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Closeup oral pleasure and sex on webcam
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Three Girls nightmares This story is based on the real life of a world where 4 and 5 year old girls are forced to fuck grown men that pay for their services.


Please keep in mind that although The story here is 100% fiction similar events do happen in real life. To get the facts behind this story check out This is the story of how three sisters ended up with a former Senator who was now trading in child prostitution. Kim Jill Sun had made an agreement with Former Senator John Smith to get her family out of Cambodia. Her father was an enemy of the government and would be killed if he didn't flee the country.

Her mother had already been killed and her two brothers were being held in prison and was scheduled to be killed in a few weeks. John had agreed to save her family for a price. He would get her brothers out of prison and then arrange for them and her father to escape to America where he could arrange for diplomatic immunity and they could start life over there. The price Kim agreed to pay was John would adopt her three daughters and raise them as he saw fit.

After her family was safe in America they would have absolutly no more contact with the girls ever. Kim had agreed to all this to save her father and brothers. John lived up to his part of the deal and managed to get both her brothers out of prison by bribing an official for their release. He then arranged their flight to America along with Kim, her three daughters and her father.

Once they arrived at LAX John handed Kim a letter and told her he would take the three little girls with him. That would be the last time the little girls would be seen by any of their family. John put them in his SUV and drove out of the airport. Kim and her family started to leave when security grabbed them and they ended up being deported back to Cambodia and turned over to government officials.

Within a week all of them were killed by a firing squard. Kim's final thought was at least her daughters would have a life in America and be safe with John. "Senator Smith. How did your fact finding trip to Cambodia last month go? Did you acheive any success with their government?" The reporter was doing an interview with former Senator Smith, asking him about his trip to Cambodia. " Yes as a matter of fact I met with Mr Jung and we talked about his government dealing with the illegal activities and the shipments of drugs to America.

Mr Jung has agreed to step up his government's efforts to stop the shipments of illegal drugs to America and I have no doubt he will do as agreed." This was John's spin on his trip and nothing was ever mentioned about the real purpose of the trip to Cambodia.

"Well Senator this was your 5th trip to Cambodia this past year and you have built a good relationship with Mr Jung right?" The reporter was asking about the Senator's supposed efforts to stop the shipments of illegal drugs from Cambodia to America. "Yes Mr Jung is a friend and he will do what needs to be done to deal with stopping the shipments.

Already he has put into place tighter measures to detect those shipments. I saw first hand the way they deal with drug smuglers.

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They caught an entire family trying to smuggle drugs out of the country and being tried and found guilty they were executed. I think their name was Sung or Young, something like that. There was a father two brothers and a sister, that was involved with the illegal drugs.

I met Mr Jung when I was a Senator and I feel I still have an obligation to help our country deal with the growing problem." John then excused himself saying the interview was over because he had some official business to take care of immediately. On his drive back to his home he was thinking to himself how great things were.

Jung had helped him arrange for the release of the Sun brothers when he had told him he could give him not only the Sun father he wanted but also his daughter who was protecting the father. John had arranged for the family to be deported and returned to Jung for execution, and he had the girls he wanted.

Su ling was seven, the oldest of the three. Shrey (sharee) was next at six and then there was Kim Lee the youngest at five. Now that the smoke had cleared and all the interviews were over.

John picked up his cell phone and made a call. "Hey Tom you free next weekend? I have what we talked about and the price is a thousand per hour. Oh Yes! but that will cost you an extra hundred an hour.

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Okay next Saturday evening around eight then. Bye. John was counting the money he would be making next weekend and thinking about the pleasure he would have between now and then. He turned into his private drive and pulled into the garage. He walked to the back of the house and opened the door to the first bed room.

Kim Lee was setting naked on the only chair in the room and John started removing his clothes. His nine inch thick cock was already hard as a rock. As he approached the little girl she tried to withdraw but he grabbed her by her shoulder length black hair. The girl was so small she barely came to his belt level and he knew he was going to enjoy busting her pussy wide open with his cock. He threw her on the bed and forced her to lay still by holding her by the throat with one hand while he removed his clothes with his free hand.

