Georgia Jones Strips and Masturbates

Georgia Jones Strips and Masturbates
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What was later to be dubbed the greatest spectacle of all time at Fairview High was over. Brad, Liz, Jen and Marcus had ‘performed’ a presentation about sex for their final exam in their Life Management course.

The teacher – Mr. Miller – had not been present for the performance, but still gave the presentation a grade of 100% when the class demonstrated their approval by cheering and clapping loudly upon its conclusion and his coincidental return. Some of the students in that particular class were somewhat the worse for wear when Mr.

Miller returned. Christine Fulton, for example, was sporting a torn shirt that exposed her left breast for all to see. She made no effort to cover herself up as her hormones were still raging after having ravaged Justin Campbell. This was a rather odd coupling given that Justin was president of the school Chess Club while Christine was the school’s head cheerleader.

At this moment, however, Christine did not care. She merely returned Justin’s wide grin while continuing to smear his cum around her cheekbones in a vain attempt to disguise it as skin cream for Mr. Miller’s benefit. Perhaps the worst off was Mary Kessler, a prissy Catholic girl who had never so much as been noticed during her entire tenure at Fairview High.

Yet after today, she would go down in history as one of the most popular – if not infamous – people ever to attend the school. Mary had enjoyed the sex presentation so much that she had actually participated – though that was not the plan. As it turns out, Mary was a ‘squirter’, thus when she came, she subsequently soaked her tan khakis as her juices flowed from her pussy, through her panties, down her legs, and finally culminating in a small puddle beneath her desk.

When Mr. Miller asked Mary to explain her situation, she admitted that the sex presentation was so good that she had cum all over herself. Taken aback, Mr. Miller awarded the presentation full marks and retreated to his desk staring at his pencils, unable to say more. He sat there for a few moments, unconsciously aware of the faint marks on the desktop that seemed to resemble someone’s bare butt.


That is where our story begins. -------- Mr. Miller was clearly not entirely concentrating on his class. A whole host of things was running through his mind. He thought of the penis enlarger that he had not ordered, yet received under his name. “Probably a prank,” he told himself. Looking up he saw that cheerleader girl, Christine in the corner, her breast still exposed though now she was finally pulling on a sweater.

“That was clearly cum on her face,” he thought, “but with that Justin kid? Not a chance. I must be dreaming.” But no matter what ran through his mind, Mr. Miller always came back to Mary; his precious Mary.

She had been the only student who had actually been a pleasure to teach. Mary was a petite, attractive brunette who, despite not being popular, always managed to dress somewhat provocatively. Today, for example, she wore those tight tan khakis he liked so much.

They hugged her ass so tightly he– “What am I thinking?!?” Mr. Miller stopped himself. She was a student, and he was the teacher. These were not thoughts he should have – especially for Mary.

She was so pure, so innocent. “Yet how innocent could she be?” he thought, “did she really cum in her khakis?” Mr. Miller looked over at Mary and down at the floor below her.

There was definitely a puddle there. She had definitely soaked herself something fierce. The insides of her pant legs were wet. Her crotch had been completely soaked. And since Mary’s pants were tan, the wetness showed what was underneath quite easily. She was wearing black panties. Undoubtedly they were soaked too. Soaked with her feminine juices as the seeped from her tight pussy– “Dammit!” Mr.

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Miller scolded himself. He suddenly realized he had said this out loud and now the entire class was staring at him. How much time had passed? He gave a quick look up at the clock and saw that only a few seconds had passed.

He breathed a sigh of relief, That was good. He wouldn’t look so crazy then. But either way, he knew what he had to do. He had a job – a responsibility. He needed to be the teacher and he needed to act.

“Class,” he started, “I realize this is your last class of the year and you’re all dying to leave and start your end-of-year parties.” Mr. Miller paused for what he hoped seemed like dramatic effect. “I’ve decided to give you all full grades. You can all go home.” The class cheered and immediately stood up, packing bags and making plans with each other. Some of the more popular kids even walked up to Mary and asked her to come to their respective parties (to which she readily accepted).

Mary stood up from her desk and began to pack her things. As Mr. Miller had suspected, her ass had been completely drenched. There was absolutely no hiding her condition. He sighed. “Mary?” She turned and looked at him, innocently. “Mary, can you stay behind please?” She nodded and continued to pack her things. The remaining students filed out of class. Almost every one of them glanced at Mary before doing so and then whispered amongst themselves.

Being so unpopular, Mary was very used to whispers. But this was the first time she was actually happy to hear them as, for the first time, they were not derogatory, but rather complimentary. She could not stop smiling. Finally Mary and Mr. Miller were alone. Mr. Miller walked over to the classroom door and closed it. Mary sat back down in her chair, making a faint squishing sound as she sat in her own juices. Mr. Miller looked up at the ceiling as if asking for strength as he walked back to his desk.

