Tamil boy cock gay sex movieture I Thought they were both hot and at

Tamil boy cock gay sex movieture I Thought they were both hot  and at
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.For some reason, all us mothers have a code that is taboo to ever talk about. We don't talk about our sexual feelings for our sons or daughters. It's somehow so taboo, so unthinkable, so naughty, we never talk about it. (except in low whispers with a friend who will never ever tell we talked about 'it') Mothers will say (outwardly) how disgusting, sick, weird or say that any sexual feelings about our sons or daughters is just nasty.

They'll say how a mother that does that should be somehow punished, their kids taken away from them, shunned, and be outcasts from society. Oh&hellip. you may have a very close friend that you talk in whispers to, maybe after a few drinks, that will express her true feelings about her sexual feelings about her kids.

I had such a friend. We broke the code&hellip. &hellip.and It stayed broken between us. Every chance we got, we talked about it, because?…it made us excited sexually, plain and simple. Let's just call me, Julie, and her Lynn. -------------- A few years back we both had, my boy, and her girl. We were comparing notes about them. A few glasses of wine, and I broke the code. I asked her if she ever got turned on when she felt her little girls body.

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She got quiet for a while. Then a devilish smile, she leaned real close to me and whispered: ("…oh god Julie!, you too?") and that was the start of us talking hush hush about our sexual feelings about our kids.

Our husbands were out of town one weekend, and I wanted her to spend the night with me. We put the kids in other rooms and we got together in my bed. We both were dying to talk privately together. We said just talking bout it was making us both hot and turned on, big time.


We turned out all but a night light and closed and locked the door. It was all quiet now, total privacy. We were both getting wet in anticipation. She whispered: (" Before we start. .do you masturbate?."), I giggled and said ("&hellip.hell yes!.") She smiled big and said: ("When I secretly think about my girl touching me, or me touching her, I always like to masturbate while I think about it&hellip.do you mind?") I said: (".may I join you?"), we giggled quietly.

We took off our panties, opened our legs and started in rubbing our vagina's. Our open legs touched and that made it all the more exciting. Masturbating together with a close friend was very hot, and very taboo. ------------ She told me how it first started with her,&hellip. When she gave her little girl, about 9yrs old, a bath, is when she first got the 'tingles'.

Feeling her smooth little body all over while washing her was more and more a turn on. The little girl liked it when mommy washed her little vagina, and giggled. One time she got brave and got in the bathtub naked with her. Her little girl was wowed at mommy's big titties and the hair between her legs.

She asked: "Mommy, can I touch your titties?" Lynn told her: "Oh yes, I'm your mom, it's 'ok' to do that." "Julie, my little girl started touching, feeling, then stared my nipples.


She then just started sucking on my nipples and playing with them. I got so hot when she did that, I closed my eyes and gasp for air. Then she felt my pubic hair, and ran her little fingers through it and she liked to comb it with her fingers as a comb.

Then she rubbed her face on it. The first time I let her do that, I orgasmed hard, and shivered and shook. She smiled and asked if I was cold. I said:&hellip. "Oh no…(gasp)&hellip.mom just got a nice feeling from her doing that." She said she got tingles when she touched her little bump, right here. She opened her little legs wide, looked down, and put her finger on her clit.

I should have felt very guilty&hellip.but I didn't…it felt good to have a wonderfully intense orgasm that way, and I wanted more.

I told her that all this was our 'girls secret' and to never tell what we did in the bathtub. &hellip.'Ok?' She said she would never tell anyone ever, and that was our secret just between her and I,………&hellip. and she never has. ------------ Lynn's story got me so hot… I felt dizzy. My fingers were wet from feeling my vagina, and my clit was so sensitive, I could hardly touch it.

--------------------- I told how I started getting tingles in my vagina when I felt my son's body. Dressing him, bathing him, and feeling him for no other reason that to get a sexual feeling. Little boys are more curious and he loved to look at my tits. I let him take long looks while I dressed or changed clothes. I slowly put on or took of my bra. I felt my own tits and played with my nipples as he watch, wide eyed. At nine years old, we too had a talk about secrets and I made him understand.

He agreed and to this day we have our 'little secret.' He got little hardons now, and 'mommy' would rub it and make it feel good. He love that, and if we were alone, he would request we go do 'that' we called it.

I would take him in the bathroom and lock the door. I loved jacking on his dick and the first time he had a little shot of white cum shoot out&hellip.I orgasmed. It was so hot as I held his dick in my hand and felt his first cum between my fingers. When he left, I got really bold and licked my fingers… his cum was erotic tasting and I orgasmed again when it touched my tongue. ----------------- We both were now breathing hard after telling the events so far.

We closed our eyes and rubbed our vagina's faster. I felt her hand grab my leg to steady herself.