He looked down at her helpless little body and thought to himself that his wrist was almost as wide as her waist, Her flat chest and bald virgin pussy were an open invatation for him to do as he wanted with her.

He spit in his hand and rubbed it into her pussy for lubrication. The terrorified girl had no idea what John was about to do, but instinc let her know she would be hurt even more if she fought him in any way. John smiled as he slid his first finger into the little girls virgin cunt. he forced it in until he found her barrier.

He didn't want to break it with his finger, he would save that pleasure for his nine inch thick cock. First he wanted to enjoy playing with his new toy. He lowered his mouth to her chest and sucked on her nipples. There wasn't a tit for him to do anything with because at five she hadn't even started to develop. After sucking her nipples for awhile he lowered himself to her virgin bald pussy and stuck his tongue into her.

John licked every inch of her young pussy and then got up and proceeded to force the young girl to suck his cock. He slapped her several times to make her willing to open her mouth for him to stick his cock in. She was so small that all she could get in her mouth was his cock head. John slapped her a couple of more times to get her that far.

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While she sucked the head of his cock he was fingering her pussy, first with one finger then two. Being sure to streach her lips as much as possible but still making sure not to bust her hymen with his fingers. After a few minutes he threw her back on the bed and spread her legs as wide as they would go.

He got on top of her and placed his arms under her spread legs and grasped her thighs. His cock was right at the entrance to her tender young pussy. With one thrust he burried himself in her. She screamed and cried out in her native Cambodian language, which brought a punch to her head from John as he called her his whore.

Then she passed out from the shock.

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John slapped her again to arouse her. She stirred after a minute or so. As soon as her eyes opened John drew back and rammed his cock into her again. Out she went again, giving John the satisfaction he sought, knowing he had this little girls life in his total control. He woke her again then repeated his assualt on her. She didn't pass out again but she was like a limp rag in his arms. John knew by the meeting he would have her fucking and sucking like a professional whore.

His whore. He fucked her until he felt his balls tighten ready to shoot his load. He withdrew and just dressed. John then proceeded to slap and kick the little helpless girl. He told her she better learn he was her master and owner and she was alive only because he wanted her alive. After blooding her face and causing several brusies which were already showing.

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He grabbed her by the hair and slung her into a corner where she slumped into a heap on the floor terrorfied to move. He pushed the intercom button on his phone and called out, Nancy time to come in here and straighten things up.

Before leaving the room he told Kim Lee in Cambodian that she would learn more later if he decided she could be worth his efforts. He smiled when he saw her blood seaping out of her just fucked pussy. She was a real prize which would make him thousands of dollars before he would sell her to some one else to use her. Hell he could make ten to twenty thousand on her and on the other two. But he had a lot of work to do to get them ready for sale.

He smiled as he thought back to the first two he sold. He made fifteen thousand off them then sold them for twenty four thousand for the pair. They were both six when he got them and it only took him a month to sell them. He snapped back to the work at hand. He needed to work hard to have three ready for the following Saturday.

Next he went into Shrey. She too had all her clothes removed and lay on the bed waiting for what was going to happen to her. Her hair was a little longer and she stood maybe an inch taller then her sister. No tits, and not a single hair on her body anywhere. This little one would make another prize whore which would make him thousands of dollars. He thought to himself, his clients would never know the pleasure of sticking their cocks into her virgin hole. He drew his fist back and hit Shrey along side her head knocking her out.

This act gave him almost as much pleasure as fucking her for the first time. John didn't waste any time starting his assualt on her virgin pussy. She slowly woke up as his tongue worked on her pussy for several minutes. Then he grabbed her hair and forced her face to he crotch. He squeezed her checks to force her mouth open and as her lips parted he shoved the head of his cock against her lips.As his cockhead entered her mouth for the first of many times he thought how great it would be to have a lot more young girls to slam his cock into.

Little girls who he could use anyway he choose to and if the little sluts died in the process it would be no great loss. He made a mental note to contact Jung and arrange for more girls. Hell a hundred bucks for each was well worth the investment.