Mr. Miller turned to face Mary. He sat on the edge of his desk – the same spot Brad had been sitting but a few minute earlier (Mary chuckled a bit at the thought). “What’s so funny?” asked Mr. Miller. Mary shook her head and apologized. Mr. Miller sighed again. “Mary,” he continued, “what’s going on here? Are you going to tell me what really happened?” Mary looked up at him, blankly.

“I already told you. The presentation was so good, I came.” “Mary, please,” Mr. Miller protested. “Listen, if you don’t tell me the truth, or at least explain yourself, I’m going to have to call your parents. You don’t want me to do that do you?” Mary’s smile faded. She looked up at Mr. Miller. She had told the truth. She wasn’t lying.

Why was he doing this to her? If he told her parents, there was no telling what they’d do. They were very strict Catholics.

She’d probably have to be a nun or something! She decided to try lying, “You’re right. I’m sorry. I just had a bit of an accident. I thought it would be less embarrassing if I said I came.” Mary was not a very good liar, but Mr. Miller would rather have heard a lie like this than hear the truth about his precious Mary – sexy Mary – having cum all over herself, in full view of an entire class, while he was in the office.

“Okay. That’s better. Now you should clean yourself up. Do you have a clean pair of pants?” Mary nodded, “Yes. I cleaned out my locker and got my gym pants. I’ll just change into those.” Mr. Miller nodded his approval and turned his back to her to go sit in his chair. He sat down, looked up, and gasped. Mary had taken off her soaked khakis and panties and stood, bottomless in front of him while she fished around in her bag for her gym pants.

Her pussy was exquisite. It was tight and perfectly trimmed. For such an unpopular girl, she kept impressive care of her snatch. Mr. Miller felt a stir in his pants. “Um,” he stammered, “what are you doing?” “I’m changing. Like you said,” she answered, matter-of-factly. “Well, I didn’t mean here. You can go to the bathroom.” He felt his cock getting harder.

He couldn’t take his eyes off Mary’s beautiful crotch. “Oh,” she stopped, “you don’t like it?” she asked, turning towards him and giving him a much better view. “Well, I’m not going to put my soaking pants back on now! You can close your eyes if you want. I just didn’t think you’d mind.” “I don’t mind. I’m just surprised.” “So,” she paused and gave him that innocent look again.

She cocked her head on her shoulder and twirled her right foot on its toes. “Do you like it? I’ve never shown it to a boy before.” “Oh yes, I think it’s beautiful,” Mr. Miller said this without even thinking. He immediately regretted it. He was a teacher, he shouldn’t be saying these things. But she started it – didn’t she?


“So you’re a virgin, then? Your parents must be happy.” “Oh no, I’m not a virgin.” She turned back to her bag. “I broke my hymen with my dildo about 4 years ago. So while I’ve never slept with a guy, I don’t think of myself as a virgin.” Mr. Miller argued that intercourse was the only way someone loses their virginity.

“So, are you saying then, that a lesbian – that is, a girl who’s only had sex with other girls – is a virgin because she’s never slept with a man?” “Yes, of course. Why? Are you saying you’re a lesbian?” “I might like girls, but nothing turns me on like a big, fat, cock!” At this, Mr.

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Miller’s own cock pressed harder against his pants. “At any rate, I don’t think I’m a virgin. If I am, I’ll fuck you right now!” “Mary!” Mr. Miller gasped, “watch what you’re saying!” Mary scoffed and finally pulled something out of her bag. Except that instead of her pants, she pulled out a dictionary.

“We’ll settle this thing once and for all!” Mr. Miller protested, though now it was only half-hearted as his hormones were starting to affect his better judgment. She read the definition out load: A person who has not experienced sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. “Ha!” Shouted Mr.

Miller before realizing it. Mary shrugged and tossed the book onto her desk. She turned and walked towards Mr. Miller’s desk. She slowly began to pull off her shirt. Mr. Miller sat there – unable to move – staring at Mary – his precious Mary – as she strode towards him. She pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her braless chest. Her tits bounced as she hopped up onto his desk.

She was now completely naked. Mr. Miller admired her. Her breasts were perfect.

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A B-cup and very perky. Her nipples were hard either due to being cold or, more likely, because she was turned on. Her trimmed bush led a trail down to her equally perfect pussy.

It was dripping with anticipation. Mary leaned over the edge of the desk towards Mr. Miller. She slowly unzipped his pants while he sat paralyzed and unable to stop her. She reached in through the zipped and pulled his bulging cock out from under his underwear. She licked her lips at the sight of it.