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She was trying not to moan as she lifted up her hips up high and shook as she had a big intense orgasm. I was right with her, and steadied my self with my hand on her leg too. I unconsciously squeezed her leg as I moaned and lifted my hips high,&hellip.shook hard and had a big orgasm too.

We shook for a while, and moaned quietly. Our hands still on each others legs. Feeling each others orgasms that way was a very erotic event we had never had before. We lay quiet…then she whispered:&hellip.("&hellip.I think (gasp) we've found a new turn on, Julie." )…I agreed and whispered back: (".Later, I think (deep breath) I think next time I would like to turn around, so we can face each others vaginas (gasp) and we can watch us do 'that' again, I have a powerful urge to watch your vagina orgasm, very close up next time.") It was a very exciting and wonderful night.

We'll keep what we did late in the night&hellip.very private,&hellip.for now. ------------- Well I'm here to finally talk about the 'code'. We both felt, if our kids said they didn't want do something, we would always honor that and not do it, but so far, that has never happened. Our kids are a little older now, and we still have our special 'secret'.

Her daughter and her still go in the bathroom and have their 'private' time, my son comes in my room and we too have our&hellip.'private' time.

Sneaking a hot feel still takes my breath away. We get so hot so fast when you only have a short time to touch our body's. Now days, I can make him cum in my hand in a short time. He can make me orgasm so fast, I almost faint. Lynn and her daughter carry little vibaratiors with them and can orgasm each other fast without moaning…(usually,)&hellip.

(I've heard them as I listened at the bathroom door before…that always gets me so hot.) What they don't know is Julie and Lynn, we have our, 'private' time too, when we talk about the latest happenings with our growing kids.

We wait until we can spend the night all alone with each other, we get naked, and&hellip.well&hellip.

the story's gets us so hot we&hellip.turn off all the lights&hellip. (whispering&hellip."do you mind if I put my hand on your leg Lynn?" …"Of course not Julie, you know you always can,&hellip. Wow, your trembling, you must have a hot story for tonight.

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If you don't mind, I think I'll put my hand on your warm leg and just masturbate while you tell it." (This was the way we like to tell the latest hot story's.

Somehow the human contact, makes us so very hot as we talk.) --------------- "&hellip.Well, (gasp, pause), you better hold my leg tight as I tell you about my son. Last week he reached up under my dress, then sliding his hand down my panties and ran his finger down the center of my vagina, in the middle of my living room!" &hellip."Oh god Julie!, I would have loved to feel that!" "Well Lynn,…(gasp)&hellip.I was standing there in my living room when I felt my sons warm hands wrap around me.

He started kissing me on the neck and feeling my tits so good, I lost my breath&hellip.next thing I know, I feel his hand slide up my leg.

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Inching up slowly to the top of my panties. Then I feel his warm hand move down inside my panties and slowly slide down my lower tummy, headed right for my already damp vagina. I felt his finger combing thru my pubic hair, and on to my vagina…I shivered with anticipation, hoping where his finger was headed.

He found it&hellip. my wet clit, and his finger danced around it. Oh Lynn…my knees got weak, I got hot flashes and pushed my vagina to his finger. I felt his hardon against my butt cheeks. I reached around and pulled his hips tight to my butt cheeks.

Oh god Lynn…his finger was massaging my clit now, right in the living room, where anyone walking or even driving by might see us! I finally whispered to him: ("It's mom's turn, son.") I turned around and un zipped his pants. I reached in and he wasn't wearing any underwear. (gasp).my heart was beating fast as I felt his big warm dick.

I carefully pulled out his dick, and started stroking it. My back was to the windows, but he had my skirt pulled up and had pulled my panties down some. The risk was so intense, I felt my vagina start to seeping more juices.

I couldn't think…did I lock that door?&hellip.I didn't know for sure…his finger on my clit was causing my brain not to work…all I knew was I wanted to orgasm so bad and now. He knew it too, and started rubbing my clit firmer and firmer while squeezing my tits. I cupped one hand over the head of his dick…I was going to make him cum big and I wanted to catch it all in my hand.

It all happen so fast. I felt my orgasm building up and up and I tried not moan loud but I just couldn't and let out a " Oh Baby…Yes!!!!"…and my knees buckled as I had a glorious orgasm just as he shot hot cum in my hand. He filled it up so fast, I had to rub some on my vagina to keep it from spilling out on the floor. He kissed me and told me what a beautiful mom I was and that I was the best mom in the whole world.

My head was spinning as I kissed him back and let my tongue do the talking. We were both so weak but managed to keep standing. We straightened up, I just left his cum on my pubic hair, and pulled my panties up over it.

