Peefetish babe drenches herself in piss

Peefetish babe drenches herself in piss
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Pussy Bank Ever since my daughter Katrina was little we have been playing a game that I call "Pussy Bank." I bought her a Piggy Bank that looks like a big adorable kitten so it has become our Pussy Bank.

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I taught her that I needed to put my coins in her little girl pussy first then I can put them in her ceramic Pussy Bank. I made sure that Katrina understood that it was our little secret and that mommy was not supposed to know anything about it.

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Then once a month Katrina and I go out and she gets to spend her Pussy money. It's kind of a father daughter date of sorts and we both get dressed up. Of course I have to give equal attention to my wife too. I'm embarrassed to tell you just how young she was when we first started our little game but Kat was pleased with shinny pennies and dimes at that time. Nickels and quarters came along about a year or so later. In fact we both have an almost complete set of the new State Quarters that are being produced here in America.

Every coin from both the Philadelphia and Denver mints have spent some time in her pussy before being put in our coin books.


We both look forward to each new issue. I poke them in Kat's pussy one night and then take them out the next night. We both kind of like the twenty-four hour soak.


We were also excited when the new Presidential Dollars came out this year. President George Washington and President John Adams have both been entered into our coin books. This summer Katrina has had coins in her pussy that I didn't put in there.

I was jealous at first but then I realized that Katrina needed to do things with other boys too so I just enjoyed fishing them out of her pussy. Katrina knew very well what she was doing. She was getting paid for showing the boys her pussy and letting them touch it. The going price seemed be a dollar. Katrina liked the dollar coins best because it only took one of them, they were not very big, and it didn't take as long.


One boy always brought quarters so that he could poke her four times. Another boy brought half-dollars because they were big and he got to force them in a little. I kind of liked retrieving them myself. Recently I have had to really work to get those half-dollars out of Katrina's pussy. When I asked her how they got in there so deep she told me that Tommy pokes them in with his cock. What! Katrina is letting Tommy fuck her!

My little girl isn't a virgin anymore! I asked Katrina to tell me about Tommy and him poking the coins in her pussy. She smiled and said that she liked Tommy a lot and that she liked him putting his cock in her pussy. Katrina told me how it felt when his cock slips into her pussy, how excited she gets, and how she can come three or four times before he does.

She likes it when he puts a half-dollar in her pussy then pokes it in for a minute or so before putting in another coin. As I removed the tenth half-dollar from her pussy Katrina blushed just a little and said that she had really enjoyed him but that he had run out of coins so she made him stop.

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He had promised to bring more coins tomorrow. Then Katrina asked me if I had any change that I wanted to donate. She told me that I could poke them in too with my cock. Really!

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Wow! Oh shit!

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She is my daughter! But Katrina didn't care in the slightest so why should I? Because I'm supposed to be the adult! That's why! But what man can resist such a pretty willing little girl? My fingers were covered with her pussy juice and I had been probing her pussy for a few years now. I had seen and touched her pussy at least once every day for all of those past years too.

I had smelled and tasted her bodily fluids. I was in love with my little girl. I didn't have any resistance left.

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As I pulled out a roll of dimes Katrina smiled. We both knew that there were fifty coins in that small roll. Katrina had seen my cock on many occasions. I had often touched it to her pussy lips as a way of letting our two sex organs kiss goodnight. We both liked that. I had put hundreds of coins in her pussy so this was just the next step in our Pussy Bank career.


I slipped in the first dime and poked it in deeper with my hard cock. My little girl closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of fullness.

I started out by counting to ten strokes of my cock before adding another coin but soon I was just fucking her and occasionally putting in another coin. When I finally cum it was fantastic. I couldn't remember the last time I shot that much cum into her mother's pussy. Katrina said, "Daddy that was a lot better than with Tommy!

Your cock is so much bigger than his is! I counted only five coins so does this mean that we can do it again nine more times?" My wife scared the shit out of me standing in the doorway, as she said, "No honey! He can do it a lot more than nine times! I'll even go to the bank tomorrow and get some more rolls of dimes.

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In fact I want to try that half-dollar thing myself!" My heart had skipped a few beats but I was starting to recover when she said, "Come to bed…and bring that roll of dimes with you!" In our bedroom I just had to ask, "How long have you known?" My wife smiled and said, "From the very beginning!

Why do you think you never got caught before?" The End Pussy Bank