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After slapping Shrey several times to get her to suck he quickly tired of her mouth. He Threw her back on the bedspread her legs til they were fully streached open. He raised up and thrust his cock into her with identical results as with her sister.

Screams and cries of pain, being punched up side the head, and then pass out. He got so much pleasure when the second girl passed out, it caused him to loose control and he shot his load deep into her. He then starting using his fist to hit her anywhere his blows might land. As he beat her he cussed himself as well as her for making him cum before he had fucked her real good. She was out cold and he pulled out and spit on her. Part of him hopped she was dead but he knew that would mean a loss of a great deal of money.

he hit the intercom button, instructed Nancy it was time again the clean up and left the girl laying on the bed. As he walked out Nancy was entering the room. The cunt needs medical help this time. See to it Nancy right away! "Shit John! You really did a number on this one. She won't be able to preform for the meeting." The fuck she won't Nancy. She will either be ready to preform or the whore will be dead.

Now take care of it. I have one more to start trainning. he headed for the third little girl. When he entered Su Ling sat on the bed facing him. In cambodian she asked for her mommy. John's answer was short and to the point. You don't have a mommy any more whore.


I am your master now. He slapped her hard across her face. She fell off the bed and as she hit the floor John kicked her hard between her legs. You worthless fucking whores better learn fast that you can be dead if I want you dead. Now get that little whore ass back on the bed. John yanked her up by her hair and threw her on her back on the bed before slapping her again. He grabbed her legs and raised her pussy to his mouth. He devoured her virgin hole like a starving man would eat food.

He ate her for several minutes then shoved two fingers into her pussy. John fingered her as he looked around the room for the KY jelly. Had that cunt Nancy forgot to put it in here. John thought about beating the shit out of her if she had forgoten when he saw it on the night stand on the far side of the bed. Fuck he said as he grabbed the tube. Guess the bitch won't get her ass beat this time.

Su Ling tried to lower her legs and got hit with a fist for her efforts. John knew as much as he enjoyed knocking the shit out of these cunts he needed to slow down. Doing serious damage to them would only cost him money, and that was what this was all about. He Squeezed the tube and gathered a glob of the jelly which he smeared all over his cock.

When he had finished with his cock he smeared the rest into Su Lings ass sticking a slipery finger into her as he did. Of course having a finger shoved into her ass caused the girl to wake up, but before she could even try to fight the finger intruding into her rectum a second finger was shoved into her.Instinc said she should try and move away from it but when she saw the raised fist she just went limp and excepted her fate.

John reamed her ass good with his fingers, using them to streach her ring as much as he could. He pulled them out several times only to shove them right back in. It was Time. John's cock was so hard that it hurt. He pulled Su Ling's legs even higher and lined his cock up with her ass. He moved his cock forward and it entered the girl and he heard her ass rip as he forced his rock hard cock into her tiny ass. He managed to get all of it in her and started pumping her.

He was so involved in getting his cock into her little ass he didn't even notice she had long since passed out from the pain. He pulled out and her blood rushed out behind his cock.


He slapped her until she started to move. He then shoved his blood soaked cock into her virgin pussy and after only a few strokes shot his load as far into her as he could.He grabbed the wash cloth and wiped himself off, then dressed before hiting the intercom and summoning Nancy once again. Only Thirteen days to get the whores ready. He also had a meeting on Monday with that fucking child protection group.

They wanted to discuss the child slave trade going on in Cambodia. He thought, The dumb fucks have no idea he was making thousands traing and then selling these little whores into a life of slavery. A life were they were only allowed to live by giving their bodies to anyone willing to pay to use them, or until they were felt to be to old to satisfy the clients.

Most would be sold to the next group of men and women who wanted the older kids for their pleasures. John said to himself, Oh well no need worring about that meeting now, He was tired and went straight to bed, leaving the care of his whores to Nancy. The girls were allowed to rest all the next day. John was busy preparing for his meeting with the child rights group.

He had formed a plan he hoped would get the group worring about child sexual abuse in America rather then taking on the international activity. He fell asleep setting at his desk and didn't wake until after 3:00 am. The only reason he had woke then was because he had to piss like a race horse. Sporting a piss hardon he knew he could fuck forever it seemed.