We sat down and panted as I leaned my head on his shoulder. The door opened. I forgot to lock it! My husband came carrying some stuff and just said: "Hi folks," and didn't even hardly notice us. I spent the rest of the day with my sons cum in my pubic hair so I could sneak a feel with my fingers and a taste and smell if I was careful too." Lynn was breathing hard and rubbing her vagina.

Her fingers dug into my leg as her hips squirmed. I was really hot too, watching her and feeling my own vagina and feeling her hot leg. I don't know where I got the courage to say this, but I nervously whispered to her: ("did you (gasp) need some help reaching your climax, Lynn?" )…She moaned and whispered back: (".if you'll do me,…(gasp)…I'll do you Julie." ) We had never done that before.

We had the best and most wonderful night we'd ever had&hellip.with our 'private time'. The next night we got to be alone again. We got naked with a low light, while she told of her and her daughters latest encounter. This time we had taken us to the next step. We had whispered about doing 'a little more' between us. Our trembling hands ventured out to our desires.

I had my hand resting on her pubic hair and she had hers on mine.


We very slowly started fingered each other as she told her story. Our fingers trembled with the new pleasure. My heart was beating with excitement. Lynn rolled toward me, and rested her face on my tit as she talked. Soon her leg slowly moved over mine. I was so excited, I know she felt the wetness in my vagina as she eased her fingers slowly in it. I know I sure did in hers, as my fingers were so wet as I massaged her big clit. (She had big one too, and I loved playing with it, making her gasp.) We loved the way we told our stories in our new positions.

We had new urges and they were very taboo and very exciting. We kept them totally secret and private. It was getting so we liked feeling each other as much as we did our own kids and we both knew it. We both secretly wanted to do more each time. Lynn had another story…… --------------------- "Well, Julie&hellip.(big breath)&hellip.last weekend my husband and my daughters boyfriend went on a overnight fishing trip.

We had the whole house to ourselves all night. We both got hot when we found out. The minute they left, my daughter and I headed to have a private shower. Oh Julie, her tits are bigger now, I loved to get behind her and feel them in the warm soapy water.

She reached back and rubbed my vagina so good. Something was driving us to get closer and do more. We had never had 'girl sex' but she was leading the way.

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I didn't resist at all Julie …I couldn't …I was weak and felt it was going to happen&hellip.Then she whispered in my ear: ("mom…let's 'do us'.ok?, please?") …then she kissed me, long and so wet. I froze as I felt her tongue slip slightly in my mouth. I was kinda in shock but the jolt in my vagina was awesome!

We had never kissed like that, ever before. I whispered, out of breath: ("Oh my (gasp)&hellip.my little girl is growing up and wants to do more now?") (I didn't quite know what 'do us' meant.) She said that she likes guys and sometimes girls to play with. We had never done 'do us', but I was game as I loved feeling her body. We felt us in the warm soapy water and she showed me how she liked to have me massage her little clit, as she did mine.

This was new for us and we got real hot and out of breath. I got weak as she rubbed my clit so fast I&hellip.I…well…I orgasmed right in the shower. I just couldn't help it Julie! She held me close and tight. She kissed my neck and rubbed her own clit fast and then&hellip.shivered and moaned:…("&hellip.ohhhhh mom!,&hellip. I want you in bed so bad.")&hellip.I got a tingle shock in my vagina!

Julie, it was so naughty and so taboo but so exciting, We held our wet soapy butt cheeks and I started rubbing her clit fast&hellip.then, she moaned so long and shuddered as we parted our legs and pressed and ground our soapy clits together.

Julie&hellip.mom's and daughter's making each other orgasm was so risky if anyone ever found out…I got so hot as she washed me slowly to cool me down.

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I wanted this wonderful shower to last and last. We finally got out, so weak, dried off and got into bed and just felt each others naked body's for a long time.

Julie, she's was just like me and loves the feel a female body on her hands and fingers. --------------------- Feeling Lynn's hot body against mine was reminding me of a time when my son crawled in bed with me. I started telling her this story. I pulled Lynn close to me as we felt each others body's. Our fingers doing our thing. "Lynn, I've got a story about when my son crawled in bed with me one time." She said: "Oh good!,&hellip.

but I need to orgasm real bad, will you help me after words?" I said: "Of course, I whispered: (we'll do a cross masturbation after words).Ok?" She squeezed my vagina and said: "Ok!!!" We had talked about masturbating each other and how…'someday' we 'might' try it. " Well Lynn, my husband had just left for work. My son knew I was alone in bed. He was young then, and no school that day. I took advantage when he got under the covers in my bed and rolled him on top of me.

Oh Lynn&hellip.he felt so good on me in only his little boxers. I felt his back and legs and soon his growing boner started pressing against my vagina. He said he had a really hot dream. He didn't say who the girl was, but did say she was older, about my age. I asked him if he had a 'wet' dream about this girl. He said no, he woke up before they could have sex. I knew 'this' mom could make him cum big, so took more advantage. I ask him to describe the girl.