She did not seem at all nervous about seeing it. Mary looked up into Mr. Miller eyes and he spoke, “have you ever even touched a penis before?” Mary nodded.

“Really? Whose?” She giggled and shook her head. But before Mr. Miller could protest, she dove down onto his member.

She kissed and licked the shaft. She ran her tongue up and down the length of his dick until finally she took it into her mouth. She sucked it gently, but quickly.

She ran her tongue all around the head while sliding up and down the shaft. Mr. Miller rolled his eyes upwards and grabbed the top of her head, guiding her movements. She moaned a bit. He felt the smooth wetness of her tongue on his cock and worried for a moment that he would cum too soon.

He stood up and Mary did not miss a beat. She placed her hand on his cock and stroked it while continue to blow. He tore off his pants. Her hair waved back and forth as she sucked. Mary released his cock and rolled over onto her back. She turned her pussy towards Mr. Miller and spread her legs. She signaled for him to return the favour she had given him. Mr. Miller gladly obliged. He fell down to his knees and began to kiss the insides of Mary’s thighs. He ran his tongue down the inside of her legs until he finally reached her pussy.

It was sopping wet and oozing juices. She smelled amazing. The sweet odor of her snatch was intoxicating. Mr. Miller dove into it. Mary groaned loudly as Mr. Miller shot his tongue in and out of her pussy.


He worked his tongue around the inside and up unto her clit. She thrashed on the desk a bit as she allowed the pleasure to wash over her body. Mr. Miller gripped her legs tighter for better leverage. He could taste her juices. They were so sweet. He wished this moment would never end. But alas, all good things… Mary came. Mary came and she squirted. Mr. Miller had completely forgotten about her ‘talent’ and was subsequently taken by surprise when she screamed and a warm, sweet liquid shot into his mouth.

He was surprised that something like this could taste so good. He pressed his mouth harder into her pussy as she squirmed hard on the desk. He drank every last drop that shot out of her. Her screams turned into moans as her orgasm subsided. Mr. Miller removed himself from Mary’s crotch. His chin was dripping with her feminine fluids.

Mary saw this and sat up. She kissed him passionately.

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Her tongue ran into his mouth and she sucked on his tongue as he returned the favour. She then proceeded to lick all of her own juices from his chin. When she finished, she licked her lips and murmured in satisfaction. “Switch!” Mary yelled suddenly. She jumped from the desk and through Mr. Miller down onto his back in her place.

She climbed up onto him and easily inserted his cock into her sopping pussy.

The warmth and the tightness were overwhelming. Mr. Miller put his head down on the desk and stared up at the ceiling as Mary slowly lowered herself completely onto his cock. Mary immediately began to ride Mr. Miller’s dick hard and fast. She ran herself up and down on his shaft. She ignored him almost completely. It was as though she was fucking her dildo. She moaned and squealed her pleasure as she jammed herself repeatedly against his cock.

Mr. Miller, now without any inhibitions grunted his approval as Mary continued to grind herself against him. She increased her tempo and arched her back.

Mr. Miller reached up and cupped her tits, groping them. Their bodies writhed together in total harmony and pleasure. She moaned louder and he grunted harder. They fucked faster, faster, faster, until finally Mary let out a scream of pleasure and lifted herself up off of Mr. Miller. Liquid blasted from her pussy all over him and onto the desk.

She screamed as more and more juices flowed from her until she finally collapsed onto the desk beside Mr. Miller. Both of them laying still in a pool of female cum. But Mr. Miller was not done yet. He stood up. Mary’s head hung off the end of the desk and Mr. Miller moved in. He guided himself into her mouth and she accepted.

She stroked his cock with one hand has he fucked her mouth. She ran her tongue around his head giving him an unbelievable sensation. She sucked all of her juices off of his shaft, moaning in pleasure. Mr. Miller rolled his eyes back and could no longer hold it.

He came hard and long. He pulled his cock from her mouth and shot jizz all over her face and chest. She moaned with gratitude as the warm liquid shot over her face and splashed against her breasts. Those drops that landed on her face were quickly licked up. When Mr. Miller’s orgasm had finally subsided, he collapsed back into his chair. Mary turned and stood up in front of him. His jizz was running down her chest between her breasts (and over them too) down into her belly button and over her pussy.

She stared into his eyes as she scooped every last drop into her hand and into her mouth.

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She swallowed it all. She closed her eyes and let out a deep, satisfied sigh. Mary opened her eyes and looked down at Mr. Miller. “I guess I’m not a virgin anymore, am I?” “God-damn…”