He headed for the closest bedroom to his. The whore in that room was about to get her pussy really well fucked before he would dump his load in her. As he entered the room Shrey was sound asleep in the fetal position. But by sleeping in that position she left her back side exposed. John climbed behind her and without the slightest bit of foreplay he shoved his cock into her already sore pussy. He wrapped his arm around her so she couldn't move away and proceeded to fuck her as hard as he could.

In her native language he told her if she screamed he would break her fucking throat. As John fucked her he played with her pussy front with his free hand.Half an hour he felt his balls tighten and his body jerked as he shot rope after rope into her young body. John pulled his cock from her pussy and marveled at how such a small body could except his full nine inch hard cock. He climbed off the bed and turned Shrey over and shoved his half soft cock at her mouth.

One raised hand was enough to cause her to open her mouth. She sucked his cock clean, but even this was not enough for John.

He squeezed her checks and started to piss in her mouth. She tried to spit it out but John clamped his hand over her mouth and pinched her nose shut until she swallowed his piss. He hated training them to drink piss because it hurt to have to hold it until they realized they weren't allowed to spit it out but must swallow every drop. Shrey swallowed the piss in her mouth and he forced her mouth open for the next stream.

He repeated this until he knew she would just drink the piss he was giving her. After he had finished pissing in her mouth he reached down and stuck two fingers in her pussy scoping out some of his cum. He raised his fingers to her mouth and she opened her mouth without him having to do anything more. She sucked his cum off his fingers. This whore was learning fast but he knew given the chance she would try something and he wasn't about to let her get any ideas. He rubbed her face then slapped her across the mouth, busting her lip, and knocking her backwards on the bed.

He just turned and walked to the door before turning and telling her she had better do as told when she was told or thigs would get a lot worse for her. He stopped by each room and woke the girls and told them the same thing after slapping them in the mouth. Then he realized his cock was half hard again. Su Ling was still bleeding a little from her ass so he went to Kim Lee and forced her face into his crotch and shoved his cockhead into her mouth.

He let her suck for several minutes before he shoved her back anf plowed into her pussy with a single thrust. He fucked her tender pussy until he came in her too.Yes they would be ready for the meeting come Saturday evening.

The week went by quickly and it was Saturday morning at 11:00. Just nine more hours until he started making money with his slaves. He had enjoyed the time with the girls and they were at the stage now where they would remove their clothes and spread their legs, or their ass for whatever the master wanted. nancy had trained them also. Hell Kim Lee could eat a woman's pussy so good he had heard Nancy even scream when she came from being eaten out by Kim Lee.

He pasted the time remembering how he had convincing the child's rights group that the major problem was right here in America. He had gotten them to agree to confine their efforts to the home land, and get the abuse changed here before they would address the international problem. Just then the door bell rang and he glance at the clock. 7:45 pm. Tom must be in a hurry to get his rocks off John thought.

As he answered the door he was shocked. In the door was Tom and several other police officers, and about a half dozen Feds. There was also two Social workers and a woman he reconized from the child's rights group.

"Senator" You are under arrest on three counts of trafficing in child slavery. You are also being charged with the following.

Three counts of first degree child abuse, three counts of reckless endangerment of children., three counts of Rape and sodomy of minors, three counts of assualt on a minor under the age of twelve. There will be other charges filed but thats good enough for now. As they placed the cuffs on him the federal office and the local police both read him his rights.

The woman from the International Child Health and Protection Group smiled and then spoke. "Well Senator I guess the next time you try to sidetrack our work you will realize that it only made us take a hard look at why you didn't want us trying to help children all over the world." The media covered the story for a week straight, and even did a follow up about a week after the Jury found Senator John Smith guilty of all 32 charges brought by the state against him.

His assistant Nancy Brown testified for the state and was sentenced to just two years as part of her plea agreement and her testifing against her former boss. Senator Smith now faces trial in the federal courts. Guess he wishes he had ran for reelection instead of resigning his seat for business reasons, the year before his arrest.