Lynn, he described me in every detail. I said:…"Awww that's to bad you woke up before you two could have hot sex." I pulled the covers up over us and said why don't you put your boner between my legs and we'll pretend I'm that girl.

He sleepily reached down and pulled out his boner and put it between my legs. I had my panties on and I felt his warm boner against my inner legs and vagina.

I clamped my legs together tight and rubbed his body wildly. He started pumping me and breathing heavy. I took his hands and put them on my tits. I started whispering in his ear: (&hellip.".oh yes baby…oh hell yes…cum in me… oh jeeez you feel so good in me!…fuck me baby…take me…take it home baby…Oh&hellip.OH&hellip.OH!&hellip.EEEEYES!.

I felt him explode between my legs as he moaned ."Oh…OH… MOM!"… (mom?)…I knew he was having a dream about me!, and his slip of the tongue verified it. He flooded my legs and soaked my panties outside my vagina. He collapsed on me as I rubbed his smooth body over and over as his boner just kept pulsating the last of his cum out between my legs. Ok, I admit it, I orgasmed when his hot cum shot out and I felt it on my vagina. Lynn, it was the closest ever, to him having sex with me.

It was so wonderful, I'll never forget it…ever. Lynn was straining for me to finger her faster, and I was so ready for her to do the same.

I turned so we faced each other and we fingered each other and bucked our hips together. She grabbed my fingers and speeded them up in her vagina. My thumb rubbed across her clit as she felt my G spot in my vagina. It started&hellip. we took short gasping breaths…and here it came…our first dual climax, as it jolted us and peaked!

I almost cried as we moaned and squirmed out of control, we both moaned…"YES BABY YES!!!yesyesyesyesyes!!!!!!!!!, and shook hard! …We held each others hand that was in our vaginas and guided it in and out to where the peek feeling was.

We were so spent we slowly just let the pulses have their way and felt the spasms prevail. We kinda passed out for a while. Then later, still moaning and holding each other we drifted to sleep.

Her daughter and my son came over the next day, they just happened to arrive at the same time. Lynn and I ended up in the kitchen talking.

I looked around the corner at my son, and he and her daughter were sitting close and talking. Soon his arm went up on the back of the couch and she scooted closer. ("Lynn," I whispered, "come look.")…she looked and started to grin.

Her daughter came in and said she had been playing tennis and could she take a quick shower. I said 'Sure, go right ahead.' We continued to talk and then I noticed my son was gone. We listened quietly. I tip toed to the bathroom door.

I heard them giggling quietly. I motioned for Lynn to come listen…we both grinned and quietly tip toed away. We sat in the kitchen and talked. Soon her daughter came in smiling with her wet hair. A few minutes later my son came in…wet hair. Lynn whispered: ("Look as his wet hair Julie!&hellip.do you think they took a shower together???") Her daughter had to go somewhere and my son walked her to her car. He leaned his elbows on her window sill, as they talked, and we watched. He looked around and gave her a long hot kiss.

We giggled and wondered what was going to become of this. We talked quietly. "Julie, if they compare notes&hellip.oh my god! Their two moms are 'feelers' and they both love it, and we both know they like to feel and touch us also. I wonder of our 'little secret' will come out when they talk? We better have a talk with them and let them know it's 'ok', to share our secret with only them." ---------- *Julie and Lynn were to late.

Jen, Lynn's daughter, and Ken, Julie's son had already talked and shared with them only, the 'little secret'. Ken told his mom Julie later in private, Jen ask him if his mom, like hers, well&hellip.a&hellip.sort of&hellip.a&hellip.feel him extra good.

Ken said hell yes and I like it. Jen said 'oh my god!' I love it when my mom feels me too! Secret out, but only with the two of them. Then the feeling and touching urge between the two of them skyrocketed. This happened while they sat on the couch.

They planned their first 'feel up' in the shower. Ken told his mom Julie, "Finally a girl who like to be felt up all the time! She likes to feel me up too.

We went crazy in the bathroom, we took each others clothes off in a flash. Feeling us up all the way. Then&hellip.well that's all I'm going to say for now, mom. Julie smiled and felt his big boner and said: "You don't need to say anymore son. Jen and Lynn are the only ones we can ever share our 'little secret' with. When the time comes, I'll tell you what Lynn and I talk bout in private." "Mom, I had no idea that Jen and Lynn were 'feelers' like us." Ken felt his mom's tits and kissed her neck and said: "I think were all gonna like what's coming ahead." He felt his mom's ass as she pulled him in tight to her pussy and whispered in his ear: ("Oh baby, (gasp) I know we will"………)