gave a low growl of amusement, and began humping Eragon the same way he humped her the first time they had made love. Eragon was really enjoying being on the bottom.

For whatever reason, the fact that he was being humped by Saphira instead of Saphira being humped by him turned him on even more than he already was, but of course Eragon didn't mind. He just laid there, enjoying every second under his dragon. Suddenly, Saphira grinned mischievously, stopped humping, and began to sit up.

"Saphira, what are you." Eragon began, but was cutoff by Saphira. "Don't worry Eragon, we're not done yet," Saphira cooed. She sat up all the way, Eragon's length still inside her, and making sure she did not accidently crush her rider, began to bounce up and down. Both Eragon and Saphira deeply enjoyed this new position; Saphira was moaning, gasping softly, and panting softly in pure pleasure, as well was Eragon. Eventually, Eragon could feel himself getting close, and communicated this with Saphira.

"Saphira, I'm getting c.close," Eragon gasped. "Well, then, maybe I should 'slow down'," Saphira said in a naughty tone, emphasizing the words "slow" and "down." "I like that idea," Eragon said eagerly. Saphira gave a low rumble, which Eragon guessed was her way of chuckling, and slowly began to lower herself all the way down to Eragon's hilt, pressed down against his body ever so lightly, and slowly began to raise herself up Eragon's shaft, and repeated the process while still keeping the same speed.

This process caused Eragon and Saphira to both moan and cry out in pleasure. The two lovers stayed like this for what seemed like hours until Saphira felt herself getting close. So, without warning, she began to speed up again while still pressing all the way down to Eragon's hilt. Then, Eragon squeezed his eyes shut in pleasure and called out Saphira's name as he sprayed his seed, coating her insides with the stuff for the second time that day. At the same time, Saphira let loose a mighty roar as she orgasmed, covering Eragon's shaft, and whatever else she could reach with her sweet nectar.

Saphira got off of Eragon, and laid down on her side, her opening just barely out of view. "That was incredible," she breathed happily. "Indeed it was," Eragon complied, "We have to try that position again sometime." "That's a good idea," Saphira said, "I think it's one of my favourite positions." "Mine too," Eragon said. Saphira smiled at Eragon. "I love you, little one," she cooed. Eragon smiled back. "I love you two, Saphira," he cooed back. He stood up, grabbed his clothes, and motioned Saphira to follow him to the hot spring, where they cleaned themselves off.

Eragon then put his clothes back on, and snuggled up against Saphira. Eragon waited for Saphira to just being drifting off to sleep before slowly scooting down to Saphira's opening. He then started to massage the skin around Saphira's sweet opening, which earned him a playful scold from its owner. "What are you doing?" she asked, although she already knew the answer. "Oh, you know how much I love your body," Eragon replied back playfully. "We both know how much I love it when you massage me, but I'm tired.

We'll do that in the morning," Saphira yawned. "Oh all right," Eragon said pseudo-disappointedly. Saphira grinned, for she knew Eragon's intentions. Oh well, there's always tomorrow, she thought. She gave a small shiver of delight when Eragon laid his head against her opening; he had not moved when Saphira told him she was too tired for any more activities.

She closed her eyes and went to sleep.